Top WWE Star Considering Leaving?! | WrestleTalk News Apr. 2018

Top WWE Star Considering Leaving?! | WrestleTalk News Apr. 2018

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News
I am… zzzzz…
I didn’t touch you EC3 I swear.
Delicious coffee.
WrestleMania was a very long show.
I watched it live which ended at 5am and then
headed into studio to record this.
Look here’s a picture of me on the tube
at 6am this morning.
But that’s just one of the brilliant things
about being a wrestling fan isn’t it.
Plus, there’s a lot to talk about.
Headline: New WWE Network Shows
Like the announcement during Friday’s WWE
Hall of Fame that we were going to be getting
some new shows, tournaments and podcasts coming
to the WWE Network this year.
Not only is Edge and Christian’s show returning,
we’re getting new episodes of Ride Along
– COME ON RIDE ALONG – a 365 special on AJ
Styles and WWE24 specials on Ronda Rousey
and The Hardy Boyz – including footage from
TNA and Impact Wrestling.
It was also announced that WWE would hold
the second Mae Young Classic this year, a
UK-based King of the Ring, and another United
Kingdom Championship tournament from London’s
Royal Albert Hall in June.
But perhaps the most surprising – depending
on your point of view – is the news that Bruce
Prichard’s Something to Wrestle podcast
will be debuting on the WWE Network.
Something to Wrestle has earned itself a good
reputation among wrestling fans for its in-depth
looks at storylines, PPVs and wrestlers from
Prichard’s time working with the company,
and it’s been mentioned on the podcast and
other Network shows that WWE wrestlers and
staff all regularly listen to it.
But that wasn’t the only bit of news from
Friday night.
Headline: Impact Wrestling Severs Ties With
Alberto El Patron
Impact Wrestling and Lucha Underground held
a joint show for Impact’s Twitch channel
which saw stars from both companies go head
to head in direct competition.
Those seven hours of Michael Cole commentary
appear to have had an effect on the way I
describe things.
And it was reported that Alberto El Patron
had no showed the event, where he was scheduled
for a tag match with Pentagon Jr against his
Redemption opponent and Impact World Champion
Austin Aries and Fenix.
The main event was instead switched to a three-way,
between Aries, Pentagon and Fenix.
Impact didn’t mention Patron’s name on
the show or give a reason for him not being
there, but announced on Saturday that they
had severed ties with Patron releasing the
statement, “IMPACT Wrestling announced today
that it has terminated its agreement with
Alberto El Patron, effective immediately.”
At Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore, it
was announced that the advertised and planned
Redemption main event of Patron vs. Aries
would be changed to the Impact vs. Lucha Underground
rematch of Aries vs. Pentagon Jr. vs. Fenix
for the Impact World Championship.
And if Impact are looking for a possible Patron
replacement, there could be one available
Headline: Dolph Ziggler Didn’t Re-Sign With
Early last month it was reported that Dolph
Ziggler had signed a new 2-year deal with
WWE after rumours that he would be leaving
the company once his contract expired.
Justin Barasso of Sports Illustrated claimed
that Ziggler had signed a deal for a $1.5
million downside guarantee – making him one
of the highest paid guys on the roster – which
is why he was inserted into the Fastlane main
event and was rumoured to face Shane McMahon
at WrestleMania 34.
However a certain someone has refuted that
claim – none other than Dolph Ziggler himself.
In an interview with Fox Sports Ziggler said
that he hadn’t re-signed a deal and was
in fact still negotiating with WWE – but is
still prepared to leave the company.
“They told you I’d re-signed and I have
not…I’ve asked before to go away for a
little while just so everyone can forget I
lose 99 times out of 100 and it’s never
really come through, so I might have to do
it on my own and see what happens.”
Ziggler cut a promo ahead of Fastlane where
he said that he’d never had a one-on-one
match at WrestleMania – hence the rumours
of him facing Shane at Mania 34.
As we all know however, Shane teamed with
Daniel Bryan to take on Kevin Owens and Sami
Zayn while Ziggler still hasn’t had a WrestleMania
one-on-match taking part in the Andre the
Giant Memorial Battle Royal where he didn’t
really do much.
Who could be the next Brock Lesnar guy or
Click the video on screen right now to see
clips from Kenny McIntosh’s Inside The Ropes
interview and click the one above that for
Oli Davis’ review of WrestleMania 34.

100 thoughts on “Top WWE Star Considering Leaving?! | WrestleTalk News Apr. 2018”

  1. Guys u all are talking about dolph and no one realised that luke said "who is the next brock lesnar guy" not paul hyman
    Am i the only one very angry about it???
    Luke take care next time

  2. Simo Khanya Ndamase

    Before wwe messed it up by having Charlotte beat Asuka, a heel Asuka would've been perfect with Heyman, I think he would've sold her dominance to the point where we could boo her and actually be desperate for it to end

  3. Alberto El Patron is the same man who Impact tried to revolve the company around…the same man who would not shut the fuck up about WWE WHILE BEING THEIR WORLD CHAMPION!

