WWE Title Change! Jon Moxley / Dean Ambrose First AEW Match REVEALED! | WrestleTalk News May 2019

WWE Title Change! Jon Moxley / Dean Ambrose First AEW Match REVEALED! | WrestleTalk News May 2019

R-Truth loses his 24/7 title! Elias wins his
first ever WWE title, which is also the 24/7
title! Elias loses his first ever WWE title,
the 24/7 title! And R-Truth becomes the first
ever 24/7 two time title so like a 48/14 title
I don’t know what’s going on!
And Moxley Jon Ambrose’s first AEW match
has been revealed, and oh my god it’s going
to be so bloody bloody.
Click the timestamps in the video description
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I’m Oli Davis doing the SmackDown review
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Is the Wild Card Rule ruining SmackDown? Because
I’ll be replying to people FROM OUTTA NOWHERE.
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SmackTastic, Smack Bang in the Middle, SmackDowner,
and A Smack in the Face. This is the 28th
May 2019 edition of Smackdown Live.
While it took almost the entire duration of
SmackDown for Raw to have its first proper
wrestling match on Monday night, we got our
first bout here just 10 minutes into the show.
There was still one in-ring promo, though
– because that’s what wrestling fans want,
right? – where Kevin Owens ran down Kofi Kingston
and wished Dolph Ziggler luck in beating him
at Super Arabia.
And then KO brought up something rather odd:
He claimed he didn’t attack Big E last week.
Ziggler has also denied taking Big E out,
which leads to the question: who did?
And were they the same person who took out
Sami Zayn at Money in the Bank?!
This could possibly be a way to redebut Aleister
Black after his series of moody promos, revealing
him as Kofi’s tormenter to insert him right
in the main event scene, but I’m worried
it could be something a lot more WWE… Big
E screwed Big E. Or Xavier Woods. Just some
version where the New Day breaks up by turning
heel on itself – something I don’t think
anyone ever wants to see… meaning Vince
McMahon will likely give it to us.
KO’s promo brought out a furious Kofi after
being beaten down by Ziggler the previous
night. Look at him, he’s so furious, throwing
those pancakes into the crowd… pancakes
of fury and pain! And it turned into a Money
in the Bank rematch between the two.
It was a good bout, with KO hitting Frog Splashes
both inside and out the ring, and even a Swanton
Bomb off the top rope. In fact, he did more
high-flying that Kofi. Just call him K O-fi
But I don’t think anyone ever really bought
into the drama, as Kingston had already beaten
Owens last week, and this was just the opening
match with no Brock Lesnar in sight. He really
has gone home when he realised he’s got
a year to cash-in, hasn’t he? Kofi hit the
Trouble in Paradise for the win.
Todd Phillips then announced WWE has a combined
1 billion social media followers. Just nine
hundred ninety-nine million two hundred ninety-one
thousand four hundred eighty-five left to
go until WrestleTalk beats you, Vince!
Daniel Bryan and Rowan were out next to cut
an in-ring promo on SmackDown’s non-existent
tag division, and your local hometown’s
controversial drilling practices, where Bryan
is so good, he somehow managed to get Oklahoma
to cheer in defence of fracking – which is
thought to be linked to a significant increase
in earthquakes in the area. And I’m not
talking about John Tenta.
Rather appropriately when talking about industrial
damage to the Earth, Heavy Machinery answered
Bryan and Rowan’s call with the opening
line: “as much as we love having fun, it’s
time to get down to serious blue-collar business.’
Blue collar business like fracking? AND EVERYONE
Mandy Rose is on the front cover of a magazine
released this week, which means that’s enough
to build a women’s division storyline around
– women’s evolution!
Rose and Sonya Deville forced a copy on everyone
backstage, including Ember Moon who was reading
a book like a nerd, which didn’t even play
into anything as Moon wasn’t in the following
Rose vs Carmella rematch from last week.
