Ex TNA Star REVEALED As Sister Abigail?! Kevin Owens To WWE Raw?! | WrestleTalk News Oct. 2017

Ex TNA Star REVEALED As Sister Abigail?! Kevin Owens To WWE Raw?! | WrestleTalk News Oct. 2017

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Shane McMahon’s Money In The Pot
Shane McMahon is like his dad in so many ways,
a regular chip of the old block.
Him and Vince both have impressive physiques
for their age.
They’re both absolute lunatics in the ring.
And they both like to insert themselves into
main event feuds.
Sadly, however, they both seem to fail in
business ventures outside of professional
Following in his father’s illustrious footprints
of defunct football league the XFL and defunct
bodybuilding federation the WBF, The New York
Daily News reports Shane’s currently in
damage control for his own failed venture.
The Smackdown Commissioner reportedly invested
half a million dollars in EnviroGrow – a company
that sells domestic units for growing marijuana.
I always knew Shane liked to get high…and
jump off things.
He’s since found, though, that EnviroGrow’s
manufacturing plant is “virtually nonexistent”
and he’s suing the company to get his money
Until a decision is reached, he’ll have
to take out his frustrations on Kevin Owens
at Hell in a Cell.
But what might KO’s future hold after this
Kevin Owens To WWE Raw?
According to Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer
Live, WWE has multiple plans for the outcome
of Shane vs Owens at Hell in a Cell – one
of which being a way to trade KO to Raw after
the match.
Ringside News have since pointed out that
the October 16th TV episode of Raw, two Mondays
after October 8th’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view,
is advertising KO for the show.
While this could be a confused social media
manager for the venue’s Twitter account,
it could also reveal that Owens is actually
scheduled for a Raw move.
Possibly unrelated, but also kind of relevant,
is the opening of last night’s episode of
Raw, which began with a moment’s silence
for all those who lost their lives in the
Las Vegas shooting.
Amongst those on the stage stood Shane McMahon.
Dave Meltzer pointed out on Wrestling Observer
Radio that this coincides with Kevin Owens
missing last night’s Smackdown house show
in Colorado – after working both Smackdown
live events over the weekend.
Meltzer speculated this could be because the
two were training at Raw ahead of their pay-per-view
match this Sunday.
As Shane’s schedule is apparently quite
hectic, this could’ve been easier than the
two working out their match at the WWE Performance
Sister Abigail Wrestler Revealed?
Also on last night’s Raw came a surprisingly
intriguing promo from Bray Wyatt – where he
teased the WWE debut of Sister Abigail in
his feud against Finn Balor.
Ever since The Wyatt Family debuted on the
main roster in 2012, Sister Abigail has been
referenced in Bray’s promos, and she even
lends her name to his finisher.
But during Wyatt’s feud with Randy Orton
earlier this year, it was revealed poor Abby
was long-dead, when The Viper rubbed her ashes
over his body.
People are into some weird s-
Going by the Twitter account of NXT wrestler
Sage Beckett, however, Sister Abigail could
be alive, well, and about to debut on the
main roster…
Shortly before Raw started, Beckett tweeted
an image of fire with the words “They’re
all lies, darling” and the hashtag Raw – presumably
a reference to a line in Bray’s promo where
he says “she never lied to me, but you did.
She warned me about people like you, Finn”.
Beckett is the former Rosie Lottalove from
TNA, and has been wrestling since 2007.
She retired in 2012 due to injury, but returned
to wrestling in 2014 after losing nearly 130
She was eliminated in the first round of the
Mae Young Classic by Bianca Belair.
The Shield are reuniting!
And what will main event Survivor Series?
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  1. I heard The Shield made their debut in Indianapolis and that same venue was where Seth did the infamous chair shot heard round the world and next week is in Indianapolis. Debut. Breakup. Reunion? Not sure if it's all true and don't even know how I could look it up tho

  2. Sage was one of the least impressive women in the MYC, and I wasn't really feeling her gimmick tbh. I'd be disappointed if she does turn out to be Sister Abigail.

  3. I have always been intrigued by bray. I wish he would go back to his more "cult" style bray or as I call him Bayou bray, but it's good stuff. But it wasn't at the end of the Orton feud that they revealed she is long dead, they revealed that awhile ago which gave me almost no hope that it would ever be an actual person. I still have some hope but I think it's going to be more of a thing that sister Abigail has all been in his head.

  4. Kenny Lee Jian Siong

    I thumbs down everytime I hear that "Support Wrestletalk" opening. Seriously, Oli, it's annoying. Even if your half ass reason that it is for new viewers, which is stupid as new viewers might be put off that it being placed on EVERY single video. Seriously, put it somewhere else. Your content enough will get you your viewers that you want on merit alone. But I can't recommend anyone sub you because of that stupid annoying opening in every single video. Serious, get rid of it and maybe you will get more subs faster.

