WWE Talent UNHAPPY With Crown Jewel?! Austin Aries DONE With Impact?| WrestleTalk News Oct. 2018

WWE Talent UNHAPPY With Crown Jewel?! Austin Aries DONE With Impact?| WrestleTalk News Oct. 2018

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Zack Ryder was at one point the most popular
wrestler on the WWE roster. His show Z! True
Long Island Story had given Ryder cult-like
appeal, with We Want Ryder chants filling
arenas around the world during matches he
wasn’t a part of. Sadly WWE never thought
to capitalise on this momentum – presumably
because he got himself over on Twitter and
YouTube before WWE knew what they were and
thought Tout was the future – and he quickly
faded into the lower midcard and the crowd
stopped caring. Ryder hasn’t been on Raw
or Smackdown since April this year, and hasn’t
featured in a PPV match since the Andre the
Giant Memorial Battle Royal on the WrestleMania
pre-show. He was moved to Raw in the Superstar
Shake-Up, and has become a staple part of
Main Event – a show I imagine many of you
didn’t know existed.
Well, according to Barnburner, things could
be looking up for Ryder. As he’s reportedly
set to elevate up from Main Event… to 205
Live… I mean it’s not a major jump but
it’s at least something. Barnburner are
reporting that Zack Ryder is being considered
to be the next name after Mike Kanellis to
move from Main Event to the 205 Live brand.
What do you think SWAFTNation? Is Zack Ryder
going over to 205 Live a good thing for him?
Let us know in the poll above my head, and
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Former 205 Live wrestler Austin Aries found
himself in the headlines yesterday after his
match with Johnny Impact at Impact Wrestling’s
Bound For Glory 2018. Aries lost his Impact
World Championship to Impact – but as soon
as the bell rang he got to his feet, flipped
off colour commentator and Impact management
member Don Callis before walking out up the
ramp swearing at the fans. This moment has
overshadowed the match itself, and has left
a few people asking whether this was a work,
a shoot or something in between akin to WCW’s
Bash at the Beach 2000.
Both myself and El Fakidor Laurie Blake said
in our WrestleRamble review that we believed
it was a work, but Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling
Observer Live has said it could be a work
that turned into a shoot but is also still
a work, much love HH. In the week leading
up to Bound For Glory, Impact posted a tweet
that called Aries short. This reportedly got
Aries mad as he doesn’t like people making
fun of his height – and he responded by calling
Impact’s wife Taya Valkyrie “husky”.
This led to a battle of words on Twitter which
were all taken down at the request of Imapact
Wrestling. Bryan Alvarez speculates that the
brawl at Abyss’ Hall of Fame induction was
planned, but it got out of hand which led
to a team member of the PPV sponsor getting
knocked over, which Alvarez reports upset
Anthem Sports greatly.
But is Aries really gone from Impact? Well,
according to Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer
Live: “Austin Aries has gone home. He’s
is not going to be on TV for as long as they
tape. He was not fired to the best of my knowledge.”
Former X Division Champion and current Impact
Wrestling producer Petey Williams on the other
hand told Dennis Farrell on the Wrestling
Perspective podcast that this isn’t a work
at all, saying, “Austin Aries’ contract
is done. That match was his last match under
contract with Impact.” What we do know for
sure is that, as Alvarez reported, Aries was
not at the TV tapings – with his cohorts Moose
and Killer Kross having matches with Tommy
Dreamer, KM and Fallah Bah. According to reports,
Johnny Impact cut a promo about how “this
is a crazy business”, which led to a match
with Fenix for the Championship. Aries wasn’t
mentioned at all.
However Alvarez has speculated – speculated
not reported – that this might not be the
end of the story. “My belief is that this
is all an angle, he’s been sent home and then
at some point down the road he’s going to
do the big invasion comeback deal and that’s
where it’s all going to go.”
Maybe if Aries really is done with Impact
Wrestling, he could head back to WWE. However
he might be part of an unhappy locker room.
The reports of missing journalist Jamal Khashoggi
have dominated mainstream news headlines over
the last few days, and has become a hot topic
in the wrestling world due to WWE’s 10-year
deal with the Saudi Arabian government – who
are accused of plotting to detain and kill
Khashoggi after he was vocally critical of
them in his work for the Washington Post.
Despite pressures from the political landscape,
WWE appear to be moving ahead with Crown Jewel
on November 2nd – which is being headlined
by a Universal Championship triple threat
and Shawn Michaels first WWE match in eight
and a half years. PWInsider first reported
that WWE were still working on their travel
plans for Crown Jewel, with Dave Meltzer adding,
“unless the state department tells them
they can’t go or Donald Trump tells them
they can’t go, they’re going.”
But although Vince McMahon appears to be determined
to do this show, Bryan Alvarez reported on
Wrestling Observer Live over the weekend,
“I can’t say every wrestler, but many wrestlers
don’t want to go.” This has since been backed
up by Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated,
who reported: “Speaking on the condition
of anonymity, multiple members of the WWE
talent roster have expressed discomfort with
the idea of performing in Saudi Arabia, especially
given the nation’s poor record with human
Now it should be noted that Barrasso hasn’t
had the squeakiest of track record when it
comes to his backstage WWE reporting. However
Sports Illustrated is a much larger news platform
than a lot of sites reporting on WWE’s relationship
with Saudi Arabia. And as such, WWE have released
a statement on the claims that their talent
is unhappy about working Crown Jewel – telling
WrestlingInc, “As always, we maintain an
open line of communication with our performers,
as we continue to monitor the situation.”
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100 thoughts on “WWE Talent UNHAPPY With Crown Jewel?! Austin Aries DONE With Impact?| WrestleTalk News Oct. 2018”

