Ronda Rousey Debut WWE Raw Match! New Paul Heyman Guy TEASED?! | WWE Raw, Aug. 6, 2018 Review

Ronda Rousey Debut WWE Raw Match! New Paul Heyman Guy TEASED?! | WWE Raw, Aug. 6, 2018 Review

Ronda Rousey’s debut match on Raw! A new
Paul Heyman guy teased? And Roman Reigns officially
turns heel – how could he just ruin Crossfit
Breezus like that
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the 6th August, 2018 edition of Monday Night
Reigns (seriously, he was all over this show)
…in about 4 minutes.
After Kurt Angle opened the show revealing
Paul Heyman is still employed, we got Roman
Reigns vs Baron Corbin in a decent match that
went through two commercial breaks. But when
Baron tried to walk away – just like how he
did from Lesnar last week – Finn Balor cut
him off to cost him the match. Because that
feud must continue!
A feud that must continue in a good way, however,
is Seth Rollins vs Drew McIntyre and Dolph
Ziggler. Kurt booked Seth in a tag match to
get revenge, but he’d have to find a partner
by the end of the night. Who could it be?
A returning from injury Jason Jordan? The
comeback of his Shield brother Dean Ambrose?
The Tyler Breeze ‘Crossfit Breezus’ tag
team you never knew you wanted?
Nope, it’s Roman again! Should have seen
that coming.
Following on from their locker room brawl
last week, Bobby Roode beat Mojo Rawley in
a pretty dull match. I can’t wait for this
feud’s SummerSlam pre-show blow off!
Elias got some decent heel heat next trashing
[ENTER YOUR HOMETOWN HERE], but was interrupted
by Bobby Lashley, who thankfully to kick some
ass this time, and not just forget the words
to Rocking Robin again.
Because Apollo Crews beat Akkam last week,
it was Rezar’s turn to beat Titus O’Neil
here – a textbook example of WWE 50/50 filler
As soon as Kevin Owens debuted his newly built
Kevin Owens Show set next to the ramp, it
was pretty clear Braun Strowman was going
to somehow destroy it. Which he did several
minutes later by flipping the whole stage
from outta nowhere. For a 7 foot monster,
he’s pretty sneaky.
Mahal vs Braun was more wrestling angle than
wrestling match, though, with Owens stealing
Strowman’s briefcase, and Braun getting
DQ’d when it accidentally hit Jinder. This
comedy mid-card storyline is hardly the best
use of Owens and Strowman.
WWE rewrote history by recapping the epic,
always completely over, Roman was screwed
out of the title at Greatest Royal Rumble
feud between Reigns and Brock that started
at WrestleMania 31. Making you realise, this
really has been going on for three years.
But for a change, WWE didn’t use Roman in
the next segment. Baron pulled Reigns from
being Seth’s tag partner on Stephanie’s
orders to protect the SummerSlam main event,
so Rollins had to go it alone in a handicap
match. There’s a perfectly good Crossfit
Breezus standing right there, Seth!
Rollins was excellent as usual, valiantly
fighting against Drew and Dolph, but eventually
succumbing to a Ziggler superkick.
So the B Team’s new entrance music sure
is annoying. They had a bit of back and forth
with the Revival before the Deletors of Worlds
did their BLEUGH, replacing the tag partners
on the apron in a pretty cool spot. They beat
down both teams for the double DQ. We’re
getting a triple threat between all three
next week.
Then we got one of the best WWE segments of
the year: Renee Young interviewing a completely
despondent Paul Heyman, who’s heartbroken
by Lesnar breaking up with him last week.
His eyes were red, his face unshaven. He was
visibly scared, telling the crew off camera
that Brock wouldn’t like him doing this.
This wasn’t just good pro wrestling acting.
It was good acting period. Heyman is a master
of his craft.
But interestingly, Heyman never gave Renee
a clear answer on who could be his next client,
just saying how the whole situation is “inconceivable”
– yep, that is what that means – and asking
how could he, as if Brock is interchangeable.
Thing is, Paul, we’ve seen you choose other
clients against Brock before.
The masterstroke was bringing this all back
to what wrestling promos should do: make you
want to see a match. Heyman put over how he’s
never seen Brock this violent, and Roman doesn’t
stand a chance.
Sasha Banks and Bayley actually have great
chemistry as a tag team, but Ruby Riott’s
return from injury meant they lost the numbers
game here.
Raw finished not only with Ronda Rousey’s
debut match on WWE TV, it also had Alicia
Fox [CENSOR] main eventing Raw in 2018. And
she came out to Alexa Bliss’ music.
After the standard Bliss promo, Ronda vs Alicia
was an exhibition in how supremely badass
Rousey is. Judo Throw City, Fox. Ronda tapped
Alicia out, and then threw the microphone
at the ground so hard, it bounced back up
over her head.
This was an OK episode of Raw, which kept
the big feuds of Brock vs Roman and Ronda
vs Bliss going very effectively. Everything
else just plodded along though. And at three
hours a show, that’s a lot of plodding.
This week’s Raw is Poor.
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100 thoughts on “Ronda Rousey Debut WWE Raw Match! New Paul Heyman Guy TEASED?! | WWE Raw, Aug. 6, 2018 Review”

  1. Lightningfarron XP

    Vince is shoving alexa bliss down our throats harder than alexa bliss is shoving corporate down her throat backstage.

