MAJOR Name Leaves TNA / GFW! HUGE Ex ROH Star Signs With WWE! | WrestleTalk News Sept. 2017

MAJOR Name Leaves TNA / GFW! HUGE Ex ROH Star Signs With WWE! | WrestleTalk News Sept. 2017

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Jeff Jarrett Leaves TNA / GFW
Back in 2001 when Vince McMahon purchased
WCW, his first act was to fire Jeff Jarrett
live on TV, auto-correcting Jeff’s last
name from J A double R E double T to G double
O double N double E: which is pronounced ‘goon’,
but probably means ‘gone’. Now, over 15
years later, Jeff appears to be ‘goon’
from a wrestling promotion once again.
Jarrett founded TNA in 2002, but left in 2014
to start up a new company Global Force Wrestling.
He found himself back in TNA at the start
of this year when Anthem Sports & Entertainment
acquired the promotion from Dixie Carter,
becoming its Executive Producer, and quickly
rebranded the company as GFW.
As of yesterday, he was looking forward to
the promotion’s plans for the month, tweeting:
“Tuesday morning, let’s go, super excited
about September for Impact Wrestling and GFW
But shortly after that tweet was posted, GFW’s
published an announcement of its own:
“Effective immediately, Jeff Jarrett is
taking an indefinite leave of absence from
his position as Chief Creative Officer to
focus on personal matters. Jeff will be available
on a consultative basis as needed.”
Jarrett’s tweet and GFW’s statement being
so close together implies Jeff’s “indefinite
leave” was a sudden decision, and PWInsider
report the it was made less because of the
company’s creative direction, and more about
Jarrett’s “erratic behaviour”.
Apparently this had been building for months,
beginning in April when Jarrett screamed at
a colleague backstage over an incorrect hotel
booking, which is said to be “much ‘uglier’
than anyone realises.” And the last straw
coming when Jarrett represented GFW at Triplemania
several weeks ago. “He had put on weight
and seemingly stumbled down the ring steps
before wrestling for just a few short minutes
before journeying around ringside for an extended
period.” – all in front of Anthem President
Ed Nordholm, who was in the audience. Although
F4WOnline do note this is Jarrett’s usual
gimmick when he wrestles in Mexico, “heckling
fans and throwing tortillas to the crowd.”
PWInsider note that Jarrett isn’t the clear-cut
heel here, with him receiving a lot of flack
for the Broken Hardys fiasco when he was just
towing the company line to keep GFW and Anthem’s
relationship strong, and he “desperately
wanted his company back and wanted to prove
to everyone he was right all along with his
vision.” A vision that might include the
promotion’s latest rebrand.
The report also points out that the GFW/Anthem
merger is “nowhere near as completed” as first
thought, and there’s a possibility that
if Jarrett exits the company, he could take
the rebranded GFW name with him.
New authority figure Jim Cornette and former
Heavyweight Champion Alberto El Patron are
also reportedly close with the Jarrett family
– with the latter reportedly slated for a
Bound For Glory match against Jeff – putting
their Impact Wrestling, TNA or whatever it’s
going to be called’s future in doubt.
Headline: Donovan Dijak Signs With WWE
Keeping with wrestlers who have alliteration
in their names, WWE have announced the signing
of the literally enormous 6’7” Donovan
Dijak, and he’ll be heading to the Performance
Dijak competed at last weekend’s Battle
of Los Angeles tournament for PWG, wrestling
Keith Lee in a match Dave Meltzer called one
of the best big man matches he’s ever seen.
Dijak is also the winner of Ring of Honor’s
2015 Top Prospect tournament.
He’ll join fellow former ROH alumni Lio
Rush, Kyle O’Reilly, Bobby Fish and Adam
Cole, who’ve all signed with WWE in recent
months – after their moves were reportedly
postponed from the start of this year because
of contract tampering allegations from Ring
of Honor.
Shane McMahon has been suspended from Smackdown!
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  1. Ryan A' Gamers Lounge

    Donovan Dijak is a wrestling beast. Hes got the skills to pay the bills. How many big guys can move like him. 0 in WWE. 1 in ROH not including dijak. 0 in njpw. If you don't know who the 1 is in ROH than you haven't been watching

  2. Anyone think Dijak would be a good Diesel to Cole's HBK? I know he has reDragon with him already but I think it'd be nice. Although my mind is taking this to nWo levels and having Strong join them as well for an all out invasion stable.

  3. Mr.broken freakin neck

    Jeff Jarrett will return and review that Jason Jordan is his illegitimate son the he and Angel will faith in ladder match for the rights to keep Jordan BOOK IT VINCE!!!

  4. TNA or GFW or whatever the hell it's called these days is now truly officially on borrowed time!!! WWE gonna buy it sooner rather than later before you know it same as they did with WCW!!!

  5. Can Anthem get anything right? It's often rebranded promotion is hemmorhaging so much money that it not only had to gut Fight Network to fund it, but might also have to sell the promotion.

  6. the NEW U Scooter Self Help Improvement

    Jeff Jarrett, sad. Gfw sad. Anthem sports,sad. The owl,fuck that owl LOL. They need to give it up its always something happening.

  7. WWE has Jinder as champion because of India, GFW/TNA goes there and has a similar champ. GFW/TNA says, Rosemary's arm is hurt because of a move that was held on for too long, after the bell. Which I said was a work. Now she is all of the sudden, not as injured as they originally thought. The Mae Young Classic, Shayna Baszler holds a choke on Candice LaRea for too long after the bell. Shane gets suspended, now Jarrett is gone. Come on guys, quit copying everything the WWE does.

  8. Donovan Dijak will be a DEFINITE asset to the WWE. Now, if we can just get 'Punishment " Martinez that will be an absolute coup!

  9. Channel no longer available

    Anthem was probably like "bro. We need to take karen off tv."
    And he was probably all "the fuck. I thought this was america"

  10. Fan theory: "What if Jeff Jarrett taking a leave from impact/gfw is WWE buying tna and Jarret makes his first appearance in WWE since WCW … crazy"

  11. i can't say much about the Jarrett's of the past in the wrestling industry but i can see why Vince wants nothing to do with double J and i would actually be interested in a Jarrett-less promotion if Anthem weed out the cancer. the only vision Jeff has ever had is slapping nuts and stroking his ego.

  12. Personally why would you have a damn near 50 year old Jeff Jarrettย that's out of shape wrestling. I think it's a work to let him put his focus into training, but that's just me.

  13. Studly Man Wrestling Fan

    Wait. So how is Jeff Jarrett even being criticised for screaming at an employee who booked his hotel incorrectly? Do you not understand that that is what typically happens when an employee fucks up on his boss's account? Yes or no? So that doesn't even makes sense. That employee should've been fired outright while you're splitting hairs on whether or not Jeff Jarrett was in the wrong thank you very much! End of discussion

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