    Impact Wrestling is still filled with idiots because they went out of their way to make this guy the focal point of their company. When are promotions gonna realize that Alberto El Patron is not worth the investment? Thank god Impact has Austin Aries back. Because at this point, anybody can be a better face for the company than Alberto.

    I will actually laugh if Vince even considers bringing this man back to WWE. Because apparently Alberto all of a sudden had a change of heart and wants to work for Vince again. What a fucking hypocrite.

  4. If Dolph goes to TNA I would actually start watching it again because they would give him the title on his first day back like they did with Austin Aries and Alberto Del Rio

  5. OLI: So that 1 HOUR AND 40 MINUTE WrestleRamble review of WrestleMania sadly won't be up until tomorrow due to some really fun technical issues.

    You know, the kind of fun where you scream into your Bayley bear plush toy after a 4 hour export is corrupted. Apologies all, and stay SWAFT.

  6. The next Paul Heyman client is

    Sonya Deville (SHES A FORMER MIXED MARTIAL ARTIST!!!! If you disagree with me come at me)

  7. Ok… This is not triggered, but I honestly forgot about Ziggler til this point… I still hate the guy but damn

  8. Can't believe Brock lesnar won last night..Roman needs to leave for a yr at least ,he ain't the future champ…Brock lesnar is sweating after 2 mins ,ten yr too late for Brock .when he fights in ufc ,the world will know he,s finished wen he gets battered in 1 round..don't like part timers that don't take the belt to the weekly raw ,wwe must have someone else up there sleeves.Roman will never come accross as a contender…it's all meant to be said and done at wrestlemania, I feel a bit robbed there stretching the storyline to make you watch the next episode, even styles and nakamura was a let down..I expected that match to last an hr to much smart clothes and hairstyles and not enough proper wrestling.this pg era is putting me off wwe completely now.cancelled my subscription.I will be concentrating only on indie wrestling for a few yrs's time wwe take a leaf out of new Japan and let matches last much longer.I mean the match styles had with naka in New Japan was much more on edge of your seats. Bye bye wwe.

  9. Anyone who boo a westler is dumb as shit anyway. I can't see why people go to wwe shows at all I'd they are going to just be dicks. Just stop watching wwe if you don't like the way they do things it's that simple or shut the fuck up. If I was vince would do what gun's N roses did in the middle of there show and just stop axle rose him self was pulling people out and telling them to leave and saying he will not restart the show until people shut the fuck up or leave.

  10. Wrestlemania 35 Brock vs Nicholas for the Universal Title.
    Spoiler: Nicholas beats Brock.(Because John Cone will be the referee)
    Then Brock cries and leaves!
    Nicholas will be having the title until John cone has his job!

  11. While I was watching this, WWE just announced they Re-signed Lesnar and Roman vs. Lesnar will happen again at the greatest royal rumble.

  12. So is Del Patron/Rio just trying to burn every bridge he's crossed? WWE, and Impact now both have him on their shit list. Which promotion is he going to make enemies with next?

  13. Dolph Ziggler should leave and go to NJPW. Also he should take Shinsuke, AJ, Balor, GalAnderson, Rusev, and Rollins. Actually, he should take anyone with skill with him.

  14. He should get out ASAP. WM34 was a joke. WWE has set a new low, which I couldn't believe, and thus cancelled my WWE Network sub. Racist vince is racist still even. Still pushed reigns showing how tough he is, and after closing sequence showed him walking out of the arena to his music? GTFO vince. I'm done.

  15. Dolph is a terrible wrestler anyway. He wouldn't make a believable main card guy. He will always be a mid card guy and that's where he needs to stay and be happy he is making a pay check

  16. Fishing, Gaming & Guitars

    I have long said Dolph Ziggler was hamstrung the second they named him "Dolph fucking Ziggler"… WTF?! That being said, he is super-talented and a NJPW Ziggler vs Kenny Omega feud would be SICK!!!

  17. So nicholas wrestling at mania is like one of the 7 mortal sins.. but kenny omega does it and its perfectly fine? Youre all as bad as meltzer

  18. Dolph in a one on one match at WM?! that sounds dreadful. it almost makes a Reigns match seem appealing. to be fair, these two would fit perfectly in a kickoff show match against each other.

  19. Yess please let this Fucker go
    He should have been gone like 2 years ago
    The dude took Zayn a spot on SD
    It should have been Zayn chasing Miz for that IC belt


    its bs he should just leave and go to roh of njpw just look how good rhodes got when he left after been shunned by the company and used as a joke

  21. I Really Hope He Leaves , WWE is terrible and do not treat him well, Cody left and he is doing great I’m sure the same will happen with dolph.

  22. In light of that Dolph Ziggler news and Brock Lesnar staying on for that cage match in Saudi Arabia, I don't know what to believe anymore.

  23. Crazy thought, what if Paige is pregnant and the comment about returning next year is a work? Kinda looks like it in the face, but maybe I'm just hoping she returns somehow. #PUSHRUSEV

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