WWE Star Leaves Company, Backstage Heat On Rusev? | WrestleTalk News April 2017

WWE Star Leaves Company, Backstage Heat On Rusev? | WrestleTalk News April 2017

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I’m Oli Davis, and I’ll be replying to
as many comments on this video as I can.
Spoiler: Despite being eternal enemies in
professional wrestling, Kevin Owens and Sami
Zayn are Best Friends Forever in real-life,
starting in the business together in the early
Unfortunately, family members sometimes forget
the fake wrestling side of things.
In response to Sami Zayn tweeting about the
hockey playoffs, Kevin Owens’ dad Terry
Steen offered a supportive message: “Hang
on Sami!”.
Obviously mortified at his father’s babyface
turn, KO tweeted: “Dad, no!
What is this?!”
And Owens isn’t the only WWE wrestler struggling
with kayfabe.
Real-life husband and wife duo Rusev and Lana
might have been traded to the same brand in
the recent Superstar Shake-Up, but it looks
as though their characters will be taking
different paths.
Because Rusev is still recovering from shoulder
surgery, Lana has started appearing at NXT
house shows to develop her new character that’s
been teased on Smackdown.
Jerk The Curtain have posted a video of the
new gimmick, which appears to be The Ravishing
Russian doing a raunchy burlesque dance on
a chair during her ring entrance.
Many are speculating this gimmick has been
adapted from the abandoned overly sexualised
Emmalina character, which WWE still want to
make work.
Lana retweeted a fan joking about her new
dancing gimmick, which Rusev quickly replied
to, keeping kayfabe alive: “What’s a gimmick!?”
Well, Rusev, a gimmick is one’s character
– how they talk, their personality traits,
their look, and, sometimes, their haircut.
Sportskeeda are reporting “Rusev may be
in hot water with WWE, who are said to very
unhappy with Rusev’s decision to cut his hair.”
This is in reference to Rusev’s Instagram
post on February 28th: “it’s gone it’s all
And I like it” with a picture of his even
more handsome Handsome Rusev haircut.
The article points out that WWE superstars
are expected to ask permission from company
officials if they want to make any large changes
to their appearance, because action figure
designs, DVD covers, marketing, etc all become
dated if something drastic is changed.
Sportskeeda specifically mention the Rusev
and Lana action figure double pack that Mattel
will release in the next few months.
As The Bulgarian Brute’s hair has now changed
dating the designs – it’s more likely the
sales will be weak.
WWE cruiserweight competitor Tajiri has been
out with a knee injury since January, but
unlike The Bulgarian Brute, The Japanese Buzzsaw
won’t be returning to WWE TV.
Tajiri first returned to WWE last year to
compete in the Cruiserweight Classic, and
he made his 205 Live debut on January 3rd.
Unfortunately he injured his knee not long
after at an NXT house show.
Tajiri has now announced on Twitter that he
is done with WWE in Japanese.
Thankfully – because I have no idea what that
means – Chris Charlton has translated the
tweets, which reveal that Tajiri was medically
cleared to return a while ago and has been
coaching at the Performance Center while waiting
to return to television, but eventually WWE
decided not to use him because of his 47 years
of age.
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But in the meantime, Mauro Ranallo has also
officially parted ways with WWE, and the original
plans for John Cena vs The Undertaker at Wrestlemania
33 have been leaked.
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I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

100 thoughts on “WWE Star Leaves Company, Backstage Heat On Rusev? | WrestleTalk News April 2017”

  1. Why release Tajiri ? No logic there . If ypu don't want him to wrestle because he is a little bit old . Put him in the performance center . Not many guys kick the way he does . He could be a great addition to the Coaches in the performance center . He certainly knows how to wrestle strong style (With Nakamura in WWE it is becoming a part of WWE now) . And the knowledge he has in Puroresu Wrestling ( He is a legend in Japan) can certainly help WWE's in ring style evolve . Also there is a girl in the performance center who was a MMArtist . Imagine how much she could learn from Tajiri . Bad decisions WWE . Bad decisions ….

