SHOCK WWE STAR RETURN! Jeff Hardy INJURED! | WWE Hell in a Cell 2018 Review!

SHOCK WWE STAR RETURN! Jeff Hardy INJURED! | WWE Hell in a Cell 2018 Review!

Becky Lynch is the new SmackDown Women’s
Champion! Brock Lesnar returned in the main
event! And can someone check on Dean Ambrose
and Drew McIntyre, please? I never saw them
get off the cage. Are they still up there?
I’m Oli Davis, press the thumbs up and vote
in the poll above my head to give your thoughts
on the show, where you can choose from: Best
of Both Worlds, Great Per View, Thumbs in
the Middle, Meh Per View and Worst of Both
Worlds. While I review WWE Hell In A Cell
2018… in about 4 minutes.
New Day pointed out they were defending the
tag team titles at their fourth consecutive
Hell in a Cell show. A momentous milestone…
perfect for the preshow.
Big E and Kofi Kingston won a frantic match,
with Aiden English as the standout – a slight
bit of confusion between him and Rusev leading
to the loss, meaning Kofi’s Trouble In Paradise
finish on English wasn’t just a move. It
was potentially foreshadowing.
The main show opened with a blood feud so
intense, even the Hell in a Cell cage was
red. Because that’s what this pay-per-view
concept needs: more gimmicks.
Apart from a few bits outside early on and
the finish, this match would have been perfectly
fine without the cage stipulation – the most
visceral spot being Randy Orton sliding a
screwdriver through Jeff Hardy’s ear piercing
and twisting the lobe. Allegedly.
Stacking up weapons like 13 year old me playing
SmackDown Just Bring It, the finish came when
Jeff used a ladder to hang from the ceiling
of the cage, for Randy to move and Jeff to
splash through a table. EMTs were called down
immediately – hinting the spot would be writing
the already injured in real life Jeff off
TV for a bit – but Randy still made the referee
count the pin.
Because Hell in a Cell matches are supposed
to end with a clear winner. Randy knows! So
why didn’t the main event?
Becky Lynch and Charlotte had a terrifically
neat match next, with both women working over
specific body parts for their trademark submissions.
Charlotte targeted Becky’s leg, while Lynch
went for Flair’s arm. It made for a great
story with fast-paced action back and forth
action – and one which Becky eventually rolled
up Charlotte to win!
And continuing the badassery, rather than
shake Charlotte’s hand, Becky only raised
the title and walked off. Well done, WWE – you
reluctantly listened to your audience.
The match of the night, however, was an amazing
tag bout between McInDolph and two thirds
of the Shield. Convincing near fall after
convincing near fall made for an incredibly
dramatic last five minutes – capped off by
a very innovative finish: Drew hitting a Claymore
on Seth as Rollins is midway through a Falcon
Arrow on Dolph, for Dolph to fall on him and
unconsciously make the cover.
AJ Styles and Samoa Joe had a decent bout,
but it suffered from being quite obviously
a filler match in a larger feud. But it benefitted
again from a cool finish – AJ rolling through
the Coquina Clutch to pin Joe, but also tapping
out just before the three count, which the
referee didn’t see. Hopefully this will
create an even more complex character for
Joe – because now he’s much more dangerous
than just being a psychopath. He’s a psychopath
who’s right.
Another pay-per-view, another month of getting
depressed over why Daniel Bryan is positioned
as a glorified midcarder. A mixed tag with
Bryan and Miz’s wives was never something
we wanted to see, and this match did nothing
to fix that. Maryse won with a cheeky roll-up,
and the feud must continue. Just hopefully
now without all the reality TV nonsense.
Ronda Rousey selling her rib injury from Raw,
Alicia F** and Mickie James interfering, Natalya
attacking the heels outside – Ronda vs Alexa
Bliss had a lot of smoke and mirrors, but
at least they were fun smoke and mirrors.
Ronda entering MEAN FACE MODE – far superior
to Brie Mode – never gets old, and the crowd
genuinely popped for Rousey locking in the
arm bar just before the finish. Isn’t it
nice when protected moves get over?
Oddly, Alexa and Rousey’s smoke machine
and hall of mirrors were left out for the
main event – which not only included the angry
Hell in a Cell structure, a Mick Foley special
guest referee and selection of various weapons
– but also everyone ever running out to interfere,
including guys not even with the company anymore!
It started with McInDolph trying to enter
the cage to help Braun after a Roman spear
(apparently the most devastating spear ever
hit, because it left both men down for 20
minutes), for Dean and Seth to chase them
up on top of the cell. McIntyre and Ambrose
were left fighting up there and no-one’s
seen them since, and Rollins and Dolph fought
on the cage wall, to fall through the commentary
desks at ringside.
And if all that wasn’t enough, we then got
the shock return of Brock Lesnar, Brock Lesnar’s
beard and Paul Heyman. Because that Universal
title is getting defended way too often, and
they’re here to put a stop to it.
And stop it they did. Rather clunkily so,
actually. After the admittedly awesome surprise
of Brock coming back, him ripping the cage
door from its hinges – PIVOT – and Heyman
pepper spraying Foley, Lesnar gave Braun and
Roman an F5 each (who were still down after
that one spear 20 minutes ago), and the match
was called off.
Yeah, a Hell in a Cell match ended in a DQ.
On the 20 year mark after Mick Foley famously
wouldn’t let the match be called off after
substantially more punishment. And just several
hours after Orton demanded the referee end
his match with a decision.
It was an unfortunately flat and frustrating
finish to what was otherwise a rather fun
pay-per-view, with the Becky title change,
excellent tag match, and the genuine shock
of Lesnar’s return. And with a rather restrained
eight match card, all the wrestling got a
decent amount of time. And for that reason,
I’m giving Hell in a Cell a low Great-Per-View.
What are the Top 10 Shawn Michaels return
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100 thoughts on “SHOCK WWE STAR RETURN! Jeff Hardy INJURED! | WWE Hell in a Cell 2018 Review!”

