Did Carmella CASH-IN Before WWE WrestleMania 34?! | WWE Smackdown Live Apr. 3 2018 Review

Did Carmella CASH-IN Before WWE WrestleMania 34?! | WWE Smackdown Live Apr. 3 2018 Review

Carmella attempts to cash in just days before
Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn hop the barricade!
And it’s AJ Styles’ turn to play mind
games this week.
I am Luke Owen, vote in the poll above my
head to let me know your thoughts on the show
as I review the 3rd of April edition of Smackdown
Live… in about 4 minutes.
Headline: Daniel Bryan And Shane McMahon On
The Same Page
Daniel Bryan opened this week’s Smackdown
Live among a sea of Yes chants from the crowd.
He then brought out Smackdown Live commissioner
Shane McMahon – wait didn’t he step down
from that role a couple of weeks ago?
– so the pair could settle their differences.
Shane congratulated Bryan on getting medically
cleared, and announced he had also been cleared
to wrestle after his hospital trip last week.
Both men apologised for their actions over
the last few months, but then Shane seemingly
forgot his lines and time stood still.
Thankfully Daniel Bryan is a total pro, and
saved the segment by offering a hug.
However, Shane then remembered his lines and
asked for a handshake, which made the ending
very awkward.
Bryan said that this Sunday he has some BAAAAD
news for Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.
Headline: Charlotte Flair def.
Charlotte Flair and Natalya then had a match
that was supposed to happen last week, only
Charlotte had a dentist appointment and couldn’t
make it into work that day.
It was a really good match too, with Nattie
locking in an impressive Bow and Arrow Lock
and Charlotte standing out of it.
Both women did a double down, and then Carmella’s
music hit for her to attempt a Money in the
Bank cash in.
She got in the ring, but Charlotte booted
the case out of her hand and sent it flying.
In a call back to Charlotte and Nattie’s
match from a few weeks ago, Natalya tried
to roll Charlotte up off the distraction,
but Flair kicked out and locked in the Figure
8 for a submission win.
This was all good stuff, and one would assume
that Carmella is now cashing in on either
Alexa Bliss or Nia Jax either at or after
After the match, Asuka came down to the ring
and said that the queen will bow before the
Charlotte retorted by saying she was ready
for Asuka – but is Asuka ready for her.
This had less heat than you’d think.
We then got a video package recapping the
Shane McMahon, Daniel Bryan, Kevin Owens and
Sami Zayn feud – which made the storyline
look more coherent than it actually has been.
Headline: AJ Styles And Shinsuke Nakamura
Sit Down And Talk
During the show we got a sit down interviews
with AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura, with
bringing up Nakamura petting him like a dog
last week.
AJ says this Sunday is far from the Tokyo
Dome – this is WrestleMania.
Later in the night Nakamura had his own interview,
that would have been better in his native
tongue with subtitles.
It’s such an easy fix WWE just do it better.
Headline: Rusev def.
Jinder Mahal
Rusev and Jinder Mahal had a match that was
pretty average but made better by a hot crowd.
Sunil Singh tried to get involved, but Rusev
kicked him off the apron and then hit Jinder
with the Matchka Kick for the win.
As Rusev was celebrating Randy Orton ran in
Bobby Roode then pushed Aiden English off
the top rope into another RKO.
The two stared off tensely as Roode handed
Orton the United States Championship.
WWE seem to be pushing these two as the stars
of the WrestleMania match, but the crowd were
chanting for Rusev Day.
Headline: New Day Shill!
The best built feud on Smackdown Live for
the last couple of months has been the three-way
between The Usos, The New Day and The Bludgeon
So it was a real shame that their go home
angle for WrestleMania was a backstage segment
plugging the WWE Network.
Seriously, this is what we’re doing?
All those weeks of great angles and builds,
and we’re ending on Big E trying to pull
an Xbox from Xavier Woods’ pants?
Just do it better, lads.
Headline: Baron Corbin, Dolph Ziggler, Primo
& Mojo Rawley def.
Zack Ryder, Tye Dillinger & Breezango
We didn’t get a segment hyping the women’s
battle royal this week, but we did get an
8-man tag featuring the forgotten midcard
of Smackdown Live.
Look, even Primo made TV!
There was a cool series where everyone threw
people over the top rope, including Corbin
launching Tyler Breeze onto a pile of bodies.
Corbin won with the End of Days, and then
posed next to the Andre the Giant statue that
looks like it’s made of Play Doh this year.
Headline: Kevin Owens And Sami Zayn Hop The
As the commentators where hyping WrestleMania
and shilling the WWE Network, Kevin Owens
and Sami Zayn hopped the guardrail to cut
fantastic promos on Bryan and Shane.
Zayn said that they won’t apologise for
attacking Bryan, but they will apologise to
Brie and Birdie for sending home their husband
and father as a broken man.
Sami was wonderfully annoying in this segment,
and Owens guttural screams of anger really
sold the emotion of this feud that’s had
more ups and downs that Simon Miller on a
Bryan and Shane then came out and told the
crowd to take a picture as it would be the
last time they’d see the Best Friends – not
those ones – on Smackdown Live.
Headline: AJ Styles & Shinsuke Nakamura def.
Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin
And in the main event, WrestleMania opponents
AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Chad
Gable and Shelton Benjamin in a really decent
It would have been better had it not been
interrupted by a commercial break and an advert
for WrestleMania, but when the action was
on screen it was terrific.
AJ’s comeback was a thing of beauty, and
the finish saw him stand next to Nakamura
and hit the Phenomenal Forearm on Gable for
the win.
After the match Benjamin and Gable attacked
Nakamura, but he cleared the ring.
AJ then leaped off the top rope to hit the
Forearm, but stopped in his tracks – a callback
to last week when Nakamura did the same thing
to him.
This was a really cool ending to the show,
it feels like this part of the feud should
have come a couple of weeks ago rather than
on the go home show.
So that was this week’s Smackdown Live in
about 4 minutes.
Hopefully you’ve already voted in the poll
above my head using this rating system from
top to bottom: SmackDamn, SmackTastic, Smack
Bang in the Middle, Ellsworthy, and New Day
selling the Network rather than their Mania
Following on from Monday’s Raw, this was
another solid go home show.
It wasn’t breath-taking or jaw-dropping
– but it did get me excited for all the matches
on Sunday.
Aside from the tag team match, but thankfully
I was already excited for that one.
Perhaps my expectations were set to low, but
I thought this week’s Smackdown Live is