This one hardly went a few minutes either,
and ended with a distraction roll-up from
Mandy after Sonya got up on the apron with
the magazine. We also have a magazine, you
should buy it.
Aleister Black then cut one of his best-delivered
promos yet. While nothing much has progressed
in the last four weeks of him just talking
in a dark room, his Joker-like smile at the
end while saying he’s sitting here patiently
waiting for somebody, anybody, to pick a fight
with him was very cool.
When the Wild Card rule was first introduced
several weeks ago, I was optimistic. I thought
seeing wrestlers appear on their opposite
brands would give the shows more star power
and allow for some fun exhibition-style matches.
But just three weeks in, it’s quickly become
apparent they’re only going to use the same
few wrestlers as Wild Cards for every show,
and feuds are now built across both Raw and
SmackDown, overexposing and stretching out
stories and characters. Brand split LOL.
And nowhere is that more evident than The
OmniShane! After seeing a very similar segment
on Raw, WWE felt it necessary to have yet
another Shane McMahon Midcard of Evil bit
on SmackDown, where he was flanked by Drew
McIntyre and Elias for Shane McMahon Appreciation
There was one moment of interest, though,
where Shane thanked the production team for
editing together his Best in the World video
package, “under the awesomeness of Kevin
Dunn” – WWE’s much criticised head producer
because he’s behind camera aesthetics like
this: CRASH ZOOM PARTY! AEW is brought up
more often than Kevin Dunn in WWE.
Speaking of, nice MJF sign crowd member opposite
the hard cam!
The segment ended when R-Truth ran into the
ring, successfully defended against …Drake
Maverick, but then got beaten up by the Midcard
of Evil for Elias to win the 24/7 championship
– his first title in WWE! Shane then booked
a main event of Elias and McIntyre against
Roman and Truth, with the 24/7 defence rules
suspended so Elias can prepare.
Bayley took on another of SmackDown’s semi-permanent
Raw members in a match against Lacey Evans.
They had a pretty decent bout, and Evans continues
to impress with her character-based spots.
The problem, though, is that her character
is a very mid-card act, and the gimmickiness
feels out of place in a main event scene with
realistic characters like Becky Lynch and
formerly Ronda Rousey.
Bayley punched Lacey’s Mega Blondes partner
Charlotte for the finish, allowing the SmackDown
women’s Champion to roll up Evans in the
confusion. And then the Mega Blondes imploded
as Lacey attacked Charlotte in frustration.
Now it’s time for last minute Super Arbaia
The Undertaker was announced for next Monday’s
Raw ahead of Super Arabia.
Randy Orton and Triple H got another promo
for Super Arabia.
Finn Balor was so beaten up after Money in
the Bank, not only has he not been allowed
to compete for the last two weeks, he wasn’t
even smiling in his promo! Andrade said he’ll
beat him at Super Arabia.
And then the main event saw Truth get jumped
by the Midcard of Evil during his entrance,
letting Reigns overcome the odds once again.
Reigns got a great babyface reaction for his
hot tag, though, and the finish was wildly
fun, with McIntyre missing a Claymore to crash
and burn on the commentary table, Reigns hitting
Elias with a spear for the win, and Truth
regaining his 24/7 title to close the episode.
This was a much, much easier show to watch
than Raw, and even though the Shane McMahon
stuff is tediously overbearing, the babyface
payoff with Reigns and Truth was very fun.
So this week’s SmackDown is Smack Bang in
the Middle.
Now over to Chopper Pete with the news, and
Jon Moxley’s first AEW match being revealed!
Great review Oli! Yes I know, Luke’s still
not here, but you can find him over on ScreenStalker
today to review Godzilla: King of the Monsters,
which releases in cinemas today. So just for
today, you’ve got me.
Speaking of things have that got other things,
hmm maybe I should leave the segues to Oli.
