WWE Don’t Want Broken Hardys Gimmick? TNA Vs Matt & Jeff Hardy! | WrestleTalk News May 2017

WWE Don’t Want Broken Hardys Gimmick? TNA Vs Matt & Jeff Hardy! | WrestleTalk News May 2017

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News!
I’m Oli Davis.
Up until a few weeks ago, Braun Strowman was
meant to be taking on Brock Lesnar at Great
Balls of Fire – still an actual name for a
pay-per-view – but plans had to be changed
when he suddenly needed to undergo minor elbow
The Monster Among Men has been keeping us
up to date about his recovery on Instagram:
“This is what a shattered elbow looks like!!!!
This pain is nothing compared to what I’m
going to unleash as soon as I’m healed!!!!
With a picture of Braun holding up his injured
Or trying out a new dance move.
Tough to say.
Strowman’s injury, however, is reportedly
a work, with his return expected for July
at the latest and his elbow not really being
Maybe Matt & Jeff could be the Shattered Hardys!?
In a quick recap of their Expedition of Lawsuits
so far, Matt Hardy developed his Broken Universe
gimmick last year in TNA Impact Wrestling,
back when Dixie Carter and Billy Corgan ran
the promotion.
When Anthem Sports and Entertainment bought
the company, and rehired original founder
Jeff Jarrett to run it, contract renegotiations
between them and the Hardys broke down – causing
the brothers to leave on not the best terms
in February.
They first went to Ring of Honor, but were
sent cease and desist letters from Anthem
over using the Broken characters.
TNA were claiming they owned the gimmick.
That’s why when Matt and Jeff returned to
WWE at Wrestlemania 33, they did so as their
old Team Xtreme personas.
The latest development comes from Impact Wrestling
President Ed Nordholm, telling Live Audio
Wrestling that it’s “unquestionable”
that his company owns the Broken gimmick,
and that “I don’t think even the Hardys
would dispute that.”
– does he use Twitter?
When he was asked if WWE had approached Impact
about acquiring the Broken Hardys rights,
Nordholm revealed: “As far as I know, the
WWE doesn’t want the gimmick, and indeed,
from every conversation I’ve had with them,
I’ve been told they have no interest in
Impact Wrestling’s Dutch Mantell – the former
Zeb Colter in WWE – has backed up Nordholm’s
claims on Twitter.
“NEWS: Thanks @EdNordholm for clearing it
up on @LAWradio.
@IMPACTWRESTLING owns BrokenBrilliance IP
No [email protected]
This all, of course, produced a typically
restrained and emoji-filled response from
Matt Hardy’s wife Reby Sky on Twitter, pointing
out that Nordhom’s interview was with Live
Audio Wrestling, a network also owned by Anthem
Sports and Entertainment:
Giving an “interview” to YOUR OWN NETWORK
while lying through your teeth is now considered
Taking advantage that fans do not know details
of contracts, which were NOT “standard entertainment
contracts” & not drafted under Anthem PONDERING
She then posted a screenshot of a text from
the Hardys lawyer: “Please let them know
if this POS keeps tweeting, we will push forward
with lawsuit no matter what.”
Seemingly enraged, Reby then turned her claws
on her husband’s newest Twitter follower:
“Got a phone notification that someone named
“@MmmGorgeous” was following my husband back
& was bout to pack a bag to go beat some hoe’s
MmmGorgeous is the Twitter handle of Tyler
Who, admittedly, does look great dressed up
as Nikki Bella.
The Hardy family have claimed to both PWInsider
and Pro Wrestling Sheet that Anthem have been
dodging Matt’s legal team for over a month.
The Hardys are reportedly proposing that they
hold off on suing Impact for “a litany of
alleged claims they have stemming from their
time there” in exchange for the Broken gimmick
Amongst all this, WWE themselves took the
rather unusual step of removing a ‘Broken
Hardy’ themed graphic during last night’s
Initially on Twitter, WWE promoted Matt’s
match against Sheamus with the crazed Broken
Hardy smile.
Just over an hour later, WWE’s social media
team appeared to have fixed Broken Matt, teasing
the match with a more traditional, Team Xtreme
style image of the Hardy brother.
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a WWE star made his in-ring debut!
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100 thoughts on “WWE Don’t Want Broken Hardys Gimmick? TNA Vs Matt & Jeff Hardy! | WrestleTalk News May 2017”

  1. Let's be honest here, at this point it's just Reby vs Impact, it's sad when washed up whores try to stay relevant..

  2. it's a huge disappointment that they don't want the broken gimmick. everyone wants to see it, buying the gimmick would be worth it.

  3. Matheus Santos Martins

    So, you give a brand your talent, create a whole universe and sustain said brand for over a year. Then, now that you're no longer with them, it's like: FUCK YOU, you're mine, we're not going to use this universe but NEITHER WILL YOU! WE HOPE THEY HANG YOU TO DRY IN YOUR NEW JOB AND THAT THEY FUCK YOU IN THE ASS!
    WWE did this before, other brands did. But man, this is twisted. This is sour beyond imagination.
    I know this sound childish, but then again, adult world is a bag of dicks.