100 thoughts on “Did Carmella CASH-IN Before WWE WrestleMania 34?! | WWE Smackdown Live Apr. 3 2018 Review”

  1. Money talks boys. They may be pushing Randy and Bobby as the stars for the US title match, but that could be for feud building purposes post Mania. I actually would not be shocked to see Rusev get it now that WWE has some solid figures on his merchandise value. Carmella has become quite the wild card as of late with all of the failed cash ins. It's damn good misdirection. I doubt, at this point she fails to strike gold, becoming RAW women's champion at Wrestlemania would be an interesting surprise, but then seeing her persistence with the Smackdown title would be as well, maybe even more so with her failed attempts. Her threat factor has been quiet for so long, it's hard to imagine they would give us a women's MITB winner who plays a non factor in Wrestlemania. And while I may not agree with your grading on a curve the value of these go home shows. If WWE wants to claim to be the best, they should be held to it, I do agree that the Wrestlemania participation trophy for the men's battle royal DOES look like it's made of Play Doh this year. Lol

  2. Wrestletalk claims that Shane forgot his lines, Cultoholic claims that Brian forgot his!
    Non of you are in bed with WWE so neither knows who is right…

  3. Best part last night was when the crowd was chanting


    Like no slow switch, it was just Bam straight to Rusev Day lol

  4. "More ups and downs than Simon Miller on a rollercoaster" FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND HOLY that was excellent

  5. If nakamura wins then smackdown men and womens champ will be Japanese. Raw men and womens champs will be Polynesian. #pacificpower

  6. I was there live with my dad and brother it was a blast and very fun. It was our first show ever. Rusev was so over . I used to hate this guy lol.

  7. why do they keep saying Carmella will cash in on the RAW womens championship , the MITB that Carmella holds is just for the Smackdown championship only

  8. Something tells me.. Daniel Bryan will turn hell by turning on Shane and making a three men team with Db Ko and Sz

  9. I really Like Asuka and Mad Props to her Winning streak too. But Jeez , please dear God Stop giving Asuka a microphone , I cannot understand almost anything she ever says. Don't the WWE Brass hear what she sounds like at all?

  10. GodEmperor Mac Tonight

    The WrestleMania adv in the main event PISSED THE THE FUCK OFF. They've been pimping WrestleMania since the royal rumble. I DONT THINK THAT A SMALL CLIP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MAIN EVENT IN YOUR GO HOME WILL SHOCK ANYONE. like was anyone really gonna watch the main even on smackdown see the ad and go "oh my gosh, WrestleMania is this weekend? I had no idea! No one told me!" The ad didn't need to be there. THEY MENTIONED WRESTLEMANIA AT THE END OF THE MATCH ANYWAY SO WHAT DIFFERENCE WOULD THE AD FIVE MINEUTS BEFOREHAND EVEN MATTER?! It's that kind of brainwashing repeating everything 50 million times that makes me hate WWE these days

  11. The reason the Rusev match got over with the crowd is because he lives in the Nashville area (SDL taking place in Nashville last night). We were never going to cheer for anything but Rusev.

