HUGE Bullet Club All In UPDATE! MAJOR WWE SUMMERSLAM RETURN LEAKED?! | WrestleTalk News Aug. 2018

HUGE Bullet Club All In UPDATE! MAJOR WWE SUMMERSLAM RETURN LEAKED?! | WrestleTalk News Aug. 2018

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News,
I am Luke Owen. And we’d like to thank everyone
who left suggestions for what song the losing
team of our Summerslam prediction war with
Cultaholic will be over on our Patreon page.
The losing team will be performing the lip
sync routine at Wrestling Media Con on September
9th from Manchester, England – you can buy
tickets from the link in the video description.
We’ve had some amazing suggestions thus
far like I’m Just A Sexy Boy, Somebody Call
My Mama, This Is The Greatest Love I’ve
Ever Known, I’m An Ass Man, American Males,
Word Life and Kaza Ni Nare – wait that one
will be really tricky. We’re going to select
the best of the best suggestions and post
the poll on Wednesday over at Patreon, so
get your suggestions in quickly by becoming
a Pledge Hammer of any dollar amount.
Speaking of ground-breaking events in the
world of wrestling, and Bullet Club’s YouTube
show Being The Elite has revealed another
match for September’s All In – which to
remind you again sold out its 10,000 seats
in under half an hour. Already announced for
the show is Cody vs. Nick Aldis for the NWA
World’s Title, The Golden Elite vs. Rey
Mysterio, Fenix and Bandido, Kazichika Okada
vs. Marty Scurll and Joey Janela vs. Hangman
Page, and it was revealed on the latest Being
The Elite that Arrow’s Stephen Amell will
take on Christopher Daniels – who tried to
frame Amell for the murder of Joey Ryan.
But that wasn’t the biggest bit of news
to come out of this week’s episode.
It’s already been revealed that All In will
be available for purchase on standard PPV
providers, FiteTV and Ring of Honor’s Honor
Club, but it has now been announced that the
first hour of the show will be broadcast for
free on WGN America. That’s right, part
of All In will be available on cable television.
The show was announced as All In: Zero Hour,
and will essentially be the pre-show for the
mega indie event. Announced for the pre-show
so far is the Over The Budget Battle Royal
and the Briscoe Brothers vs. So Cal Uncensored.
This is a massive deal for Cody and The Young
Bucks. WGN America is available in nearly
80 million homes in the United States and
will be the largest domestic audience to promote
the PPV. WGN proudly announced the news via
Twitter saying, “The word is out! You’ll
be able to watch @ALL_IN_2018’s #ZeroHour
right here on #WGNAmerica”, and Cody himself
tweeted, “This went from being an outlaw
live event to a 4 day destination w/a tv partner
like WGN America that reaches 77 million homes.
I can’t define what this is anymore. We
will do the work. We will make this matter”.
With Cody already talking about wanting to
make All In an annual event, a cable TV deal
is a massive achievement. All In: Zero Hour
will air on WGN America at 6PM Eastern, and
5PM Central on September 1st.
But before we get to All In we’ve got the
small matter of WWE’s Summerslam – which
given its runtime will hardly be a ‘small’
Last week it was revealed that Charlotte Flair
had been added to the Smackdown Women’s
Championship match against Carmella and Becky
Lynch – which was originally supposed to be
a one-on-one affair. This appeared to be fuelling
the straight fire for a Becky heel turn – angry
at Flair for taking her moment in the spotlight
away from her. Well according to WrestlingNews,
it’s not just Flair that’s being added
to the match.
According to the site, Asuka vs. Carmella
is being advertised on local radio for tonight’s
Smackdown Live, and their sources told them
over the weekend that Asuka’s Summerslam
match will be decided “in the next few days”
– speculating that Paige might make the Summerslam
women’s match a fatal four way instead by
adding the Empress of Tomorrow into the mix.
The Asuka vs. Carmella match hasn’t been
officially announced at the time of this recording,
so we’ll wait to see what happens on tonight’s
But that might not be the only Summerslam
spoiler that’s leaked.
Because according to PWInsider, Dean Ambrose
is set to make his WWE return at Summerslam.
The Lunatic Fringe has been on the injured
shelf since late last year, and PWInsider’s
sources are saying that while he won’t have
a match on the card, he will return to storylines
– likely evening up the odds during Seth Rollins’
Intercontinental Championship match against
Dolph Ziggler – or screwing him out of it.
It had been reported previously by various
outlets that Ambrose would be cleared to return
by Summerslam, but this is the first report
that says he will specially be involved in
the show. To add more gas to this asylum fire,
Michael Cole name dropped Ambrose on last
night’s Monday Night Raw – reminding fans
that Dean was injured and would not be Seth’s
mystery tag team partner on the show.
Don’t forget to become a Pledge Hammer over
on our Patreon page and leave your suggestion
for the loser’s lip sync routine at Wrestling
Media Con on September 9th from Manchester,
England. I’ve been Luke Owen and that was

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  9. Matthew C. Barendregt

    Noticed the camera-man on raw. 3 times in 2 weeks. Maybe it's ambrose?
    He also was standing in the way when corbin slide out the ring for a clothesline.

  10. I maintain Ambrose being….unhappy…about Rollins' tag team championship run with Jordan. My bet is Ambrose screwing Rollins out of the title or beating him down afterwards and that's the new IC fued after Summerslam.

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