Top 15 Most Shocking WWE Referrals That You Are Probably Not Aware off

Top 15 Most Shocking WWE Referrals That You Are Probably Not Aware off

No matter how talented a wrestler may
be, things sometimes boil down to that
adage “it’s not what you know
but who you know: “ Top 15 Most
Shocking WWE Referrals That
You Are Probably Not Aware off “
15.Brutus Beefcake (Hulk Hogan):
Ed Leslie’s wrestling career dates
back to when he teamed with Hulk
Hogan in the late 70’s,
working as the tag team the Boulder
Leslie and Hogan became so well-known
together that rumors circulated they were
actually brothers.
Although both men were as close as
brothers, there was no family bond.
Their friendship led to Hogan bringing
Leslie into the WWF as Brutus Beefcake
Beefcake where Beefcake teamed
with Greg “The Hammer” Valentine
to form WWF Tag Team Championship
pair, “The Dream Team.”
Beefcake has feuded with Hogan and
teamed with him, both in WWF and WCW
Sadly, both men are feuding in real life.
14. Diesel (Shawn Michaels)
“The Heartbreak Kid” was fast
becoming a top star in the
WWF’s singles division,
despite his smaller stature
However, when bigger wrestlers
began refusing to sell for Michaels,
he realized he needed a solution
In his memoir Heartbreak and
Triumph, Michaels recalls
watching WCW programming
and discovering the promotion’s
6’10” Vinnie Vegas.
Michaels asked Vince McMahon
to sign Vegas, but McMahon balked,
, protesting he didn’t want to deal
with someone under contract to WCW.
Michaels talked to Nash who in turn,
talked to WCW booker Ole Anderson;
telling him he wanted to give up wrestling
and return to being a bouncer.
Anderson gave Nash his release
and soon, Kevin Nash was Shawn
Michaels’ bodyguard Diesel,
providing the muscle and outside
interference needed for Michaels
to realistically beat larger opponents.
13. Samoa Joe (John Cena):
Samoa Joe fans wondered if the
Samoan Submission Machine would
ever make it into the WWE before he
was eligible for Social Security retirement
Joe, who made a name for himself
in Ring of Honor and TNA, was finally
signed to the WWE in 2015, but his
ties to the company go much further
In 2000, Joe was working in the WWF’s
WWF’s developmental territory Ultimate
Pro Wrestling, including a feud with
John Cena.
Joe put in a good word for Cena,
and eventually Cena signed with
the WWE.
Over a decade later, Cena returned
the favor, suggesting Vince McMahon
hire Joe, despite Vince’s reservations.
12. Charlotte Flair (Ric Flair):
It’s not easy being the child of the
sixteen-time world champion if you’re
thinking of following in your father’s
Sadly, Ric Flair’s sons David and
Reid were never able to find lasting
success in the ring,
but Flair’s daughter Charlotte did,
quickly becoming one of the top
women wrestlers in the WWE.
Charlotte went from personal trainer
to ring-savvy veteran,
working in NXT before a successful
career in the WWE’s women’s division.
11. Steve Williams (Jim Ross)
Wrestling’s “Dr. Death” Steve
Williams boasted a solid career
in Mid-South Wrestling, WCW,
and All Japan Pro Wrestling.
Williams, a former right guard
for the Oklahoma Sooners’ college
football team,
was considered one of wrestling’s
legit tough guys and Williams’ friend
Jim Ross saw potential in a Steve
Williams vs. Steve Austin program
in the WWF.
When Vince Russo devised the
WWF’s shoot fight tournament
Brawl for All
Ross figured Williams would win the
tournament, cementing his spot as
