Stephanie McMahon RETURNING To WWE Raw?! | WrestleTalk News Sept. 2017

Stephanie McMahon RETURNING To WWE Raw?! | WrestleTalk News Sept. 2017

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Space Mountain Milestone
Last month, the wrestling world almost lost
one of its biggest living legends when Ric
Flair was suddenly admitted to hospital.
An emergency operation led to kidney failure,
at which point Jerry Lawler revealed The Nature
Boy had a 20% chance of survival.
In true Ric Flair style, though, he kicked
out of death at two and the media is once
again talking about all the women he’s slept
A week after Flair was released from hospital,
a few details have come out from his upcoming
30-for-30 ESPN special – where the WWE Hall
of Famer claims to have slept with “roughly
10,000 women” throughout his career.
Thankfully, investigative journalism site
TMZ have crunched the numbers for us, writing:
“Flair is 68 years old — so if he started
banging at 15 … we’re talking an average
of 188 women per year (or 3.6 women per week).”
Try beating that one, John Cena.
Smackdown Live Ratings
This week’s episode of Smackdown pulled
in an impressive 2.54 million viewers, up
from last week despite going against several
season premieres.
But far more important are your ratings.
53% of you thought the show was Smack Bang
in the Middle, while 27% thought it even better
at SmackTastic.
Only 12% agreed with me at Ellsworthy.
Raw, however, has been below its 3 million
average for the whole month of September – so
WWE might be bringing back everyone’s favourite
Monday night commissioner…
Stephanie McMahon Returning To WWE Raw?
CageSideSeats are reporting a rumor – so do
take this with a pinch of salt – that if Raw
viewership continues its downward trend, “Stephanie
McMahon may be brought back to television”.
Because nothing says ratings like every babyface
being buried by someone who gets no comeuppance.
Stephanie was last seen on WWE TV in the Kevin
Owens/Vince McMahon headbutt angle two weeks
ago on Smackdown, running out to help her
dad while giving KO the death stare, but before
then, she hadn’t appeared since being written
off Raw at Wrestlemania 33, where she was
accidentally pushed through a table by her
husband Triple H.
And a Stephanie return to TV might not be
WWE’s only tactic to help Raw’s struggling
Shield Reunion Plans Change?
As seen on Monday night’s episode, the seeds
are being sown for Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins
and Dean Ambrose to finally reunite as The
Shield – with the reported plan being for
them to wrestle their return match at October’s
TLC pay-per-view, almost five-years since
they made their in-ring debut.
Going by this week’s Raw, though, the big,
threatening force that’s going to finally
bring the band back together isn’t a reunited
Wyatt Family, Broken Hardy faction or called
up Sanity.
It’s…The Miz, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel.
This direction was backed up by several sites,
but while Pro Wrestling Sheet claim The Shield
will be reforming at TLC, their opponents
aren’t definitive:
“It’s unclear at this point who they’ll
be facing, but we’re told The Miztourage
being their opponents is NOT set in stone
at this point.”
Come on Balor Club!
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And what’s the latest in the Bullet Club
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100 thoughts on “Stephanie McMahon RETURNING To WWE Raw?! | WrestleTalk News Sept. 2017”

  1. it would have been perfect for a nxt team to come up and dominate the division,and then they say they r better than every team in history including the shield and to prove it they attacked the shield members 1 by 1,finally reuniting the shield in a match at TLC

  2. No, please no. Keep her away from cameras please. Her "female authority dominance" has gotten stale after like 5 minutes, we do not need that. Just let Hunter do the real work, both behind the scenes and in front of the camera.

  3. Nah. You have the Bullet Club show up and get involved randomly in matches. Then The Shield shows up like "Nah. Fucko."

    It's easy to make a good show. Vince doesn't want us to like his product though.

  4. It could be balor club since both reigns and Balor said they want a chance at the universal championship which gives opportunity for a feud to start up between the both which will probably make DeaTH and Galanderson step in with the miztourage just there for the miz's promo…the creative team couldn't think this smart tho so ._.

  5. Have fin fight lesnar at survivor series, lose, after the loss he becomes a bitter heal, rejoins the club, fights the shield. Book it Vince!

  6. Bo Dallas should have been put in a tag team with Bray
    Balor should turn heel and team up with GalAnderson
    Jeff Hardy is already broken (literally)
    Don't put Insanity on RAW
    Curtis Axel can cut a good promo every once in a while, give him the Mr. Perfect gimmick

  7. of course the shield will be fighting the Miz+, Dean must have signed something along the way that means he can only ever fight the Miz.

  8. fall of raw's rating will continue due to continues push for roman.. third year in a row to win WM next year & 4th year in a row to headline WM? sick & tired to see roman winning.they have more talented superstar than roman like fin balor,nakamura,kevin oewns,braun strowman,cesaro etc..the boo's of the crowd means they not feel roman to be the next face of fans end up not watching raw

  9. do you seriously want a newly formed bàlor club or wyatt family to face the shield ?
    do you really want those factions to loose their first big match ?

  10. Fairview Productions

    I could see Roman injuring both axel and bo and then he is about to beat up Miz but then he brings his new bodyguards the Authors of Pain

  11. so the theory is that Stephanie McMahon is a draw …….. haha yeah whatever … last year ratings were still bad and she was on TV all the time

  12. I will be so confused when Linda mcmahon is named the real mother of charlotte. Or will Ric be named the real father of steph? Or shane? Maybe HHH?

