John Morrison To NEW JAPAN?! MAJOR Star To WWE?! | WrestleTalk News May 2018

John Morrison To NEW JAPAN?! MAJOR Star To WWE?! | WrestleTalk News May 2018

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Kenny Omega Vs Jim Cornette
There are few set rules in professional wrestling:
but you can guarantee the moment Kenny Omega
says or does something, Jim Cornette will
find a way to hate it.
Thanks to a GIF of Kenny’s best friend forever
Kota Ibushi taking several canadian destroyers
from a blow up doll – wrestling!
– Cornette is once again mad about something
that Omega enjoys.
Prepare the bleep machine…
“So apparently this is the “great” Kota
Ibushi that some people rave about, another
piece of s*** playing wrestler that hangs
around with noted disgrace to our business
@KennyOmegamanX . Birds of a feather s***
the same, apparently.
Someone please tell him I said f*** You.”
And just in case that wasn’t clear enough,
Corny followed up with:
Another way of looking at this would be, blow
Because it’s a blow up doll.
That’s good.
And it also sucked in Kenny Omega:
“Jim, I warned you about this.
I said you could use my name to continue making
your living as long as you refrain from polluting
my TL.
Don’t force my hand.”
What’s he gonna do?
Kill the business?
Oh wait…
Best Of The Super Juniors Standings
Ibushi will likely be more concerned, however,
with New Japan’s Best of the Super Juniors
tournament currently taking place.
Beginning on May 18th and concluding on June
4th, BOSJ – as it’s awkwardly acronymed
– brings together the best lighter weight
stars of New Japan and beyond.
Now that everyone has wrestled four matches
each, we can see that Tiger Mask IV and Flip
Gordon lead Block A with 6 points, and Dragon
Lee is out in front alone for Block B, also
with 6 points.
Maybe this time next year, they’ll be joined
by a former WWE high flyer…
John Morrison To New Japan?
…as current IMPACT and Lucha Underground
star John Morrison Impact Mundo might be on
his way to Japan.
The latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes
Morrison “has inquired about coming in”,
and that “Previously there had been interest
but he was held up politically because he
was working for AAA and New Japan won’t
use AAA talent because of its loyalty to [AAA
rival promotion] CMLL.”
Dave Meltzer points out, though, that this
stance might have softened with Rey Mysterio
recently working for both New Japan and AAA.
I, for one, can’t wait for the New Japan
debut of John Morrison Impact Mundo NEVER
Openweight NJPW.
Io Shirai To WWE?
But as one former WWE star heads East, a Japanese
star could be going the other way, as F4WOnline
have confirmed Io Shirai is leaving Stardom
for WWE – following Tokyo Sports’ report
she’ll be finishing for the promotion on
June 17th.
Shirai is arguably one of the best wrestlers
on the planet, having been named Japanese
Women’s wrestling’s MVP in 2015, 2016, and
Also, she’s my favourite.
Shirai was set to move to WWE with Kairi Sane
last year, but a heart issue detected in her
medical caused the signing to fall through.
Meltzer notes she has since been medically
cleared, though, and she’s now dropped her
Wonder of Stardom title to Momo Watanabe.
Stardom apparently weren’t aware of Io leaving
until today.
Shirai is heavily rumored to be appearing
at the second May Young Classic in August,
and reports suggest WWE has made moves for
several other Japanese female wrestlers from
the Stardom promotion to also be a part of
the tournament.
Indie wrestling promotions are apparently
coming to the WWE Network!
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100 thoughts on “John Morrison To NEW JAPAN?! MAJOR Star To WWE?! | WrestleTalk News May 2018”

  1. Lol I read the title as "Morning Star" signs with WWE and I am here like "the hell? They signed Arthur Dayne?"


    What a surprise a lot of douces hating on cornette because he still cares about the integrity of this business. SPLENDID!!! (COMPLETE SARCASM)

  3. Cornette is entertaining for all the wrong reasons! He's a loud mouth, out of touch with the world, washed up promoter with delusions of relevancy. He's like my 78 year old grandfather but with even more entertaining stories. He's great!

  4. Man I hope they look at some of the female wrestlers in the Philippines for the MYC cause there are a lot of great ones there

  5. Oil i know you did a poll to keep the jacket but come on you know and i know you don't wash that thing. TAKE OFF THE JACKET!!!!!

  6. So who is really behind this recent signing of Japanese ladies? Because if I remember correctly Vince let Gail Kim go because she wasn’t “sexy” enough to sell merchandise

  7. IO SHIRAI ohhh damn! Though, wasnt she in WWE a long time ago but quitted because of her health problem or am I confusing her for another Japanese wrestler.

  8. Seriously, why is 1 of the biggest stars in Pro Wrestling today like Kenny Omega wasting his time responding to an embittered resentful washed-up hating has-been who just really loves to hold grudges like Cornette???

    First, Cornette makes Kevin Owens' life in RofH a living hell and now he's spending every single second of his time by going online looking up all things Kenny as well as any & all things/people connected to Kenny and just ranting his ass off on Twitter about it all!!! How much more pathetic can Cornette possibly get???

    Honestly this clown really needs to get a life already or maybe this is just his sad sorry unconventional way of trying to convince Kenny to actually offer him a job with The Bullet Club???

  9. John Morrison is seriously wasting away his talents in washed-up Impact!!!

    Although I'd prefer to see Morrison return home to WWE & competing against the likes of AJ, Daniel, Shinsuke, Joe, Seth, Drew, Finn, Randy, Dolph & of course his old pal: The Miz all while working his way towards finally becoming WWE World Champion, seeing John Morrison in NJPW would be just as thrilling & cool so here's hoping that both sides do indeed come to some sort of deal to make this a reality!!!

