WWE Greatest Royal Rumble Pay REVEALED?! | WrestleTalk News Apr. 2018

WWE Greatest Royal Rumble Pay REVEALED?! | WrestleTalk News Apr. 2018

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In other news…
Triple H Wants To Take Over The World
…Triple H wants to take over the world.
WWE have posted the corporation version of
a pay-per-view, their 2018 Business Partner
Summit, on their company website.
The event took place in WrestleMania week,
and was headlined by business world megastars:
John Brody of Sales and International
George Barrios and Michelle Wilson having
a Road Map for 2018 match for the WWE Business
Strategy title.
And John Cena and Charlotte Flair raising
the arm of Cricket Wireless for WWE Business
Partner of the Year.
During the event, George Barrios and Triple
H – looking in no way like a supervillain
– debuted WWE’s next big buzzword: “Global
Business, business, business.
John Pollock of Post Wrestling has since reported
WWE have actually trademarked the phrase,
and it’ll involve the company creating “NXT
brands around the world as a global territorial
Apparently this would involve making customised
shows for countries WWE is looking to expand
in, filmed in the native language and using
local hosts.
And few partnerships are as valuable to WWE
as their new bromance with Saudi Arabia.
WWE Greatest Royal Rumble Pay Revealed?
During the talk, Triple H teased the idea
of a WWE brand in the Middle East, and revealed
the company’s deal with Saudi Arabia is
for ten years.
The relationship will fully start with a very
expensive bang in tomorrow’s Greatest Royal
Rumble event, a show that has the presumably
very pricey part-timers Brock Lesnar, John
Cena, Triple H, The Undertaker, Chris Jericho,
Rey Mysterio, The Big Show, Mark Henry and
Kurt Angle, and the entire rest of the main
roster – unless you’re a woman.
It’s been speculated that Saudi Arabia is
paying WWE an enormous amount of money to
put on the show, to cover all those names,
the huge expense of flying all the wrestlers
and backstage crew to the country, and still
to have a sizeable chunk left over for profit.
On Jerry Lawler’s latest Dinner with the
King podcast, his guest Jim Cornette appeared
to have some insider knowledge, revealing
WWE is being paid “millions and millions
and millions… just more money than you’ve
ever seen”.
Lawler added he believes that includes “a
heck of a payoff” for the company’s female
wrestlers – who aren’t allowed to compete
at the event because of women in sports not
being culturally accepted in the country.
Now PWStream have revealed just how many millions
Saudi Arabia are paying for the show: “Per
sources: WWE are making in the region of $100-200M
for #WWEGRR just for hosting the event.”
And that’s not the ceiling for the show’s
potential earnings, as the report also notes:
“the figure is just for hosting it.
Merch, tickets, etc. will bolster the figure
even more.
Insane revenue stream.”
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100 thoughts on “WWE Greatest Royal Rumble Pay REVEALED?! | WrestleTalk News Apr. 2018”

  1. Vince's dufus son in law is kissing the Saudi's ass. Instead of excluding the women wrestlers, they should have made them wrestle in burqas.

  2. WWE all about the women’s evolution but jump at the opportunity to throw the biggest house show event in a country that still finds it unacceptable for women to participate in sport. All about the money these days.

  3. Seriously fuck the wwe for doing business with a country that treats woman like trash. And then the wwe has the nerves to claim that they support woman rights..


  5. For real for real…I actually don't think that this global thing is an overly bad idea. To be fair it would expand talent to those areas but I can see how some would be upset with this sort of business move. Nevertheless, here's to all of WWEs future success.

  6. Did Vince just market and sell "WrestleMania Portable Express"? What?! Did Vinny Mac just hit a homer? What?! I said Mr Mac is swimming in the coins like a duck! (But ducks can't swim in coins) Come on, keep kayfabe alive, bro.

  7. Wait, wait, wait… did they not watch Wrestlemania, bc women were on it?!?! Yea… I'm like… can we get an ALL WOMEN SHOW THEN! Maybe set in the Amazon, hosted by Xena and WW as guest interviewer. 😂🤣😂🤣

  8. I'm not condoning what SA does and how they run things, but the fact of the matter is they are a US ally that the country is fine with doing business with daily, despite not always agreeing with policies. The US gets oil from them, which trickles down to pretty much everyone that gets on planes and buys gas. Is that messed up too? Yeah probably. Should any country that does business with them take a moral high ground and avoid doing business because of their policies? Yeah probably. It's all pretty messed up but it's also pretty funny that people shit on wwe for making a hell of a payday from these people, then go about their daily lives unwittingly knowing (or not caring) that theyre also supporting SA when they get gas or oil changes, etc etc etc. It sucks but it's true and it's the hypocritical world we live in. Hopefully in these next 10 years, they'll get to the point that the girls can go there and perform. In the meantime, they all got the day off and what sounds like a hell of a paycheck for that day off because of that bs. If I were running wwe, I would have gotten all the girls together for a weekend network special where they could have addressed it by saying "due to cultural difference they can't go… but our women are gonna be live at Full Sail putting on a hell of a triple branded show on Saturday (or Friday night after the SA event) with some matches you've never seen before".