as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s next
big opponent.
Ross talked the WWF into hiring
Williams but things didn’t
didn’t go as planned; Williams
tore a hamstring during Brawl for All,
and was side-lined by the injury,
leading to his dismissal from the WWF.
10. Dustin Rhodes (Dusty Rhodes):
The grandson of a plumber began
wrestling in 1988, lacing
up the boots in Championship Wrestling
from Florida.
When Dusty wrestled in the WWF
as the polka-dot wearing “Working Man”,
he asked Vinnie Mac to hire his son
Dustin. Dusty and Dustin teamed to face
Ted DiBiase and Virgil, but the duo’s
WWF run was short-lived, and they
left the company after 1991’s Royal
Dustin went to work in WCW while
big daddy Dusty was booker,
and eventually returned to the WWF
for his career-defining role as Goldust.
9. “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan (Jake Roberts):
Several big-name WWF Superstars
passed through Bill Watts’ Mid-South
Wrestling before entering the WWF.
These include Jake “The Snake” Roberts,
“Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase,
and the One Man Gang aka Akeem.
When Jake Roberts got to the WWF,
he recommended his good friend
Jim Duggan
to Vince McMahon and “Hacksaw”
Jim Duggan became a WWF regular
Jake “The Snake” stayed in touch
with “Hacksaw,”
even after Duggan was fired in 1987
following an arrest for drug possession
(made even worse when he was
caught with kayfabe rival, the Iron
Sheik in the same car).
Duggan eventually returned and
is now a WWE Hall of Famer.
8. Barry Darsow (Bill Eadie):
Barry Darsow and Bill Eadie are
two wrestlers who have had successful
careers in different identities,
but nothing as successful as their
team as Ax and Smash of Demolition
Darsow had enjoyed a run in Jim
Crockett Promotions as Krusher
Kruschev, an American turned Russian
sympathizer who teamed with the
much-hated and feared team of
Nikita and Ivan Koloff.
Eadie had enjoyed a singles run
as the Masked Superstar, working
around the NWA and the WWF.
When the WWF decided to form
Demolition, they paired Eadie
(Demolition Ax) with Randy Colley
(formerly of the Moondogs).
However, fans recognized Colley,
causing the WWF to regroup.
Eadie had worked with Darsow before
and recommended him to the WWF to
become Demolition Smash
Darsow and Eadie would enjoy three
reigns as WWF Tag Team champions
including a record for the longest
combined reign of any team.
7. Owen Hart (Bret Hart):
Despite the size of the Hart wrestling
family, Bret Hart was the only member
to gain any success in the WWF,
starting off in the Hart Foundation
tag team before branching out into
singles success.
Bret’s baby brother Owen landed a
job as the masked man The Blue Blazer,
but his career didn’t amount to much,
despite his solid wrestling skills.
Owen’s abilities had caught the attention
of New Japan Pro Wrestling, but big brother
Bret knew Owen needed help to succeed
in the WWF.
That’s when Bret used his clout to bring
Owen into the WWF,
leading to a program where the brothers
worked a bitter feud.
This elevated Owen from enhancement
talent to the upper card,
including a run as a member of Bret
Hart’s heel faction, the Hart Foundation.
6. Terry Funk (Mick Foley):
Rock-n-Wrestling era fans likely
remember Terry Funk’s run in the WWF
where he feuded with the Junkyard
Dog, and even brought in brother
Dory Funk
Jr. (billed as “Hoss” Funk) to help him
out against the JYD.
Terry Funk had a short but memorable
