Brock Lesnar WWE Update! Heat On WWE Star Backstage? | WrestleTalk News May 2017

Brock Lesnar WWE Update! Heat On WWE Star Backstage? | WrestleTalk News May 2017

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News!
I’m Oli Davis, and I’ll be replying to
as many comments on this video as I can.
The Miz, Seth Rollins Finn Balor main event
on this week’s Raw was arguably one of the
best WWE TV matches of the year so far, which
The Miz won to become the No. 1 contender
to Dean Ambrose’s Intercontinental Championship.
After Raw went off air, Ambrose and Miz furthered
their feud when a wild Bray Wyatt appeared
from underneath the ring.
Look at him go!
Follow those buzzards, Bray!
Thanks to @DevilsXOmega on Twitter for letting
us use that footage.
But Bray Wyatt hasn’t been the only one
exposing the business.
The WWE roster have just embarked on one of
their most gruelling annual trips – the European
Directly following this week’s episode of
Smackdown, the crew flew across the pond,
where WWE will run 24 shows in 14 different
countries over just 11 days, including next
week’s Raw and Smackdown TV tapings in London,
England – which I’m going to!
These intense tours can be stressful, with
long plane rides, coach journeys and Sin Cara
making annoying noises.
So it’s understandable a few of the boys
wanted to chillax before their first show
in Italy last night.
As his new gimmick seems to be forcing people
to take selfies with him, Titus O’Neil has
posted a photo on Twitter of a few Raw wrestlers
just hanging out in Rome, with himself, Heath
Slater, Matt Hardy, Curtis Axel and…wait
a second…that can’t be…the currently
injured and most definitely feuding titans
of Raw Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns getting
along just fine together!
It’s considered bad form in professional
wrestling to be seen all chummy in public
when you’re engaged in a bitter blood feud
with each other on TV – and even more so when
it’s your A show’s top feud: Titus O’Neil
and Heath Slater.
And, to a lesser degree, Strowman and Reigns.
For a company that last year suspended Titus
for 60 days because he slightly pushed Vince
McMahon, these photos will most likely garner
O’Neill backstage heat.
And he seems to have realised his mistake,
very quickly removing the photo from all his
social media.
Since winning the Universal Championship from
Goldberg at Wrestlemania 33 last month, Brock
Lesnar hasn’t been seen at all on WWE TV.
And it seems that ain’t going to change
for the next couple of months.
Dave Meltzer has revealed on Wrestling Observer
Radio that Lesnar currently only has two dates
scheduled for WWE: Great Balls of Fire in
July and Summerslam in August.
However, this isn’t as serious as it first
Lesnar is actually expected to be around more
for his current championship run than he was
for his 2014-2015 reign, it’s just that
WWE haven’t yet confirmed the exact schedule.
Braun Strowman seems to be Brock’s next
challenger, with Finn Balor and Seth Rollins
also being likely opponents down the line.
A Balor vs Lesnar main event for Summerslam
would fit into storyline very nicely, being
a year since Finn became the first ever Universal
But before Great Balls of Fire, we have the
Smackdown-exclusive pay-per-view Backlash
in just two weeks’ time, which now has an
official poster – Shinsuke Nakamura’s Great
Balls of Fire right in your face.
It’s a really reassuring placement of Nakamura,
with WWE obviously seeing his debut match
on the main roster as the show’s major selling
point-WHOAH, wait a second.
What does that say above his left leg?
‘The Artist Known As Shinsuke Nakamura’!?
Oh god dammit.
Bayley picked up a nasty looking injury on
this week’s Raw, and the brand new episode
of WrestleRamble is now live, where Luke Owen
and I decide which show was better – Raw or
Click the videos to the left to find out more
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I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

100 thoughts on “Brock Lesnar WWE Update! Heat On WWE Star Backstage? | WrestleTalk News May 2017”

  1. Silver And Style

    for a second at the start of the video, I thought the heat was going to be on bray wyatt. that would an incredibly lame way to get heat on yourself

  2. How much is WWE really making off Brock Lesnar? Enough for them to pay him one of the highest salaries out of all superstars when he isnt present most the time and not really giving the best matches (not saying he's bad just his latest fights have been very repetitive and mediocre).

