WWE Top 10 Surprise Entrants That Are Rumored For Royal Rumble 2019

WWE Top 10 Surprise Entrants That Are Rumored For Royal Rumble 2019

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Today we present you with top 10 surprise entrants that are rumored for the Royal Rumble
Number 10 Shawn Michaels at crown jewel. Shawn Michaels made his long-awaited return to the ring in impressive fashion
teaming with Triple H to defeat the Brothers of Destruction
Although Michaels said this would be his last match. It’s been rumored that Mr
WrestleMania will be having a handful of matches in 2019. So it’s possible that he could make an appearance in the 30-man match
Michaels of course is no stranger to the iconic match winning in both
1995 and 1996 and has eliminated a total of 40 superstars across his 12 appearances
The showstopper is also reportedly a potential opponent for the Undertaker at WrestleMania
35 and having the to square off at the Rumble could be the first step in
HBK retiring the man who ended his career in 2010
number 9 Adam Cole
one of the most popular stars in NXT
Adam Cole has more than proven his worth in the developmental brand
Feuding with the likes of Alistair black and teaming with the undisputed era all
this success allowed Cole to appear in the 2018 Royal Rumble whose
performance was all the more impressive when you consider that he had faced black the night before in a grueling Extreme Rules match a
former North American champion Cole has seemingly done it all in NXT and a place in the
2019 Rumble could mark the beginning of his long overdue promotion to the main roster
there’s certainly no shortage of potential dream matches for him with names like Samoa Joe schinsky Nakamura and
WWE Champion, Daniel Bryan instantly springing to mind
number eight Velveteen dream
Despite coming up short in his NXT championship match at takeover wargames
There’s no denying that Velveteen dream has certainly gotten over
Debuting under real name Patrick Clark in tough enough. It seems almost ironic that he was considered too
Boring to be a WWE Superstar as dream has become one of the yellow brand’s most exciting stars
It is this same excitement that he could bring to the rumble as a surprise entrant
which fans already know is the most exciting and unpredictable match of the year if
2019 is going to be the year of the dream then it should definitely start out with a rumble appearance
number 7 Chris Jericho
In 2018, Chris Jericho has had a very unique year to say the least not only winning the IWGP Intercontinental
Championship in June. He also hosted the Jericho rock and wrestling crews in October and is continuing his success with Fozzy
But despite his busy schedule
Y2j has always had time for WWE making several returns some of which were at the Rumble pay-per-view itself
This is why so many fans are expecting to see Jericho return
Perhaps to even win the historic match a feat he has yet to do in his illustrious career
If he did win a Wrestlemania match with Daniel Bryan could be a dream bout with the two submission specialists
Hoping to prove who truly is the greatest
number eight tomaso Champa as
the reigning NXT champion Tommaso Champa has become one of the biggest stars ever created in NXT an
Excellent heal topic could be an even bigger star on the main roster
With the 2019 Royal Rumble being a perfect kickoff spot for the former Indy star
remember that Andrade cien almost made his debut on the main roster as NXT champion earlier this year and
Champa could very well do the same in 2019 it
May be one of the most grueling and toughest matches in WWE
But that should be just fine for one of the company best heals in recent years
number five Sami Zayn
the underdog from the underground has been missing from
WWE TV ever since money in the bank where he lost to her then still face Bobby Lashley
The seriousness of the injury originally meant that Zayn would be missing the Rumble pay-per-view though
The former NXT champion has recovered quickly meaning that a return at the show could be possible
Despite a brief stint as NXT champion Zayn hasn’t held a championship in nearly five years
Meaning a victory in the 30-man match could be a huge win for him
Even if he came up short a fully healed Sami Zayn could quickly become one of the WWE’s most exciting superstars in 2019
number four Batista