program with WWF
champion Hulk Hogan as well, but left the
WWF on a bad note, seemingly ruining
any chance of a return.
At least that’s what fans thought until
the Mick Foley
championed the company to bring
Terry back in 1997 during Foley’s
feud with the New Age Outlaws.
5. Colt Cabana (CM Punk)
Colt Cabana and CM Punk became
close friends while working their way
up the ladder of success in the indie
Whether they teamed as the Second
City Saints, or battled each other, the
two became close friends
thus it’s no surprise CM Punk put in
a good word for Cabana once Punk
arrived in the WWE.
As Punk’s WWE stock increased, he
pressed for Cabana to get on the main
but for whatever reason, things didn’t
click and Cabana was eventually let go
from the WWE.
Although the two men are no longer
close friends, Punk’s efforts to help
Cabana succeed
in the WWE show how knowing
someone in the company can
help get your foot in the door.
4. Kane (Jim Cornette):
As Slat Rock subscribers know,
Glen Jacobs worked through awful
before he landed the role of a lifetime
—playing the Undertaker’s disturbed
brother Kane
Jacobs caught the attention of Smokey
Mountain owner and promoter
Jim Cornette, who brought the big man
into his territory as Unabomb.
When Cornette went to work in the WWF,
he put in a good word for Jacobs, leading
to Jacobs getting a try-out and a spot in the
Although Jacobs had to play the demented
dentist Isaac Yankem and the faux version
of Diesel
his persistence paid off when he landed
the role of Kane, one he’s played for 20
years now.
3. The Undertaker (Hulk Hogan):
While Hulk Hogan’s films are known
as the cinematic equivalent of a garbage
Hogan’s film Suburban Commando is
largely responsible for the Undertaker’s
WWE career.
On his podcast, Something to Wrestle
With, Bruce Prichard described how
Hogan was impressed with Calaway’s
size and look while working with him
on Suburban Commando
Hogan alerted Vince McMahon to Calaway’s
potential and Calaway was packaged
as the Undertaker
receiving a monster push and winning the
WWF championship just a year after his
Survivor Series debut.
Sadly, Hogan is at odds with the Undertaker
as he claims ‘Taker injured his neck with a
Tombstone piledriver.
2. Liv Morgan (Enzo Amore)
Enzo Amore worked with Liv Morgan
when Amore was managing a Hooter’s
After landing a job in NXT, “The Realest
Guy in the Room” put in a good word
for his former employee and Morgan
was hired
Amore and Morgan began dating,
but eventually broke up, reportedly
due to Enzo cheating on her.
Enzo has been a heat magnet for
much of 2017,
and rumor (just a rumor guys) has it one
of the reasons is because he cheated on
1. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin (Kevin Nash):
Steve Austin and Kevin Nash forged a
friendship when
they worked for the WWE’s number-one
rival WCW.
In 1996, Kevin Nash was main eventing
the WWE,
and he used his pull to help Austin
(who’d been fired by Eric Bischoff)
land a spot in the WWE.
Jim Ross, who was also familiar with
Austin’s work, lobbied on the future
“Stone Cold’s” behalf as well
Austin got in, despite Vince McMahon’s
hesitations about Austin’s accent.
Ironically, Kevin Nash left the WWE
in 1996,
forcing the WWE to look for new
stars, one of whom happened to be
Steve Austin.
Well guys there you have it – Top 15
Most Shocking WWE Referrals That
You Are Probably Not Aware off
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  1. Seth Freakin Rollins Fanclub

