Matt Hardy Teases WWE Return! More Top Stars Leave TNA! | WrestleTalk News Mar. 2017

Matt Hardy Teases WWE Return! More Top Stars Leave TNA! | WrestleTalk News Mar. 2017

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At 7 minutes 40 seconds, yesterday had the
longest WrestleTalk News episode I’ve ever
Which just goes to show how fittingly BROKEN
the whole ‘Hardys leaving TNA’ situation
Our story continues with The Boss of WWE.
No, unfortunately not the Vince McMahon one.
In hyping their eagerly anticipated WWE Fastlane
match, WWE’s official Twitter account said
Nia Jax “claims to have broken” Sasha
Just as an aside, you know what really makes
me buy into blood feuds?
Everyone smiling.
Banks replied: “You’re not @MATTHARDYBRAND
and I will never be broken!
Ahhh yeah!”
This awakened The Broken One himself, who
tweeted Sasha a picture of his crazy, crazy
Control room, The Broken and WWE Universes
have made first contact.
And Hardy wasn’t done there.
Many months ago, in response to Matt formally
inviting the Wyatt Family to Total Nonstop
Deletion, the then tag team champion Bray
Wyatt replied: “@MATTHARDYBRAND you know
where to find us…”
That was on the 13th December last year.
The Broken One finally replied to The Eater
of Worlds last night: “I certainly do, Champion
of MeekMahan’s BLUE Show.
At least I can trust my #BrotherNero.” – in
reference to the Wyatt Family’s implosion
on Smackdown.
Matt’s wife Reby Sky has since given more
of the Hardys’ side of why they left TNA.
Speaking on Busted Open Radio, she said they
never wanted to leave the company as it was
the perfect situation for their family, but
they only received the final contract offers
5 days before their current ones expired,
making it feel like they were being bullied
into signing.
She said they wanted to do right by the fans
and the company by giving up the tag titles
on TV, but Impact’s owners Anthem Sports
and Entertainment denied the request.
Jeff Jarrett took to Twitter explaining Impact’s
corporate policy is not to comment on talent
contractual matters – they should probably
include a similar social media ban on Josh
Mathews replying to people – but that he personally
wishes Drew Galloway, Matt and Jeff Hardy
“nothing but continued success.”
And as for TNA’s future, “the business
is ALWAYS changing!
Ready for @UniversalORL and can’t wait for
He sure is right about the business always
Just several days after WrestleZone reported
Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis would be resigning
with Impact Wrestling, PWInsider now claim
the two have also left the company.
Maria has been a huge part of the Knockouts
division, with last week’s really quite
good wedding angle segment.
Impact’s next batch of TV tapings start
tomorrow, so some last minute rewrites might
be in order.
And as if all this isn’t enough, there might
be another big part of the promotion leaving
TNA – the actual name TNA.
PWInsider are reporting that the promotion
are looking to discontinue the ‘TNA’ name
officially, removing the initials from the
company’s website and social media accounts.
Mike Johnson speculates, along with others,
that it could be replaced with GFW – the initials
of Jeff Jarrett’s other wrestling promotion
Global Force Wrestling.
With the loss of the Broken Hardys act, the
report continues that TN-actually, what do
I call it?
The report continues that Global Total Nonstop
Impact Force Wrestling plans to get “very
aggressive at looking for new, younger talents.”
That will put them in direct competition with
WWE’s very similar strategy in recruiting
for the Performance Center.
New, younger talents like…40 year old, previously
retired wrestler Matt Morgan.
The Blueprint teased he’d be making his
return to wrestling on Instagram the other
week, and he’s now confirmed those plans
on the Wrestling Inc podcast: “I’m making
my return to weekly broadcast television wrestling
for a specific company – I’m not going
to name names now – [but it will be] very,
very soon.”
Maybe he can’t say which company it is,
because he doesn’t know what to call TNA
Find out the whole story of how the Hardys
left TNA, and watch my review of this week’s
poor go-home episode of Raw by clicking the
videos to the left, and press subscribe.
I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

100 thoughts on “Matt Hardy Teases WWE Return! More Top Stars Leave TNA! | WrestleTalk News Mar. 2017”

  1. How about TLC 3 at wrestle mania with the Hardy's new day Enzo and cass shamus and Cesaro and the club what you think #wrestletalk #tlc3

  2. If the Hardys come to WWE I already know what will happen. They will face the new day at WrestleMania. I'm calling it. The greatest WWE tag team of 2016 vs The Greatest TNA Tag Team of 2016. You can call it, the New Deletion

  3. Random thought, but I wouldn't mind if Decay went to Progress wrestling. They'd be free to do more extreme things, like with how Jimmy Havoc's promos have been. I mean, there's also WWE, but would they be ruined there? Dammit Jeff Jarret's associates. We didn't like Dixie Carter, but now you created a miss to where the Hardys have left.

