WWE Raw & SmackDown CRISIS! AEW WANT CM PUNK! | WrestleTalk News Apr. 2019

WWE Raw & SmackDown CRISIS! AEW WANT CM PUNK! | WrestleTalk News Apr. 2019

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Does wrestling need CM Punk back? Because
I’ll be replying to people in the comments
But first, talking of CM Punk, we begin with
his favourite ever opponent in WWE…
…Ryback, the guy Punk once screamed at after
a match “Either you’re doing it on purpose
to hurt me or you’re just dumb as f****. Which
is it?”
To which Ryback allegedly confirmed: “I’m
dumb as f***.”
After the highs of his Goldberg-level push
in 2012, Ryback left WWE citing creative frustrations
and problems with how the company pays its
performers. Since leaving, he’s started
a controversial podcast, legally changed his
first name to Ryback, written the self-help
book ‘Wake Up! It’s Feeding Time: A Professional
Athlete’s Advice on How to Succeed in the
Game of Life’, and even launched his own
supplements range – which gave the human race
one of the greatest commercials ever made:
He clotheslined her so hard, she lost all
her weight.
And now The Big Guy has levelled up again,
by incorrectly participating in an Ask Me
Anything on Reddit.
Instead of hitting ‘reply’ to people’s
questions, he just made separate posts for
his answers – meaning he created a string
of random sentences with no context during
the session, and everyone had to figure out
what he was talking about.
Some were easy to decipher, like:
“First main event standing on the cell was
a pretty cool moment.”
-probably being Ryback’s answer for his
favourite moment in his WWE career, or
-“Once I’m healthy I will speak to Cody
if I feel I can contribute in a meaningful
way. They are going to do very well over time
I believe. They have an opportunity to do
wrestling the way it always should have been
-most likely being about him approaching AEW
in the future.
Others, however, are completely abstract,
-Ryback just posting the name of WWF’s mid-90s
wrestling plumber character T.L. Hopper!
-the sentence: “As long as the 3rd graders
didn’t force me to lick white dog s*** after
I would take my chances with them.”
Normal Tuesday Night for Ryback.
-And the most cryptic of all, the one nobody
can figure out what he was replying to, just
two words: Sponge Daddy.
Sponge Daddy. Some words are just fun to say
next to each other.
Hopefully it’s not part of Bray Wyatt’s
new gimmick…
Because it seems he’ll be giving out advice
to the parents of his fans, like when Bobby
M tweeted Wyatt upon seeing his new Firefly
Fun House that debuted on this week’s Raw:
“My 3 year old was like, “Daddy he’s
funny!” Now I’ve got to buy her a chainsaw,
Which Wyatt replied with some wholesome words:
“I had a chainsaw when I was a kid and I
turned out awesome!”
Bray Wyatt is… the Sponge Daddy.
Bray’s new gimmick will hopefully catch-on,
as WWE needs all the help it can get in it’s
post-WrestleMania Raw and SmackDown crisis…
The post-WrestleMania editions of Raw and
SmackDown have historically been WWE’s highest
rated episodes of the year. It’s where new
feuds and storylines begin, exciting new acts
debut, and the main roster landscape is rejuvenated
with talent being shaken-up between the two
But this year, that hasn’t happened. Not
even slightly.
Two Mondays ago saw the lowest rated Raw After
Mania in the show’s history, and the following
week’s Superstar Shake-Up was even lower.
This trend was largely mirrored over on SmackDown
– and marks WWE losing 1 and a quarter million
of their viewers in the last four years.
And the ratings crisis continued this week,
with the first normal post-Mania episodes
of Raw and SmackDown getting the lowest viewing
figures since January.
Raw only managed a very disappointing 2.37
million viewers – which F4WOnline point out
is “the lowest number in the modern history
of the show outside of football season”
– with over half a million people turning
off before the Baron Corbin vs AJ Styles main
It’s all your fault, Baron Corbin.
SmackDown was also down, just barely staying
above the 2 million mark with 2.07 million
viewers – a drop off of over 150,000 people
from last week.
To further confirm the chaos backstage in
WWE – and possibly a major factor behind the
