John Cena On WWE NXT?! Impact Wrestling WANT Chris Jericho! | WrestleTalk News May 2018

John Cena On WWE NXT?! Impact Wrestling WANT Chris Jericho! | WrestleTalk News May 2018

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News.
I am Luke Owen and I’m here to tell you
about the transformative properties of cod
liver oil… and kidnap.
Hmm, did you say something?
Infinity Braun
So here’s a scary thought, instead of a
big purple multi-chinned megalomaniac, imagine
if the Avengers has to face off against this
Braun Strowman has the Infinity Gauntlet!
Steaks and weights for everybody!
He’s a titan among men.
He’ll start an Infinity Bwaaaaooorrr.
No need to get these hands any more, just
need to get that index finger and thumb, less
catchy, but far more threatening.
I’m running out of steam here…. it’s…
uh… weird how it just fits his giant hand.
The photo was taken at Megacon in Orlando
on Friday where Braun was doing a signing.
The post on Insta, even monsters do it for
the grams, got 80,000 likes – bunch of sycophants
trying to be on the right side of that finger
[Slow zoom in on the little like heart that
I’ve obviously clicked]
John Cena Want To Go To NXT
Someone else who was at Megacon, although
there is literally no photographic evidence
to prove this, was John Cena. (show picture
if possible)
John took part in a Fan Q&A session, where
he was asked why he dropped the Thuganomics
gimmick and if he would consider reprising
He replied: “The rating of our television
show changed and I didn’t want to lose my
But I will say this: Thuganomics was started
before you were born and I still have my degree
and I love that time in my career”
I also have a degree in Thuganomics, not sure
it’s helped me with my career frankly and
the student debt is crippling, if you don’t
pay the teachers break your legs.
Big Match John was also asked if he fancied
having some little matches on NXT.
He said: “Have I made an official appearance
in NXT?
I know I made an appearance in the arena after
they were taping a show.
I wasn’t good enough that night.
They had me on what they called a non-televised
appearance and I figure if I work really hard
I’ll get on TV; but I would love to be on
the NXT television show.”
John Cena?
Not good enough for NXT?
Nobody thinks that!
CM Punk, CM Punk…
Chris Jericho To Impact Wrestling?
If we’re listing people we’d like to see
on NXT, aside from Cena, how about a bit of
Though that might be tough because I’ve
heard that Impact is Jericho?
Or at least it might be if the company’s
co-Vice Presidents Scott D’Amore and Don
Callis get their way.
In an interview with Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s
Al Castle, the pair revealed some of their
plans to help rejuvenate the former TNA brand.
First and foremost was getting new talent
on board:
Callis said: Let’s introduce that new talent—the
Brian Cages of the world, Austin Aries, wrestlers
that people are excited about.
In the past TNA has been accused of relying
too heavily on ex-WWE talent, specifically
in the ‘past their prime’ bracket.
While the pair want to curb that somewhat
and get back to creating their own stars,
there’s still a place for the right ex-WWE
guys and gals
D’Amore: While we certainly are always going
to look for the next AJ Styles or Samoa Joe
or Bobby Roode or Eric Young… there’s always
going to be a place for a Sting.
There’s always going to be a place for a guy
like Christian… if there are people who
fit the style and the mindset of what we’re
looking for, we’re going to welcome them and
look to do business with them, regardless
of their background.
Callis: We’d even open the door for a guy
like Chris Jericho if he wanted to come to
That’s kind of Callis, especially considering
that on Talk Is Jericho it was revealed that
Y2J called Impact and recommended they open
the door for Callis before he got the job
last year!
You can’t shut the door in the face of the
man who opened it for you, the physics of
that don’t even work out, it’s just science,
and Luke Owen loves science.
Rey Mysterio wants to invade WWE with a faction
of Latino wrestlers!
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I’ve been Luke Owen, and that was wrestling.

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  19. I actually think IMPACT has been better than Raw and SmackDown, consistantly this entire year. I think Ed Norholm has realized that he isn't a wrestling guru, which is why he is taking a hands-off approach and letting D'Amore and Callis take control. I can say with certainty that Don Callis is the best free agent signing IMPACT has made.

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