First Up: NZ’s arm wrestling champ

First Up: NZ’s arm wrestling champ

There are many names for the man who has held New Zealand’s Superheavy-weight Arm wrestling championship title for the last 8 years.

Some call him big MAT, others call him ‘the BEAST’.

And at 6ft 2″ and weighing over 160 kilos, you can see why.

This week he was ranked 10th in the world in his division at the World Armwrestling Championships in Romania and also received a Gold medal for Team captain.

But he’s come a long way from armwrestling his mates on rubbish bins at high school to representing New Zealand around the world.

And he’s got a powerful story behind the sport that he says saved him from a life in prison.

Just a couple of hours before he flew to Romania to compete he told First Up that his goal was to put Aotearoa on the world map.

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