drastic drop off of viewers – Bryan Alvarez
has reported the script for this week’s
Raw was only finalised 4 minutes before the
show went on-air.
Save us Tony Khan, you’re our only hope!
The billionaire Khan family – who are significantly
more wealthy than the McMahons – will reportedly
launch their rival promotion All Elite Wrestling
on TV from this October. And there’s already
been some good news for its potential success
coming out of Mexico.
Two of the promotion’s top acts The Young
Bucks – who are also co-executive vice presidents
in the company – and the Luchas Bros’ Pentagon
Jr and Fenix, main evented last Friday’s
TV episode of AAA, which is one of the biggest
promotions in Mexico, through their working
relationship with AEW.
According to Lucha Central, that episode drew
a massive 5.4 million viewers in the country,
where the Young Bucks won the AAA World Tag
Team Titles from Pentagon and Fenix. To put
that in perspective, that is over double the
amount of viewers this week’s Raw got in
the US, and up a million and a half viewers
from the previous week’s episode of AAA
– showing that the Young Bucks and the Lucha
Bros are proven ratings draws.
The two teams will face each other again at
AEW’s inaugural show Double or Nothing on
Saturday 25th May.
And now AEW President Tony Khaaaaaaan has
revealed more about their TV plans in a new
interview with Chris Van Vliet – and how the
boundary-pushing ECW is an influence:
“I think we are doing some very edgy things
and I think what you see on our social media
is not necessarily what you will see in our
television product which I do expect to be
much more advertiser friendly than ECW. But
that doesn’t mean that we won’t push the
envelope sometimes, that doesn’t mean that
you won’t see really exciting high spots.
A lot of what made ECW great was the work
and we’re going to have the best caliber
in ring stuff in the world.”
But given the events from last weekend, there’s
only one thing we all want to talk about:
the chances of CM Punk in All Elite Wrestling…
But first… Moustache Break!
“He’s a great talent and a great performer,
I don’t know if that was Phil in the ring,
but he’s great. I’m from Illinois and
I grew up around Chicago sports and he’s
obviously very popular there.”
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Khaaaaan’s interest in Punk goes beyond
just simple fan admiration, as he was desperate
to sign him to AEW.
According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer
Radio, Punk was Khan’s first pick for AEW
before either Chris Jericho and The Young
Bucks, suggesting that a huge money offer
was on the table for him, going by Jericho’s
claims that his AEW contract is the biggest
of his career. Punk presumably turned the
offer down.
That was before AEW officially launched in
January, though, implying Khan trying to get
Punk happened late last year. A lot has changed
since then – chief amongst them, the fact
that Punk made his wrestling return last weekend
hidden under a hood at MKE Wrestling.
Since he left WWE in 2014, Punk has kept largely
silent about wrestling. But in recent months,
he’s been referencing his former career
more frequently, nostalgically commenting
on Rey Mysterio’s post last week remembering
his, Rey’s and Eddie Guerrero’s three
way in IWA Midsouth Wrestling all the way
back in 2002.
That was just a few days before Punk turned
up under a mask at MKE Wrestling, and now
that promotion’s founder Silas Young, aka
Robert Roode’s older brother, has hinted
towards a similarly nostalgic reason for his
surprise cameo on Busted Open Radio:
“It made sense with the match being with
Ace Steele and having Dave Prazak involved,
those guys are longtime friends and they broke
in the business [together]. Punk had maybe
his first match in that building. That building
has had wrestling for years, a lot of guys
got their start there. Unfortunately it’s
going to be torn down early next month so
we were the last event there. I think it’s
just one of those things where he wanted to
pay a little respect or a little homage to
CM Punk to AEW confirmed!
Are Charlotte Flair and Andrade getting married?
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Davis, and that was wrestling.

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