Enter the World of Underground Fetish Wrestling

Enter the World of Underground Fetish Wrestling

VICE enters the underground fetish wrestling community fuelled by social media site, MeetFighters.com – a dating site for gay men who fight each other for sexual gratification.

Members of the site set up wrestler profiles and send out match requests to organise no holds barred fights in living rooms, hotel rooms and makeshift rings.

In Fetish Fight Club, VICE follow Brit Pro Heel, a self-proclaimed “bad lad in the ring” and one of the most prolific fighters on the site, in the midst of an identity crisis as he decides to shut down his account and turn his back on the underground fetish scene to go pro.

Fitman321 speaks openly about his wrestling fetishes; dominating men in his living room by throwing them against walls and tying them up while he watches TV.

At the heart of the community, Matworker and Small Gladiator hold monthly submission events where groups of middle aged gay men come together to put each other in holds and see how much pain they can take. They often trash talk each other in a form of roleplay and sometimes things get more sexual.

VICE reveals how the performance of masculinity manifests itself in relation to acceptance of homosexuality and sexual violence within a true subculture. Fetish Fight Club is an oblique study of masculinity behind the closed doors of suburbia.

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