Brock Lesnar Title Match Scrapped? Broken Hardys WWE Update! | WrestleTalk News July 2017

Brock Lesnar Title Match Scrapped? Broken Hardys WWE Update! | WrestleTalk News July 2017

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Maybe in a year’s time, we’ll be saying
‘July 6th was the day the SWAFT revolution
began’, just like how yesterday, Matt Hardy
tweeted his own special anniversary:
Happy Broken Birthday
“A Solar Revolution ago today, I made my
Brother,Nero a better man.
July 5th marks one year since Matt and Jeff’s
genre-defying Final Deletion match, a mini-movie
of epic proportions that included holographic
messages delivered by drone, a ruined lawn
design, and the birth of Jeff Hardy’s Broken
Brother Nero character.
This spurred even more chaotic sequels Delete
or Decay and Total Nonstop Deletion.
But a year after that first match, the Hardy
Boyz are stuck in gimmick limbo in WWE, with
their former employers Impact Wrestling claiming
ownership rights over the Broken characters.
Despite tweeting on Sunday that he was “days
away from winning” – a seeming reference
to his Intellectual Property Great War – and
then adding Finn Balor to his Broken Club
on Instagram, PWInsider are reporting that
the word backstage at this week’s GFW Impact
Tapings is that the Hardys and Anthem are
still nowhere close to settling their issues,
which likely means the gimmick won’t be
debuting in WWE anytime soon.
Brock Lesnar Match Scrapped
Speaking of new Broken Club member Finn Balor,
his planned pay-per-view match against Brock
Lesnar appears to have been scrapped.
The original plan was to have Lesnar work
through Raw’s top male wrestlers, defending
his Universal Title against Braun Strowman,
Samoa Joe, Finn Balor and Seth Rollins, eventually
falling to Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 34.
Strowman was originally slotted in for the
Summerslam Lesnar match, but when he got hurt
back in May, WWE had to hastily rewrite Raw’s
main event storylines.
The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has recently
reported, however, that the planned Summerslam
main event has now been changed , and it’ll
likely be against Roman Reigns – bringing
forward that Wrestlemania 34 main event to
have a more regular Universal champion on
Or they could just have Samoa Joe win this
Sund- …yeah, I don’t think that’s gonna
Unfortunately, the odd man out in all this
is Finn Balor, as according to Wrestling Observer
Radio, the originally planned Balor vs Brock
match for the title looks to be scrapped too.
It seems WWE don’t know what to do with
Finn at the moment.
Despite being the inaugural Universal Champion
and never actually losing the belt, he finds
himself without a proper storyline heading
into this Sunday’s pay-per-view, stuck in
mid-card filler with Elias Samson.
Seth Rollins Wants Rock Match
PWInsider has speculated that a Lesnar vs
Seth Rollins match is still in the works,
though, pointing out a Survivor Series date
would play into the promotion for WWE 2K18,
for which Rollins is the cover star.
Crossfit Jesus Rambo Apocalypse, however,
is thinking further ahead – when he replied
to a fan asking about a potential match against
Rock ‘The Dwayne’ Johnson:
“I mean Mania is only like 8 months away…TWO
A major New Japan star was backstage for both
Raw and Smackdown this week!
And Luke and I explain why realism matters
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100 thoughts on “Brock Lesnar Title Match Scrapped? Broken Hardys WWE Update! | WrestleTalk News July 2017”

  1. Lol what so Finn never lost the title and u have no story not even a rematch for the title but Roman can have a title shot every month ??? This is why wwe is going down hill

  2. I know WWE think Roman is fine and its fine pushing Roman because he gets such a reaction from the crowd. But what WWE fails to see is the people who have stopped watching because of Roman….

  3. Everybody can see a Roman vs Brock match coming soon could be summerslam… Typical WWE cliche, its a passing of the torch if you will signifying Roman as the top guy in WWE… WWE looking after their casual watching fans here.. Oh well we all knew another John Cena would be born soon. Vince is like that guy on Alien creating Xenomorphs

  4. I would much rather see Finn vs Brock rather than Braun vs Brock 🙁

    I hope Samoa Joe shocks Brock this Sunday in Dallas & we finally have ourselves a full-time WWE Universal Champion 😉

  5. Let Joe win at sunday but if you dont PLEASE dont let roman be the champ give it to seth or finn or braun but no roman

  6. dude, y'all Finn fans needs to understand, he's to fucking small and he can not be the one to beat Brock. why??? here's why, he's to fucking small and is injury's prone.

  7. If they don't know what to do with Finn Balor, they could have him beat up Neville and win the cruiserweight title. He could be like the seldom appearing Brock Lesnar of 205 Live.

  8. Balors overrated anyway, hes a smarks guy meaning, smarks just root for him because hes a bullet club new japan guy. Samoa Joe is better on the mic and has had better matches.

  9. Angela McCafferrty

    I'm a wrestling fan. The WWE and the now GFW Impact wrestling. The broken gimmick would either not be used or buried like Sting in the WWE

  10. I would like to see Seth Rollins vs Kurt Angle at surviver Series, because u know… they are the faces of 2K 18 :p

  11. I'm hoping Joe wins Sunday and reigns doesn't get another wrestlemania main event. Raw is such a predictable show,mix it up wwe. Also,I'm about tired of the miz and Ambrose feud. It seems like they've been going at it for a year now. I say the miz gets destroyed by strowman for the IC championship

  12. The Final Deletion is one of my very favorite moments in wrestling. …. Everything they did with that gimmick was my favorite thing ever

  13. 3rd Street Saint 69

    I don't think we'll ever see the Broken Gimmick, and if we do, it'll be so late that everyone's gonna be over it.

