WWE SmackDown Vs. AEW! MAJOR All Elite Wrestling Announcement! | WrestleTalk News Jan. 2019

WWE SmackDown Vs. AEW! MAJOR All Elite Wrestling Announcement! | WrestleTalk News Jan. 2019

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And we’re not the only ones with big plans
for 2019 – for the good of wrestling kind
…as the brand new All Elite Wrestling promotion
has finally been announced… which is great
for so many reasons, but mainly, for me, it
means we’ve finally got a logo we can use
for stories about them!
The news broke in the latest episode of Being
The Elite, which was built around a countdown
timer from the last four months finally running
on New Year’s Eve – with Cody Rhodes, the
Young Bucks and Hangman Page announcing outside
the Tokyo Dome “we’re going Double or
Nothing” and ending on the All Elite Wrestling
‘Double or Nothing’ is widely expected
to be the pay-per-view name for All In 2,
which PWInsider claim will take place in the
Spring, while ‘AEW’ is most definitely
their brand new wrestling promotion that’s
been reported on for the last several months.
Following the Being the Elite announcement,
Cody confirmed his and the Young Bucks positions
as Executive Vice Presidents in the new company:
“I feel so damn lucky. I believe that more
than talent… more than chance… work ethic
will guide me where I’d like to go. To be
Executive Vice President for our new venture,
and to be f lanked by Matt and Nick and a
few familiar names sharing that position:
this is my dream job. I can’t think of a time
when so many of wrestling’s top free agents
all opted out of the road usually traveled
and instead wanting to start something new.
I am excited to see AEW into existence. What’s
old isn’t new – what’s new is new. Perception
isn’t reality – reality is reality. Fans first.”
Pro Wrestling Sheet add that, as previously
reported, Jacksonville Jaguars co-owner Tony
KHHHHHAAAAN will be the President of the new
company, while PWInsider claim AEW “is being
planned as a major financial investment by
Khan and will likely be the biggest financial
push from anyone getting into the professional
wrestling world in a long, long time, dating
back to the end of World Championship Wrestling
in 2001.” Forbes estimate the Khan family
is worth $6.3 billion. The McMahon family,
for comparison, is reportedly worth less than
half that at a paltry $2.9 billion. MONEY
AEW have already started to spend that money,
with its official Twitter account posting
a picture of the Young Bucks, Cody and Brandi
Rhodes and Hangman Page seemingly signing
their contracts.
The PWInsider article also notes that AEW
are currently trying to get a Tuesday evening
time slot on national TV, to capitalise on
SmackDown moving to Friday nights when it
starts on Fox in October, and that “there
has been a lot of talk of numerous outlers
And that’s not the only way AEW are reportedly
going after WWE, as they’ve also announced
The Elite team will reveal more at a Double
or Nothing rally next Tuesday 8th January
in Jacksonville, Florida – just down the road
from the first live episode of SmackDown this
year that same night, where “fans arriving
at the WWE taping will have to travel past
the [AEW rally] to attend Smackdown”.
Because The Elite invading a WWE parking lot
went so well last time – with producer Jimmy
Jacobs getting fired for taking a selfie with
them and WWE going after the Young Bucks with
a Cease and Desist over their use of the Too
Sweet hand gesture.
The difference now though is WWE can’t financially
and legally bully away their annoyances anymore,
because The Elite might have just as many
resources at their disposal. Kharma’s a
b-… not just Awesome Kong’s name in WWE.
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100 thoughts on “WWE SmackDown Vs. AEW! MAJOR All Elite Wrestling Announcement! | WrestleTalk News Jan. 2019”

  1. OLI: I 'Too SWAFT'd as many subscribers as I could in the comments. Until next time (which is tomorrow), here's a big Too SWAFT 🖖 for everyone who missed out.

