WWE Cancel AEW Match! All Elite Wrestling US TV Deal “Virtually Done”! | WrestleTalk News May 2019

WWE Cancel AEW Match! All Elite Wrestling US TV Deal “Virtually Done”! | WrestleTalk News May 2019

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We’ve got a packed show of news for you
today, including the latest on AEW’s US
TV deal, WWE cancelling a match featuring
All Elite talent, and Lars Sullivan’s comments
on the scandal he’s found himself in.
But first.
Becky Lynch is currently embroiled in a feud
with Lacey Evans over on Monday Night Raw
for the red version of her Women’s Championships.
And it would appear that Becky’s mum was
at at a recent event, with The Man tweeting
a picture of her with her ma.
Lacey retweeted this photo saying that she
wishes she could have met her, with pudding
and hat emojis, the most serious of all the
emojis, but Becky responded by saying that
they have met and her ma wasn’t impressed.
So, you’d think that would be the end of
this bit of the news – but it was not the
end for Big Horn-E.
Due to being out with an injury, which could
take him out for a lot of 2019, Big E has
a lot of time and his hands, and he’s choosing
to use that time by getting the Pot Noodle
Horn over Mama Lynch.
“Mama Lynch is hella foxy.”
“I would pay a small fortune for a photoshoot
featuring Mama Lynch in a sundress.”
“I would take my jacket off and toss it onto
a puddle so Mama Lynch could walk across it…
Scratch that.
I would lay my whole body in the puddle so
Mama Lynch could walk across me.”
“I would learn to become a cycling class instructor
& offer Mama Lynch free classes just in hopes
of seeing her post-workout glisten.”
He even posted his own parody of the Wolverine
meme, holding a picture of Mama Lynch while
wearing marigolds.
This isn’t the first time that Big E has
horned over Mama Lynch, calling her a “full
meal” on a Mother’s Day photo that Lynch
posted on Instagram, and The Man has responded
to all of this saying: “I’m just telling
you I better not end up being Beck E Langston
out of all of this.”
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Here’s what you can expect from the show:
Speaking of awkward, and things are certainly
tense around Lars Sullivan and WWE at the
moment, after a series of racist, homophobic
and sexist comments Sullivan made on a bodybuilding
forum in 2008 have resurfaced.
Mama Lynch fan Big E has made reference to
them, and now so has Kalisto has weight in
by tweeting: “He just needs to get out of
my way.”
Sullivan is currently on WWE’s European
tour, with WrestleVotes tweeting: “Source
states WWE is aware of what’s making the
rounds online.
His exact words: ‘they are hoping it stays
low and disappears’”, and Sullivan himself
has now released a statement to Wrestling
Inc saying: “There is no excuse for the
inappropriate remarks that I made years ago.
They do not reflect my personal beliefs nor
who I am today, and I apologize to anyone
I offended.”
So it would seem that Lars Sullivan will be
sticking around in WWE, and someone else will
be too for the foreseeable future.
Shortly after this year’s WrestleMania,
Luke Harper requested his release from WWE
via Twitter.
This request was sadly turned down, with Dave
Meltzer reporting last week that there where
conversations about which brand he’ll be
on in the somehow still on-going Superstar
Shake-Up, but that was shut down by Vince
McMahon who said that Harper can’t do a
southern accent – something he’s held against
Harper since his days in the Wyatt Family.
It was then reported that because of Harper’s
injury last year, his contract that was set
to end in November 2019 was extended to April
Dave Meltzer has added to this story in the
latest Wrestling Observer, writing that Harper
met with Vince McMahon to ask again about
his release, but “McMahon told him to take
it up with [Triple H], who then didn’t respond
to him.”
McMahon telling Harper to speak to Triple
H about this situation is interesting.
Back in March, Pro Wrestling Sheet reported
that Goldust would soon be a free agent, which
was later confirmed when he was announced
as his brother Cody’s opponent for All Elite
Wrestling’s Double or Nothing later this
Why this is interesting is that it was reported
that it was Triple H who convinced Vince McMahon
to release Goldust from his contract so he
could leave for AEW.
As to why Triple H would convince McMahon
to let one of their talents leave for the
competition is an intriguing one, and could
possibly play into the theories that The Game
is playing some the game of backstage politics
– including the recently reported like of
a tweet criticizing Vince McMahon’s booking
of the company.
As for Luke Harper though, Dave Meltzer is
reporting that “Harper has been given no
future bookings, but also won’t be let out
of his contract.”
Which might still be better than what The
Revival are doing on Raw.
Someone who was able to get out of their WWE
contract was former Smackdown Tag Team Champion
Rhyno, who was announced recently to be returning
to independent scene when his contract expires
on July 17th.
In an interview with Chris Van Vliet, Rhyno
noted that WWE offered him double what he
was currently earning in order to stay with
the company – which he turned down as he would
rather work on the indie scene and help younger
guys grow.
This ties into previous reports that WWE were
concerned about the rise of All Elite Wrestling
and their talent asking for their releases,
