Ex WWE Star Return CONFIRMED For Greatest Royal Rumble! | WrestleTalk News Apr. 2018

Ex WWE Star Return CONFIRMED For Greatest Royal Rumble! | WrestleTalk News Apr. 2018

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News,
I am Luke Owen.
Headline: Shinsuke Nakamura Remembers English…But
Then Forgets It
One of the huge tragedies over the WrestleMania
weekend was the horrifying news that Shinsuke
Nakamura forgot the entirety of the English
language, which he reportedly traded for knowledge
on how to hit AJ Styles in his WWE Champions
. On the past couple of episodes of Smackdown
Live, Nakamura has shut down his interviews
with Renee Young by telling her that he doesn’t
speak English – but a tweet last night suggests
he can still type it. “I leaked my emotions…
just a little.” Smackdown Live and Raw commentator
Corey Graves was quick to jump on this breaking
news story replying, “It’s a miracle!
You can’t speak English anymore, but you
can still type. There is still hope!” Praise
be indeed, perhaps this will be the moment
Nakamura stops hitting Styles in his phenomenals.
“Perdón… no hablo inglés. THINKING EMOJI”
Gah! So close. I also don’t know if I read
the Spanish there correctly. Apologies if
I didn’t.
Headline: Tomasso Ciampa Trolls Twitter
Someone else using Twitter to troll fans is
Tomasso Ciampa. The Blackheart of NXT has
been using the social media platform very
effectively since his return earlier this
year – going as old school as he possibly
can. His latest target is the much-beloved
Johnny Gargano – the man he attacked with
a crutch at NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia then
fought against in a Dave Meltzer rated 5*
match at NXT TakeOver: New Orleans. And now
Ciampa is going after Gargano’s alternative
name, Johnny Wrestling. “After some deep
reflection, I have come to the conclusion
that Tommaso Ciampa transcends the sport of
professional wrestling. Truth be told, I am
insulted when people define me as a “wrestler”.
I am a Sports Entertainer. I am Tommy Entertainment…
My goodness, preach Ciampa preach! We are
not worthy. You truly are the #SaviorOfSportsEntertainment.
Tommy Entertainment>>>Johnny Wrestling.
PS: I 🖤 U”
He then continued his streak of Twitter brilliance
by letting everyone know where NXT will be
touring next. “The God of Wrestling and
Master of the Universe makes his return to
NXT live events this weekend. I expect all
in attendance to act accordingly. Seeing a
talent like myself perform live is a once
in a lifetime opportunity. I suggest you cherish
every second.” Wait, Master of the Universe?
Is Ciampa trying to call out He-Man for a
match? ‘Cause I’ll be honest I would pay
to see that.
Headline: Ex-WWE Star Return Confirmed
Something else you’ll have to pay to see
– segue? – is the GREATEST ROYAL RUMBLE which
takes place next Friday from Saudi Arabia.
WWE are pulling out all the stops to make
this a must-see attraction – with a card that
include seven title matches, The Undertaker
vs. Rusev in a casket match – switched to
The Undertaker vs. Chris Jericho and then
back to Undertaker vs. Rusev – Triple H vs.
John Cena and the first-ever 50-man Royal
Rumble with wrestlers like Kurt Angle, Chris
Jericho and Daniel Bryan already announced
to appear.
Last week it was reported by PWInsider that
another WWE return in that match could be
Rey Mysterio, saying the two had been in talks
very recently. Mysterio made a surprise appearance
in the 2018 Royal Rumble, getting one of the
biggest reactions of the night. Since then
there have been a lot of rumours about a potential
Well Mysterio’s inclusion in the match might
have now been confirmed. On WWE.com’s page
to advertise the WWE Network, they have a
graphic for the Greatest Royal Rumble featuring
virtually every WWE wrestler available. But
eagle-eyed cherry’s will also notice that
Rey Mysterio is on the image just above The
Undertaker’s hat. Also announced via this
image is Mark Henry, Shane McMahon and The
Great Khali. Khali hasn’t been seen in WWE
since last year’s Battleground where he
helped Jinder Mahal retain his WWE Championship
against Randy Orton in the Punjabi Prison
match. Oof, there were some dark times last
Headline: Greatest Royal Rumble Set Revealed?
And Rey Mysterio and Great Khali’s involvement
in the Greatest Royal Rumble is not the only
thing that has been revealed – with Twitter
account stagecreatorwwe posting images of
the set currently being built for the show.
Look at the size of it! Cor, at this rate
we might even get another show this year with
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What’s the real reason The Undertaker and
Rusev are facing off in the Casket Match at
Greatest Royal Rumble? Click the video to
the left to find out more, and the playlist
above it for more awesome wrestling content.

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    I had a dream last night About Undertaker forming a 5 man team for a tag match and Stone Cold returned with a robotic leg.

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  7. I'm not sure I want to pay for Greatest Royal Rumble ppv. It starts here in the US around 12 noon EST, which is way too early for those of us who live in the states, and have a job. Also I really don't understand Why WWE is pulling out all the stops to make this ppv so legendary, when they should've given a show like this to a much deserving place than a country that doesn't even treat their women correctly.

    his PHENOMIAL ONES!….ok GO!

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  24. Mark Henry has been advertised, yet Mark Henry has just been inducted into the 2018 WWE Hall Of Fame, and it's unlikely that Hall of Famers come back to wrestle…

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