    I think Johnny Samurai or Johnny New Japan would fit him nicely 😉

  10. 3rd Street Saint 69

    Cornette needs to go get laid. But then again, that would be a near impossible task for him, so maybe he should just settle for watching some porn.

  11. You're calling her one of the best and your favorite but you can't even bother looking up any of her matches to find out how her name is pronounced so you can pretend you've actually watched her matches… This is getting ridiculous.

  12. Whaaaatttt??? Io to wwe???? Noooooo we wouldnt see io trueself in wwe in nxt maybe but main roster its sad but im happy for her

  13. I haven't seen any Io Shirai matches but as a fan of 90's joshi am very intrigued. Could anyone be so kind as to recommend some matches to acquaint myself? 🙂

  14. While Jim is very OTT, I would still prefer world class wrestlers not work with inflatable opponents then ask the audience to still take them and their other matches seriously not to mention their industry…

  15. Cornette can shut up, that match was one of the matches that got me back into wrestling. It takes amazing talent to get people into a match with a blowup dall.

  16. Nothing wrong with wrestling a blowup doll besides the point that it reveals the business which has already been done by Vince himself. Ibushi actually showcased his immense wrestling talent. It goes to show that he can help carry a lesser wrestler to a good match if the need should arise. Now compare Ibushi to WWE's chosen 2017 wwe champion…….

    Also I get the feeling that most fans agreeing and shitting on the whole blowup doll ordeal have mostly confined themselves to a single promotion or just trying to be an edgelord.

  17. Momo is a beast at 18…Io has done everything to do in stardom…go get that money and show the world how a joshi do

  18. Jim Cornette: Another way of looking at this would be, blow me.

    Me: Really Jim?

    Jim Cornette :yep

    Me: Can someone put a dick in he's mouth that's clearly what he's asking for.

  19. I would love to see Io Shirai but WWE has proven time and time and time again that they treat Japanese stars like jokes, put them in front of the camera with a Mic with little to no English or destroy any momentum they can seriously gain courtesy of McMahon's lack of c capitalizing on their strengths. WWE is too much into "entertainment" when foreign wrestlers are exactly what they claim to be….actual 'WRESTLERS'. Nakamura is by far their best crossover attempt….but then again he already had a massive following to begin with and obviously they have failed to 'truly' gain on the momentum he came in with. WWE has its good points but the lack of competition really hurts the business overall, this is another example of buying out the competition for more 'staleness' to the masses. She was a beast against Pentagon on Lucha Underground…..something WWE won't be able to match, CAN but WON'T!

  20. Yeah, they've been putting on amazing matches in the big leagues for years now, they're helping the independent business growing like no one else but let's focus on matches they had ten years ago in a minor, comedy-based promotion. Just grow up Jim. It was your boss at the time, Vincent Kennedy McMahon that busted the business wide open and keeps doing just that on a regular basis year after year in front of the largest crowd there is. Seriously, wake the fuck up.

  21. Sorry, I had to be that nerd… it’s Ee-oh, not Eye-oh. And with that, I will finally subscribe as I watch you guys quite a bit. On the road to 1M.

  22. SSJ5G Reincarnated

    I miss John Morrison, WWE should've given him the WWE title back then. I hope he returns. Cuz he deserves the WWE title.

  23. I love Cornette but he's gotta lay off shit that happened 10 years ago in an off beat comedy promotion on another continent.. I really like Cornette too but even he admits that he says certain things to pop the internet sometimes

  24. I think i saw some pictures of io on the internet, and it makes asuka's gravure pics look tame. 😮 i am not sure if it is the same wrestler

  25. I'm a big fan of your YouTube channel you guys keep me up-to-date and informed you guys make me laugh thank you very much for creating such cool and awesome content on your Channel

  26. Char The Red Comet Aznable

    Wouldn't be too surprising for female japanese wrestlers to be getting interest from wwe. They are more hotter and talented than that of the main wwe woman superstar

  27. Oh I cant wait for Io Shirai to do great in NXT, build up a bunch of hype, reach the pinnacle of a crowning moment for her on the main roster, only for Charlotte to book herself to beat her because she "has to be made" and then WWE having nowhere to go with it, thus ruining her character.

    yeah…lots to look forward to -_-

  28. Marcolectrocutioner

    He called Shirai Io, "I.O.". or Eye-Oh. instead of the Japanese-pronounced "Ee-O" (イオ)", which is the correct way to address her hahaha! Made my stomach explode for a bit.

  29. That Boy Killjoy

    I tweeted to Cornette that Bruno Sammartino used to wrestle orangutans. He said I had a shit attitude and blocked me.

  30. OMG! If John Morrison does head to NJPW, I will lose my freakin' mind. I've been waiting for this moment for a really long time, and it JoMo in NJPW could finally happen.

  31. The way he pronounced Io is way wrong people need to know how to say these Japanese women’s names and men’s if u r going to have them in WWE also STARDOM is the most amazing female wrestling promotion always making its matches the best so if WWE is going to get these Japanese women’s wrestlers in the Mae young classic u better not treat them wrong like BEA PRIESTERLY, CHARDONNAY, AZM , IO SHIRAI, MOMO WATANABE, KONAMI, (Known as QUEENS QUEST) KAGETSU, HANA KIMURA, HAZUKI, NATSU SUMIRE, NAO YAMAGUCHI( OEDO TAI GROUP) Or MAYU IWATANI, TAM NAKANO, SHIKI SHIBUSAWA, SAKI KASHIMA, STARLIGHT KID, OR THE REST OF THE STARS GROUP OR even JUNGLE KYONA, KAORI YONEYAMA, RUAKA, LEO ONOZAKI. NATSUKO TORA ( known as J.A.N) please treat them like ur precious Roman reigns and Sasha banks

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