  1. I feel like AA isn't truly done with Impact, he didn't do this when he dropped the title to Pentagon Jr, although that was only for a little bit, so these two don't line up, in the fact that this time feels 99% like a work

  2. If you have a wwe network don’t Watch crown jewel I never watched the greatest Royal rumble if they get lower ratings than 205 they won’t go back

  3. So what if the talents are upset about Saudi .. at the end of the day they can’t do nothing about it is all Vince decision so w.e he says goes

  4. I think crown jewel has an AWESOME card, I love the World Cup idea, the main event should’ve been the main event at summer slam, and Daniel bryan vs aj is wrestlemania worthy

  5. I rather Zack go to NxT .. He's too damn big to be in 205 his height alone is a great difference between the rest of the roster remember Enzo … He was taller than everyone and he's tiny compare to Zack .

  6. 205 needs tag titles. Too many talents too little meaningful titles. Unless they keep doing the "tournament" style contendership.

  7. I don't think they're going to Saudi Arabi since they tried to pretend like it didn't even exist last night on RAW and they'll probably do it again tonight on Smackdown. Crown Jewels will still happen but, not in Saudi Arabia. Callin it now, they're probably already changing the location and the ticket information.

  8. i thought 205 live was for the cruiserweights? I remember when the taped pre-shows were awesome. Heat & Velocity had enough to keep you entertained while only having a couple matches. It was neat being able to get a recap of the weekly show.

  9. Everyone on the main roster 205 or less should go to 205 Live. The show would be stacked – Bryan, Styles, Crews, Balor etc. Vince ain’t gonna let but one lightweight shine on the main roster but every ten years as with Mysterio and then Bryan.

  10. Don't be an idiot Vince. He's really pushing the envelope here and risks alienating the entire locker room. I can only imagine some of the top stars have spoken up about the issue. If there was ever a time where the WWE needs to listen to the fans and most importantly the people performing, it's now.

  11. Mr. M A J E S T I C XIII . Blackstruggle77

    Am I the ONLY one more interested in rather the angle with Austin Aries is a work or shoot in Impact Wrestling than anything what the WWE has going on?

  12. How about actual talent get the push deserved, like Crews, AoP, Asuka, Balor, even Tye Dillinger or Sanity. WWE became what it hated, a TV show not a WRESTLING Industry. Roman sucks, Bliss is a slut, Lesnar is a money whore, and majority of the push can't do a damn thing right.

  13. I was working in the back and he was arguing with the producer and Johnny impact kinda played with in the bak with a hand shake

  14. Anyone else notice that on Raw and SD1000 every time Crown Jewel was mentioned…not a word about it being in Saudi Arabia was mentioned…where as last week…every time they promo'ed the show…they said where it was going to be…

  15. I never knew why wwe released Austin Aries, Now i understand he's really difficult to work with, always want to be on top, and do watever he wants.

  16. How have Alvarez and Meltzer made a career out of talking bullshit with their guesses that they ore often than not get wrong?

  17. It would be disastrous for WWE to pull out of Crown Jewel at this point, due to the contractual obligation it would cost them $millions not to do it, they should just do the show as planned and then take a step back and wait for the dust to settle before going back.

  18. Christopher McMullen

    I think Zak Ryder should go to Impact or ROH. Vince does not care about him and more wants to portray him as a dork. Impact I think could be a better platform for him.

  19. I don’t see Aries going back to WWE as he wouldn’t get what he wanted there and I think he’s really his own worst enemy mainly when it comes to the Impact stuff as he’s going to be pushed in a better way there than most places

  20. I’m the same height as Austin Aries and I wouldn’t like it either I probably would of snapped and called taya a Jenny Craig failure even though I don’t think she’s husky tbh

  21. If WWE is moving it, somehow KSA might pay for the move & try to save the deal. Crazy idea, I know…but Vince has to try SOMETHING to pull out of this PR spiral.

  22. Ryder is buff he could easily be moived up in the ramnks put him with the B Team 3 guys thay could wrestle every night! Crown Jewls should change location to UK and matches need scrapped . I think we all are just getting wwe'ed out!
    Austin Aries is good but being a pain in-arse wrestler on impact athem what have you done? The writers fault this cant be him as of lateley ?

  23. If Rey Mysterio can be Heavyweight Champion then Zack Ryder can be Cruiserweight champion – I see no issue with that. It's a fake sport, perception is all that matters.

  24. 4:02 Trump just couldn't handle not being the bosses boss lol. Still can't believe he is President after running only in desperate need to retain fame.

  25. Bryan Alvarez is a total fucking mongoloid if he thinks this Aries thing is a work. Him and Meltzer just need to fucking go away. Absolute pair of retards.

  26. FYI – It's now a month later and AA still appears on the Impact Wrestling opening. They tend to add/remove clips from the opener pretty quickly (they'll add PPV clips between a Sunday and Thursday sometimes) so I highly doubt it's simply an oversight.

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