Cody Rhodes SHOOTS On WWE NXT Stars! Enzo Amore WWE Plans REVEALED! | WrestleTalk News June 2018

Cody Rhodes SHOOTS On WWE NXT Stars! Enzo Amore WWE Plans REVEALED! | WrestleTalk News June 2018

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News
– I’m Oli Davis, bay-bay!
If you own a wrestling promotion, having a
working relationship with WWE has its perks.
Presumably a discounted Network subscription,
a lifetime membership to TOUT, and, of course,
a photo of Triple H pointing at you.
But all that pales in comparison to occasionally
getting to play with NXT or 205 Live talent.
Just like British promotions PROGRESS, who
frequently use WWE UK-contracted talent like
Pete Dunne and Moustache Mountain, and ICW
who recently announced Drew McIntyre will
be going into their Hall of Fame, Adam Cole
bay-bay wrestled Walter for the NXT North
American Championship as EVOLVE main event
last night.
While the iPPV broadcast of the show went
off-air with EVOLVE Champion Matt Riddle retaining
his title against AR Fox, the live crowd only
were treated to the NXT title bout as a dark
match main event, which Cole won.
It was a wrestling show so hot, the fire alarm
went off part way through the night – prompting
the crowd to break into a Seth Rollins chant
with no regard for their own safety:
For which Rollins himself apologised to EVOLVE’s
head booker – “Sorry Gabe Sapolsky”
Very accomplished wrestlers like Cole, Ricochet
and more have gone to NXT as a stepping stone
to one day join the main WWE roster. Which
makes sense from a career perspective, but
– as one former WWE star has pointed out – is
a strange use of a ‘developmental’ promotion.
In response to Dave Meltzer speculating that
WWE could try to sign wrestlers scheduled
to appear at September 1st’s All In show,
organiser Cody Rhodes joked about independent
wrestlers going to NXT:
“That’s a possibility. Everybody has different
goals. If your goal is to take a meet/greet
style handshake photo, and pretend to be excited
about going back to wrestling school…that’s
your prerogative ha.”
Cody’s ‘meet/greet style handshake photo’
line is presumably a reference to the compulsory
Triple H picture after most new NXT signees.
And Cody wasn’t done there, as he pointed
out going back to ‘wrestling school’ isn’t
the only step down for an independent wrestler
signing with WWE. You’ll likely make less
money working for the biggest wrestling company
in the world.
“The takeover events are outstanding. So
much positivity surround them. Might be the
future model as well for the industry…w/less
events, but more attention. BUT there’s
definitely more money on the outside. Nearly
triple for those who work hard.”
“It’s not just for the big guys, but anybody
with steady dates. Too many positive financial
factors. Travel handled, rate, merchandising.”
And that’s not to mention all the rap songs
you can release!
You might remember that before Enzo Amore
was released by WWE amidst since-dropped sexual
assault allegations, he was in the middle
of a romantic storyline with Nia Jax on Raw.
But I know she only ever had eyes for Davis,
Now Enzo has broken his media silence since
his WWE release, he’s revealed where that
soap opera was intended to go to the Store
Horsemen podcast.
After Amore would toy with Nia to get her
to help him win his matches, the storyline
was apparently going to end with Jax finding
out that Enzo had been cheating on her with
her best friend Alexa Bliss.
“Nia didn’t know that. Alexa didn’t know
it. I knew that because Vince [McMahon] told
Because of Enzo’s release, however, Nia
ended up teaming with Apollo Crews in Mixed
Match Challenge, and Bliss was caught calling
Jax names behind her back on a live video
feed with Mickie James – which explains why
Mickie suddenly became a heel out of nowhere
in the weeks following Amore being fired.
Paige just got a huge tattoo on her chest!
Find out what it looks like by clicking the link onscreen now! And subscribe
to keep up to date with all the latest wrestling
news. I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was

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  1. I like this Cody . He's honest about his work. He has always been a great wrestler and he has seen both sides of the pro wrestling . So if he advises something , then he can be trustworthy .

  2. Just saw Paige porn on pornhub , good video but I can't accept the fact that that she didn't pray for God's blessings before having sex

  3. Conspiracy theory: The recruit from the indies into NXT cause Triple H wants keep them away from Vince for as long as possible.

  4. the idiot its not going to a wrestling school.. it's signing with WWE but you have to work NXT to so they can see of they can trust you..they have the right to

  5. what happens if the alarm went off because their is smoke in the building and these idiots keep chanting "burn it down, Burn it down".

