The Main Thing Wrong With Wrestlemania 33… | WWE Review

The Main Thing Wrong With Wrestlemania 33… | WWE Review

The Undertaker retires, John Cena proposes
to Nikki Bella and The Hardy Boyz return to
The Ultimate Thrill Ride was possibly the
most newsworthy Wrestlemania in the show’s
I’m Oli Davis and this is my Wrestlemania
33 review… in about fo-whoah.
Are you serious?
It’s like 20 hour long event.
I’m not even entirely sure Wrestlemania’s
As great as this year’s Wrestlemania was,
the crucial point is, it’s way too long.
I can say this was a memorable return, or
that was the actual end of an era, but the
fact of the matter is – that was seven hours
of wrestling.
A two hour pre-show, followed by just over
five hours of main card.
No normal people come out of a Lord of the
Rings extended edition marathon beaming ‘what
a leap forward in motion capture CGI Gollum
was,’ or ‘Damn, the Battle of Helms Deep
had some great high spots’.
They collapse in a heap on the floor and say,
No more.
No more fantasy.
That was too much fantasy.
I believe that one of the most important parts
of entertainment is knowing when enough is
Showing restraint.
Quality is far superior to quantity.
I say it about Raw all the time.
Wrestlemania was heavily, heavily hindered
by excess.
With that said, here’s an attempt at reviewing
everything in about four minutes
Neville beat Austin Aries
Even at Wrestlemania, the Cruiserweight matches
still have a commercial break in them.
Neville retained a decent bout.
Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal
Something called The Gronk happened here.
I’m not entirely sure what a Gronk is, and
it seemed at least one security didn’t either.
The Gronk’s friend Mojo Rawley won.
Dean Ambrose beat Baron Corbin
Ambrose retained against Corbin in a slightly
below average match.
AJ Styles beat Shane McMahon
It’s main card time, two hours in.
AJ Styles took on Shane McMahon in a straight-up
wrestling match that only got good when it
became a street fight.
I couldn’t buy into Shane being on AJ’s
level wrestling-wise.
It’s one thing to say McMahon’s a crazy,
daredevil brawler.
It’s quite another to portray him as an
MMA expert.
The match found its groove when the referee
was knocked out.
Cue trash cans, shooting stars and announcer
table bumps.
Thankfully AJ won.
Kevin Owens beat Chris Jericho
After one of the best breakup segments in
Raw’s history, and months of storyline behind
them, Kevin Owens beating Chris Jericho felt
There were good spots, especially the one
finger pinfall break, but they couldn’t
capture the emotional magic of either the
Festival of Friendship or KO’s Battleground
match with Sami Zayn last year.
Bayley beat Nia Jax & Charlotte & Sasha Banks
Taking their cue from the NXT TakeOver match
the previous night, heels and babyfaces united
to eliminate the monster first – which was
a great way to both protect and showcase Nia
Corkscrew moonsault aside, everything afterwards
fell flat, though.
Imagine if this was where Bayley won the title
instead of a throwaway episode of Raw, or
Charlotte’s pay-per-view streak was still
An OK match that could’ve been so much more.
Hardy Boyz beat Galanderson, Sheamaro & Enzo
& Big Cass
Before the Raw three-way tag ladder match
got going, The New Day came out to announce
this was now a four-way.
‘Oh, great,’ I thought.
‘The Wrestlemania hosts have entered themselves
in the match’ – somehow genuinely forgetting
the weeks of Hardy Boyz return reports and
the ladder match stipulation.
I yelped out loud when Matt and Jeff returned,
and they followed it up with the second best
match of the night, winning the Raw tag titles.
This was the year’s first Wrestlemania moment.
John Cena & Nikki Bella beat The Miz & Maryse
John Cena and Nikki Bella vs The Miz and Maryse