both publicly like Luke Harper, and reportedly
behind closed doors like Sasha Banks.
AEW’s Jim Ross noted that he suggested bringing
someone into All Elite Wrestling from WWE,
but was told they’d just signed a new half
a million dollar a year contract despite the
company never putting them on TV.
The Revival reportedly recently turned down
that same offer, and Lio Rush turned down
a similar offer according to PWInsider.
Rhyno adds in his interview that while he
doesn’t know if WWE are concerned or scared
about the rise of competition in North America,
he does say that companies like Impact, Ring
of Honor, New Japan and All Elite Wrestling
are doing more and more shows in bigger and
bigger venues on what had previously been
solely Vince McMahon’s soil for the last
twenty years, saying, “I think that’s why
they’re offering a lot of money.”
Someone who might not be looking to make the
jump to AEW on the other hand is current PROGRESS
Women’s Champion Jordynne Grace, who recently
retained her title at Super Strong Style 16
against Millie McKenzie, Nina Samuels and
Session Moth.
WrestleTalk.com’s Louis Dangoor sat down
with Grace over Super Strong Style 16 weekend,
where she had this to say about sticking with
Impact Wrestling for the time being, saying
they’re the company that best uses their
female talent.
That full interview is
available now, along with interviews from
NXT UK’s Walter and Trent Seven, Mark and
Vicky Haskins and AEW’s Jimmy Havoc and
Darby Allin in the WrestleRamble podcast feed.
And WWE’s concerns over AEW might again
be coming to light, as they’ve pulled reportedly
pulled a women’s match in Japan.
All Elite Wrestling’s Bea Priestly recently
captured the World of Stardom Championship,
and there were plans in place to build towards
a championship match between Priestly and
NXT UK’s Toni Storm.
However, Stardom recently tweeted that “due
to circumstances beyond our control”, the
match had been cancelled.
And I think we can all guess what those circumstances
Dave Meltzer confirmed on Wrestling Observer
Radio that it was indeed WWE’s decision
to pull the plug on the match, as Bea Priestly
would likely have to win and they didn’t
want their NXT UK Women’s Champion taking
a loss against someone signed with All Elite
Just remember that the next time someone from
WWE tells you that wins and loses don’t
matter in modern wrestling.
Meltzer adds that WWE didn’t even offer
Stardom the opportunity to change the finish
of the match – like changing it to a draw
so that neither woman wins or loses – similar
to the finish of Will Ospreay vs. PAC at Revolution
Pro Wrestling where both men were champions
in New Japan and Dragon Gate and they went
to a time limit draw.
Instead they just demanded that the match
be cancelled, with Stardom instead announcing
that Priestly will defend her title against
Hazuki, while Storm will face former champion
This is another in a long line of examples
of WWE pulling talent from shows due to All
Elite Wrestling – pulling Undertaker from
Starrcast II and the speaking portion of his
speaking tour of the UK with Inside The Ropes
[38], Kurt Angle from Starrcast and WrestleCade
and now putting the kibosh on an advertised
match between Bea Priestly and Toni Storm.
And that’s to mention moving Money in the
Bank to compete against Double or Nothing
the following week.
And that could be because All Elite Wrestling
is about to announce their major TV deal in
the United States.
Since the company’s announcement in January,
there has been a lot of talk about All Elite
Wrestling getting a TV deal in the US.
Both Jim Ross and Chris Jericho both teased
a big announcement was coming soon, with many
speculating that AEW could end up on the former
home of WCW Monday Nitro in the late 90s,
Both The Wrap and the Wrestling Observer then
reported that these rumours were indeed true,
with The Wrap first reporting that AEW’s
TV deal could be announced at the media upfronts
on May 15th.
And that ‘could’ is no longer just a possibility
according to a follow-up report from The Wrap,
who say that someone with close knowledge
of the situation is saying the deal is “virtually
done” and will be announced at the media
upfronts next week – ironically from WWE’s
spiritual home Madison Square Garden.
Cody, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega and Tony
KHAAAAAAN [42-screen] will reportedly be in
attendance for the announcement, which will
likely give us the juicy details on a launch
date, time slot and channel.
This comes off the back of AEW’s announcement
this week that they have partnered with ITV
in the United Kingdom, where they will be
showing Double or Nothing on ITV Box Office
as well as it’s pre-show Buy In on ITV4,
with the Casino Battle Royal for a future
AEW Championship shot, and Kip Sabian vs.
Sammy Guevara.
While this would understandably lead many
to believe that AEW’s weekly TV show will
air on ITV4 when it launches, Dave Meltzer
notes in the Observer that, “Right now such
a deal is not signed, but it is reasonable
As of now, the reported start date is in October,
and the possible airing days are Tuesday and
Wednesday at 8-10pm Eastern, with the show
also airing live in the UK.
Thank you for watching, and a special thank
you to our Pledge Hammers on Patreon!
You can watch Laurie Blake and I give our
thoughts on the first trailer for IT Chapter
Two by watching the videos over there.
I’ve been Luke Owen, and that was wrestling.

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