  2. If AEW goes to a major network like TBS or TNT they are gonna want big names to come with them to meet viewership goals by such a big company, hopefully this doesn’t end up just being forced to get old WWE guys because they have a name attached to them and then they get a push because they are more notable for TNT or TBS then it just ends up being WCW/TNA hopefully they can stand on their own and build their own stars

  3. I’ll be staying with WrestleTalk, as we all climb the” Stairway to 700k” and especially for reaching “the hill to 1 mil”

  4. Aravind Pradhyumnan

    The intro is quarter the length of the video. Please put the plea for subscription at the end of the video. If the point of the video isn't quick news, I don't see how reddit isn't more convenient.

  5. If it wasn't for WWE none of these other promotions would be as big as they are. If AEW's only goal is to go after WWE they will fail. They should ignore WWE and pave their own way, do things differently.

  6. Vince McMahon vs Shahid Khan vs Dixie Carter. triple threat Russo on a pole match…book it Don Callis, in pursuit of an elite and honorable wrestling product!!

  7. I've said it, I'll say it again. The Young Bucks and AEW will put WWE out of business. People can disagree, but I've said it since Omega, The Bucks, and all of this has started. They might not put them out of business, but they'll certainly hurt them in the long run with adult viewership.

  8. Massive respect for Cody Rhodes, he built his own path and is changing the wrestling game for the better. Hopefully AEW will be the kick up the ass WWE Needs to switch their shitty game up.

  9. As long as AEW don't make the same mistakes as WCW and TNA/IMPACT, they will be fine…Of course people have to give them a chance too

  10. I’ll be frank:if AEW gets a TV deal, it could succeed. If not, don’t be too hopeful. And I’ll be honest, I bet they do get one. Not an amazing deal, but a deal never the less

  11. Sooooo, where all those "AEW won't become a thing." and "Filing Trademarks mean nothing." naysayers at now?

    So many people were so adamant that AEW was just a rumor based on no facts (despite literally facts being out there), and where we are.

    This is the best thing to happen for wrestling in decades.

  12. First and foremost,R.I.P. "Mean" Gene. I have been watching WrestleTalk for about 2 1/2 years. You guys are my only source for everything on WWE and other wrestling organizations. And there are many, many other wrestling organizations that you guys talk about, mention wrestlers to look out for and events that doesn't have to do with the WWE. Oli,The Other Guy, keep it up for 2019 and Beyond

  13. While I wish AEW and Cody all the best, my only concern is that it will turn into another TNA, where the show runner was also the promotion's main champion. (Yes, I'm looking at you DoubleJ). That's what turned me off to TNA in the first place.

  14. I truly believe that people (including me) hate the wwe because it's no longer a wrestling buisness it's not even "sports entertainment" it's all about the entertainment and not even good entertainment childish entertainment. I watch the Wwe and want to punch every single little kid who enjoys it in the face. So if something like AEW were to take over i wouldn't be mad.

  15. Interesting. My promotion Wrestle Elite has been up for over 5 years and now going to have All Elite Wrestling, ugh. I’ve always like competition glad it’s not my promotion having to compete against them.

  16. If I could go to their first show I would, I'll be getting my passport soonish so one my first major wrestling shows I go in decades to will be AEW, to hell with the WWE and treating fans like idiots.

  17. Some new wrestling sounds great, but I just don't see Stardust and some WWE castoffs being that great. Hopefully they prove me wrong!

  18. AEW reminds me a lot of Bane in a way. After the Monday Night Wars were over, Vince slowly got lazy and really stopped trying. The war was over, so there's nothing more to fight for, but to maintain. Sometimes that's not good enough. A lot like in wrestling, there's "being in shape" and then there's "being in-ring shape". Cody, said it best, "WWE doesn't own wrestling." But they sure felt like they did…didn't they? After the war was over, they felt that was it. But overtime I new revolution happened, people who truly love wrestling came back, and they weren't going to allow wrestling to die in the WWE. So now all I can picture is AEW saying to Vince, "Peace has cost you, your strength. Victory has defeated you." However, this guy probably won't get back up, but if the try, in reality the fans will get all they've ever wanted… for them to TRY. Regardless of the outcome, it'll be a hell of a ride, and the fans/customers will come first. Maybe now we'll see an Army tank pull up outside of a WWE show with the Young Bucks inside 😉

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