After appearing at Smackdown 1000. It was clear to everyone that the WWE Universe want to see more of the animal
Interestingly though in his last run in the company Batista wasn’t exactly supported by the fans with the company choosing him to win the 2014
Rumble instead of Daniel Bryan a
Two-time Rumble winner the Marvel star clearly knows what it takes to win the match and has eliminated plenty of huge stars along the way
If successful
A potential dream match between the animal and the Beast could finally take place at WrestleMania 35 as the two would face off to prove
Who is the true top dog of WWE?
the Undertaker
Despite his limited schedule
The Undertaker has made several appearances over the past month
even competing at crown jewel with Kane in a losing effort to the reunited G X
now back off TV the WWE Universe
Doesn’t know when the Deadman will strike next
Though a return at the Rumble does seem likely as the Phenom would prepare for his annual WrestleMania bout
It’s no secret that the Deadman is nearing the end of his career. And if WrestleMania 35 is to be his last match
There’s plenty of superstars fans. Would love to see how the last match of The Undertaker
perhaps Shawn Michaels as we mentioned earlier who could be propelled into the main event if they were to end the
career of the most legendary
superstar in WWE
number two the rock
The bookies favorite to win the match the return of the rock would definitely be one of the Royal Rumbles most shocking moments
It’s been nearly three years since the WWE Universe saw the Brahma bull in action
and even that match lasted mere seconds at WrestleMania 32
Even though the rumored plan was for the rock to win and face Roman reigns at WrestleMania
35 these plans are obviously not going to happen
following reigns is leukemia diagnosis with the big dawgs in ring future uncertain a
Solid back-up plan. Therefore could be Rock vs
Brock – a rematch of the classic SummerSlam 2002 encounter were even Bobby Lashley
Who has become one of Ross biggest stars since returning of the night after WrestleMania?
Before we reveal our top pick here are a few honorable mentions
When Carlito cologne joined the WWE in 2004, he certainly knew how to make an entrance
Defeating John Cena in his first match to win the United States Championship
After an impressive career in the company where he also held the Intercontinental and tag team titles the Apple spinner left in 2010
Though did return for one night at the 2014 Hall of Fame to induct his father Carlos cologne
Carlitos name is brought up every year as a potential and while he’s yet to make his in-ring return this upcoming Rumble
could finally be the one to see the Puerto Rican star return and if you don’t want him to be a part of the
2019 Royal Rumble. Well, that’s just not cool
fond dango
when Fandango suffered a tear in his left shoulder in July 2018
It could not have come at a worse time for the dancing superstar
With an estimated six-month recovery time though Fandango could be healthy just in time for the Rumble
2019 and would certainly make a shocking return
While it’s highly unlikely the former Johnny Curtis would win the match a babyface return could help push him in the mid card
Maybe even having a feud with United States Championship. Skein, Nakamura
even if he didn’t feud with the WWE’s resident Rockstar Phan
Dango could go back to his tag team with Tyler breeze as the fashion files proved to be one of SmackDown lives
most entertaining groups before the dancers injury
number one Kenny Omega
Once a member of the WWE developmental roster, Kenny Omega has done huge things since leaving the company in 2006
Despite vowing never to return to the company the Canadian has become a huge star in ‘new
Japan winning the IWGP Heavyweight Championship in June 2018 a
Victory that no doubt has made the WWE eager to resize him
Having the cleaner when the 2019 Royal Rumble would be a truly shocking moment
From there. The potential feuds are endless with Omega possibly facing Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania
35. Whoo. I’m the very same
IWGP Gould in October 2005
Well guys, that’s our list
Is there anyone you’re expecting to enter the Royal Rumble that might surprise us?
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74 thoughts on “WWE Top 10 Surprise Entrants That Are Rumored For Royal Rumble 2019”