– the build was great, the post-match angle
was adorable.
The match itself…well, there was a good
Lethal Leap Year 30th Anniversary sign in
the crowd.
John Cena sucks, Nikki Bella’s plastic,
he probably proposed months ago – I don’t
I’m a romantic at heart, and Cena proposing
to Nikki after winning was genuinely heartwarming.
Wrestlemania moment number 2.
Seth Rollins beat Triple H
Rollins and Triple H had a really good match
with some fantastic character moments – Seth
selling his knee, Triple H seeing a sledgehammer,
and The Game accidentally knocking Stephanie
McMahon through a table.
That’s for you Mick Foley, Sasha Banks,
Sami Zayn – and all the Raw wrestlers who’ve
been buried without revenge.
Unfortunately, following The Hardys return
and Cena proposal, the crowd were mostly indifferent.
Randy Orton beat Bray Wyatt
Orton and Bray had a really disappointing
The psyche-out projections of squirming insects
on the ring mat was different, but didn’t
work in either story-line or practice.
Orton severed Wyatt’s supernatural power
on the go-home Smackdown, and it looked overly
Brock Lesnar beat Goldberg
Brock Lesnar beating Goldberg for the Universal
Title, however, was my favourite match of
the night.
It felt like a big time boxing fight.
Two guys who had been kept apart for months,
great entrances, a super hot crowd, and only
four different moves: jackhammer, spear, suplex
and F5.
After a night of 15 to 20 minute matches,
and some severe wrestling fatigue setting
in, this five minute highlight reel was perfect.
Smackdown Women’s Championship Six-Pack
After all the reports and rumours of women
from WWE’s past returning for this match,
it was just the six women already announced.
Naomi made Bliss tap, regaining the title
in her home state.
Roman Reigns beat The Undertaker
Roman Reigns and The Undertaker got the main
event spot – an entire feud based on a property
dispute – who does this yard belong to?
Jim Ross joined the announcers table to help
Just the sound of JR’s voice exposed the
rest of the night’s commentary as very sub-par.
The match wasn’t good, with Undertaker’s
body seemingly too broken down to wrestle
at his usually high Wrestlemania standard.
The botched tombstone reversal spot was awkward
to watch.
Taker finally lost after the match’s seventh
spear or something, meaning Reigns now has
full planning permission for the yard.
Afterwards, it became obvious why Roman couldn’t
turn heel here.
It would give the match the wrong kind of
heat considering what was about to come: the
retirement of The Deadman, where The Undertaker
performed the slowest and saddest strip tease
I’ve ever seen, leaving his hat, gloves
and coat in the ring.
That’s a lie actually.
That honor goes to a woman in Liverpool who
had very few teeth and accepted a £5 WHSmith
voucher as payment.
It was heartbreaking to see him go.
That isn’t just a wrestling legend retiring,
it’s a part of our lives, a significant
chapter in our childhoods ending.
Wrestlemania moment number three.
Stanley Kubrick always said you need three
really memorable scenes to make a classic
Wrestlemania completed that rule and then
some, with three incredible angles to be a
fan: The Hardys return, Cena’s proposal
and Undertaker’s retirement.
But Kubrick didn’t make seven hour films.
I’m not saying there should’ve been more
I’m saying there should’ve been a lot
less show.
Imagine if this was just an eight match card,
that ran four hours.
It would’ve been all killer, no filler top
to bottom.
What did you all think?
Let me know in the comments down below.
And find out all the details on the Hardy
Boyz’ WWE return, and watch my latest WrestleSketch
on how Goldberg prepared for his Wrestlemania
33 match by clicking the videos to the left,
and subscribe.
I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

