Smackdown Superstar Shake Up Moves! Ex WWE Champion Returning? | WrestleTalk News 2017

Smackdown Superstar Shake Up Moves! Ex WWE Champion Returning? | WrestleTalk News 2017

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News!
I’m Oli Davis, and I’ll be replying to
as many comments on this video as I can.
Last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw,
which you can watch my full review of right
here on WrestleTalk’s YouTube channel, staged
the first night of the WWE mini draft, the
Superstar Shake-Up.
I joked yesterday about one of the top trades
being David Otunga to Raw.
A video posted to WWE’s YouTube channel
has revealed that’s actually happening.
I’d like to apologise to all the viewers
of this channel if I in any way gave WWE that
And I’d also like to apologise to Byron
Saxton, because he now has to work on Smackdown
with reported real life asshole JBL.
As it currently stands, Dean Ambrose (who
leaves behind his real-life girlfriend Renee
Young on Tuesday nights), The Miz, Maryse,
Bray Wyatt, Curt Hawkins, The Drifter Elias
Samson (who simply drifted out of NXT to wander
around the Raw arena), Mickie James, Alexa
Bliss, Apollo Crews, Kalisto (who will hopefully
be used in the Cruiserweight division), Rhyno,
Heath Slater and David Otunga have moved to
In exchange for all that, Smackdown has…just
Byron Saxton actually, for the moment.
Yes, that means AJ Styles is safe to feud
with Shinsuke Nakamura forever!
Not so fast, Best Case Scenario Man.
There is a possibility more wrestlers could
go to Raw on tonight’s episode of Smackdown.
PWInsider are reporting both the Raw and Smackdown
rosters have been told to turn up backstage
for both shows – hinting that Vince McMahon
is still changing his mind on an hourly basis.
And Styles has been reported for a Raw move
since late last year.
The WWE Slam Trading Card game app has done
little to alleviate these fears, posting a
preview of their new post-Superstar Shake-Up
base cards, with the silhouettes of Charlotte
on Smackdown and Styles on Raw.
Charlotte appears to be on her way to Tuesday
nights, losing clean on the last two weeks
of Raw.
AJ could still be announced for a move to
the red brand on tonight’s episode Smackdown.
Wrestling News World are reporting a full
WWE Draft was originally scheduled for June,
but Vince McMahon now wants two roster exchanges
a year – one following Wrestlemania, the other
after Summerslam.
Apparently the Superstar Shake-Up was announced
on short notice, and WWE were still trying
to figure out what it was, exactly, over the
This makes sense, as Daniel Bryan was announced
for Raw last week, seemingly setting up trade
negotiations with Kurt Angle, but it just
turned out being wrestlers randomly turning
up and announcing they’re now on their respective
Last Thursday evening, Alberto El Patron – the
former Alberto Del Rio in WWE – streamed several
Periscope videos live with his fiancee Paige.
Admittedly rather drunk, he called a WWE official
a big nose p****, threatened to go to Stamford
and knock on someone’s door, and accused
a certain PG company of doing something to
his relationship and Paige.
Despite all that, Alberto’s most unbelievable
claim was arguably that WWE had reached out
to see if he wanted to return to the company.
The same Alberto who has quit the company
twice now – firstly over a reported physical
altercation with a backstage member of staff,
secondly following a Wellness Policy suspension
– and who has repeatedly buried WWE in interviews
ever since.
PWInsider have confirmed WWE actually have
contacted Alberto about a return, and “that
it was a Vince McMahon idea.”
Alberto was always reported to be a Vince
project, with McMahon enjoying the rich aristocrat
The major backstage heat instead appears to
be between Triple H and Alberto, which is
presumably why the current Impact Wrestling
star turned them down, saying “I’m not
going back ever, ever, ever.”
Despite all the Alberto controversy, her two
Wellness Policy violations and the recently
leaked sex tape and images online, Paige is
still with WWE.
Following her tweet that she’s getting a
check up on her neck injury, PWInsider are
reporting she’s still scheduled to return
to WWE this Summer.
News just in, Braun Strowman is still beating
up Roman Reigns.
Watch my review of possibly the greatest backstage
beatdown segment in Raw history.
And Mauro Ranallo looks like he’s leaving
Smackdown after reported bullying from JBL.
Find out the very unfortunate story by clicking
the videos to the left and press subscribe.
I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