  1. Seth Freakin Rollins Fanclub

    As much as I love The Rock, I think he's better off staying away from WWE and sticking to acting. I love his movies 👌.

  2. was he really created in nxt or was his presence and wrestling skills shined in front of a larger crowd than the indies. nxt hardly ever create homegrown stars

  3. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kenny omega, really. you do know hes the IWGP world heavyweight champion and n talks in starting a wrestling promotion with the other members of the elite. How the fuck do you know vince is going to allow any wrestler to wrestle for anyone that's not the WWE. Also, Kenny love his creative freedom and with the wwe making everyone's their ass, kenny would be depressed plus their schedule is shit. kenny is better off away from the wwe

  4. give the title back to aj have omega win the rumble and call the universal title a fake title(which all know it is) and have him call out aj for wrestlemania. then go into a bullet club vs bullet club angle for next year

  5. What about the women? It would be awesome to see the following:
    10. Kairi sane
    9. Victoria
    8. Alundra blayze
    7. Jazz
    6. Dakota kai
    5. Paige
    4. Toni storm
    3. Becky Lynch
    2. Shayna Bayzler
    1. AJ LEE

  6. As much as I would love to see Omega come to WWE, it'll never happen. He's even said in some interviews he won't even take phone calls from people at WWE.

  7. Don't you think Jericho is burning his bridges with WWE? He said he wouldn't appear in North America for NJPW out of respect for Vince, then he showed up at All-in. Now, he is rumored to be a part of this new start-up with The Elite.

  8. It would be nice if Ricochet was in the royal rumble this year and also you should do a video like this for the women wrestlers for the women royal rumble

  9. I'm sorry but I don't wanna see hbk vs taker again. If HBK does enter sometime during the match him & a.j have beat down other guys in ring & they have a stare down but get attacked b4 they fight later they finally have a mini fight but gets broken up then HBK eliminates some1 but b4 he can celebrate A.J eliminates him. Another stare down exchange words hbk leaves. A.j is in the final 4 him & some1 r fighting a.j gets upper hand so he jumps over the top rope on2 apron prepping 4 phenomenal 4arm as he starts 2 jump ink pulls him down & since he had jumped over rope already it's considered an elimination. Sets up a match. But it evolves 2 a.j with bullet club members the good bros in his corner vs HBK & new age outlaws in his. At mania they have a match of year candidate with both corners getting involved then just when u think bullet club have the upper hand out the crowd comes x Pac 2 change tide with numbers game suddenly stage goes dark & Finn music pops he comes out they fight a.j wins after Finn wrecks every1. But if WWE some how manage s 2 sign omega I'll have it be same only add Finn & xpac 2 the build up have HHH take xpacs place & omega take Finn place. Yes ik its like the nwo vs Dx when HHH faced sting but this time the rt guy wins & the build up involves some members of each team.

  10. Old wrestlers in their 50s or 60s are usually cringy in the ring.
    They can talk as long as they want, but they should simply GTFO and let young talents wrestle.
    I mean, come on, Taker's mobility is beyond pathetic right now, and even HBK is not good to watch anymore. They are OLD MEN, trying to compete with super athletic guys in their 30s. GIMME A BREAK.

  11. "Shawn Michaels made his return in impressive fashion."

    It was an absolute abortion, even he thought so. Kane and Triple H had to carry that match and it was even one of the worst performances both of them had put on in years.

  12. Micheals ain't coming back!! ever especially the botch match at crown jewel.
    he only came back on crown jewel as a Big BIG favor for vince mcmahon,
    he didn't even want to come back for crown jewel,
    legit!!! he said all that on edge n christains pod cast, the ep after crown jewel
    check it out

  13. I always liked Carlito but he's not coming back to WWE saying they have offered me a contract several times but I've turned them down because I know if I come back they wldnt book me properly or badly and I'll be bound to them not being able to wrestle anywhere else…

  14. what happened to batista?!?! we never saw him again after that promo the triple H never beat me?!?! this is his last run with the company and smackdown 1000 was his debut return?!?!
    I think he was suppose to fued feud with triple H till wrestlemania but H's injury at crown jewel has benched him!!! what do u guys think?!?

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