  6. Christina and Eric

    Cody doesn't understand that you need to get to NXT and WWE to get the audience's attention before you can go back to the independents. I'll be completely honest, I had no idea who Kanna was.. or Keith Lee.. etc. before they entered the WWE. Now if Asuka or KL ever want to leave a few years later, then the money is there in the independents because they are world renowned. Sad but true. You have to have a small stint there to do something later. Cody already had the privilege to do so, and that's why he gets away with it. Only a few rare exceptions aside. (I don't count Omega, Bucks, Naito or Okada because NJPW is a big deal too.)

  7. I agree with the ring Mark. NXT isn't all that. Many people over-hype it, but NXT is not that great & seems like wrestling school, or a lesser product because Indy folk do not work outside of "Wrestling school"

  8. Marvman 2000 Marvman 2000

    Yes Paige has a new tat on her chest and it is called Jizz she shouldn't be back on a wwe show at all for those that didnt see the xxx videos of paige she let some guy jizz on the wwe title now if that was Enzo he wouldnt be able to come back

  9. It does not explain Micky becoming heel so suddenly. You can tell other stories or the same without her, or with someone else. Don't find excuses for poor judgement and laziness.

  10. Hey guys, I Really enjoy watching Wrestletalk. But could you please stop talking about Enzo Amore? This guy was annoying af and personally I am glad he is gone from WWE.

  11. Very Cool, but nothing new. WWE used to do stuff like this all the time back in the day with NJPW, ECW, USWA, NWA, UFC, Smokey Mountain Wrestling & Other Promotions. They used to have other companies top champions on WWE shows quite often. . Great to see them working with other Promotions tho none the less! 🤼🎎🏆🏋️💪

  12. Cody makes alot of sense! Of course guys make more money Wrestling in front of 12 people at the local VFW Lodge twice a month then Wrestling in front of 80,000 people at WrestleMania, Selling out arenas, & being on TV every week. No wonder None of those Indy guys ever sign to WWE…🤔🤔💸💸💸

  13. So Cody basically insulted a brand his father helped build…..he has really forgotten his roots, minus the bullet club the only credibility cody's got is being an ex WWE superstar. He is a mid card talent at best he is not even nearly as good as Kenny or TYB. Cody is the X PAC of the BC, minus the club he is nothing.

  14. Cody shouldn't be burning that bridge. He's.going to be old in 8 years and he's gonna wish he could do that high paid part time schedule.the WWE hands out to old-timers

  15. The only one that didn't need nxt and has showed everyone why… cause he's the fucking best… is the one and only AJ Styles…

  16. My name is Enzo Amore and I was fired from wwe and wasn't any good. And you can't teach that. And this right here, this is Big Cass and he was fired by wwe. And you can't teach that

  17. The Dragon Legault

    Thank God they didn't do that to Alexa and Nia Alexa in real life is such a sweetheart and she's already got that nasty rumor of her being a whore and NXT I would hate for them to turn that into a storyline she deserves better than that

  18. Those two comments Cody made just proved to me how salty he still is about how WWE handled him. Get over it. You make more money, so what? You get more international exposure, so what? You sneakdissing these Indy guys going to WWE NXT is just showing me you miss THIS spotlight. Stop calling out your former boss and worry about your own shit. Remember, it wasn't long ago that you were Stardust for your pops.

  19. cody rhodes needs to piss off. he goes on about how he can make triple on his own. well he doesnt mention what happens with those nxt guys hit the big show. they make tons in merch and house sales

  20. Ugh the Enzo/Nia/Alexa love triangle just proves there are no female writers in Creative. There are clearly more glass ceilings to be shattered in WWE #doitbetter

  21. Okay. Yea the NXT guys get paid less, but they're also traveling less. They stay in Florida until their big PPV TakeOvers.

  22. Cody should go back to wrestling school and learn how to not have the same matches over and over and over again.

  23. cody yet again talking shit about wwe…dude just let it go and enjoybthe fruits of your labor, because the way hes constantly taking jabs youd think hes struggling on the indies when he actually isnt.move on bro and get ready for all in


  25. As one of the co-hosts for the Unsanctioned Podcast, THANK YOU for sourcing our video and giving us our credit. #respect

  26. But Enzo Amore is now a platinum recording artist and the biggest and best rap/hip hop artist of this generation.

  27. The one that was here before you :P

    I guess Enzo is going to tap Naja again is on Oli we are here for you… But where is #fakeluke

  28. All of you guys are talking shit about the Enzo nia Jax storyline but if that was to happen you guys would have loved it plus it was bringing attention to 205 live. After Enzo left I don’t even pay attention to what’s going on over on that side.. hell do they even still feature on raw?

  29. Ole do you really think that WWE is doing anything lately to improve the programming . ROH and NJPW and IMPACT has more edge more story lines that are sensible. WWE has lost it grip on the fans the stories and the talent and it shows

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