FCF Wrestling – The ONLY name in Finnish Professional Wrestling

FCF Wrestling – The ONLY name in Finnish Professional Wrestling

Welcome to Fight Club Finland!

Fight Club Finland, or FCF Pro Wrestling as it is better known nowadays, is the only professional wrestling organization in the country of Finland.

FCF was formed in the autumn of 2006 after buying out the business operations of Pro Wrestling Finlandia (PWF), which in turn was spawned after the untimely demise of Valhalla Pro Wrestling (VPW) at the end of 2003/early 2004 (VPW was Finland’s first wretling promotion, started up in the summer of 2003).

FCF Pro Wrestling runs cards and events all across Finland, and is situated out of the Helsinki capital area of the country. FCF foreign talent has included names such as Steve Corino (former ECW and AWA World Champion), Chris “Bambikiller” Raaber (EWA World Champion), Michael Kovac (GSW Heavyweight Champion), Bernard Vandamme (Eurostars European Champion), Yoshihiro Tajiri (WWE US and Tag Team Champion), Erik Isaksen (Eurostars European Champion), Chaos (Danish Wrestling Champion), El Dinamico (IWS World Champion), Wesna Busic (multiple-time Womens Champion across Europe and Japan), Blue Nikita (Greece), James Tighe (UK) and several other notables.

FCF also runs a wrestling school headed up by Stark Adder and “The Canadian Rebel” StarBuck, the latter of which is the pioneer of Finnish professional wrestling dating back to 2003 when the sport was introduced to Finland as a domestic product.

Many of FCF’s allumni have gone on to success across Europe, wrestling in countries countries such as Germany, UK, Denmark, Estonia, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Norway and others.

For more infos go to FCF’s official website located at www.wrestling.fi

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