  2. Please for the love of God please stop telling us that you will reply "as much as you can to this video". Yeah we get it please stop saying it to start every video……PLEASE!!!!!!!

  3. I def think rusev gets a lot of hate for marrying Lana ..if he didn't marry her I think he wouldn't get such heat and hatred

  4. Oli .. You keep rehashing the same news in between a 10 second intro & a 40 second plug for a show that nobody cares about (and half the time a damn patreon shout-out that's annoying as hell). I'm sure 95% of the fans didn't even know Tajiri was even still on the payroll & we've been hearing about Rusev's hair for over a month now

  5. Tajiri should have been ECW Champion. The best Japanese wrestler ever in my book. Talk about strongstyle Tajiri was kicking people in the chest back in the day 10X harder than Daniel Bryan or Shinske ever did. I lovve Rusevs new look. Now he actually looks like he could get with Lana. A real World Champion look. Better than Jhingle My Balls ever will be.

  6. The Cheeseburger_666

    wwe producers bitch about Rusev's new hair. before that, Rusev and Lana break kayfabe and are married but yet, wwe wants them separated.

    I fear for Mike Bennett and Maria's safety

  7. you know, sometimes i really feel like a smark because so many of my favorite wrestlers are heels; owens, the club, joe and of course handsome rusev the bulgarian beauty. and it's not because of in-ring stuff but there online stuff like upupdowndown and twitter.

  8. I swear I thought Tajiri spoked/write English and two 50/40 something part timers won world titles and they dont want to use a guy that is really entertaining

  9. LOL. Kinda little difference between a 47 year old Tajiri in a cruiserweight role compared to Taker, Triple H and, sadly, even Goldberg.

  10. Tajiri leaves because he can't compete but that's the same as Bryan a little bit of influence for him and he will be gone to

  11. TexanJoe Coffeehouse

    I find it humorous that WWE would have this attitude about a hair cut. Yes it does date things, but every single WWE video game by the time it releases is out of date.

  12. Ironic how WWE complain about their merch becoming "dated", when WWE 2K becomes out of date about a day after you buy it…

  13. OK, so we are looking for a response, yea? if Rusev is more comfortable with a buzz cut, and looks better, WWE should be quiet! WWE NOT wanting to use Tajiri because of his age is wrong! if he still has the athletic ability, then let him perform!

  14. Gets paid hundreds thousands to millions but can't get a haircut or tattoos without asking father I mean vince McMahon

  15. Whoever is mad at Rusev for getting his hair cut should get a life. Whoever wants to turn Lana into a burlesque star should get their hair cut.

  16. Wasn't the Rusev backstage video posted by WWE themselves? Doesn't that automatically ell you it isn't real?

    Oh wait…

  17. This guy is a tosser, what's with the silly voice? won't be clicking on these vids again. what culture all the way

  18. even if rusev want haircut should do it in a storyline in a wwe way like he should have a match with big cass for hair vs hair n should loose from him n let him cut his hair then rusev is happy wwe is happy n fans r happy

  19. No offence Olly, but I have two suggestions for ya dude. Stop jumping round the screen and change the way you vocally present your news as it is extremely annoying. Your audience are not children. Great otherwise.

  20. Vince is a fucking control freak and he's completely out of touch with reality. No wonder WWE is having to book foreigners as champs like Jinder Mahal as they now need more international audiences to keep their bloated company afloat in the stock market. A haircut doesn't kill a gimmick. Over packaging it with pre written promos and not letting superstars put their own creative slant on their characters is what kills a gimmick. Too bad. Rusev will be on his way to TNA soon.

  21. Cutting hair is a big deal. Look back at Cm punk, he looked like 45 year old fart after he cut his hair without permission. After Edge left wwe and cut his hair, he looked like a dork, just like Rusev looks like a dork.

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