  14. Restraining Sammy

    Braun will be beating Roman at The Great Balls of Fire pay-per-view, setting up Braun against Brock for Summerslam. Sorry to ruin anyone's Brock vs. Roman Summerslam plans…..Roma and Brock for Wrestlemania is still on, as far as I have heard…but take me from a friend who knows a friend….grain of salt…..etc….

  15. They should have Roman win at ss loose the title to Braun or Joe at Survivor Series and then Balor wins the rumble and then the title at mania

  16. The original plan was to have Brock Lesnar work his way through the roster, defending his title, but instead he didn't do shit for six months because he's a special case somehow.

  17. I know what WWE should do with finn

    Doesn't have to be against Brock it could be with anyone who's universal champion but NOT ROMAN REIGNS OR STROWMAN even though I really like Braun because he's awesome af

  18. Time to continue our attacks on Anthem oops I mean Global Force Wrestling lol.. We the fans can and will DELETE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. You forgot the most important thing of the birth of the Broken Gimmick: The Rise of Skarsgaad

  20. thats it ive had it with WWE. ive stopped watching Raw and SD. they are wasting balor, owens, nakamura, stylez. im watching NJPW

  21. I personally think Balor should be put to CWC first before being brought back to the main roster, it'll make the CWC interesting with him there as well as with Enzo and Kalisto

  22. Everyone is forgetting about No Mercy! Which is in between Summerslam and Survivor series, so if Roman does win, then him and fin could have a championship match there

  23. I feel like having a part time champion has actually been good. Its made brock and the belt feel more special as a result of their underexposure. This Joe-Lesnar feud has definitely elevated Samoa Joe in my eyes and would've done the same for the rest of raws top talent helping create more stars. Really hope brock holds onto it

  24. why can't they commit to something that isn't Roman,, I don't really have a problem with him but swapping a champion that's never on TV with a champion no-one wants, #letjoewin

  25. What little interest I have in WWE will die moment Joe loses. Joe fucking destroying Lesnar is only hope I have WWE will begin to start fixing itself

  26. We all know joe is going to lose to brock and bruan will lose to roman, and summerslam will be brock vs roman

  27. I prefer them doing the Reigns vs Lesnar match at Summerslam than Wrestlemania. Altough it sucks we aint getting Balor vs Lesnar

  28. I love balor I hate Kevin buckteeth dunn he can't book shit him and Vince needs to leave bring hhh in and gets this company out of the shitter

  29. I for one am glad that we won't get to see Matt's ridiculous "broken" gimmick.
    Don't get me wrong,though Jeff can take his part of the "broken" gimmick and excel with it in the WWE as well as his Willow gimmick,but Matt's part of the "broken" gimmick can be hilarious at first,I grant you that,but then it starts to wear thin after awhile.

    For me,Matt Hardy goes from being hilariously entertaining at first with his "broken" gimmick to either thinking that there is something seriously wrong with the man or else he is making a parody out of people who are in fact mentally ill and its probably best that TNA holds onto it and continues to claim it thus disallowing Matt & Jeff to carry on the gimmick further in other promotions that may not be associated with TNA in some way.

  30. Shit like that piss me off about WWE, They love to burry these really good wrestlers in the mid card seen.

  31. I wanna see Joe choke Brock out for the belt. Brock come back strong and introduce Joe to the Kimura Lock and work it so it seems like he's dislocated Joe's shoulder – thus winning the belt back. Then in the third and final match ever between the two work the shoulder like Joe can't properly lock the choke in so that when he finally does the crowd literally freakin' explode. Could do it off an F-5 set up as Brock winds him up.

  32. Jamie sweat baddog

    I think Brock will drop the belt to Joe because 1. raw needs a full time champ and 2. he is tripple H guy. Joe is a multi talented wrestler and a mix martial arts .3 Joe and Brock can head lighn summer slam

  33. Did he just say "that was wrestling" I have two answers for that 1.after he talked about everything that is going on in WWE right now and then he said "that was wrestling" boyyyyyyy and 2.duh "that was wrestling" I mean boyyyyy

  34. when will these WWE people Vince McMahon get people don't like Roman Reigns stop trying to force him down our throats because when he become Champion again the ratings are going to go down

  35. East coast And love it

    This sucks . I was looking forward to seeing brawn stroman vs Brock . I hope stroman gets a big push. I'm sick of seeing the members of the shield get pushes and to me it's terrible . I can't stand any of them.

  36. Universal Title is a fucking joke.. If Brock Lesnar wins, he disappears again.. lol.. and RAW goes back to bein boring..

  37. Call me a Balor fanboy or whatever but ffs Finn never lost the belt and hasn't been given his "Guarantee'd Rematch" – Stephanie McMahon, August 2016! And Finn is the best wrestler on Raw atm and is working well with Hardy'z!

  38. bigevilworldwide1

    Can we stop saying that Finn didn't lose the title…..YES he did, when you have to forfeit the title due to injury that is losing the title…That doesn't entitle you to some magic rematch when you get back. Had if lost it when he was injured then people might have a point but when you are forced to forfeit it due to an injury your assed out that is your problem at that point 10 other guys are going to take that persons place while they're gone…

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