100 thoughts on “Smackdown Superstar Shake Up Moves! Ex WWE Champion Returning? | WrestleTalk News 2017”

  1. I don't get why Vince is so big on ADR. The guy is a classic example of a wrestler WWE put everything into and got nothing in return. Give someone who wants to be there an opportunity and give up on this mess.

  2. Smackdown has become the NXT for Raw. Once Vince sees superstars doing well on Smackdown, he takes them over to Raw.

  3. It's official, Vince McMahon has lost his mind because he wants to change up the roster twice a year!!! Fuck off Vince!!! I quit.

  4. WWE should make a 24/7 youtube stream of Roman getting beaten up by Strowman
    Roman making eggs at home and Boom gettin beating up again.. brings good old memories of BeatUpJohnCena movement 😀
    Roman Oh hell naw not again :D..wish dreams would come true

  5. river gaming and toys

    I don't want paige to get fired but knowing vince she will get fired but the bad thing is that I've never seen her in wee tv I only need about paige when she was injerd then I herd the enire story

  6. Totally Not Daksh

    sniff you smell that? sniff that's a shitty shield reunited
    shield is a epic legendary team
    dont fuck this up wwe creative team

    Ahhhh who am I kidding?
    you'll fuck it up before I can even switch the channel

  7. they need to fire JBL he aint good at commentating at all sounds like a straight dumbass on the mic. then he bullies the best commentator they got -.- wonder why people mute the yv when smakcdown comes on

  8. It's official Fin Boring belongs in the cruiserweight division. He just can't go toe to toe with the heavyweights/top guys, you smarks are gonna kill him. Don't ask for Balor v Lesnar because you'll be sending Balor to an early grave.

  9. Moving Styles would be stupid.

    With Cena taking a break for another movie, then probably coming back part time at this stage in his career, Tuesday nights need bank. AJ Styles is the man they can build the show around.

    Orton is less over than a tunnel. Owens needs work, etc…

  10. For fuck's sake WWE don't do the shakeup/draft too often. Just transfer a superstar or two after summerslam, whether by a sort of storyline trade or loser-leaves-brand kind of thing. Don't label it as a draft or whatever. Don't do multiple-star brand shifts every now and then or else it will lose it's purpose.

  11. Vince is becoming the 21st century version of Verne Gagne and Alberto can stay on the wrestling version of the Titanic TNA/Impact Wrestling

  12. Golly, alberto el patroon. Who cares? A guy with a shovel face, and a shitty attitude. Whoopty-doo. I think if Trips thinks you're a bum, you're probably a bum. He seems to have an eye for that.

  13. Wakandaforever90 Mcdowell

    raw is getting desperate smackdown is by far the better show and vince knows this and that angers him

  14. the New Ulysses Smith III

    I think they wanted to bring him back because paige because they realize she ain't coming back without him. they never should have fucked him over the 2nd time smh

  15. Why didn't everyone want JBL fired when he punched Blue Meanie on TV back in the day? And the countless times he's probably punched others backstage? Why is it now after this Mauro guy that everyone wants him fired and not for the years of bullying he did before?

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    Hey I know you're a big fan of Guardians of the Galaxy. Who's your favorite character

  17. broke 6000 guitars and never drew a dime

    tried it for 2 days i was mistaken
    this is nothing but a wwe commercial
    couldn't even remember or wasnt allowed to say that drew won the tna heavyweight belt

  18. he was let go the first time because of his aggression after a racial incident between him and a wwe official. he never quit the first time

  19. it would be kinda cool to have the drifter just go between EVERY single show saying "contracts just ain't my thing man.. They make me clostraphobic" and he can be a guy used to swap a title like the cruiserweight, ic or us titles between brands if needed…

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