Well anyway, AEW have announced their latest
Luchasaurus has now officially signed with
All Elite Wrestling, as they revealed on Twitter
last night. The former independent star finished
third in the Casino Battle Royal, being eliminated
by the eventual winner, “Hangman” Adam
Luchasaurus, not to be confused with The Funkasaurus,
has been featured on Lucha Underground, Bar
Wrestling and Ring of Honor, and impressed
during his stint in the Casino Battle Royal.
Considering he nearly won the match, and the
winner would go on to have an AEW World Championship
Title match, it will be interesting to see
what plans AEW have for him moving forwards
at Fyter Fest, Fight for the Fallen and All
The former of those three events takes place
the soonest, with Fyter Fest set for June
29th, and it’s now been announced that a
huge in-ring debut will be taking place at
the show.
Double or Nothing ended with Jon Moxley making
his debut for AEW, attacking both Chris Jericho
and Kenny Omega in the process, leaving fans
wondering when they’ll see him wrestle in
a match. AEW took to Twitter again last night
to confirm that Jon Moxley will be taking
on Joey Janela at Fyter Fest, which currently
has no stipulation attached. That doesn’t
mean that won’t change though, as both Moxley
and Janela are known for their hardcore deathmatches
in CZW. And considering Moxley left WWE to
be able to explore more hardcore options and
less “goofy s-word”, we could see something
brutal on our hands.
During the Casino Battle Royal, Janela ended
up with a lit cigarette stapled to his face,
so you know, normal stuff. It’s pretty well
documented how little Moxley cares for his
own well being when it comes to wrestling,
so these two together could make for something
amazing, or amazingly awful, or awfully amazing.
One of those.
But someone who might have egg on his face
instead of a stapled lit cigarette is Sami
Zayn, who name-dropped AEW in a promo on Raw,
which has since been edited out of the YouTube
version of Raw on WWE’s YouTube channel.
Well now, we’ve got an update on the entire
situation, including potentially, one very
angry Vince McMahon.
There are conflicting reports regarding whether
this free promotion for AEW was intentional
and signed off as part of Sami Zayn’s script
or not, with Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer
Radio reporting that his sources told him
that it was not planned and Vince was furious
over the ordeal, with co-host Dave Meltzer
reporting that his sources told him that it
was actually planned beforehand.
Now we have an update on the situation, and
it seems to just get more and more confusing
as time goes by.
On Wrestling Observer Live yesterday, Meltzer
and Alvarez continued their discussion on
the topic, with Alvarez saying:
“These are two facts about the situation,
alright? There are absolutely people who insist
that Sami was given the OK to mention AEW,
alright? I’ve even heard from one person
who said that in the script that went around
in the morning yesterday, it was in the script
that he was going to mention AEW. One person
said that. I had another person say, and Dave
had people tell him that it was a scripted
line. Now, with that said, I heard from multiple
people, far more people in fact, and people
that heard from other people, that all said,
the line was not scripted, the line was not
supposed to be said.”
“I was also told from multiple people that
when it happened, Vince flipped his lid. He
was furious that this happened, OK? So, that’s
literally… those are the two things that
I can tell you. So, however you want to figure
out what the hell is going on here, there’s
various ways that you could explain this.
The one that people seem to think is the most
likely, is that a small number of people were
told that he was given the OK, and that they’re
working the boys and flipping out about it.
I don’t know what the answer is, all I know
is that some people were told that he was
given the OK, but most people said that he
wasn’t, and that Vince flipped out. I wasn’t
there, I don’t know how the flip out occurred,
I wasn’t there to witness it, but I do know
that the people there who absolutely 100%
believed that he was very angry, that this
was not him putting on a show for people,
that this was not him trying to work the boys,
that he was angry when this got on the air.
I don’t know how to explain everything,
I just know that’s what happened last night.”
So Vince is working the boys? Or Sami was
shooting? Or Sami and Vince are working the
shoot? Sounds like a messy recipe for people
to work themselves into a shoot, brother.
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