Jeff Hardy To WWE & Matt Hardy To New Japan!? MASSIVE Changes At TNA! | WrestleTalk News Mar. 2017

Jeff Hardy To WWE & Matt Hardy To New Japan!? MASSIVE Changes At TNA! | WrestleTalk News Mar. 2017

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A lot has gone down in TNA over the last few
Original founder Jeff Jarrett has officially
regained control of the promotion after being
brought back in by the new owners Anthem Sports
and Entertainment.
Jarrett, in turn, has changed-up the backstage
team, replacing previous Head of Creative
John Gaburick with his guy Dutch Mantell – the
former Zeb Colter in WWE.
With the first batch of TV tapings from the
new regime set to start tonight, TNA’s future
direction will finally be unveiled.
And it’s going to be pretty different.
In just this week alone, top acts Mike Bennett
and Maria Kanellis, former World Heavyweight
Champion Drew Galloway, current Tag Team Champions
Matt and Jeff Hardy – and now the latest,
former Knockouts Champion Jade – have all
left the company.
The way things are going, expect several other
wrestlers to have departed TNA by the time
this News episode goes live.
Even people who’ve never been signed by
TNA are on their way out, like PWG and Evolve
wrestler Chuck Taylor:
“Last night I asked for my release from
Impact Wrestling.
This morning they informed me I was never
One of the main reasons for so many talents
not resigning with TNA’s new regime appears
to be negotiations going down to the wire.
Reby Sky revealed the Hardys only got their
finalised contracts five days before their
current ones were set to expire, making them
feel bullied into resigning.
Drew Galloway echoed those words to the Scottish
Sun, saying that although TNA’s offer to
him was “one of the best in the company…the
reality is that because they waited until
the last second I had to turn it down.”
It seems like a bad case of timing, with many
top wrestlers’ contracts expiring at the
same time company management was being overhauled.
Another victim of this is Alberto Del Rio.
PWInsider are reporting the former WWE Champion
was originally meant to be debuting at tonight’s
Impact tapings back when John Gaburick had
the book, but – rather ironically – these
fell through when Double J and Del Rio’s
former TexAmerica manager Mantell took over
So who is going to be in the Impact Zone tonight?
Bobby Lashley, Moose, Eli Drake, Davey Richards,
Eddie Edwards and EC3 all resigned with TNA
before Anthem took over, so they’ll presumably
be the promotion’s focus point going forward.
Cody Rhodes is only booked for one of four
TV taping dates.
But what next for the Hardys?
After tweeting WWE stars Sasha Banks and Bray
Wyatt after departing TNA, he’s now flirting
with Kenny Omega – calling out The Elite and
New Japan Pro Wrestling:
“Did someone say MAGIC?
Myself & the NEFARIOUS #BrotherNero have eyes
on The ELITE & The New Wrestling in Japan.
We’ll see you all soon.”
Meanwhile, Wrestling News World are reporting
that WWE “thinks they will land Jeff with
almost certainty, however they aren’t as confident
with signing Matt.”
Apparently WWE are willing to offer Jeff a
Chris Jericho-like deal with limited dates
where he only works TV, PPVs and a few house
shows and they’ll give him “a monster
face push if he returns.”
But because Jeff doesn’t want to leave his
Broken brother, “WWE has to play to Matt
as much as they play to Jeff.”
Find out the whole story behind Matt and Jeff
Hardy leaving TNA in the longest WrestleTalk
News episode ever, and check out more great
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I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

100 thoughts on “Jeff Hardy To WWE & Matt Hardy To New Japan!? MASSIVE Changes At TNA! | WrestleTalk News Mar. 2017”

  1. Oli was definitely right. Bad timing all the way around. Can't negotiate a contract when you don't know who you have to negotiate with. Everything leading up to the sale was priority, in hopes to get it done in time to do contracts. Dixie's Revenge? Or bad timing. I'm sure everything would have played out differently, if new ownership was in place way back when all the talk started. ONE SUGGESTION, if the ladies side needs a boost, DULCE GARCIA!!!! ( aka Sexy Star ). I've watched some of her matches since she dropped the mask, and the name, in english it sounds too pretentious, anyway. She is for real. Not LU real, but the real deal. I'd pay to watch her even if she was ugly as sin, which she is not!

  2. I'm confused wasn't the wwe interested in both Matt and Jeff… what the hell happened that now they're only interested in Jeff… the whole point was to bring the broken gimmick over to the wwe and at one point they made seem like they were interested in Matt more then Jeff

  3. Oli Davis, Love your work and your sense of humor…One ? please… WTH is GROOT? Its been bugging me since I first saw you wearing the shirt! Thank you for the great wrestling news daily! Peace

  4. Is TNA management under the impression that leaving signings till the last minute will make the talent desperate enough to sign anything? Like is this a really failed attempt at being "super awesome business dudes"?

  5. wwe needs to give control to Matt and maybe Jeff Hardy of there character and them maybe they will have a better chance of signing

  6. Great brother Nero sucks and is over rated , retired please and the fanboys should also retire and fuck off please 😃😃😃😃

  7. i was hoping that Bobby Lashley would return to WWE…
    I probably will have to wait a long time now till he returns I guess 🙁

  8. I hope Jeff is getting really fit. Cuzz i want Extreme Jeff back but then again nothing is really extreme now a days

  9. RamboNambo (aka Sorpresa)

    So who has the rights to Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy's "Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero" Gimmick? The Hardys or TNA??