  12. Charlotte vs Asuka Match Will end up being a 3 way match Carmela Will cash in and asuka will pin her making Charlotte go crazy and extend this rivalry between both

  13. you guys keep saying Shane stepped down. but I thought he only said he was gonna take a leave of absence and leave Daniel Bryan in charge.

  14. Last time I wrestled that move Nattie had on Charlotte was a surfboard the bow and arrow is when the opponents back is across the others knees.smdh

  15. What's the point of having Asuka on Raw? Just go to SD Live. It's annoying to see her come back & forth knowing whoever she faces on Raw is already a W for her

  16. PlutoTheLonelyRock

    Meanwhile, Kalisto Vs Buddy Murphy was the best wrestling match of Tuesday night. Seriously, 205 Live is producing stellar matches and its criminally underrated.

  17. You could literally skip 60-70% of this show. The total content that wasn't a commercial, a commercial for WM, a network plug or a recap of some sort was no more than 40min. Reminds me of the old days where Smackdown was essentially the WM pre-show, consisting only of video packages for the biggest show.

  18. ForeverFebruary27

    Charlotte vs. Asuka & Nia Jax vs. Alexa Bliss have the potential to be heated rivalries and I could see Carmella cashing in at or immediately after WrestleMania to get a reign while the feuds play out. Personally, I believe Carmella would fit into the Nia Jax, Mickie James and Alexa Bliss rivalry – As the unlikely champion who continues to retain just barely.

  19. I thought Sami and Owens were fired, how… how… and why was the microphone even on for two fired former double double E independent contractors…. oh I forgot wwe is fake Hollywood tv drama on par with game of thrones.

  20. Look at every wrestling channel trying to court the magnificent Simon Miller. You're the bald belle of the ball Simon!

  21. Charlotte vs Natalya was a good match? It was the same exact match from 2 weeks ago with Charlotte winning this time for perfect booking. Also, isn't this like the 4th time Carmella's done this stupid shtick? Add to this

    – Cena's pointless weekly promos. I'm willing to bet money there's gonna be no match between him and Undertaker at WM33, at best a face off in the ring setting up something later on.

    – Completely undoing the brilliant Bludgeon Brother's tag team destruction by having all 3 teams in a kid friendly backstage skit

    – Lacklustre build to Asuka vs Charlotte and Nakamura vs Styles.

    – A main event for which we knew the outcome before even WM32.

    Yeah, I'm gonna hang all my expectations on Takeover, thank you very much.

  22. now that there are youtube videos that give highlights in recaps in such a short amount of time, I stopped watching RAW and Smackdown almost entirely.

  23. I am a bit disappointed they let Shinsuke cover his head with his arms like he was really frightened, whereas last week AJ came out shocked but not scared. Acting like this is not Shinsuke's character at all, cmon WWE.

  24. Wow, another surprising rating from the WrestleTalk. I gotta admit that if I wasn't pumped for Mania after RAW, SD did a tad better job at getting me hyped for the blue branded matches while perhaps giving hope the red brand won't do as bad as feared.

  25. Here's what happens with the Women's Title on SmackDown, Askua closes in on a victory or what looks like she will, Carmella comes in and cashes in and pins Charlotte and wins becoming the Women's champ on SmackDown. Much like the same as Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania a few years back. Leaving the question was Askua going to beat Charlotte, or was Charlotte going to beat Askua and end her streak retaining her title. This will set up a feud between the three.

  26. George-Elie Atallah

    Smack bang in the middle, worried that carmella might ruin asuka's streak at mania…would be a very bad way to end that streak

  27. The bitch is dumb why would you cash in your contract before mania KNOWING DAMN WELL ASUKA gone take that bitch from you at mania

  28. nia jax vs Alexa Bliss is going to suck to make that match a little better is to have Carmella cash in her money in the bank briefcase and she becomes champion at WrestleMania 34 like they did with Seth Rollins this is probably the only thing that can save that match other than that nothing else could probably can't save it

  29. Jonathon Lilbourne

    I have a feeling that Carmella will turn her briefcase at WM and one of two things happening one getting the built after aska winning it only to lose to starting a new fude or just Carmella not getting the built

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