WWE NEW Title REVEALED! Original WWE Money In The Bank Winner SCRAPPED?! | WrestleTalk News May 2019

WWE NEW Title REVEALED! Original WWE Money In The Bank Winner SCRAPPED?! | WrestleTalk News May 2019

A new WWE title has been revealed!
The OmniShane’s power increases!
And Brock Lesnar actually shows up for work!
And what were the original scrapped plans
for Money in the Bank?
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– as I review the 20th May 2019 edition of
Monday Night Raw!
After closing the previous night’s Money
in the Bank pay-per-view heelishly laughing
at us all for thinking we were rid of him,
Brock Lesnar opened this episode of Raw by
heelishly listening to his briefcase like
it’s a boombox.
Or, for younger viewers, a very large AirPod.
All those questions you had about logic and
who’s really behind letting Lesnar win a
match he wasn’t even in were very helpfully
not addressed at all, with Paul Heyman dismissing
it as conspiracy theories.
Which is almost as unsatisfying as a series
finale to Game of Thrones.
It also leaves the identity of Sami Zayn’s
attacker rather appropriately hanging in the
If Brock didn’t take him out, then who did?
The likely truth is that WWE don’t care
about their angles making sense, and much
of this will never be addressed again, but
it’s a real ineffective use of all the heat
Brock gained by winning the beefcase.
Both Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston came out
to challenge Lesnar tonight to cash-in on
them, but neither brought up how Brock just
turned up to take the reward for everyone’s
hard work yet again – which to me was the
major heel trait of the angle.
Despite there being no authority figures these
days, Triple H booked Seth and Kofi in a tag
match against Bobby Lashley and…
Baron Corbin for the night’s main event.
Even post-Money in the Bank Raw can’t escape
the pull of Baron Corbin’s midcard vortex!
Also slowly being sucked into the Midcard
of Evil, Sami Zayn asked Lashley backstage
for help against Braun Strowman in their match
next – meaning WWE appear to have forgotten
about their Worst feud of the year contender
in 2018.
I wish I could.
Strowman chased Sami around the building and
then pinned him in the ring, which was all
really a backdrop to building Lashley and
Braun in Saudi Arabia.
SmackDown’s Lars Sullivan was about to speak
for the first time in an ‘exclusive interview’
with Charly Caruso, but the Lucha House Party
came out to get beaten up instead.
Cesaro and Ricochet had a fantastic match
that got the crowd chanting ‘this is awesome’.
I just wish I saw it, because over half of
it came in a commercial break and a shrink
screen promo for The Secret Life of Pets 2.
AJ Styles then slapped Baron Corbin in the
face backstage.
I’ve replayed this segment nine times already.
Roman Reigns continued to be overexposed on
WWE TV by coming out next as Raw’s permanent
Wild Card.
But no matter which brand he’s on, nobody
can escape the OmniShane.
They set up their match together at Super
Arabia, which for some reason brought out
Drew McIntyre.
Because HEELS!
The Usos and The Revival were allowed to have
an actual match next rather than a segment
based on goofy toilet humour.
And shock horror, they had a great TV match
with several amazing near-falls and a ‘This
is Awesome’ chant.
Tag division reminder, though: the champions
are still Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins.
Even when the Firefly Funhouse isn’t a full
segment, it’s still one of the best things
in WWE.
This week, Raw only played an extended opening
credits sequence for the show, which started
off happy, but distorted into shots of crying
children and Bray Wyatt’s scary monster
It was great.
WWE then managed to put on a half-decent Moment
of Bliss segment.
Nikki Cross being fudged into Alexa’s minion
bestie aside – which is still a horribly awkward
character turn – this was actually not painful
to watch for a change, which neatly transitioned
into a six woman between Becky, Alexa and
Nikki beating the IIconcis and Lacey Evans.
Alexa didn’t once get in the ring, though,
just awesomely sipping her coffee on the outside
– implying she still isn’t cleared to wrestle.
And then we got the night’s best segment,
and possibly everyone’s new favourite division
for the months ahead – Mick Foley unveiling
the new 24/7 Championship.
Initially this was met with an audible groan
from the New York crowd, as on first impression
it just sounds like a watered-down PG version
of the Hardcore belt.
But then Foley revealed it wasn’t just Raw
and SmackDown wrestlers who could compete,
it also extends to 205 Live, NXT, NXT UK and
wrestling legends.
In your face, Brand Split.
A scramble ensued with the undercard trying
to become the first champion – including …Drake
Maverick – which Titus O’Neil won!
A reign that lasted barely a minute as Robert
Roode attacked him on the ramp to become the
second champion – which means moustache break!
Hopefully the championship also extends to
inanimate objects, like DDT’s Ironman Heavymetalweight
Title, who’s former champions include a
pint of beer, a steel ladder, a stuffed Hello
Kitty doll, and a miniature Dachshund dog
called Cocolo.
R-Truth tricked Roode in a later segment for
another title change, and he’s still the
champion at the time of writing.
Interestingly, though, the 24/7 belt wasn’t
the only change to WWE Foley announced.
He also promised: “Starting tonight the
third hour of Raw each and every week is about