  1. So spot on Oli, sometimes I think I watch your videos just to have somebody share in and validate my opinion, keep up the great work.

  2. I guess I'm alone here, but I absolutely HATED the AJ/Joe finish. I just don't understand why they have to get cute with everything.

    You want to continue the feud?! LET JOE FUCKING WIN THE MATCH!!! LET AJ HAVE A RE-MATCH AT SUPER-SHOWDOWN!! LET HIM WIN THE BELT BACK!! If guys occasionally TRADED victories in these rivalries at the top, you'd enter it with the feeling that something was actually UP FOR GRABS!!

  3. The Queen is dead, long live the new Queen: Becky Lynch!!! YES YES YES YES YES 🙂

    1:43 to 1:49 = I couldn't have said it any better Oli!!! Roman vs Braun was a great HIAC match but one marred by such a headscrathing shitty ending!!!

    First SS & now HIAC, WWE has now consistently put together 2 really great PPV shows in a row despite garbage endings to both!!! If only WWE would stop treating The Universal Title & Roman Reigns as way more important than the actual WWE World Championship & its phenomenal titleholder: AJ Styles and have the reigning WWE Champion whomever it may be close the PPV instead of the guy with the ugly-looking red belt that no one cares about than these recent PPVs would go from great to spectacular!!!!!!!

    Great PPV overall but tainted by an ending that made no sense whatsoever 🙁

  4. They want Randy Orton to be the one who 'retires' Jeff Hardy just like when the Undertaker. 'retired' Shawn Michaels or when Ric Flair was put out to pasture by Shawn Michaels . It's all a pattern of bullshit and lies that makes sense to the MacMahon's

  5. Sooooooo Brock Lesner coming out was a surprise? When he just lost his belt at Summerslam? Damn you guys are pretty easy to surprise……

  6. If that main event did not end in a no contest I would have agreed with rating but the blatant disrespect to the rules of the Hell In A Cell stipulation to a stipulation that just doesn't get the respect it deserves anymore took too much from the show it is a MEH for me.

