Vince McMahon SHOOTS DOWN Bullet Club Reunion In WWE! | WrestleTalk News Oct. 2017

Vince McMahon SHOOTS DOWN Bullet Club Reunion In WWE! | WrestleTalk News Oct. 2017

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News
– I’m Oli Davis.
This is Randy Orton.
He’s been calling his fellow wrestlers names
for several weeks.
Zack Ryder, Cody Rhodes, Tye Dillinger – nobody
has been safe from the Viper’s online RKOs.
His next target was Kevin Owens.
Randy posted a photo of his McDonalds breakfast
with the caption: Don’t judge me.
I needed the calories.
Also I’m training for a potential confrontation
with @fightowensfight.
Rusev got in on the bullying too, noting Randy
might want to ‘Double it then’.
Randy and Rusev thought they were safe.
But they weren’t, because Owens had a reply
of his own, commenting:
“I’ve been preparing for a potential battle
between us too, buddy.
I watched paint dry today.
I’ve got you all figured out.”
“I’ll be darned”
Vince McMahon Shoots Down Bullet Club Reunion
WWE found themselves in a very difficult situation
two weeks ago when two of their featured performers
were struck down with illness just days before
the Raw-exclusive pay-per-view TLC. Roman
Reigns and Bray Wyatt were out with the mumps.
As the entire show had been built around the
Shield reunion, WWE wanted an equally momentous
attraction to replace Roman.
After reportedly reaching out to Chris Jericho,
who couldn’t make the show because of dates
with his band Fozzy, Vince McMahon made the
call to let Kurt Angle wrestle in a WWE ring
for the first time in 11 years.
WWE also delivered on Bray Wyatt’s replacement
– booking a special attraction dream match
between Wyatt’s original opponent Finn Balor,
and Smackdown wrestler AJ Styles (a battle
of the former Bullet Club leaders) which WWE
are already pushing as a match of the year
But according to Pro Wrestling Sheet, the
match almost had even more of a Bullet Club
On the site’s Wrestling Sheet Radio, Ryan
Satin said one idea was “a 4 on 4 match
where [Balor] would team with Karl Anderson,
Luke Gallows and AJ Styles to basically have
a Bullet Club reunion of sorts” but this
was “shot down” by Vince McMahon.
This could be because there was already a
3 vs 5 match as the show’s main event, but
it could also be because of the company’s
interpromotional feud with THE non-WWE members
of The Bullet Club ever since Cody Rhodes,
Marty Scurll, the Young Bucks and Hangman
Page invaded Monday Night Raw.
Which brings us onto…
Wrestling Memes Competition
…the winner of last week’s Wrestling Memes
competition, which was AJ and Balor’s post-match
‘Too Sweet’ from TLC.
Well done Carlos Toppin, who saved us a Cease
and Desist by covering the hand gesture with
everyone’s favourite early-00s faction Right
To Censor.
Head over to Wrestling Memes on Facebook to
find the image for this week’s competition.
Remember, the prize…is only bragging rights.
Which isn’t really a prize.
Emma, Summer Rae and Darren Young have all
been released from WWE!
And what is The Undertaker’s lost Wrestlemania
21 match!
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100 thoughts on “Vince McMahon SHOOTS DOWN Bullet Club Reunion In WWE! | WrestleTalk News Oct. 2017”

  1. if the wwe does a bullet club reunion the commets willbe "oh look ripping off NJPW and ROH" "wow how creative to copy another promotion" and when the wwe (vince) refuses to do BC reunion "oh vince is so out of touch" "thats why their ratings are down".damned if they do,damned if they dont

  2. a guy who once worked for vince mcmahon once said "he's a millionaire who should be a billionaire" and "vince mcmahon will make money despite himself". say what you want about that guy but he was spot on right about that.

  3. Dude that would have been a dream match too, the 4 of them against…,who cares, no really, if Vince wasn't losing his touch, he would have realized that the 4 of them could have been a big fuck you to the njpw/roh bullet club. Not that they deserve a big or little fuck you but it would have looked like it. I love wwe I love Vince McMahon but he just ain't got it anymore. Bless his heart and it's causing the company to flounder.

  4. Darren Young vs Eli Drake for IMPACT WRESTLING/GFW/ANTHEM IMPACT/IMPACT Heavyweight or whatever the fuck the former TNA are calling themselves these days when Darren Youngs no compete clause expires he will be there in the main event.I mean what better publicity for IMPACT WHATEVER to have someone on their roster who is gay and a former WWE Superstar….i mean they got to do better though with Young than they did when Orlando Jordan left WWE to join the then TNA as all they made Jordan look like was a jacked up tooth fairy who looked like a cast off from Glee!!

  5. First of all, Bullet Club never existed in WWE and probably never will.

    WWE's version of it was always called "The Club" and only had three members….

    2nd of all, AJ & Devitt/Balor were never in the stable at the same time… so it wouldn't make any sense to have them "reunite" when they don't have any history outside of their recent match at TLC.

  6. Imagine Rollins, Ambrose and Reigns vs. Styles, Balor, Gallows and Anderson. If they wanted to make Bullet Club look stronger losing (because WWE was always having Shield win) they could throw Kurt Angle back on the Shield's side or give them someone else

  7. Bragging Rights?! I get a whole Paper-view! I… I don't even know what I'd do with it. Ok, so here's my entry.

    "Damn Fox is doing a great job mimicking Bayley who is mimicking John Cena. It's almost like she can see him."

    ….I'll leave now.

  8. Congrats Luke! Took me a second to realise what the vid was. Thought it might have been Oli making a fool of himself again.

  9. I don't think he shot it down for any of those reasons, I think there's big plans for it down the line and it could be a massive money maker
    And he doesn't want it wasted in just "A match"
    If so that's smart by Vince

  10. wwe needs to stop with the stupid 3 on 3 and 4 on 4 matches (along with fatals) they are fucking meaningless and NEVER good matches.

  11. ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    Congrats Luke, die from cancer haters

  12. Y'all complained about how bad the BC reunion was in 2016. Now y'all complaining about how WWE won't reunite the BC. Can y'all make up your minds?

  13. I hate when people say bullet club invaded raw all they did was show up scream whoop whoop a few times and stand outside hardly an invasion

  14. Ahh, yes, I remember my wedding day. It was about seven years ago… Can someone please direct me to the emergency exit???

  15. My crap gimmick is:
    The wwe diva – sorry Mae Young! The wwe 'womens wrestler' is called Poppy Culture. She comes to the ring to All Star and is basically wwes attempt at being 'hip' and 'in with the kids'. Her finisher has a massive build up, involving several dabs and a whip/nae nae. The actual finisher is a sleeper hold slam, but as she holds the other di … woman in a dab position. The commentators attempt to get her over but the crowd just cringe. Michael Cole thinks she is great and is her biggest fan and is more annoying then usual. Her ring gear is giant,fabric fireflies where normal woman ring gear should be.

  16. Chris Jericho, don't get triggered y'all, may be technically the greatest wrestler ever in the business. What y'all think?

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