Why Roman Reigns Vs Jinder Mahal Sucks | WWE Raw, June 11, 2018 Review

Why Roman Reigns Vs Jinder Mahal Sucks | WWE Raw, June 11, 2018 Review

Baron Corbin now had a shaved head! Braun
Strowman is invincible! And the latest reason
why the Roman Reigns vs Jinder Mahal feud
sucks. I’m Oli Davis, click the ‘i’
above my head to vote for what you thought
of the show – where you can choose from In
Awe, Cor, AVRAWGE, Poor and Bore – as I review
the 11th June, 2018 edition of Monday Night
Raw …in about 4 minutes.
Raw opened with the rather ridiculous visual
of all the Money in the Bank match wrestlers
standing on top of ladders of varying heights,
gazing off in different directions as if they’re
about to shoot the cover for their new Christian
Rock album.
They were all waiting for Kurt Angle to come
out, who was quickly interrupted by the Constable
of Raw, Baron Bald-in! No… that doesn’t
work. Baldon Corbin … not much better. The
Lone Hair Baron Corbin! We’ll stick with
that for now. He really should’ve lost those
locks in a hair vs hair match to elevate another
He not-so-subtly threatened them all that
Stephanie McMahon wants those briefcases coming
to Raw.
After the break, Natalya, Sasha Banks and
Ember Moon were left standing in the now ladder-less
ring, while Alexa Bliss got a full entrance.
Meaning she went backstage after the opening
segment, to just come back out again. Natalya
won by making her tap in the Sharpshooter
in a pretty decent match – particularly from
Moon’s dives of death!
Despite quickly beating Breezeango here, Drew
McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler have lost a bit
of momentum after being eliminated first in
last week’s Battle Royal.
Brock Lesnar is now WWE’s longest reigning
top champion of the modern era! Would’ve
been nice to have him on the show.
Thankfully we were spared a Roman Reigns vs
Jinder Mahal match just six days away from
another Roman Reigns vs Jinder Mahal match
at Money in the Bank, as the Maharaja revealed
The Great… Sunil Singh as Roman’s actual
opponent. It was a nice swerve, briefly teasing
The Great Khali’s return, but Jinder’s
promo was lacklustre, and his kayfabe strategy
was utterly worthless. Reigns beat Sunil in
seconds with a spear, for Mahal to reveal
his master plan go-home angle as… hitting
a single Khallus. No prolonged beatdown, no
brutal angle to get us excited about a wholly
uninspiring feud. I’m neither buying into
Jinder as a credible opponent, nor this match
as something I ever want to see.
After eliminating them at the end of last
week’s Battle Royal, the B Team beat Rhyno
and Heath Slater in the night’s third squash
match in a row. The Deletor of Worlds appeared
at the top of stage afterwards to hype their
Money in the Bank tag title match… that
really could’ve just been on this episode
of Raw to lessen the pay-per-view’s butt-numbing
11 match card.
Elias has more than earned his pay-per-view
match for Raw’s default top title, though,
being the most over heel on the roster. He
debuted a new IC title designed guitar given
to him by hip hop legend John Mayer – great
musical description Coachman! Seth Rollins
interrupted – only after Elias had sung an
entire song insulting him, of course – to
play out a wonderfully heated skit of destroying
the aforementioned John Mayer guitar. All
the tension Elias had whipped up in the crowd
was masterfully vented through Seth curbstomping
his new instrument. And destroying anything
associated with John Mayer is an instant babyface
move. We Katy Kats never forget.
Ruby Riott and Bayley actually had a decent
match here, which Ruby won thanks to Riott
Squad interference. It’s just a shame their
series is dampened by Bayley’s plodding
overarching feud with Banks.
Ronda Rousey is very, very good at mean face
and getting physical. That’s mostly where
her current wrestling performance abilities
cease, though, so why, week after week, do
WWE book her on commentary, in red carpet
VTs, in-ring segments and other formats that
expose her weaker areas?
Thankfully few will remember the wooden dialogue
exchanges between Nia and Ronda, and just
the awesome end sequence where Rousey made
Jax tap in the arm bar.
Despite ingeniously disguising himself as
one of Adam Rose’s Rosebuds – I mean ‘a
member of No Way Jose’s weird sex party’
– Curt Hawkins still couldn’t get the win,
stretching his steak to 201 consecutive losses.
After closing on a glimmer of realism last
week, where Sami Zayn managed the only genuine
moment in their feud so far, accusing Bobby
Lashley of never serving in the army, WWE
capitalised on that much needed heat by…
having them both compete in an assault course
around the ring. As great as the Sergeant
Slaughter timer graphic on the titantron was,
if neither wrestler looks like they care about
this feud, why should we?
The main event, where Kevin Owens, Finn Balor
and Bobby Roode ganged up to take out Braun
Strowman, was a lot of fun – including an
awesome KO Bullfrog Splash off a ladder through
the announcer’s table.
Braun still managed to win the match despite
that, though, and being hit by nearly everyone’s
finishers. As much as I’m looking forward
to the ladder match this Sunday, I kind of
just want to see more of Balor vs Strowman.
Overall this episode was actually rather enjoyable,
with two good four ways and segments that
developed the major feuds. This week’s Raw
is AvRAWge.
The New Day are taking on Kenny Omega and
the Young Bucks! Find out how by clicking
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been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

