John Cena OUT Of WWE Royal Rumble 2019?! Wardrobe Malfunction On RAW! | WrestleTalk News Jan. 2019

John Cena OUT Of WWE Royal Rumble 2019?! Wardrobe Malfunction On RAW! | WrestleTalk News Jan. 2019

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News,
I am El Fakidor Laurie Blake.
And unless you’ve been living under a rock
or you’re denying you watched it because
your girlfriend is in the room then you’ve
probably seen the hubbub online surrounding
certain sexy segments of last week’s WWE
On Smackdown we had Mandy Rose attempting
to honey trap Jimmy Uso in a secret televised
tete-a-tete in a hotel room and on Raw we
had Alexa Bliss getting caught with her top
The online debate tried to work out what in
the hell was going on, some guessed that Vince
had been helicoptered in to write the episodes
this week.
While Dave Meltzer reported that they were
trying to do ‘’old time’ stuff and make
things sexy’, which worked to a degree because
the clip of Bliss has been watched over 6
million times on YouTube as I’m recording
But if they wanted to do true old time sexy
stuff, she could have just bared her ankles
and got a load of Victorians hot under the
top hat. “My god, look at those beautiful
biscuit ankles” he ejaculated. It’s like
something out of Dickens. Huh, dickens.
While I think the segment seemed a little
out of place on the show, coming as it did
before Bliss unveiled the Women’s Tag Titles,
symbols of a women’s evolution, according
to Ryan Satin of Wrestling Sheet Radio the
entire thing was Bliss’ idea.
She reportedly envisioned it as a homage to
Trish Stratus based on plenty of similar scenes
from Status’ heyday in WWE.
This week things on the women’s roster have
been better – so far, Smackdown is still to
come, who knows what homewrecking antics Mandy
Rose is up to – but on RAW things were good.
Bliss announced she would be participating
in the Rumble as did Lacey Evans, and Sasha
Banks and Bayley took on Ronda Rousey and
Natalya in what was a really fun match.
Though some of it was a dark match for some
viewers. Because viewers on the USA Network
had the screen go black for about two seconds
during a powerbomb attempt from Natalya onto
This is because Banks suffered a brief wardrobe
malfunction with her trunks, so the black
screen was modesty preserving.
Somebody who isn’t out to preserve anyone’s
modesty is Becky Lynch who is serving up Tweetality’s
left, right and centre.
But my god did she go for the jugular in this
exchange with Mickie James:
Mickie re-posted a picture of Lynch smiling
backstage adding:
“Awe… this whole #TheMan thing is so cute
in the age of #womensempowerment Boo. I’m
for 1 am proud to be #TheWOMAN because after
all we’ve always been the dominant sex!
Or have you forgotten that @BeckyLynchWWE
hanging out w/your new bestie lil’ Richard.
See you at the rumble!” Kissy face emoji.
To which Becky Lynch replied: “Not the first
time she’s come after the top star to further
her career.”
Dead, I am dead. Bring me a coffin and my
finest Sunday best for I have died and need
to lie down in the dark forever now.
Because I think what Becky is alluding to
is the affair that Mickie James had with John
Cena while dating Kenny Dykstra.
Something Dykstra attributed in tell all tweets
to James’ success while in WWE…
So after Lynch brought up one of the five
rumours of doom, James came back to Lynch
with this:
“Sorry. It took me a minute to stop laughing.
Seriously, all this build up?! All this anticipation…
For that?! Wow! What a let down. How dissatisfying?!
You know what, you’re right babe. You are
But the actual biological man in question
is John Cena, whose shot at being the Royal
Rumble match may be in jeopardy.
WWE posted an update about a injury Cena supposedly
suffered during the Fatal 4-Way main event
of last week’s Raw.
WWE’s report said that John was having trouble
putting weight on his left ankle during and
after the match and the injury was further
exacerbated in training when he arrived for
this week’s RAW.
Which could mean his entrance into the Men’s
Royal Rumble match could be in question.
But this could also be kayfabe as Cena is
said to be filming a movie from early February
to the 1st of April, and WWE do like to have
reasons to write somebody off of TV.
PW Insider are also reporting that Cena wasn’t
even at RAW this week in Oklahoma.
Whether actual injury or a work if John isn’t
in the Rumble and returns post filming in
early April, that leaves very little time
to set up a match for WrestleMania.
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and that was lucha.

100 thoughts on “John Cena OUT Of WWE Royal Rumble 2019?! Wardrobe Malfunction On RAW! | WrestleTalk News Jan. 2019”

  1. It's the end of the Rumble and 3 guys are left, who are the 3?
    I'd like to see Seth Rollins, Andrade Cien Almas, Drew Mcintyre.

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  5. GodEmperor Mac Tonight

    Mickie's come back to Becky was the equivalent of getting roasted but you don't have a come back so you just imitate their laugh

  6. man, I gave this a few weeks off, so I was eager to tune back in… and for my trouble? I get El Fakador… he is SO bad… no offense, nice guy in real life I'm sure, but his dour presentation and humorless humor just rubs me the wrong way.

  7. Don't worry Cena fans,I'm sure he'll pop right out of the blue and have Vince hand him another title opportunity like he has always done so for him throughout his career.

  8. I wonder where Shinsuke has been lately and John Cena getting injured is nothing new. Also it seems like certain wrestlers don't wrestle on a regular basis like they used to including Rusev then Idk where Aiden English went.

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