  10. "Hey guys, remember the catchy "Support! Wrestletalk! Give us a subscribe!"? Yeah we kinda replaced that with a 20 second long reminder to touch a bell."
    I mean I do get it, Google ruined something and replaced it with something more troublesome, so you have to alert people in order to see the latest video ASAP. I just wish I wouldnt have to skip the first half minute on a 4 minute long video. especialy annoying if you watch in on a smartphone, cause then you will skip more than just 30 seconds.

    I just wish Google would let working things (subscriptions) work as intended.

  11. Man… the notification crap at the begining of videos is really turning me off. But I'm not a Patreon patron, so who cares what I think…

  12. Retro Revelations

    I like how they mention Chuck Taylor as an Evolve/etc. wrestler, even though he has been most closely involved/associated with Chikara for most of his career, even now.

    As for TNA? Well….honestly, though I respect Jarrett, and he's a hell of a lot better than Dixie, I get the feeling that the best possible outcome, would have been for Billy Corgan to own/run the company. The talent seemed to like him, and even though Dixie and Co were awful, Corgan was credited with some of the few GOOD things the company had been doing the last couple years.

  13. Hey Oli, just wondering because I haven't seen it in a news video and only found out yesterday myself. Did you know that Jack Swagger asked for his release last week?

  14. Matt shouldn't go back to the WWE. They've always treated him badly and never gave him any real push. If he goes back he'll end up jobbing again.

  15. I don't think Jeff will go to New Japan he's too much of a homeboy to go all the way to Japan to wrestle and be away from his home and family

  16. Breaking News and Spoiler alert:

    Alberto El Patron is the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Not kidding.

  17. If matt goes to wwe and sign with smackdown, it will be brey wyatt vs matt hardy right?
    Jeff vs samoa joe vs reigns vs ko in raw?

  18. WWE I pretty much don't care about Jeff without matt hardy. The time the Hardys as solo eventers is OvaaH! Deleted and obsolete. Broken needs to go to WWE it would viral like no tomorrow.

  19. when do you think Jeff hardy will return to wwe and will he have a last title run and also Jeff is a little bit more popular then Matt in wwe? will they return as the hardys?

  20. I can't believe TNA resigned Those channel changing pissbreak Bingo Hall dwelling midgets Eddie Edwards & Davey Richard's.

  21. Well everyone knows where Jeff goes Matt will follow and Jeff can't leave the country. This should play out interestingly

  22. We all know the "monster push" that they offer their returning talents just mean you're going to job to every new comer we have.

  23. Rassslin' Rantin'

    Matt and Jeff go back to WWE, a huge pop on their first tv appearance, one month of decent interest, and by summer they'll be just another act with fans complaining about how poorly they're booked and how WWE isn't doing the "Broken" gimmick justice … we all know that's going to happen, don't lie to yourself 🙂

    I would like to see Matt against Okada for the summer G1 show in Cali. I'm not so sure they'd fit in New Japan … the best fit financially is WWE, the best fit creatively is Lucha Underground honestly, not sure the $$$ is there for them to make that a thing though (would love to see them in there with the World Wide Underground though).

  24. It will be best for Matt to stay away from WWE, he should stick to indies or maybe NJPW. Vince will never give Matt as many freedom as he had back in TN…i mean Impact Wrestling, he will just return to same old Matt Hardy and will probably lose every match like The Dudley Boyz

    For Jeff, i think it's fine for him to have a solo run back in WWE. In my opinion, Jeff was really overshadowed by Matt in the Broken family storyline, he was like a stepping stone for Matt to become who he is today. WWE fans are still craving for the return of Jeff (Matt, not so much) and i think it will fine and probably will help his career more if he has a solo run back in the WWE

  25. for all the years i've worked in tna lately I have'nt been liking the product so today I flew to Nashville,TN in a luxuries first class airplane which cost me $650.only to find out i've never evvveerrrrrrrr!!! worked for tna bless shew I mean impact wrestling😃😃😃🐴🐴🐴

  26. Jeff Hardy going back to WWE is long overdue. I'm sure Matt Hardy will follow in time, might be at a later date but I'm sure he will as well. Vince and Triple has been trying to get them back for awhile now. The new WWE deal with Jeff will be good for him. He has said he wants to have one final run in WWE, in which he gets a Royal Rumble winner and headlines WrestleMania with the title. Other then that his main interest is to put over the younger talent like Finn Balor, Seth Rollins etc. After that he just wants to retire. He said his next run in WWE he just wants it to be 2 to 3 years. He's really enjoying being a husband and mostly enjoys being a dad to his two kids. So he wants to do the husband/father thing and focus more on his music. If he did get this contract like stated it will give him the opportunity and schedule he wants. Schedule is what kept him from resigning a few times now. Almost did in 2015 but that dirt bike wreck and his 2nd born child kept him from signing then, even though a deal was made. I actually heard this stuff about want he wants in WWE from him by the way. I went to so many TNA shows and we talked so many times. Especially when he met my son named after him.

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