Real Reason Why Wrestlemania Match Cancelled, Ex WWE Star Reveals Return Talks | WrestleTalk News

Real Reason Why Wrestlemania Match Cancelled, Ex WWE Star Reveals Return Talks | WrestleTalk News

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I’m Oli Davis, and I’ll be replying to
as many comments on this video as I can.
You might’ve noticed that Kane hasn’t
been on Smackdown as of late.
If you thought he’d taken time off to eviscerate
his enemies or burn the souls of his foes
[it would be great if you could have a burning
in hell fire background for this], you’d
be mistaken.
Because the real reason is actually more ridiculous.
He’s running for mayor in Knox County.
The Big Red Machine – whose real name is the
much less intimidating Glenn Jacobs – announced
his bid at a press conference earlier this
week, and followed it up with a campaign video
seemingly using his Corporate Kane gimmick.
The ‘Lighting the way for our future’
slogan and flame in the middle of his logo
are nice references to his Demon alter-ego.
Even without Kane, Smackdown’s post-Superstar
Shake-Up roster looks mighty fine: Sami Zayn,
Kevin Owens, AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura
are the most exciting headliners, but I’ve
got a dark horse pick for the tag team division;
the excellent Primo and Epico who transferred
over as a far more serious Shining Stars.
Primo’s real-life brother and Epico’s
real-life cousin Carlito could be the perfect
addition to make them a feared faction on
Smackdown Live, and the former United States,
Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion has
spoken to Sports Illustrated about whether
he’d return to WWE:
“We’ve had talks.
I haven’t spoken to them in a while, but
it’s all about economics.
For the right price, I’d love to come back,
but it’s got to be something that works
for them and something that works for me.”
Carlito was heavily rumoured to be one of
the many ex-WWE stars to return following
last year’s brand split, but so far only
Curt Hawkins, Jinder Mahal and Mickie James
have come true.
Shelton Benjamin was scheduled to return until
he had to undergo surgery, but now he’s
medically cleared, he could turn up on WWE
TV any time soon.
Kurt Angle’s WWE return has a major asterisk
alongside it, though: he’s back on WWE TV,
but only as the Raw General Manager, not as
an in-ring wrestling machine and breaker of
Dave Meltzer revealed last week that the backstage
plan is for Angle to wrestle again, but it
all depends on him passing a physical.
According to Kurt’s interview with Wrestling
Inc, though, that unfortunately won’t be
for a while:
“I did hint to Triple H at the very beginning
of our talks that I did want to wrestle again
and he said, ‘we’ll cross that bridge when
we get to it.
You’re going to have to take a physical and
you’re going to have to pass’…I’d say probably
near the end of the year is what I’m guessing
and I really don’t know.”
Royal Rumble No.30 surprise entrant confirmed.
Oh no wait.
It’ll be Roman again, won’t it.
Big Show vs Shaquille O’Neal at Wrestlemania
33 had actually been building since their
Wrestlemania 32 confrontation the previous
The two started trashtalking each other in
interviews leading up to the 2017 event, and
Big Show even got himself into arguably the
best shape of his career.
But the special attraction wrestler vs celebrity
match fell apart weeks before the show and
Big Show found himself wrestling in the Andre
the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, which he
was reportedly upset about backstage.
Many reasons were given why the two didn’t
collide – Shaq being too fat, negotiations
breaking down over money, but speaking on
the Sam Roberts Wrestling Video Podcast, Big
Show has revealed in the end, it all came
down to time:
“Not sure if it was scheduling or other
commitments, but there were other things where
Shaq and I couldn’t get together because
of time…There are a lot of factors to prepare
someone for Mania; you have to do Raw, you
have to do interviews, it’s not like you
just do it and show up at Mania, there’s
prep work that goes into it and nothing can
get done for the prep-work.”
Hear the whole story of how Big Show flipped
out backstage at Wrestlemania after his Andre
the Giant Memorial Battle Royal elimination,
and watch the latest episode of That WrestleTalk
Show where Luke Owen and I decide whether
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I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

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  6. Please do not have Carlito come back. He was annoying back then (heel or not) and will probably be just as annoying now.

  7. I would so love it if Carlito actually returned to WWE!!! He was one of the absolute best heels during his run there, remember when Carlito attacked an injured RVD during his Carlito's Cabana segment? I've been much of a fan of Primo & less of Epico but having Carlito return would sure be fantastic 🙂


  9. Shaq came out at Wrestlemania 32 all willy nilly, without any build up. Seems to me like you can put him in a match, and nobody will ask any questions.

  10. Shelton seems booked for an Australian indie show in May so don't bank on seeing him in WWE before then –

  11. i wonder if Mojo was booked to win the Battle Royale with Gronk's appearance whether or not Big Show vs Shaq were to happen. seems like it would've overdone the whole "celebrity" angle at WM. sad to say it but Gronk WWE Hall of Fame 2018 confirmed. like others have said in the past, Mojo shouln't have won that match and will likely return to jobber status fairly soon. you can't Hype someone to success no matter how you book em. a heel turn perhaps? someone else to put over Reigns, that lucky dog!

  12. Race, Religion & Wrestling

    The flame on Kane's political logo is also supposed to represent the flame on the statue of liberty's torch.

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    You know what's creepy? I made a Jimmy Snuka comment when The Usos did the Superfly Splash and said what's next the Colóns using The Invader's heart punch? And then Tamina Snuka and Primo and Epico got drafted to Smackdown

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