    Joe is a fantastic heel. He deserves a singles championship reign.
    Edit : Perhaps a US Title reign in 2019 to say the least?

  2. Cena and Joe isn't surprising.
    They worked together before Joining WWE and TNA and has been friends while working in different places.

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  4. You are kidding, right? Is it April Fools’ early?

    Beefcake/Hogan, Nash/Michaels, Ross/Williams, Darsow/Eadie, Funk/Foley, Punk/Cabana, and Morgan/Amore are all well-known.

    Ric/Charlotte, Brett/Owen, and Dusty/Goldust are just flat out hilarious inclusions.

    Cena/Joe, Kane/Cornette, Hogan/Taker, and Nash/Austin are the only interesting ones.

  5. I've got one people might not know: Lita via Dory Funk Jr. She said in her book that he's the one who sent WWE the training footage that ultimately got her hired.

  6. Big one you missed: JR recommend Shinsuke Nakamura. He told WWE about Nakamura through doing commentary for NJPW. I pretty sure this also brought AJ Styles and the Bullet Club to WWE's attention.

  7. As a kid, I saw Hogan and King Kong Bundy get into the same limo after a show. It was like watching Santa take off his beard and hat

  8. All but three of those were one's I didn't know. We came very close to Mark Calaway being The Commando instead of Undertaker.

  9. Hogan and Beefcake, Michaels and Nash……I am guessing that when you say "shocking" you mean shocking that no one has ever heard that, come on try harder than that, smh

  10. this is beyond BRUTAL, what a joke! The only people who don't know these are people who don't care about wrestling, smh

  11. Beefcake being Hgan's Running Buddy became Obvious with his Face Turn, and becoming the Barber…. That he followed, and was never far from, Hogan in WCW just made it undeniable
    Diesel has been discussed in some tales of Diesel's debut
    Samoa Joe… Never knew their History
    Charlotte; DUH… but to be Blunt, had Reid not succumbed to his Demons, He'd have gotten Charlottes "spot' and she'd have stayed in her previous career
    Dr Death Steve Williams: Pretty sure this was part of their On Camera Relationship
    Dustin Rhodes: DUH (next you'll tell me Bill Watts referred Erik Watts to WCW in the 90s, or that Verne held the door open for Greg in the AWA)
    Duggan via Roberts is a bit odd unless you knew them via Mid-South (it's odd seeing DiBiase's non-Million Dollar Man work there
    Darsow and Edie makes sense seeing as they are most notable as Demolition (I think Darsow was Past Repo Man before i retroactively recognized him as Kruschev
    Owen via Bret See Flair & Rhodes above… but honestly once Stu's Stampede closed up, I always envisioned Vince hooking Stu up with a 'Bat-Phone' in the Hart Dungeon
    Funk 2.0 via Foley is a bit of a shock… more shocking, is that for the Longest Time I thought Mick was 10, if not 20, years older than he really was, and that 'Cactus Jack' had been a Peer of Funk in his prime
    Cabana via Punk… Like Ross/Williams… pretty sure this was discussed on Camera
    Kana a la Corny… shocking Unless you remember his time in SMW
    Taker via Hulk… I thought I had my time line off… I only saw Suburban Commando some time into the DVD era and never paid attention to it's release date… I just assumed Taker was already in WWE and they loaned him out for the Cameo
    — I looked it up… Suburban Commando started Filming September of 1990… Taker Debuted 'Live' two months later at Survivor Series, with some pre-tapes for Syndication … Obviously he had history in WCW as 'Mean Mark' but it's dubious that his Movie scenes would have been the first ones shot, meaning that Vince would have had to Talk to Hogan, Create the Gear and do research into Mark's skills, in less than than 8 weeks… More likely he was signed, and they were waiting on his Gimmick… there have been stories told about how at one point he was in Danger of having to shave his Head and be 'EggMan' (a la Mason the Mutilator and Fang mcFrost) and come out of the Egg instead of Gobbledy Gooker
    — I'm wondering if This isn't one Hogan's 'Stories', like the infamous Andre Joke (Every time Hogan talks about Mania 3 Andre Gains 10 pounds, and dies a little bit closer to the show)
    Liv via Enzo… not shocking in the least when you remember they'd Dated in NXT
    Nash/ Austin is a bit of shock considering how little they overlapped in WWE tenure… More Ironic when you realize that it was the Kliq's 'Farewell Hug' at MSG that saw Austin become Stone cold, seeing as he assumed HHH's intended KotR '96 Crown as HHH was punished for MSG

  12. HBK asked for Nash and then Nash asked for Stone Cold. It it wasn't for Michaels and other big guys who refused to sell for him we wouldn't have Stone Cold Steve Austin

  13. Cena: I want to work with this big Samoan guy called Joe.
    Vince: Well you're in luck!
    Reigns walks in
    Cena: I meant a different huge Samoan guy called Joe.

  14. Hulk Hogan did not bring the Undertaker in WWF. He was already wrestling as the undertaker when suburban commandos came out. I went to the movies to see that garbage as a child. I think you might mean Tiny "Zeus" Lester.

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