  5. Owens to RAW is good and bad. The bad news is that he will be fed to the Roman Collective. The good news is that Vince actually is indeed behind him, considering that SmackDown is still the lesser show. Maybe a solid Intercontinental title run.

  6. Vince MCMAHON never forces himself in a main event feud . HE IS A MAIN EVENTER AND HUGE DRAW , BETTER THAN 90 PERCENT OF WRESTLERS EVER .

  7. If Owens goes to Raw, Smackdown better get someone pretty big to replace him. He's doing really well right now and taking that away from Smackdown will probably make the show suck (worse). Maybe they trade for Joe? He could be pretty big on Smackdown.

  8. Sister Abigail Needs to NOT talk at all. Just be that creepy lady guiding Bray like Paul Bearer and give Bray a undefeated streak.

  9. I think Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas should get taken out by Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. Then the Miz can get new back up in the Authours of Pain or the revival. The shield vs the Authours of Pain or the revival and the miz would be a better match tbh.

  10. i haad a lad who had reptile tanks ready for imports of reptiles, snakes and shit for them to be contained and looked after whilst being dealt with. that was upstairs, the basement had a fucking plantation, thermal is cool, you got t6o be sure to break a mans door down

  11. Sister Abigail coming out now is not good. If she actually debuts then Bray needs to win this feud, but Finn should not be losing a feud with Bray Wyatt. Typical WWE booking themselves into lose-lose situations.


    Condom Las Vegas Soo called shooting. I'm confused isn't it a terrorist attack on innocent ppl or it was just shooting bcuz it was done by there(non Muslim) ppl. Shame on how media creates this kinda difference.. killing someone is fcuking killing.. shame on ya all ppl ☹️

  13. Did they really think that Kalisto was going bring a pop from the audience? It was quieter than a library when Kurt Angle announced him. There was more of a reaction to Enzo's promo. I think they would've gotten the pop they were looking for if the reveal was say a…Ricochet. Speaking of Enzo…is he a heel now?…a face? This is like something out Dixie Carter's TNA with daily unexplicable face/heel turns…I'm confused…& bored.

  14. SubatomicMacroscopicParticleExpansion

    Sure. Stand because a silent lunatic happens to kill 59 people but not in memory of Bobby Heenan after he died. Hypocrites!

  15. Bray should bring out a baby… Sister Abigail has been reborn unto this Earth.
    Then the next week he brings out a 5 year old girl with similar features referring to her as Abigail… Is that her?? We aren't understanding this…
    Next week… 10 year old… Ahh… We get it now… and so on… Building up to the fully grown and mature female character (Maybe 5-6 weeks into the gimmick). Maybe resembling a Rosemary-type female star.
    It's enough to keep our interest and anticipation going for who she is going to turn out to be! Viewers will likely tune in for that storyline alone.
    … Let's see if WWE creative will steal this idea from me too. They have a pretty good track record of doing that… Given the time frame tho, its unlikely.

  16. sometimes I think that fans try to find something that may just not be there..since RAW and Smackdown were both being run in Colorado it would just make sense that the moment of silence would include Shane, after all he's right there and is a part owner of the company.can't it just be that?

  17. Please turn Wyatt darker now. I liked his promo this week except for that stupid laughing. Did Undertaker ever cut evil promos and then laugh for 45 seconds?

  18. If I would be a booker I would make Demon king finn Balor vs Sister Abigail possessed Bray Wyatt with a moment both looking very dangerous.


  20. As long as Sister Abigail is NOT Nikki Cross.. she is going to ends somebody's career & not in a work way. Kinda sad that Mika Rotunda never made it through as Sister Abigail

  21. Owens moving to Raw is just to help boost the ratings for the French language broadcast of Raw in Quebec, which is gonna start airing the same week Owens is rumored to move to Raw.

  22. I see a lot of people sayn they want Rosemary to be Sister Abigail. Well me to. So i wonder is there anyway we can get a petition or any way we can get it in wwe head to give her a fuckn chance?.. We aaallllllllll kno if any1 should be its Rosemary.

  23. Reyzor Ramone The Untouchable Don

    Support deez muthafuckan nutz N ya gotdamn annoying trolling Ass European accent mouth U Fucks U!!!

  24. Mad Rapper Live Gaming

    awesome video oli davis ad always. liked the video. Can't wait for the Sister Abigail debut. I hope that Sage Beckett is signed so she can play the part and not have bray Wyatt play sister abigail cause that want be a nightmare.

  25. With the fall of what culture wwe I think WTTV is a good channel to fall on love the energy 👌🏿 you just got a new subscriber

  26. No Priscilla Kelly as an option? She's a SHINE champ, good looking and uses a 666 gimmick…

    Why not even an option ?

    I feel like there are too many "good" female wrestlers to choose from to have bray as Abigail…

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