Submission wrestling (SFL) – Dubie vs Pereira

Submission wrestling (SFL) –  Dubie vs Pereira – Be Strong be Proud be a Fighter

Weight class: Lightweight,middleweight
Division: Intermediate
League: SFL Gatineau
Date: May 1, 2011

The SFL (Submission Fight League) is a submission grappling organization which consists of three leagues in Montreal, Gatineau and Quebec, Canada. Some events have recently been held in Belgium, Europe. Martial artists such as judo, japanese ju-jitsu, wrestling, sombo, brazilian jiu-jitsu and MMA practitioners can face each other regularly on a monthly basis. The SFL has a simple set of rules so that it won’t favor a martial art in particular. Like its name indicates, the goal is to apply a technique (e.g. joint locks, chokes) in order to submit his or her opponent. The winner is the one with the most submissions (as opposed to jiu-jitsu, judo or Sombo where the fights ends after the first submission) at the end of a 6 minute round on a matted surface. Like all martial arts, all fights are being held in a atmosphere of highest respect.

More details about divisions, weight classes, championship scoring system, ways to win, tap out, fouls, legal techniques, illegal techniques and more are available here:

Best submission techniques – Top 10

1. Rear naked choke
2. Triangle choke
3. Kimura
4. Guillotine choke
5. Arm bar
6. Ankle lock
7. Toe hold
8. Arm triangle (side choke)
9. Americana
10. Knee bar

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