More TNA Stars To WWE Soon?! WWE Star Injured! | WrestleTalk News Dec. 2017

More TNA Stars To WWE Soon?! WWE Star Injured! | WrestleTalk News Dec. 2017

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News,
I am Luke Owen.
Headline: Loose Lips Sink Star(dust) Ships
December 14th is a time for celebration. Not
only is it the birthday of a handsome man
in a pretty sweet Guardians of the Galaxy
t-shirt who presents wrestling news videos
on the Internet, it’s also the release of
the highly-anticipated Star Wars: The Last
Jedi. A big part of the release of a new adventure
in a galaxy far, far away is the worry of
finding spoilers online – something wrestling
fans can appreciate as many of us have to
avoid them every single week. But what if
you work with someone who is a tool and tries
to spoils things for you?!
“I’ve been going up to the crew members
that are big Star Wars fans all day and telling
them about the big twist in The Last Jedi
even though I haven’t seen it and the twist
is totally made up. I am a terrible person.”
Well at least he knows he’s the worst human
being alive. It turns out however this same
thing happened in WWE two years ago when Star
Wars: The Force Awakens was released. But
which WWE star could be such a monster?
“Miz did this to me for force awakens. I
kicked him out of the clash of clans group
& called him a ‘vile piece of s***’. My
wife had to calm me down. I wanted to throw
hands over it all.”
Headline: Noam Dar Injured
Someone who will have a bit of time on their
hands to go and see Star Wars: The Last Jedi
is 205 Live star Noam Dar. It was announced
on the show this week that Dar was out with
a knee injury, and PWInsider have reported
that this isn’t a storyline, and he will
be undergoing surgery to “clean it up”.
There’s no word on how long Dar will be
out for, but there’s already a replacement
for him waiting in the wings.
Headline: Hideo Itami To Debut Next Week
As it was also announced on 205 Live that
former NXT star Hideo Itami will be debuting
for the cruiserweight brand on next week’s
show. Hype videos for Itami began after Survivor
Series, with the Japanese wrestler promising,
“I will make #205Live Go 2 sleep”, a reference
to his finisher the Go To Sleep. Although
while I’m sure it looked great written down,
it does comes across like he’s planning
to bore people and make them fall asleep.
And Itami isn’t the only new addition to
the cruiserweight division we can expect next
week, as another new face is set to join him.
Headline: Rockstar Spud To Start With WWE
In 2018
PWInsider are reporting that Rockstar Spud
– formerly of TNA/Impact Wrestling– will
be starting with WWE next week at the post
Clash of Champions TV tapings. Spud will be
joining the cruiserweight division, and Mike
Johnson writes, “The plan is for Spud to
be part of the 205 Live brand, which means
he would be appearing on Monday Night Raw
as well.”
Spud was the first winner of TNA’s British
Bootcamp series, and he joins a list of wrestlers
who have recently left TNA or have asked for
their release. And while the company is going
through some big managerial changes backstage,
they could be losing some other big names
early next year.
Headline: WWE Interested In Eddie Edwards
TNA/Impact Wrestling have several contracts
coming up in February 2018, including Lashley
and Ethan Carter III, and Dave Meltzer has
reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter
that Eddie Edwards is among that list. Impact
Wrestling’s new deals won’t be the guaranteed
money contracts that they had all previously
signed, as the company moves towards the more
cost-effective “per day” deals. Meltzer
notes however that if Edwards doesn’t resign,
he’s got a few options in front of him.
“The belief right now is WWE and ROH have
interest in Edwards, with the WWE interest
likely for NXT.”
Eddie Edwards had a tryout for WWE back in
2013 as part of The American Wolves with Davey
Richards, and impressed the company enough
to make it onto a TV taping as The American
Pitbulls, wrestling against The Ascension.
However a botch during the match hurt their
chances of getting signed, and the team jumped
to TNA instead. Meltzer adds that WWE’s
negative mentality towards former ROH stars
is now over, and Edwards could have a good
chance to join WWE now he’s a singles wrestler.
Headline: Smackdown Ratings
With Clash of Champions this coming Sunday,
Smackdown Live averaged 2.4 million viewers,
down 12,000 from last week. But more importantly
are your ratings. I found the show to be pretty
dull, but only 30% agreed with my Ellsworthy
rating, with 50% thinking the show was Smack
Bang in the Middle.
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  1. If Eddie Edwards does go to WWE in 2018, then it's most likely that he'll end up on 205 Live since he's more of a crusierweight wrestler.

  2. Happy Birthday Luke it’s my birthday today too!! (42) It’s also recently retired AC/DC bassist Cliff Williams’ birthday today!! (68) Cheers to all three of us!🍻

  3. All new talent&all future contracts will be on a "PER DAY"basis….did you catch that???Its 100% GREED!!Those guys are putting their bodies out there,day in&day out!!They're lucky to wrestle 10-15yrs&most end up w/a banged up body&mind,can you say
    Fucking bean counters trying to figure out how to squeeze another qtr.out of the wrestlers dollar!!
    Wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't an iron clad WWE only!!W/a chance at wrestling the indie circuit!But no……..We havn't heard
    the last on this!!Little piss ants in the front office must get a % on any$$they can weasel out of the talent!!F*CK em boys&girls
    Start your own WWE!!!

  4. Why would EC3 be interested in coming back after wwe buried him the first run. Lashley's return and Edwards to 205 would be sick.

  5. Such irony in this video as you mention people spoiling Star Wars….I went to the Last Jedi Premeire last night and just before walking in the theatre I too had a "Vile Piece of [email protected]#" Ruin the film for me. [email protected] saw a spoiler video on line from a press release jocky and decided it was good etiquette to share it with everyone. I really wanted to crush his head with my boots and proceed to force choke the midichlorians from his life force…but we all can't be force sensitive. So an alley way beat down will suffice. Love the videos by the way. You & Oli are my cup of coffee in the mornings. #SwaftNation representing strong in the USA. Keep it up fellas.

  6. Matt Hardy vs. JJ at CZW 1/2/17
    [Jeff Jarrett not Jason Jordan (even though Kurt's bastard son loves sticking his nose in other's affairs) lol]

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