  9. All i can think about is another plane ride from hell on the way back…
    As long as there is no open bar im pretty sure its fine

  10. Fuck TNA Fuck ROH Fuck NJPW they will never and can not bring or even make this much money in their company's life Time Fuck the so called women's revolution I'm glad WWE is taking this deal

  11. 💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲

  12. I believe it. Those fuckers have a ton if oil money. If anyone is going to steal that shit from them it should be Vince. I hope all the wreslers get a nice paycheck for doing this event alone.

  13. That number is clearly wrong.
    The ‘Sports Authority’ whole budget is 300M$ a year and most of that number goes the football clubs (soccer), Sports Authority made the deal with WWE for 10 years, that number is reasonble if 100M-200M for 10 years not for one event

  14. Making bank, and the worthless women division gets a pay day for not doing shit because WE fucking cater to woman's ego & emotions 24/7.

  15. I read an article that due to Saudi rules, no women will be wrestling. Saudi have got to come into the 21 century where women are concerned. I forgot they now let them drive, yes, they have been banned for years. To me, if Saudi wanted to be really open, let the women wrestle. Put is this way if it weren't for women none of the male wrestler would exist, would they.

  16. WWE won't make much off the tickets. Tickets are equivalent to USD $2 – $5 apparently. Wouldn't expect much in march either; this is a PR campaign.

  17. Future Senator Karl Pilkington

    Vince watched wrestletalk once. this is how it went down:
    Vince : who's this guy talkin' bout WRASSLIN? Oli? Oli?? … wait a minute.. OIL! HUNTER, GET IN HERE!
    Triple H : what's a.. goin' on Vince?
    Vince : I got great news for the future Hunter, and i think you're gonna like it!
    Triple H : Well.. uh.. you know Vince, it's an honor for me to take ov-
    Vince : What are you talkin' about? we're going to the MIDDLE EAST DAMN IT! call the Iron Sheik, he probably owns the place

  18. There is no chance that WWE is earning 9 figures for 1 show! It's just not going to make sense for anyone…

    I reckon that figure is the accumulated expected earnings from 10 years of annual shows in Saudi.

  19. 3rd Street Saint 69

    Stephanie McMahon better shut the fuck up about that "womens revolution" shit she keeps shoving in the audiences face after this shit with Saudi Arabia. Maybe they should just stop trying to push the womens division and just go back to calling them divas. I kinda miss the bra and panty matches.

  20. I NEED BotchAmania BroTher!!!! …and can someone cut up Oli's coat into a slew of rags that can be used in segments? From wipeing ones' backside to a headband.. pure gold!


  22. iBleedRedNGold916

    Has anyone else noticed how much Oli looks like the goofy nerdy #SethGreen from the Austin Powers movies when he does the pinky thing?? hahah 🤣🤣

  23. If the NXT Global Localization includes Mexico, I would rather keep watching NXT with the english commentary or with their official spanish commentators rather than local ones. The last time WWE did that, IT SUCKED

  24. Think of all the shovels, or just one big shovel, that Triple H can buy to bury all the talents now. He can finally buy a bulldozer even for more efficient burying. If WWE takes foreigners money and reinvests it into the US economy, that'd be wonderful.

  25. Let's do everything we can to empower the women division and to make little girls feel confident, unless we can make so much money that we just leave them at home like they don't exist…

  26. No women being able to perform in the country is fucking disgusting
    Basically selling out to Women Beating terrorist fucks!

  27. Can anybody actually confirm that the women still got paid even though they didn't wrestle in Saudi Arabia? I did not watch the Royal Rumble today due to the fact that I took a personal stance that's if you're not going to allow women to be part of it then where is the equality. But if the women got paid even though they weren't allowed to attend that's sort of acceptable. And I really do want to watch this Royal Rumble LOL. But in truth can anybody confirm that the female wrestlers got paid still?

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