100 thoughts on “The Main Thing Wrong With Wrestlemania 33… | WWE Review”

  1. Wrestlemania 33 didn't suck people, but that's not the saving grace for this year's WM. It didn't suck but it should've been much more exciting. Saying that WM didn't suck and being happy with it is like going to a restaurant and ordering a top dish from a master chef, when the dish that arrives is just ok and nothing special then yes the dish wasn't bad but we expected much more from that master chef.

  2. Honestly wrestlemania was not great. Everyone is getting caught up with the glitz and the glam of the stage. The only good part was the Hardy boys coming back. For a company with money to spend they don't allow their roster to do what they are capable of. ROH ppv main even was amazing and wiped out every match at wrestlemania. Wwe needs to have Aj styles back at the top

  3. Thanks Oli! You were nearly word for word for me. Except the cena thing was DAF. What was worse was the travesty of a match watching the undertaker getting beaten down like a dead horse. Spear after spear after spear after messed up superman punch (How?) and flubbed tombstone (reigns = not stronk at all, cesaro would have done it). Pathetic.

  4. I have no problem with it being 5 hours..but it did affect me because you could tell how exhausted thr crowd was it felt like Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt were wrestling infront of an empty arena also the main event was quite for most of it too.

    Shit on Goldberg & Lesnar all you want people but they had the crowd in the palm of their hands for their entire match…yes, all 4 minutes and 45 seconds of it.

  5. Triple H vs Seth Rollins seemed like a bad match in my opinion. They rushed outside to begin the hardcore , tables etc and barely built the hype in ring, compared to Aj vs Shane which was match of the night.

  6. Denver Assassin Skyhunter

    5:10 …….those words and the way he said it …. I can safely say we all felt a lump in our throat just like olly .. and THAT IS WRESTLING to us all ……

  7. I think ending undertaker like that is 4/10. Two years ago, undertakers entrance was so epic. he was like ascending from the underworld with surrounded by hands in an epic view. he should've beaten Brock last year. however, the reason I think undertaker wanted to lose because he felt that he can't wrestle. TBH, I don't care if he can't wrestle…seeing him undefeated at wrestlemania was part of wrestlemania entity

  8. A good review of Wrestlemania on this channel? Thats nice after seeing the first review where two old man moan about everything to get some attention.

  9. The stories leading up to this WrestleMania could have been done SO MUCH BETTER! That's what you get when you hire FUCKING SOAP OPERA writers WWE! Get with the times already! And you fucking wwe  big wig exec suit types wonder why people boo Roman out of the arena!? Get a clue already Vince!

  10. Do you think that wrestlemania should be over a Saturday and Sunday. Have 2 3.5/4 hour shows ? One smackdown one raw ?
    Like ROH do ?

    I don't think They'll never shorten wrestlemania now.

  11. WM32 (2 hour Pre-Show + 5 hour Main Show) was also 7 hours. WM33 (2 hour Pre-Show + 5 hour Main Show) was 7 hours. Wouldn't suprise me if WM34 (2 hour Pre-Show + 5 hour Main Show) is 7 hours too.

  12. 5 hours Wrestlemania + 2 hours pre-show = Damn! That's to long for a wrestling show.

    4 hours Wrestlemania + 1 hours pre-show = hey, my favorite wrestler didn't get a match at Wrestlemania? Why my favorite wrestler only feature in Andre The Giant Battle Royale? He should get a match in Wrestlemania main show

  13. man I can not belive John cena asked that gold digger to marry him. she is superfake and seriously ugly. I'll bet your kids will love seeing mommy doing a stripper entrance in less then stripper clothes,yuk.

  14. I didnt have any problem with 7 hours of wrestlemania it was fun my problem was with the timezone in my country i was one hour late for work and also i had no sleep the night before

  15. Orton vs Wyatt was the biggeest deception of the night, for me at least. The entire match and the way it ended was pure garbage.

  16. you sir have the best the best recap of WrestleMania of all time the most honest the most unbiased the most truthful thank you for what you do I hit that subscribe button a long time ago keep doing what you do maybe people at whatculture will listen like Adam be maybe people around the world will listen because you are speaking from common sense and genuine fandom thank you for being a true fan and an intelligent person keep it up forever

  17. Yes it was to damn long. Cut out the build for each individual match, we know already why the are at each other's throats. NO more HHH matches, they are to long and are same from years past. It seemed that Orton/Wyatt were just doing because it was a match and not to steal the show, nothing memorable, not even the Stupid Idiot Bugs.

  18. I'm pretty sure that if you were a pro-wrestling LEGEND with 27 years of career you wouldn't rush taking off your gear inside the ring also. Stupid comment. And I don't even like The Undertaker Since his 3rd match againt Triple H at Wrestlemania.

  19. Can someone pls let me know what that final song at 5:20, its so soothing and adds a lot more emotion when Oli talks about the 3 Wrestlemania moments

  20. Amazing Wrestlemania… If you observe carefully, in one scenes during the fight, Roman Reings is telling "I'm Sorry" to the Undertaker.

