Impact Wrestling SCRAP Top Title! Austin Aries Calls Out Neville! | WrestleTalk News May 2018

Impact Wrestling SCRAP Top Title! Austin Aries Calls Out Neville! | WrestleTalk News May 2018

HEADLINE: Impact Wrestling SCRAP Top Title!
After defeating Pentagon Jr with a low blow
and putting the heel in Austin Healy Aries,
A Double has taken Grand Championship and
World Title and sort of smushed them together.
Impact revealed in a tweet that Austin had
decided to merge the belts into one unified
World Championship following his match with
Strange that a man going by The Belt Collector
has voluntarily chosen to have one less belt,
but ah well, wrestling.
Then again the freshly Heel-turned Aries worked
it on Twitter proclaiming himself: The final
Grand Champion and Grandest Impact Champion
of them all, so said the mirror on the wall.
He’s clearly not getting enough nutrients
from that vegan diet, it’s sending him loopy.
HEADLINE: Bullet Club to Impact?!
In more Impact news the company announced
that a Japanese star would be returning for
Slammiversary this year.
Hot off of reaching the finals of the Best
of the Super Juniors tournament, Taiji Ishimori,
otherwise known as Bone Soldier is coming
back to Impact.
While it’s obviously exciting that the former
X Division Champion is making his return to
the company, especially after he narrowly
missed out on being both X Division and Grand
Champion, RIP.
Perhaps more exciting is the fact that he’s
coming in his Bullet Club gimmick.
This suggest a couple of things, one: that
the relationship between New Japan and Impact
seems to have thawed somewhat.
And two: that we could hopefully see some
other Bullet Club members on Impact down the
Please be Marty.
Please be Marty.
Seeing some of the higher up club members
isn’t too outlandish a wish either as you
may remember that The Young Bucks were rumoured
to appear on TNA back when they were feuding
with the Broken Hardys.
Which was messed up by TNA mishandling the
Hardys contract, – but we’ll gloss over
that for the purposes of remaining excited
– and assume the beginnings of a business
relationship are there.
One that’s only going to be strengthened
now that NJPW commentator Don Callis is Executive
Vice President of the company.
Headline: Austin Aries Calls Out Neville –
Not happy with being the belt collector, Austin
Aries is also the news collector as he’s
been on Twitter trying to reignite a former
After a fan posted an ‘on this day’ post
throwing back to Austin’s Wrestlemania pre-show
match against Neville, Aries got all misty
eyed about the loss.
‘Dejected, almost amused at my repeated
failure, who’d have known this moment here
would be the catalyst for so much success’
To bring you up to speed, this was the beginning
of a frustrating few matches against the King
of the Cruiserweights Neville, which eventually
lead to Aries leaving WWE.
And then going on to win flipping everything
everywhere else.
But life on the other side of this feud wasn’t
so peachy either, Neville eventually dropped
the title to Enzo Amore, yeah remember that,
that happened.
And then after reportedly being booked to
lose to Enzo in a Lumberjack match walked
out of WWE himself.
He’s not been seen on WWE TV since and has
even moved back to the UK with his missus
while, we assume, he has his own ongoing feud
with WWE’s lawyers.
Even though Neville has a bunch on his plate
that hasn’t stopped Aries offering up a
heck of a return.
‘To my victorious opponent…
I’d love to do it again, shackles off, whenever
you’re done serving your time.’
So judging by the other disenfranchised Cruiserweights
in the world Nevs got options if he wants
to come back to the spotlight, return feud
with Aries, whatever Rich Swann is up to,
or Geordie diss track ala Enzo Amore.
What new authority figure has been revealed
on RAW, click the video onscreen now to find
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I am El Fakidor and that was Lucha.

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