Bullet Club, Chris Jericho & JR Starting NEW WRESTLING COMPANY?! | WrestleTalk News Oct. 2018

Bullet Club, Chris Jericho & JR Starting NEW WRESTLING COMPANY?! | WrestleTalk News Oct. 2018

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News.
I am El Fakidor Laurie Blake.
And that’s it, the American Nightmare is
over, Cody Rhodes is all out of luck as he
lost the NWA Worlds Title to Nick Aldis at
the company’s Saturday’s 70th Anniversary
show in Nashville.
Cody’s reign started a little over a month
ago at All In, but he’s already ten pounds
lighter – that’s the kind of weight loss
that would make Robert Atkins eat his words.
Which he’s allowed to do because they’re
not carbs.
Anyway it’s almost as if him winning in
the first place was just a big old moment
to make All In feel special. A trick he must
have learned from the Vince school of booking.
I’m starting to think wrestling panders
to fans.
Aldis toppled Cody in a close run two out
of three falls match, that saw him tap Cody
out with the King’s Lynn Cloverleaf, go
down for three after a Cross Rhodes and then
reverse a small package to secure the final
pinfall and regain his title.
Aldis will defend the title in Mexico against
Blue Demon Jr who was announced as his next
opponent during the show.
While all of this was going down in Nashville
up north in Winnipeg Canada, Don Callis was
turning on Kenny Omega.
The pair were appearing at a Premier Championship
Wrestling event called ‘The One’ Show,
not to be confused with the twee British chat
show of the same name, because not even Kenny
Omega is as well liked as smile given human
form Matt Baker. Loved him on Blue Peter,
which I’m sure sounds like a drugs reference
to the uninitiated.
Anyway, Callis appeared at the show and cut
a promo on Omega saying the Okada carried
him through his six-star match and that he
only got an IWGP Heavyweight Title shot because
Callis had got his friend Chris Jericho to
wrestle in NJPW. He then jumped Omega and
beat him down – callous Callis.
Don has continued the taunting on Twitter
“Only three wrestlers in the history of Winnipeg
were ever WWE Superstars: [Roddy] Piper, Chris
Jericho, and Don Callis. Any one else is just
a pretender.”
To which Omega replied ‘see you on the cruise’
which is more threatening than the images
of sun soaked shuffleboarding it summons as
the two will meet again at Chris Jericho’s
Rock n Rager at Sea at the end of the month.
Someone is going overboard.
Aside form setting up P&Jericho Cruises, Y2J
has also been linked to a reported new wrestling
promotion being set up by the Khan family
who own the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars and
Fulham FC of the Premier League.
The report from SEScoops.com says that Tony
Shad has been talking to various people in
the wrestling biz about the project including
agent Barry Bloom who represents Jim Ross,
Chris Jericho and Bill Goldberg.
Other names tied to the rumoured promotion
include Cody Rhodes, the Young Bucks and Adam
The report also mentions AXS as a potentially
home for the television series and a timeline
of 12-16 months for the launch.
Though AXS have released a statement saying
“There’s no truth to the AXS TV component.”
And Jericho has quickly put the kibosh on
the whole thing tweeting:
‘I’m starting my own wrestling company?
AWESOME! Im also starting my own movie studio
w #LadyGaga, my own carwash w #Bono & my own
The bakeshop will be called the Man of 1004
Rolls. The Ayotollah of Rock Cakes and Rolls.
WWE are unhappy with Smackdown? Can’t be.
Click the link on screen now to find out the
details and give us a subscribe to stay up
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100 thoughts on “Bullet Club, Chris Jericho & JR Starting NEW WRESTLING COMPANY?! | WrestleTalk News Oct. 2018”

  1. I've suspected Cody and the Bucks were going to start a promotion ever since ALL IN ended and with all of the "we are going somewhere together, but won't say where" stuff on BTE.

  2. Every time the Elite calls themselves Bullet Club, I Cringe. They are out! there is only one Bullet Club!! and it is Reeeeeaaaallllll!!!

  3. Well when BulletClub, chris jericho and jim ross open this new promotion they'll officially kill professional wrestling outside of WWE. Good job on killing what made you famous.

  4. We need another BIG wrestling! Please let this be true! NJPW, ROH and IMPACT(at times) are cool but they're not what WCW was to WWE

  5. We don't need another Indy promotion. The problem with the indies, is that there's so much saturation, because they all use the same guys. ROH, NJPW, impact, progress, PWG. All use the same guys. And most of them aren't even good.