  13. I think recreating a faction like the four horsemen, fortune in tna would be better than miz. Think about it Roode, Styles, Storm, Frankie and Daniels with Flair was the best faction on tna. Now you have Roode and Styles, Gunner is in NXT so why not hold off the shiel reunion until survivor series. Make Roode or Styles champ Gunner is muscle and add a fourth member either Bennett or McIntyre. Of course you have someone like Nakamura, Matt Hardy, Balor someone trying to fight this faction alone. Dean and Seth also fighting this new faction alone and Reigns well wanting the title is thrown into it. So Reigns, Rollins, and Ambrose realize reforming the Shield is the only way to beat these guy. Now you have the Roode, Styles,Gunner, and McIntyre faction against the Shield in war games!!!!!!!! So instead of Nakamura the Shield need a fourth guy but who? How about that fourth guy for only one night be Brock Lesnar or a returning CM Punk. That storyline would be the shit!!!!!

  14. If only the Jobtourage wasn't being pushed as some jersey shore wannabe kiss asses, they might earn some respect rather than being the joke of every feud they're in.

  15. This is bullshit shield its a very big deal with top superstars Roman, Dean, Seth, …miz and his 2 bitches that just bad story writing now if you put AJ-Styles, Finn Balor, Kenny Omega or Cody Rose the bullet Club they can be call just (the club) in WWE now that a a great rivalry story line to build on

  16. Bringing Stephanie McMahon back would cause ratings to plummet long-term. She doesn't have the impact of her brother Shane, who helped fuel more interest in WrestleMania 32.

  17. What kind of BS is this? Stephy isn't a ratings bringer.. The WWE product sucks!! there's about 20 good minutes in the entire 3 hr show everyweek… let's be serious.. With or without Stephy RAW just isn't as good as it was during "The Attitude Era"… different time different actors I, I, I mean wrestlers… These guys as a whole are just ot as entertaining as the one's during "The Attitude Era"… My it's the writer's?

  18. imagine if WWE did a first ever 6 tag team title match… shield wins & roman gets mizs belt & if the moztourage win they get the tag team belts

  19. It would be the most biggest move if they let Miz beat the Shield by himself by pinning all of them while his goons stay on the side lines

  20. I hate Roman Reigns so much, I can give a fuck less about The Shield and don't want to see it happen.. I wish everyone boycotting the NFL did the same thing to WWE for their never ending push of this guy.

  21. The SILLY luchadore of db

    I just thought about something what if since bray and balor are still feuding could it be possible for the wyatt family and the balor club to rejoin and have their feud intertwine with the miztourage vs shield and for us to get something along the lines of a fatal 4 way TCL match between the 4 factions

  22. If they don't have the original Shield music, the armoured black vests, come from the rafters, Seth with blonde and black and they don't boo Roman Reigns then it's an official Shield reunion

  23. The shield returning to face… the miztourage?… does WWE not care about the ratings anymore?.. out of all people, the miztourage?! lol I can't wait to hear an empty arena

  24. bring Tye Dillinger on Raw join The Bar as 3rd member and turn Tye Dillinger heel on raw
    Tye Dillinger with Sheamus and Cesaro

    The shield vs Tye Dillinger with the Bar

  25. white sexual chocolate

    1. Bo Dallas can have his dads Irwin R. Schyster – (IRS) gimmick from WWF use the name IRS
    2. Curtis Axel can have his dad's curt Hennig – use name Mr. Perfect & use Mr. Perfect gimmick
    3. The Miz bring back his old the awesome gimmick from 2010-2011 as babyface
    4. Have the Miz & the miztourage split up


  27. No on Steph and no on the shield. It wouldn't make sense..I don't want to see it. UNLESS Roman is turned heel turning on them. Even though I hate him it would be refreshing.

  28. Raw is in a lot of trouble right now. The Miztourage has great traction for a mid-card act but for a feud with an act like the Shield who have top-card traction it just wouldn't work. We all ready know who would win the war between the two factions even if the Miztourage wins some of the battles on the way to the feud's climax and end.

  29. The best thing they can do is put Bo and Curtis in singles matches every week to make them look strong and have Miz defend the IC title on Raw a few times successfully to make him a more feasible threat to Roman. When Miz drops the belt to Roman they can give him some much earned time off to be with his pregnant wife. BoAxel can use the traction they gain from this feud to go after the Tag Titles and with any hope win them at least once and hold them for say 70-90 days.

  30. Moving away from there they have an issue with wanting to solve the dropping ratings with short term solutions. Stephanie McMahon is an incredible piece of eye candy who only seems to get more beautiful with age, but eye candy only sells for so long. Ratings will go up some 10-20% for two to three months if they're lucky unless Stephanie's going to shock us all with a babyface turn. And even then the question becomes how do they use a babyface Stephanie in an impactful way.

  31. For everyone wanting them to do Shield vs Ballor/Bullet Club keep in mind that most people who tune in to Raw don't know enough about the later faction to get behind that idea and if two thirds of that faction are Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson who are currently a joke in the tag team division it's not going to work based on time constraints. At least with the Miztourage Bo and Curtis all ready have some positive traction from months of association with the Miz.

  32. You move over to the Women & they have an issue of not pulling the trigger on Nia Jax as champion. That monster among women mystique of hers is going to die at the rate things are going & her reign would not even have to last an exceedingly long time. 70-90 days would work fine; she could successfully defend on both Raw & PPVs to look strong going into a feud where she ultimately drops the title to incoming Asuka who can be booked into singles matches to look equally strong as the challenger.

  33. One of the most overrated factions ever imo. I watched WWE the moment they debuted til they ended and i never found them even the slightest bit interesting. Dean and Seth are better on their own.

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