Broken Matt Hardy Gimmick Days Away From WWE!? HUGE TNA Title Change! | WrestleTalk News July 2017

Broken Matt Hardy Gimmick Days Away From WWE!? HUGE TNA Title Change! | WrestleTalk News July 2017

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News!
I’m Oli Davis.
TNA Rebrand As GFW
Many consider the initials ‘TNA’ to be
a poison brand, synonymous with 15 years of
bad decisions, sliding ratings and Dixie Carter
clinging onto Hulk Hogan’s leg.
In more colloquial terms, TNA also stands
for Tits and Ass.
So it’s long overdue that the promotion
are changing their name from TNA.
To Impact Wrestling.
To Anthem Sports & Entertainment, I think.
To Jeff Jarrett’s Mega Gold Giveaway.
To now, finally, Global Force Wrestling.
Just days after Impact Wrestling ‘officially
acquired’ Jarrett’s GFW promotion, TNA
will rebrand itself as Global Force Wrestling.
Their weekly show will still be called ‘Impact’,
just like how WWE’s weekly show is called
Jarrett spoke to The Tennessean about the
name change:
“We’re a global brand.
We have partnerships in Mexico, Japan, other
Collectively coming together, we’ve combined
forces and basically the rebrand final touches
happen at ‘Slammiversary.’”
Huge TNA/GFW Title Change
Those ‘final touches’ included Alberto
El Patron (the former Alberto Del Rio in WWE)
beating Bobby Lashley at last night’s 15th
anniversary show to become the new Impact
Wrestling and GFW Heavyweight Champion.
Presumably the ‘Impact Wrestling’ part
of the title name will soon be dropped, with
all the promotion’s belts just being referred
to as ‘GFW Championships’.
Unfortunately, Impact/GFW/whatever I should
be calling them spoiled the momentous title
change just hours before it happened.
WrestleZone pointed out that the TV Guide
for this Thursday’s episode of Impact had
the following description ahead of Alberto’s
“It’s all about the fallout from Slammiversary.
Alberto El Patron will hold a celebration
in the ring…”
You’re exposing the business, TV Guide!
Jeff Jarrett’s Five Year Plan
Hopefully such accidents will be fixed in
Jeff Jarrett’s five year plan, which he
described to Sports Illustrated:
“Slammiversary is the beginning as we move
toward Bound for Glory, but we are, realistically,
looking at 2018 to fully implement our five-year
plan with Anthem.
We want to be on television in 2018.
And I’d love to go live…that is a major
reason why we are going back on the road for
live shows in August.”
Jarrett also touched on the current legal
battle between Impact Wrestling and Matt & Jeff
Hardy over the ownership rights to their Broken
Universe gimmick, claiming “the publisher
[so Impact Wrestling] is always the owner”.
But according to Matt’s Twitter account,
this could all be about to change…
Broken Hardys “Days Away” From WWE?
Yesterday Matt posted a forebodingly manic
Instagram picture with his brother, and the
caption “My URGES are actively becoming
more difficult to contain.”
He followed that up with a tweet later that
“A MASSIVE “Thanks” to all the Wrestling
Fans that backed #HouseHardy in the latest
We are days away from winning.
Matt has frequently referred to his ongoing
Intellectual Property battle with Impact Wrestling
as the ‘Great War’, and the tweet strongly
suggests a decision over who owns the gimmick
is impending.
Given Jeff Jarrett’s recent insistence that
the publishers are the owners, this could
be more of a deal negotiated between the two
Who is behind the Kurt Angle texting mystery
on Raw?
Find out mine and Luke’s fantasy booking
storylines in the latest WrestleRamble.
And has Smackdown’s title plans been leaked?
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I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

100 thoughts on “Broken Matt Hardy Gimmick Days Away From WWE!? HUGE TNA Title Change! | WrestleTalk News July 2017”

  1. TNA or What ever there names are at the moment needs to get Deleted Repeatedly! for trying to fuck over the Hardy Boys Delete Delete Delete Delete Delete Delete Delete Delete Delete Delete Delete!

  2. Whatever their name is,they should let Broken Hardy gimmick go if they don't want to lose more fans,as it will only hurt their reputation.

  3. god jeff jarrett is such a fucking douche bag! 5 year plan?! its not even gonna last 5 years. what a fucking jack off!

  4. I stg if they use the fucking broken gimmick I will not watch WWE no fucking more , I've been waiting 8 long years to once again here no more words and live for the moment not that shitty "I'll fade away and classify myself as obsolete" bullshit๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ’ฏ

  5. The real Ugly god

    Oil Davis you should be deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted I knew you comeee brother Davis

  6. I'm sorry but they won't ever overtake WWE, or pull even with them because of the people in charge. not a really great TRACK RECORD of SUCCESS with most of those folks, and all of the BEST Talent will always want to go there just like it's always been. People went to NWA/WCW as an alternative and possibly BIGGER PAY CHECKS, but those who truly cared about their careers, ALL wanted to go work for VINCE. Sting being like the ONLY one, but even he WANTED to go there at one time, he just didn't trust that he'd be utilized correctly.