  6. Dynamite JoggingDogg

    Some people don't realize that former wrestlers are not always as successful at running their own wrestling company because just because they were successful in the ring as a wrestler does not mean they're going to be good at running their own wrestling business keyword is business as successful at running their own wrestling company because just because they were successful in the ring as a wrestler does not mean they're going to be good at running their own wrestling business keyword is business running your own business is a bit different than getting in the ring and wrestling you got to work hard either way of course but it's different on a business standpoint but don't get me wrong I'm not saying it's a bad idea there's been several former wrestlers who started their own business and did pretty well as long as it's done right and the timing is right and the booking is good and you pick the right Stars to the appear in that company as wrestlers and you will probably be successful added I think some of these big former Stars or present stars who are considering starting their own wrestling business should get in on Impact Wrestling company do something big with that company because it's been struggling for quite some time now it's getting a little bit better that I think it still needs a lot of work just a thought something I think that should be considered that I wish all of them the best of luck on starting a wrestling companyπŸ‘

  7. WWE has long gone the mainstream direction once stakeholders got involved. That commitment created a void in another niche of the pro wrestling industry: the β€œmature” segment.

    There’s an opportunity for there to be a satellite radio equivalent to WWE’s AM/FM radio.

    I hope Cody, JR, Jericho and company really do start the promotion. Cody seems to get it. However, I don’t imagine Jericho was misdirecting because what’s the point in that when launching a new brand. The only reason I could see the need to downplay the plan is because BC is still under contract right now.

  8. Kinder Surprise Mechanics

    No way, Blue Demon, saw him at the Lucha shows in London, fair play to the NWA for truly taking the belt to different territories, just as it used to be.

  9. Kinder Surprise Mechanics

    Fair play Laurie "El Fakidor" Blake, you've slotted in nicely to WrestleTalk. Bit shaky at 1st, as everyone wud be – go look at early Oli & Luke vids, but u spot on now. πŸ‘

  10. Mind Mesh Motion Arts /Mesh Ensemble Muzik

    Maybe Jericho can call his bakery Moldy β€” what it goes with Fozzy?!!?!!!β€¦πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£

  11. Inside the Mind of PJ Cage

    Although Jericho said it wasn't true on Twitter in a sarcastic tweet, He is the same guy that said he wouldn't be All In and the Bucks couldn't afford his price then showed up dressed as Pentagon Jr to attack Kenny. So Its probably not true, but you never know with Y2J

  12. Hey, guys, just an FYI… they pronounce AXS TV as "axis" TV or even "access" TV. It's mostly a music-orientated station featuring interviews, documentaries, concert footage, even the occasional live concert…. with weekly NJPW and MMA shows on Friday nights and a movie now and then.

  13. Ooh new Wrestletalk news! About a possible new promotion according to the video title!


    Main event for NWA 70th anniversary show ruined

    Thanks! XD

  14. Yes, because having rich, non-wrestling people running wrestling companies, has always worked out before: just as Ted Turner or Dixie Carter…

    It’s great having wrestling people involved, but history tells you that rich owners can’t resist getting involved in the wrestling side of things: usually by employing people who don’t know what the fuck they’re doing.

    See WCW and TNA: who were pretty much finished off by the same people, after being run by morons.

    And, if they have the same ridiculous goal of competing with the WWE on a national and international level…that’s a sure fire way to lose, and lose a lot of money.

  15. Cody lost the NWA title, Bucks lost the IWGP tag titles, we'll see if Kenny loses the IWGP title and that will give an indication if they go to WWE.

  16. β€œP & (Jerich) O Cruises”

    Have my standing ovation sir

  17. Glad to see u push the left wing talking points on Saudi Arabia! U need to stick to what u know wrestling. U have no clue exactly what happened to Bin Laden boy who got chopped to pieces!

  18. I hope that this is only a rumor I've been wanting to see the young bucks in wwe nxt along with Kenny omega and Cody Rhodes

  19. This new Promotion could be absolutely INCREDIBLE!! With Jericho, JR, and Bullet Club behind it —- it would get IMMEDIATE ATTENTION and credibility ! LET'S DO IT GUYS!

  20. Part of me wants The Elite to go to WWE because I'm getting sick of their "we're better than everyone because we changed the indie scene" schtick. Hard to like anymore as Babyfaces.
    Another part of me wants Cody to start a union because I'm just super curious to see how it goes and see if he fails or succeeds.

    But mainly I just want them to leave NJPW so they can start booking around real long-term stars like Juice and Jay White

  21. Yo ollie they stole your idea for roman reigns remember when you and Luke did the heel turn as joe his real name wwe sjust stole it

  22. Welp… Romam Reigns retired. He is now Joe, and he has cancer.

    Literally… worst title to be held in the history of modern wrestling.

  23. Khan does have the money to start his own wrestling company…I wouldn't be against it since they would be out of Jacksonville, hopefully

  24. The amount of cancerous marks that are going to come out and be happy about roman is going to be pathetic. The marks will now say β€œwe can finally now have our dream fake fight matches and believe it’s real”

  25. No no no they need to stick to just being wrestlers all in was a success but that was just that one time they need to just be wrestlers

  26. Somehow I don't think the Bullet Club forming a wrestling promotion of their own would work. To me, the Bullet Club are like The National Wrestling Alliance. An entity that would work by blending in with other promotions. I believe the Bullet Club can/could blend in well in other promotions. ECCW (Elite Candian Championship Wrestling), an independent located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada has booked a member of that infamous faction on its January 2019 show at the Commodore Ballroom.

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