100 thoughts on “Why Roman Reigns Vs Jinder Mahal Sucks | WWE Raw, June 11, 2018 Review”

  1. Fishing, Gaming & Guitars

    Why does the Roman Reigns – Jinder Mahal feud suck? Because it features Roman Reigns and Jinder Mahal being on my television.

  2. So not only do they screw over a beast like Corbin Jinder and Roman the 2 worst guys on the roster get a ppv match?

  3. Unpopular opinion but i think Jinder vs Roman doesn't suck as much as oli thinks it does. Roman sucks as usual but Jinder is killing it.

  4. I thought the opening was really good,it’s something different and really good, I think your pretty hard, and t9 be fair the crowd changed this is awesome during the women’s match

  5. Honestly, I feel asleep in the second going into third hours of the show since everything after the women's four way match bored me.

  6. I love everything Jinder touches, he is actually elevating Reigns and making him watchable, I don't know why he is getting all this hate from WrestleTalk. Get over it, the former jobber is now a good worker, and entertaining on the mic. He is the underdog that made it, you should get behind him. Maharrrrrraja!

  7. I Really Enjoyed This Weeks Raw, I Truly Believe That Money In The Bank Will Be Unexpectedly Awesome, Just Watch


  9. Sir. Quip Quop Flim Flam Bally Allie Woop III

    I hope Roman vs Jinder is the main event at MITB just so we can see just how many people will leave

  10. Sad Jinder had said he would do colase after colase on Roman and did one with a prolonged camera shot on him carrying Sunil

  11. Wrong kevin owens did a FROG SPLASH OLI….. ik its called bullfrog splash cuz owens is rather slightly overweight this is me being kind

  12. It was a good episode of RAW until the main event. What's the point of booking Strowman like this. Everybody else looks like a chump. I was expecting Balor to turn down Owens any time, since he was beating Strowman just a couple of weeks ago by himself. But now it is completely reset, and Balor is a nobody compared to Strowman. Owens is totally winning that ladder match. But I don't really care anymore. Since only Reigns and Strowman actually matter in the entire division.

  13. Thiz is the go home for Money in the Bank feels like the matchs already happened and not excited for natty to win and Roode to lose

  14. Corbin should've had a hair vs career match and won just to show up on RAW with a shaved head anyways… Talk about heat πŸ”₯.. then send the dude that lost to NXT.. Like a Tye Dillinger

  15. This is WWE last chance to cheer for roman reigns, they make him fight the MOST HEEL man in the wwe LMFAO, shame wwe, shame. i prefer jinder over roman any day

  16. Baron Corbin's shaved head made him look like the better looking twin brother of lars sullivan lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  17. Why do Reigns vs Jobber suck? Because they both indeed suck big floppy donkey dick in the ring, on the mic, everywhere. Simple. They're garbage.