  7. Brock Lesnar is back because The Dark Destroyer is soon to come and will destroy Brock Lesnar Roman Reigns and Braun strowman

  8. Brock F-5'd, or at least attempted to, Roman on top of Braun so I don't know why they couldn't have had Roman's arm at least draped over Braun for the ref to make a 3 count. As long as Brock doesn't win the title back this makes for a really good feud.

  9. ANY PPV show with the main event ending without a winner in a HELL IN A CELL MATCH is an automatic fail. It makes absolutely no sense not to have a winner in a match where there's no DQ, no rules, etc. But we'll definitely believe the ''We listen to our fans'' BS that they keep claiming. Fans at the event were clearly pissed off about that finish and it seemed there was no real emotion coming from the live audience. No one cares about Roman vs Braun anymore.

  10. The beggining was actually awesome, I was like "Oh my, this could be the best PPV of the year!"

    Then, a HiaC match ended in a DQ. Still, I loved pretty much everything, so, it's a Great Per View.

  11. Oli Davis, you fucking idiot, you know that HELL in a Cell PPV Sucked Major Donkey Balls and yet you stupidly gave it a high mark, really, they didn't deserve that and the only 2 matches that were good was both women's title matches, everything else, Sucked. C

  12. Idk how I feel about AJ tapping. His character shouldn't tap but opt to pass out instead. I know they did it for the story line but don't kill ajs character in the process.

  13. Drew McIntyre:"I' m not getting off this cage first"
    Dean Ambrose: Well, I'm notgetting down first.
    McIntyre: You go first!!!
    Ambrose: No you go first!!!
    McIntyre: I'm telling mom!!!

  14. It would've been better if Lesnar would've done an F-5 to Strowman then an F-5 to Reigns on top of Strowman and allow Reigns to get the pin. Neither man would truly come on top as Lesnar did all the heavy work leaving us as the same situation as before but with a clear winner.

  15. The only reasons #HIAC was a Great Per View are because of both Tag Team Title matches, AJ VS Joe (minus the finish) & Sexy Stone Cold Becky is my SD Women's Champion.

  16. They booked Braun to strong, and they never expected Roman to get as over as he was because for a stretch here was over as a face before the shield. Giving Braun the mitb was an awful option because it's damn best impossible to keep Roman over as a face and book Braun as strong as you did before. If literally anyone else would've won it, the story would be better and neither wrestler would be damaged

  17. I'm very torn about this PPV, pretty much everything up to the main event was good to great (besides Brie and Maryce). However that main event… Jesus Christ…

    The two people who were actually meant to be in the match having a nap for like 20 minutes… after a much tamer match than most other matches they've had together." (Seriously? One spear through a table? After Roman has kicked out of what feels like 67 F5s). And not to mention the people who had ALREADY HAD A MATCH coming down and doing the more dangerous spots. Sure it was fun to watch them brawl on the cage and go through the desks, sure Brock coming back was a surprise, but god damn if it isn't abysmal booking once you take 5 seconds to think about it after the shock wears off.

  18. Without a doubt the tag division for SD Live would be perfect if you traded Mcindolph and Ambrollins for the Usos and the Colons! No slant on the Usos at all but they’ve got more they could do on Raw!

  19. I suspect the PPV would have gotten a higher score if Lesnar hadn't shown up. He doesn't increase ratings, if anything, he reduces them just from the "who cares" and "OhFFS" element. If he wins the UC again, and doesn't show up with it, I suspect Raw's ratings will tank. Smackdown is already a better show, buy it doesn't see thee ratings it should.

  20. How are you focused on the Orton ear thing (that he’s used for the 3rd time for a shock pop) and not in the chunk of skin dangling from Orton’s leg after the swanton? That (to me) was a more cringey visual 😖

  21. Becky got the right place she deserve it more than any one and Randy my boy you should have finished Jeff with and RKO and send him back home.

  22. Having AJ tap out made him look like such a bitch if he wasn't wwe champion then it would be ok but how you going to have your top champion tap out ever?