  21. Roman was not the man to retire undertaker. Given the time that he had been with the company and not really spending his career to have more title reigns. A man who been with the company for 10 years atleast should have been to do so. And that too Roman dominating and defeating him cleanly . very bad booking. kudos to wwe

  22. wrestle mania was amazing I loved it people need to spot knit picking at Bs it was amazing IDC how long it was because when it ended I was sad it was over

  23. 100% agree with everything here! especially lesnar v goldberg being the best match! was kicking and screaming like i was 12 again, massive lesnar fan on heat is how id describe it, after the first spear and jackhammer i thought i was gonna cry but that kick out made me go mental! i hated the fact lesnar was being done by goldberg every month but i have to take my hat off to WWe cos the build up made the match so much more epic!!

  24. Oli Davis… i enjoy your YouTube channel, but seriously your compulsive British accent really makes me wanna gather a huge crowd and initiate a chant of "Shut the fuck up "

  25. Main event should've been Cena vs Taker. How could anyone fuck this up like that? Who gained anything from Roman vs Taker? The guy is alright in the ring by now but desperately lacks charisma. I don't see what's the least bit interesting about him. That doesn't change by having him retire Taker, who was obviously the biggest legend still in the ring for WWE and doesn't deserve to take part in the "make roman look strong" shitshow. Make Roman fucking interesting or get him off TV. Stop calling him by his cringy forced nickname, get rid of his fucking hasbro-figure attire, his goofy taunt that precedes his overused shitty punch, cut his hair and force him to watch promos and matches of charismatic people until he stops being the blandest dude on the current uppercard.
    God, I really can't believe we're 1/4 through 2017 and it's still the same shit with this guy.

  26. the only part about this ppv i dislike was the fact that out of every person they could of given takers retirement match to, reigns would have to be the least deserving.

    nobody likes reigns, we boo him out of every ring his in for good reason. the match was decent and while i do agree with the idea of handing the mantel to a younger talent. that wasnt the right person tbh.

  27. If I was undertaker I would retire in a buried alive match! Yes!!! A good old fashion buried alive match!!!!! And end being buried alive and retiring like that

  28. WWE can't please everyone. Tell me one WrestleMania where everyone was pleased? No one? That is what I thought. What a self-centered society we got today.

  29. Maximillion Roivas

    The Worst part of WrestleMania 33 besides Roman Reigns winning was John Cena winning and proposal. So fucking lame and stupid.

  30. Who else thinks that Shane McMahon vs AJ Styles was the best match of the night even though everyone thought it was going to be bad and they put it first. SAD

  31. I can't say much about WrestleMania but Oli you rocked it as always. You deserve million subscribers only if wwe make wrestling worth spending time on.

  32. Let me tell you, after the emotional ending with the Undertaker, and after walking out of the arena 7 hours later. There was no usual hyped fans, no chanting outside, no yes's, woo's, deletes or anything else. It was quiet. We didn't get back to the hotel near by until 2am, and that stadium….my god, what a piece of turd. 7 hours of mania and bugger all food to buy unless you wanted dinner to be tripe in a bun. Despite that, and the fact that most of the matches no one wanted to see…it was brilliant. Well played Vince, well played.

  33. um Aries lost his first wm Wyatt was buried Corbin needed a win so he could have the of title into winning mitb put someone over not Ambrose when dropping the belt for more roster depth other than there close minded faves still then he can win the briefcase now you are going to have another case of the guy who wins mitb not Bering booked well before or during holding it so guess what he's gonna be over after it and be another swagger also stroman who u had lose to reigns so he could beat taker for heat in a heel run didn't even win the rumble to regain his momentum

  34. hardy boys coming back was best moment taker retiring most memorable but they have no one to headline next hof so he'll get it deservingly so, now days they have been doing the legends come back for the show or a short term raw contract for the year(about 6 months til Sept basically) and then retire for later hof but that will lose its impact on time if fans would realize this bookers would have even less going good for them and maybe learn how to book

  35. The Quintessential

    I hop3 Takers retirement was a for shock value to make people think he was going to retire but only had Roman put him down because he needed hip surgery and decides to make a surprise return to face Cena at WM 34 with a proper send off