  4. It doesn't really matter to me wether the Hardy's turn broken or not. I love the Hardy's either way and nothing will ever change that!!!

  5. I literally stopped watching this cuz his shirt is distracting. It's just ugly tbh but wrestling show = wrestling shirt not this American Eagle barahma bullshit


  7. WWE needs to get the broken gimmick if they care about my WWE Network Subcription. And Impact Wrestling I'm boycotting until they stop with this gimmick ownership bs.

  8. Instead of getting another tit implant, Reby needs a brain implant. Whoever owns the TM or not, her going off on social media like the white trash whore she is doesn't help Matt Hardy.

  9. it's a shame. you can see it in both those pictures, Matt looks happy and alive doing the broken Matt gimmick. in the team extreme picture he looks bored and not interested

  10. Anyone who believes the WWE doesn't want the gimmick is stupid. I am sure they do, TNA is holding out to milk WWE of the Money, I am sure.

  11. I think we all knew WWE would scrap the Broken Hardy gimmick anyway. Probably isn't kid-friendly enough to them. They have already turned the Hardys into just another tag team.

  12. LeGeNdArYLyAweSoMe

    the hardys on wwe now are actually really boring wwe doesn't even know what to do with them it seems

  13. Kenny Lee Jian Siong

    Hahahaha…. Matt should have not left TNA…..hahaha… now the joke is on him…… he knew Meekmahan just want to bury him…..

  14. unless the image swap was in conjunction with Hardys CONDITION of conflict with in himself, as mentioned on his twitter and shown in the entrance, where he seems to shuffle between the 3 gimmicks

  15. I feel like everyone should just stop watching TNA together. Starting to lose patience for their nonsense with this broken dispute. #boycottTNA

  16. seriously the broken gimmink in wwe was something i was really looking forward too😧 what is wrong with wwe you think the ideas they had in the past were any better i mean remember veto in a dress or how about billy gun and chuck palumbo yet the broken gimmick they are not interested in? really???😤😤😤😧😧😧

  17. r ppl blind? thats broken mat hardy all day look at him! listen to him! that is not v1…but jeff is the same enigma he was b4 he left

  18. Liberal Heel AKA YWC Trigger God

    wrestletalktv biased against impact no matter who runs the ship, in other news water is wet

  19. Hardy Boyz is only temporarily until the rights are giving back to them. Then we will have broken Matt to the fullest

  20. What a load of bullshit Impact only own what comes out of there ass Shit.

    Plus they are scared that's why they won't push to go to court Anthem Sports & Impact are full of hot air.

    They know if they go to court the Hardys will kick their ass plus why say that on a podcast / interview with a company owned by them selfs instead of a neutral company cause they can't control the questions asked so they use their own company to script the bullshit.

    Plus if Anthem Sports even watched WWzE they would see former TNA stars useing their former TNA gimmicks on WWE/NXT like

    AJ Styles
    Samoa Joe
    Tye Dillinger
    Eric Young
    Austin Ares
    Bobby Rooude
    Kurt Angle

    Plus if Anthem win this case then WWzE can sue Impact for useing Stings gimmic so no Atnthem Sports dose not own it

  21. OMG TNA or whatever shit it's called now. IT'S THE HARDY'S IP! They were the only reason why that show got any views. Quit dodging the Hardy's lawyers, because you know damn well they were screwed over. Otherwise they would've NEVER left that schedule, money, and freedom. Aka the freedom to make their own characters…

  22. This is becoming a pattern. WWE gets a gimmick that's blown up away from them and they fuck it up.
    Bullet Club? Ruined.
    The Broken Hardys? Not even used.

  23. i think WWE should use the Broken Brilliance Gimmick and then let the impact wrestling burn in jealousy that they should have taken actions earlier about it now its too late.

  24. Jesus. He literally HANDED Vince the hottest shit in Wrestling Entertainment and he managed to RUIN it. What is this man's issue?! #BROKEN Hardyz would be amazing.

  25. Joseph Benavidez

    no wonder why they call him Dirty Dutch, he loves getting DP'd by Ed and Jeff. He comes off as the biggest ass kisser.

  26. its Bullshit, Reby already pointed out Matts lawyers have a very different line of discussion that contradicts TNA's claims

  27. Of course Impact would make a "claim" like this. They know the moment it happens on WWE tv that their company is dead in the water, so of course they'll dispute the facts of wether WWE wants the gimmick or not.

  28. I don't think they were trying to fix a graphical image, but more like tease it. I highly doubt we will go without seeing the broken Matt gimmick in WWE at some point.

  29. this report doesn't make any since, why hold off any lawsuit, especially when you really want something you think is yours. give it up hardys and wrestle talk. too many holes in the story for me to believe….

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