to get downright mean and nasty, a little
bit dirty…”
And on saying that, the lighting for the arena
changed, taking away a lot of the crowd illumination
and making it more like the presentation of
Sadly, even the darker lights couldn’t diminish
the presence of The OmniShane – where he interfered
to help Drew McIntyre beat the Miz. Roman
chased the heels off at the end.
Samoa Joe revealed Rey Mysterio is injured,
so he should do the right thing and hand him
back his US Title.
Which actually is the right thing, as Joe’s
shoulder was up when he lost it.
The state of the US title will be revealed
next week.
And the main event was the Kofi and Seth vs
Bobby and…
Baron Corbin tag match, which was suddenly
changed to a No DQ stipulation during the
entrances – implying some heel authority figure
The real intrigue was once Kofi and Seth had
won, for Lesnar to come down and tease a cash-in.
He’s going to keep them waiting, though,
and he’ll be on next week’s Raw to announce
who he’ll fight.
The 24/7 Championship is a fun idea, and the
production lighting change in the third hour
gave Raw a different edge to usual.
WWE are trying to improve their product, and
for that they should be commended.
But putting Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley
in the main event and beating Ricochet in
the 2nd hour isn’t the way to do that.
This week’s Raw is AvRAWge.
Now over to Pete with the news!
Great review Oli, I assume there’s been
at least one more 24/7 title change in the
time you did your review.
Now don’t worry, Luke hasn’t suddenly
gotten shorter and a lot more handsome, it’s
just me filling in for him as he’s had a
busy weekend surrounding the whole ordeal
with Hangman Page and PAC at WrestleGate.
If you haven’t seen what the story is about,
make sure to click the ‘i’ above my head
to be taken to that video now.
PAC has seemingly quit AEW, with a replacement
promised for Page at their debut show, Double
or Nothing.
We’re only 4 days away from the event, and
if you’re in the UK and wondering how to
watch the show, it’ll be available to watch
on ITV Box Office – which you can find more
about by going to www.itvboxoffice.com.
And make sure to follow them on Twitter @ITVWrestling.
The links are in the video description below!
Starrcast II is set to take place in the days
prior to Double or Nothing, however one of
the bigger names announced for the show, has
now been forced to be withdrawn.
Two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair was recently
taken to a hospital in order to have heart
surgery, with conflicting reports from TMZ
Sports suggesting it was a medical emergency
and he was rushed there, with others such
as Ric Flair’s own son-in-law, Conrad Thompson,
stating it was all a planned procedure in
I think I’d probably believe his family
over TMZ.
The surgery reportedly suffered from delays
and complications, forcing Ric to pull out
of his scheduled appearance at the event.
It has not been confirmed as of yet whether
there will be a replacement for him at the
But in more positive news, it’s being reported
by TMZ Sports via a statement from Flair’s
wife, Wendy Barlow, that the surgery was a
success and that Ric is now in recovery.
Good on ya Ric, woo!
It’s unfortunate that plans have to be changed
so soon to the event taking place, but I’m
sure if Ric was in tip-top shape, the plans
would have remained.
The same cannot be said however, for Vince
McMahon, who once again, seems to have changed
some major plans in WWE whenever he felt like
This past Sunday saw Brock Lesnar make a shocking
appearance back to the ring, winning the Money
in the Bank match, even though he wasn’t
a competitor in the match.
Makes perfect sense.
Wrestling fans were left confused and angry
at the outcome, especially considering that
the reliable WrestleVotes had been reporting
that WWE were looking to push the winner of
the MITB match, and make them “look like
a star”.
Well now WrestleVotes have a follow up, which
also reveals the original plans for the winner
of the match before Lesnar was decided.
“The Brock decision was made last weekend.
Up until that point it was nearly a 50/50
tossup between McIntyre & Ali to take the
As this tweet was made yesterday on May 20th,
it’s unclear whether this means it was the
weekend when Money in the Bank took place,
or the weekend prior, but regardless it’s
clear that Andrade was never going to win
the match and that makes me sad.
The decision to have Lesnar win the briefcase
has been pretty openly lambasted by wrestling
fans, but it’s not just the fans that have
been having their say, as one of the men that
was reportedly touted to win the match has
taken a shot at Lesnar, with Ali tweeting:
“Look at the bright side, @brocklesnar climbing
a ladder is the most wrestling he’s done all
But Ali’s not the only one getting in on
the fun, as AEW’s Chris Jericho chimed in
“Awesome to see @BrockLesnar win the #MoneyInTheBank
match…even though he wasn’t officially
Brock is the future of the biz and this perfect
example of genius booking shows why @WWE will
remain on top FOREVER!
I’m not sure if you guys can pick up on
this, it’s very subtle, but I think, maybe,
just maybe, he might be being a little sarcastic.
Game of Thrones has aired its final episode,
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ScreenStalker’s review of it, but before
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I’ve been Chopper Pete Quinnell, and that
was wrestling.

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