  3. That alarm is a red alert from star trek. And my text message notofication. I paused vid to see the text and there wasnt one. THANKS OLI lol

  4. WWE 2017: 'How dare Titus uploads photos of Roman and Straumann, they're in a feud!'
    WWE 2016: 'Hey Miz and Dolph, since you guy work well together, we want you to do an episode for Ridealong.'

    Miz: 'But we're going to be in a feud.'
    WWE: 'It's fine'

  5. Could they at least create story points for why Lesnar is exempt from the often exercised 30 day compete clause? I know this isnt the first time but for goodness sake, anytime anyone has an injury(even ones that guys come back within a couple months) belts have been stripped in the name of the aforementioned 30 day clause

  6. so everyone who is sharing that screenshot that titus wanted down are just bringing more heat on him from wwe management. not cool.

  7. WWE ignoring their own rule of if you don't defend your title within 30 days of you winning or defending it… because of either storyline or because they don't want to take the banana from an angry roid-raged Cesar from Planet of the Apes.
    Edit: They should do a storyline where Nakamura changes his name so we can call him The artist formerly known as Shinsuke Nakamura

  8. SplatdowProduction

    This IS Stupid that old rule for trying to make Wrestling Feel Real! is bull shiet.. you shouldnt be punish for putting up picture of co workers…its like you put up Captain america Chris Evan Picture up in Disney world and marvel punish him for it.. it stupid I know Wrestling is an Act in Term Of beef… YEah I Still dont Believe Braum Was Able To Lift The Ambulance….

  9. fourth wall reviews

    wwe need to take the belt off brock lesner if he's not going to defend the belt on pay-per-view regularly or TV regularle

  10. MoonlightStrider

    Braun: I'M NOT FINISHED WITH YOU…Wanna stop by the leaning tower and pretend to push it Roman?


  11. 0:50 i really wish we saw more of this kind of thing, i mean yes it breaks with kayfabe (but its Bray he doesn't care about that stuff anyway, just google him as a princess and while you're it it look up Stroman as wonder woman) based on the look on Brays face it looks like he may have been naughty (or just needs to pee)

  12. Shouldn't Lesnar be stripped off the championship considering the fact that he didn't defend the championship within 30 days?

  13. here's a thought: take the damn title away from brock, he's a terrible champion and let's be honest nearly everyone forgot who the universal champ was and the fact there is such thing as a universal Champion

  14. one more thing if your going to bring the hardys in make them the broken hardys and role with that bring the rest of the other people in and role with the story line it will work

  15. Why does he continue to say that he will "reply to as many people on this video as he can"?? Come on man, we get it.

  16. Brock Lesnar…??? There are more important questions…like: Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego…???

  17. Yiu guys wanted goldberg to drop it on lesnar at Wrestle Mania 33 because he's a part timer,But Goldberg defend it atleast twice and appear on tv.But look at brock

  18. Da faq? I thought WWE killed all notion of Kayfabe years ago. They constantly post photos of wrestlers hanging out together.

  19. what happened to having to defend the title at least 1 time in 30 days? how many months will we go before we see a title match for the main title on the a-show? they give the belt to a guy that is a part-timer who's so built up to being unstoppable it's going to have to be Braun that takes the title from Brock or it's not believable. FAIL for giving Brock the title and then doing absolutely fucking nothing with it..

  20. James Bilzerian

    Wait, so it's a no no for wrestler's to be seen being chummy together when they're feuding, ok. but what about total diva's

  21. menacinggesture

    It's funny how WWE pretty much nullified their top titles, and made their midcard titles the most relevant.

  22. Brock Lesnar defending his title every three months is not defending his title more. technically he could do one more extra pay-per-view then his last title run and that's defending his title more.

  23. I thought all titles must be defended in 30 days or forfeited??? Or is that just everyone who's champion except Brock Lesnar??

  24. australia sells out more then arenas in uk, many seats i saw were not full. glad we get good attendance.

  25. Respect and people complaining about Goldberg being the universal champion where's brock lesnar I don't see anyone complaining about him not showing up

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