  23. I don’t know if it’s just my opinion but I think WWE should go back to the pre PG13 era. I understand times are different and we have to be so politically correct now so we don’t offend someone but think about what wrestling has become. WWE has all these amazing wrestlers and characters but their storylines and development is hindered because of these restrictions. Finn Balor is a perfect example with his Demon King persona you could create so many different feuds and create a greater dynamic with the rosters. Like it just is so stale from the promos to the matches where it just feels like the fans are sitting there saying yep knew that would happen. I understand times or different but right now the way things are I think WWE it danger of becoming #2 to ROH and New Japan. Even NXT is better that the main roster those characters get used and the dynamic is so different and catches the fans attention. I don’t know if it’s just me but this is my opinion and what I see.

  24. Becky Heel Turn appears to be more to promote her character for the Marine 6 movie…just wondering.. 😛
    Overall this PPV was wayy better than a lott of previous ones…and well..they have to protect Roman from getting dey will do anything..but I luvved the PPV as an All..

  25. Anyone else miss 2016 Wwe? Aj styles and nakamura debuting in wwe, rollins returning from injury, the cruiserweight classic, the rapid rise and success of nxt. Now i don’t even watch. A big part of the reason is because of how ugly the sets and everything looks compared to Nxt. Nxt is everything a wrestling company should be.

  26. The abortion of an ending to the final match is in the top 5 worst endings to a main event that I have seen in my 30+ years of watching WWE. Amazingly, three of the top five all have Lesnar and Reigns in it. They have zero chemistry in the ring. It's hard to put a terribly uninteresting mannequin versus an even less interesting mannequin and get a decent match. But HEY! WWE owes its success to listening to its fans. Also, seeing Brie Bella back in the ring made me realize why I hate the Bella twins so much. They are A LANDFILL FULL OF FLAMING GARBAGE!

  27. I loved everything except for Alexa Bliss and the main event which saw the real stars that everyone loves having to interfere as pawns in the story so Roman's matches can get over.

    My Star ratings are:

    New Day vs Rusev day 3.25*
    Hardy vs Orton 4.25*
    Lynch vs Flair 3.75*
    Best parts of the Shield vs Dolphintire 4.25*
    Bryan vs Miz featuring the spotlight hogs 3*
    Rousey vs Female Roman 2*
    Reigns vs Strowman (actual match) 2.75*
    Reigns vs Strowman (interference over book) 3.5*

  28. You guys greatly overrated the couple's match. It was the worst Daniel Bryan match I've ever seen.

    Maryse is not a wrestler.

    Brie is barely a wrestler.

    Pointless match.

    1.5 stars – and that's only because Bryan was in the match.

  29. The main event was so confused. Foley comes in to hype it up. They talk about how Foley got thrown off the cell and all that. Then the 2 "tough" guys take a 20 minute nap and the match peters out. Way to bury your own match, WWE.

  30. I feel like the Bryan age has gone. He hasn't been booked right and now I can't see him any higher than mid card. The main event did bother me with the 4 guys on the top of the cell whilst Braun and Roman nodded off

  31. Matches were pretty good to great, but the overall feel of the show was underwhelming. And where's the set-up for Rousey's next title defense? Why wait for RAW? This is the perfect time. At the end of the show, I was feeling it was middle-ground, but tallying up all the stars/douchebags, it deserves to be a solid great ppv. Tough one…

    Also, I'm tired of these 'ref didn't see, I shoulda won' crap and feels stupid in Styles and Joe's feud. Why didn't Joe let go? Why would Styles tap instead of pass out? Why is Joe angry for the ref not seeing Styles tapping Joe's side out of view of said ref? And their feud is fine as is. It doesn't need this useless refresher that only serves to tell us this will be a long and drawn out ordeal. Again, they don't need it! Double pin? Sure. Double count-out? If you must. Joe not letting go(or raising his shoulder) just so he gets pinned, with Styles tapping during their most heated blood feud, unable to wait just one stupid second longer? Wtf!?

  32. Dude the crowed was so pissed after main event we were chanting we want refund. The Bell never rang. We didn’t know it was over. The announce team started walking back stage and we were just like wtf is going on.

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