  18. WrestleTalk's "Monday Night RAW… in about 4 minutes" is how I will experience RAW for the foreseeable future. I've finally tapped out until the creative direction of the show is drastically changed.

  19. Terrible show, feels like both shows are lazily written. After watching NJPW Dominion highlights, think I’m investing in them instead of wwe.

  20. The Sami/Bobby feud is a huge flaming turd. I'd rather watch a weekly replay of Alexa Bliss doing the This is Your Life segment with Bailey.

  21. Seriously man , wwe creatives sucks, is it really or United States championship is not in mitb , and they are adding Bryan vs Cass , Jinder vs Roman , Bobby vs sami common wwe , u used to be better but now useless matches @!!

  22. Mahal is a walking cartoon. Those stupid scowls. And Reigns is so boring. He could be a great heel though, considering he is already disliked

  23. Surely it's a desperate bid on the company's part to get Roman over.. oddly, I feel that they are pitting Roman against Jinder precisely because of the latter's lacklustre in-ring presence compared to Jinder.. dunno how they think the marks are wired.. but who knows, the foreign heel angle along with Jinder's lesser in-ring presence might finally get Roman over among the larger fan base..πŸ€”

  24. The reason why it sucks the wwe fans prefer the wrestlers with different ethnic backgrounds to make them laugh and act stupid like the new day

    And don't like bad assses

  25. That night backstage Vince Voice: Hey I want a meeting with Finn, Kevin, Roode, guys remember in tonight main event I need a favor of all of you, the main goal in this main event match is make Braun looks STRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. bestintheworld568

    Why does WWE think we’re even slightly interested in most of these angles? Just stop scripting the talent for every word and every action and let them ad-lib a bit!

  27. Let me tell you something.. It all a plan to get roman cheered to make him a fan favourite… Put him against a heel that no one likes.. Here jinder is a heel and an Indian so nobody likes him so eventually roman will get cheered and begin his game


  29. If WWE plan to put Roman vs Jinder as the main event on MITB, the fans are gonna shit on their match worse than Roman vs Joe Backlash match. Fans surely will leave the show early again because they are not interested with the Roman vs Jinder match, whom nobody gives a shit about. Most of all, they're fed up with Roman main-eventing the show again. Would WWE and Vince be that stupid to put Roman in the main event again?! I dared WWE to try to book that match on last. I would love to see how the fans would react to it.

  30. let it go lol why are overweight millennial's and brits so obsessed with roman? just let it go man he isnt after your girlfriend and he doesnt think hes better than any of you he is just doing his job and shooting the promos he is given by dumb writers…it was kinda funny at first seeing the irrational baseless hate (we have all heard the b.s about earning it, bad promos etc its literally all b.s coming from insecure men) now its just annoying like the trump witch hunts popping up in google media everyday

  31. also just to put this out there…you all keep complaining about how bad wwe is and is becoming correct? did you ever stop to think that maybe it isnt that easy to find something millennial's like? millennial's are a strange bunch that act irrationally and like things that normal people aren't accustomed too so when a pro wrestling company tries to push people who have the look and the body and you people boo it they dont really know where to take it they then try pushing guys that are 5'9 and weigh 150 pounds hoping to please you…and you boo…they try a female….you boo….they try a couple little guys who are promoting your liberal ideals and you still boo…you cannot please everyone and they cannot please ANYONE because everytime they try anything you millennial's are there to boo, complain, twitter and blog about how your vision of wwe should have been the one chosen….how about just stfu and let them do their job and see what happens? if you dont like it stfu and dont watch but do not push your millennial entitlement onto others (just to clarify im a male who had watched throughout the 90's and yeah things were dumb but it was entertaining)

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