  2. Roode needs to go back to TNA. WWE clearly has no idea how to use him. They've turned a guy who should be in the main event scene with possibly the best entrance music to a laughable low card joke. In addition, WWE needs to trim Raw back into a 2 hour show, 3 hours clearly is way too long for either the lack of talent or terrible booking, I'm not sure which. Cut out an hour of the BS and filter and it would be a better show.

  3. Outside of the ring as has been for a long time Paul Heyman is the best thing on WWE. The guy is as good as it gets. I really hope they put him with someone that deserves a big push or even better given him a 4 man stable and let them take every title on RAW. With lesner leaving soon i'm interested in wwe again!

  4. Heyman helps Reings win the title then announces that Roman Reings is his client and Roman turns heel
    Similar to what Lesner was

  5. Braun "accidentally" hit Jinder? C'mon, guys. First, Michael Cole makes the call that Braun "hit Jinder in self-defense" (because Braun OBVIOUSLY feels threatened by Jinder). Now you say it was an accident? Can't a babyface just hit Jinder with a beefcase cos he feels like it without everyone calling it something else?

  6. The Alicia Fox disrespect continues I see smh. I would've love to see her at least once do something besides being a jobber 😢

  7. I think Wwe is doing the right thing biulding these fueds for sumerslam thats how it's supose to go. make it interesting in the hope's we all don't end up getting crapped on .I don't believe Mr Heyman the relationship between him and brock wouldn't just suddenly crumble. Heyman can be sneaky and cunning so we shall see.

  8. In my never-existing world of wrestling…I'd would see this as a way of Brock Lesnar going solo,fans force him into a face turn,only to have Heyman bring back CM punk as a massive heel to revamp the fued with Lesnar…

  9. tieneeddo awestruck

    I can really see the return of Paul E Dangerously. A return to that persona would be a huge boost to a lackluster Raw

  10. I was a poor to averawge show..raw usually has been here last few years…good luck on your predictions challenge for summerslam against cultaholic..I love yall British bastards..y'all are a

  11. don't know whether anyone else saw it but wwe posted "un-aired final moment" from paul heyman interview on raw. he says about roman not standing a chance, before adding,

    "…. unless-"

    renee: "unless what? unless what, paul?!"

  12. Monday Night Reigns
    Roman Smack Live
    2r0man5 Live
    Roman's Rumble
    Roman Series
    Clash of The Romans
    Greatest Roman's Rumble
    Great Balls of Roman (that… that sounds very very wrong o.O… Better call it Roman of fire….)
    Roman Chamber
    Roman In The Cell
    Extreme Reigns Rules
    Roman Takeovers (featuring other guys from NXT)
    WWE in a couple of years…

  13. natalino Iamiceli

    Look i would normally say paul heyman promo awesome the best but it was wwe who ruined by using him to try to get the roman agenda over raw sucked your right its poor and roman reigns is get off my tv

  14. I now watch Wrestletalk before I watch raw so I don’t have to waste 3 hrs of my life. Thank you Oli and Luke.

  15. Roman gets the best response he's had for a while but when he gets taken out of the match with Seth the crowd /still/ cheered for Ambrose (almost immediately) and then Seth. Didn't hear anyone chanting for Roman. Any cheers he gets seem to be because Brock is more disliked than Roman right now. We'll see how he goes after Summerslam I suppose, he's acting like such a twat though so who knows.

  16. Stop it! Now you got my eyes watering for that “CrossFit Breezus” shirt that we're never ever gonna get….Oli is a Torture Merch teaser…

  17. Donnie Brooke - Pro Wrestler / UFO Hunter

    Is it true they gave the name "Rowdy" to Rhonda Rousey? And the name is drawn just like Toddy Pipers?

  18. I don't even care for rousey she was slamming fox way too hard and whipping her around this isn't mma she could of broken fox arm before even putting that shitty finisher submission move she does

  19. A very high… POOR. Lots of opportunities were had in this show, all for naught. Loved the main event, despite WWE trying to say that Alisha Fox was Micky James the whole time.

  20. I’m over this Balor vs Baron feud. Seriously this can’t be in another ppv match! Especially summerslam! Smh what is there to show anymore?? Just make it another RAW match…. WWE seriously needs to just stop with these boring ass storylines…

  21. christopher dickens

    paul heyman backs braun stroman for revenge.. braun cashes in on roman or lesner after that match. seems kinda likely

  22. Michael Höinghaus

    I don't buy Heyman being sad. I think he was relieved not to be fired on the last episode so he celebrated the whole week by smoking pot with RVD. That's why he's got the red eyes and bad shave…

  23. For every WWE Fan with a brain… I made a little video called "WWE RAW SUCKS!".
    Please check it out and smash the Like button. Thanks! 😉

  24. Sad wwe summer slam is around the conner and we are getting average matches average storylines that makes u think clash of champions is this week and on top of that most people mainly everybody just want braun to cash in already

  25. WWE raw has been shit for a while and I can't even remember when I even seen a decent raw it been that long. Alica is horrible wwe booking don't even get me started on that 😂.

  26. Rousey's debut match was painful to watch. Awkward punches and judo throws to an arm bar. Not much wrestling. Alicia F*x is good when paired with a talented opponent.
    I am getting tired of Roman Reigns and what seems to be becoming Super Rollins.

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