  36. what you don't understand is polarizing is description that's valid for me. all WWE wrestlers on polarizing. I asked why do they dislike this man. you don't like him for getting pushed,you don't like his hair you don't like his attitude simple things man. polarizing is just a cop out because people cant come with reason. I'm looking for why the negative response ….negative

  37. "A property dispute over whose yar it is"😂😂😂😂 funniest part of the video keep up the good work Oli

  38. the Cena was horrible. the miz should have won. he finially was getting the WWE universe behind him but instead week chose to screw over the two who work at their company full time and let the stale part timers win.

  39. At this point I even think that it would have been better if shane mcmahon retired the undertaker (I mean he jumped from the top of a cell, that was impressive) or when lesnar didnt broke the streak but romans (so romans would have beaten the streak and retired undertaker – ultimate heel move)

  40. this WM33 was dissapointing, all matches were predictable,i was wrong with raw womens match only but the rest of the matches i was right even before the event started,cena proposing killed miz WM moment,usual hardys spots with delete chants was good
    ,mojo and his friend remind me of rhonda rousey and rock WM segment with lesser know impact ,WHO WHO WHO is that guy again ?, never mind i forgot him already but i still remember watching oli every few days because he talks wrestling at least

  41. Nice vid again oli, as always…mania was a bit excessive in length this yr, but I feel it was to make up for the shitshow aka worst mania ever last yr (granted due to big name stars being injured and what not)…viewers have the option at least to not watch the preshow, watch mania watch the preshow at a later time to shorten the event out as well!…on a side note seeing the heat on Roman reigns Monday night, my jaw dropped I think he could be the biggest heel the company has seen in yrs, think it'd be cool if ya posted a vid on your thoughts!…thanks for all your great work!

  42. That synopsis of the show at the end of the video was perfect. Oli has some amazing insight to what made – and didn't make – this show amazing. I remember hitting the 10:30pm time mark (EST) and saying, "They've still got 4 more matches to go! Are we going to have a bunch of quick squash matches to end the show?" I was then retorted by the sound of two additional hours of WWE storytelling. Loved the show, but I literally sat in front of a tv for almost 8 hours watching a SINGLE SHOW! I…was…drained.

  43. Regardless of time, I thought it was one of the greateest Manias in a long time. The matches with the exception of 2 or 3 were great, the Wrestlemania moments were perfect for everyone you had Gronk getting involved for the football fan, Undertaker retiring in one of if not the most memorable moment in history, the Hardyz returning for the diehard fan, Hell you even had a touching segment with Cena and Nikki., as sad as it was we got a great match from Undertaker and Roman (I really don't give a fuck what your opinion is on Reigns) The only matches I thought sucked were the womens matches and Orton/Wyatt, other than that, it was a pretty great Mania.

  44. Still don't understand all of the positive reviews for this one.

    Sure, AJ v Shane was far better than expected, and the Hardys being back is always a good thing (though I can't help wondering who was robbed of a tag title run for it).

    But on the other side, most of those matches could've and should've been far better. Orton v Wyatt had a downright insane buildup, and two guys who worked so well together in the time leading up to Mania deserved far better than some projected video clips of bugs. (And for the love of god let Bray win the big ones once in a while).. Then The Miz carries that entire reality show advertisement of a feud all the way to Mania and makes it remotely interesting, only to pretty much get squashed by people who are now essentially part timers.. Just imagine how much better that match would've been if, at the very least, Maryse got some moves in. The most impressive thing about Brock v Goldberg was that they actually tricked people into believing it would go for any solid amount of time.

    And then, Taker's retirement. Just like the end of the streak, the only truly memorable thing about the match is the very end and what happened after, and that's just depressing to say about the last match of one of the greatest, longest lasting wrestlers of all time.

  45. Wrestling Explained

    I completely agree with you Oli about Wrestlemania being too long. I even talked about it in a video I made recently, you guys can check it out on my channel if you want!!

  46. If you look at the show on paper, it looks like one of the greatest 'manias ever. It sucks that the actual booking was bad though.

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