  7. Broken Matt will DELETE TNA/Anthem out of it's existence Yessssssssss ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  8. GFW is owned by Anthem, but as usual, made an un-owl-like move. You don't just give your title changes away!

  9. TheGreatLegend007

    Impact wrestling sux they can change the name 100 times and still the same crap and JJ is a snake in the grass that stole Kurt wife and now trying to steal the hardys gimmick

  10. TraciPeteyforlife

    Oh yes, because GFW is not a tainted name. Because a cash for gold scam. Does not taint anything. Right? And Jeff isn't insane right? #GreatWar

  11. Jarred Wrestling Stuff

    when will TNA/GFW bring back monthly live Pay Per Views ? ? ? and I don't mean One Night Only events.

  12. Oli Davis, u n ppl like u ruin wrestling for everyone. u make it where wrestling has no surprise factor to their shows anymore. I use to like watching ur videos. now I hate u for ruin every aspect of wrestling for everyone. wrestling was great when we didn't have assholes posting videos on all the rumors n leaks on every superstar or show.

  13. We have partners in two general countries and then 'other places', sounds like a real force if you ask me

  14. Given the rumors a while back that WWE wanted to buy the TNA video library, think TNA officially becoming GFW could mean WWE is indeed getting the TNA video library for the WWE network

  15. As soon as the merger was announced you knew the GFW title holders were winning in the WHC and the Womens title unification matches anyways…

  16. If you think Jeff Jarrett is good for Impact Wrestling, look at how long Global Force Wrestling searched for a tv deal and found none. Now they are on Impact again won't do the brand any good. All we'll get is more visibility for GFW and perhaps more money fo the expanded brand. Jerett started TNA, so I guess it stands to reason that with Impact's ratings going nowhere, and GFW needing a home, that this joining was to be expected. Let's see how well this partnership goes from here.

    Peace Whoga

  17. Middle Men own creator's intellectual property?????

    Someone needs to smack that Con-artist for his grift.

    So Marvel owns all of Stephen Kings stories cause they publish the Dark Tower series????
    This is some Disney shit, trying to steal what yo cant create yourself cause you offer resources to help make a profit off it.
    Its like racists who eat international food.

    This is how dumb most people are now a days due to their wide spread enabling and bullshit beta excuses, towing the line, with such reasoning.

    What kind of FORD TOWN fucking bullshit is this?????

    Here's an idea for all the parasites out there…> CREATE SOMETHING YOURSELF THAT SELLS


  18. The BROKEN Hardy deal has been reached as far as it's concerned. GFW gets the visual art style of the promos while the Hardys keep their characters from it since they helped get that style over in the company. This is the real reason why WWE did that New Day segment where they went to the Wyatt compound; a trial run of the visual style for the Broken Hardys.

  19. i disagree tna doesnt stand for complete negativity. tna to many means the biggest wrestling company besides wwe

  20. Rosemary shouldn't have lost. Let's move ahead in our 5 year plan by taking the belt off of our most recognizable wrestler. To me she is.

  21. Hmmmm… the WWE could always go with 'Slightly Broken' just like 'The Club'. Nothing better than a WWE "Original" idea. lol. Too bad Matt has legal issues still with TNA as the 'Broken' gimmick was completely over.

  22. ๐†๐…๐–:

  23. I have never watched TNA/ Impact/ what ever it's called this week but I sure enjoy the backstage drama.

  24. Martial Arts Film Freak

    So the global force show I'm going to next week could have lashley and el patron? Please? I've been to 3 of these shows and theyre always just barely okay. Jeff Hardy was at the last one and Jarret lost his TNT world title so the last one was pretty good.

  25. Great Balls of Fire sponsored by Rocket League, Makes sense! (Because the ball in Rocket League can be on fire!)

  26. Brandon Waggoner

    I know you guys their like honesty from fans, because it helps you be better. So i have to tell you, i'm tired of the broken matt hardy news reports on what's happening. Just report it when the deal finally goes through. Because ever since they returned you can backtrack the months of video posts about the deal. It's tiring me to the gimmick.

  27. What Jeff Jarrett should have said about the legal battle with Matt Hardy is "Thank God we have that going on, otherwise everyone would have long forgotten TNA by now."

  28. Cannot wait for the broken universe to finally make its debut on WWE who will be deleted, Hey Jericho make a list of people needing to be deleted

  29. I still feel like Matt hardy got his "delete" from death note. Not hating, because I do like it, just an observation

  30. See What I Did There?

    TNA is in a word: toxic. And I can't believe they didn't know TNA meant "tits & ass" to most men.

  31. just so everybody knows that I will not support matt or jeff hardy anymore. Mainly because they seem to me like they could not wait to get out of impact wrestling. They want to claim they supportedย  impact towards the end of their contract but truth be told they could not wait to go to the lame ass WWE.ย  The very company they bitched about in the past they could not wait to go back mainly because of the money. Anyway if they think they are going to win some so called great war with impact they had better think again.

  32. matt and jeff hardy need to just shut up and be grateful they still have jobs. Quit bitching about some stupid wrestling gimmick that will fade out by the end of the year.

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