  4. Oli – Slapnuts doesn't know what to do. TNA shop is having such a crazy fire sale Don West could go to jail. I mean he's selling the whole TNA warehouse.

  5. Just a thought,

    You should stop doing reviews for Raw and do SD instead. Raw is so repetitive and boring right now, SD is so much more interesting and "entertaining" and a review video coming from you would be awesome to hear. Once Raw becomes interesting again then you switch (could happen after draft?) Still keep your Patreon open though, the goal will be for both Raw and SD reviews.

  6. a lot of wrestlers are leaving tna I hope a lot. of wrestlers go to tna Kenny omega Kyle. oreily motor city machine guns Adam Cole bay bay Matt Morgan and many more

  7. Maybe TNA might pick up some UK wrestlers too like:

    Doug Williams and Magnus (Both of them are in GFW so they could return to TNA. But Magnus has his wife Mickie James in WWE.)

    Zack Gibson (One of the best in the current UK scene whom has a nice throwback World of Sport wrestling style. But would his Scousser gimmick be able to work in an Americian wrestling promotion like TNA?)

  8. If the Hardy Boyz are forced to vacant the the Tag Team Championship due to leaving TNA (rather than dropping them to another tag team) then there is the matter of which team should become the new Tag Team Champions which unfortunately can’t be The Wolves due to Eddie & Davey splitting up and the on-going feud between them.

  9. Ghost InTheMachine

    One one hand, I want to see Galloway back in the WWE. On the other hand, I'm afraid they'd just give him the Jinder Mahal treatment again.

  10. I see what WWE did yesterday with SmackDown, they took a page straight out of the Broken Matt Hardy Gimmick with the whole Orton and Wyatt scene !

  11. Mohammed Muhi Uddin

    TNA dropped the ball with Drew Galloway, Mike Bennett and Maria. How could you let these guys go? They're top talent. I'm okay with Hardys not resigning, although they're the main attraction. They could lose Aaron Rex, he sucks. now impact should sign John Morrison asap.

  12. TNA/Impact has saved Jeff Hardy often when he should have been kicked out. Shame to see him go. Never thought Matt could be as good as he became. Sad to see him go too. Drew Galloway, he should have left the day he announced his debut. Mike Bennet was good but an assclown. Won't be missed. Nor will that screeching Maria.

  13. TBH it would be really cool to see the broken hardys vs the wyatts and they can even add bo dallas to the mix so at least he gets some push with his brother bray.
    i do hope if matt comes back to wwe they wont fuck up his character tho

  14. Anthem wtf… why are you changing the TNA name… I hate the fact that since 2011, TNA has been shying away from their intials like they killed someone calling themselves Impact Wrestling it's like if WWE changes it's name to Raw Wrestling or someshit bring back TNA Impact bring back the red ropes, it makes the arena brighter… Anthem I hope you make good changes


  16. I'm glad mike Bennett left tna. I feel like he should've been tna heavyweight champion. But they never put the belt on him. AND Eli drake.

  17. What the pyramid screamed company that rips fans off money
    They should call it CMW Con Mans Wrestling cause that's what Jeff Jerrett & Anthem Sports are con men

  18. I just realized this could end in a faceoff between Broken Matt and the Seven Deities vs The Demon King Finn Balor…

  19. Global Force Wrestling? The name of Jeff Jarrets failed promotion? Well, at least Dixie Carter is gone.

    I think the name sucks. And they should keep dreaming on competing with WWE. Not gonna happen.

  20. Jeff Jarrett running tna again. someone pls get rid. I liked impact but if he is running things then its defo dead. I wont be watching, im so p***ed off. Bring back jim cornette.

  21. TNA need to make some signings ASAP, It was already a thin roster but now???

    There is massive whole with Bennett, Galloway and the Hardys leaving they'll probably need to sign double the talent.

    If I was in management i'd be trying to sign some old faces aswell as some new guys:

    Will Ospreay, Jimmy Havoc, Jack Swagger, Matt Morgan, Crimson, Joey Ryan, Sonjay Dutt, Jack Evans, Mr Anderson, Dudley Boys, Magnus and Chavo Guerrero.

    Having those names in and back in the company will Give it depth and fill a main event card aswell as the Tag team and X-division picture

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