Brock Lesnar Changed Wrestlemania Plans! Corey Graves SHOOTS On WWE Match! | WrestleTalk News 2017

Brock Lesnar Changed Wrestlemania Plans! Corey Graves SHOOTS On WWE Match! | WrestleTalk News 2017

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Illegal things you can get away with on Smackdown
Give him a Wrestlemania match!
Attempted murder?
No repercussions!
Beating up a McMahon?
Whoah – stop right there, pal.
We’re going to have to fire you for that
Last night’s episode continued the blue
brand’s strong build to Wrestlemania, firstly
with Daniel Bryan officially making the long-reported
mixed gender tag match of John Cena and Nikki
Bella vs The Miz and Maryse.
The feud has been using real life material
for inspiration, and last night’s Miz TV
segment with Maryse was no different:
“A while ago I was offered a contract to
come back to WWE and be on the first season
of Total Divas…Nikki, you took a contract
away from me.”
This is based on a rumour that the Bella Twins
played a part in blocking Maryse, Kelly Kelly
and Maria Kanellis from coming back to WWE
in 2013, which has also been used for material
in the later seasons of Total Divas.
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And yesterday’s Raw review poll results
are in: 28% of you agreed with me that it
was ‘Poor’, but the majority 48% thought
it slightly better at AvRAWge.
Last night also saw Austin Aries win 205 Live’s
No 1 contender’s 5-way elimination match
to face Neville for the Cruiserweight title,
and Shane McMahon challenged AJ Styles for
This came after Styles attacked the Smackdown
Live commissioner backstage, brutally putting
McMahon’s head through a car window.
Bryan promptly fired AJ from the show – in
storyline, don’t worry – but Shane later
hobbled out to steal the main event tag match’s
limelight, announcing himself as Styles’
Wrestlemania opponent.
This match-up has been reported for months
now, and many are disappointed Styles won’t
be facing an actual wrestler at WWE’s biggest
show of the year.
Raw announcer Corey Graves is one of those
On Monday’s very bizarre WWE Network show
Bring It To The Table – where WWE attempt
to address legitimate fan criticism by…criticising
the fans – Graves actually voiced that opinion:
“The prospect of AJ Styles vs. Shane McMahon
does absolutely nothing for me.”
He went on to effectively say Shane is a character
on a show, whereas AJ is a wrestler who can
put on – here it comes – phenomenal matches.
And not putting Styles with a better worker
is akin to missing out on “a full cinematic
experience in the ring…art in its highest
This is most definitely a worked shoot on
Corey’s part, fitting in with the awkward
half-kayfabe/half-real tone of the show.
Graves a smart guy, and he wouldn’t have
said something like that without clearing
it with the higher ups first.
AJ Styles wasn’t always Shane McMahon’s
Wrestlemania opponent, though.
Remember Summerslam 2016?
That show ended with Lesnar giving McMahon
an F5 after bloodying up Randy Orton, and
was the start of Brock and Shane’s originally
planned Wrestlemania 33 match build.
Dave Meltzer recently mentioned on Wrestling
Observer Radio that while all this changed
when Goldberg returned to WWE – making the
FANTASY WARFARE match come true – Lesnar was
already working on getting himself out of
facing Shane because The Beast “certainly
didn’t want to do [it].”
There’s another Wrestlemania 33 match that
looks like it’s definitely off – find out
what in my review of this week’s episode
of Raw – and two more WWE stars will miss
the company’s biggest show of the year because
of injury.
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I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

100 thoughts on “Brock Lesnar Changed Wrestlemania Plans! Corey Graves SHOOTS On WWE Match! | WrestleTalk News 2017”

  1. Why do you think WWE still hasn't chosen to do John Cena vs The Undertaker, considering it's arguably the only truly huge name matchup for the Undertaker left?

  2. Hmm… Take steroids, get fined and suspended in the UFC, crying home to Vinnie Mac, gets a title at 'Mania. Yup, the system works!


  3. Shane vs aj is going to be garbage, Aj will go hard af but he is working with a civilian. Smh why the fuck you couldnt give aj anyone else?!

  4. why do these McMahons think we want to see them in a ring. Oh please, I'd rather hulk Hogan fighting brodus clay or something nutty like that before I'd want to see Shane. Only thing I'd like to see is Stephanie in a bra and panties match vs maryse vs Bailey vs that girl that hangs with Charlotte. Shane is corny and he's not triple h!! somebody give him the memo!! jeez. Oli your my guy, make that bra and panties fatal 4 way happen. I'm still doing that song I told u about, you'll get the credit bro, September 2017 all is wrestling fans will like it," no fucks given"!!!

  5. I don't get why people are upset about AJ vs Shane. Shane is fantastic and puts on an amazing show every single time he's in the ring.

  6. Maybe they'll swerve us and have AJ Styles vs Daniel Bryan…
    Definitely not happening, but I can dream….

    Also, "AJ Styles wasn't always Shane McMahon's Wrestlemania opponent…" Why the fuck does Shane NEED a Wrestlemania match?

  7. And then people wonder why the fans have crapped on WWE for their stupid decisions. You mean to tell me that they couldn't find a better opponent for AJ EFFING STYLES!? This is exactly what is wrong with the idiots in creative and ultimately Vince McMahon/Triple H etc. Absolutely brutal booking.

  8. Brock Lesnar didn't want to face Shane McMahon at WrestleMania? Wow. Even Brock knew that it would be a waste of his time. Smart man. Oh wait I'm sorry. I meant smart BEAST.

  9. Shane O'Mac can go. I don't see why people are so bothered by it. And if AJ is so great he can carry him anyways right?

  10. I know that you're supposed to suspend your disbelief when it comes to the backstage segments of wrestling… and maybe this is just because I'm the type of person to recklessly jump into the middle of a fight to break it up whether it involves me or not… but the two guys by the shutter in the segment about AJ beating on Shane… If you've just seen the person who is effectively your boss enter the building and get physically assaulted, wouldn't you at least TRY to stop it before it went as far as one of their heads going through a car's window???

  11. Shane vs Styles is fine. Styles can pull a good match out of almost anyone, and Shane can tell a story, even if he isn't the most technical wrestler.

    Bork Laser vs Shane O'Mac though? I actually laughed.

  12. I don't know why they didn't give Shane to Roman Reigns. Reigns isn't a wrestler either. Cena could've had Undertaker and Aj Styles could have been in the triple threat match. Wwe is retarded

  13. when you rang the bell all i could think was that you wanted to eat the bucks of youth feet. that crack addict is inside my brains.

  14. This AJ and Shane thing can only lead to Nakamura coming in, right? He's the only one that can help AJ put on a show in the ring. Hell, shane may say he can't go at the ultimate thrill ride and violins start playing there.

  15. if shane really wants to wrestle he needs to get in there with some lower card guy instead of having freakin aj styles or any other top guy waste a WM spot on some old scrub

  16. Thank goodness for Corey and Brock. At least they have sense. UGH! Still peeved of AJ vs Shane when you could have had an serious stellar of a fight such as AJ vs Nakamura. Would have insanely loved to see those guys go for a Match of the Year (Match of the Decade or Best Match Ever already gone to Kenny vs Okada) caliber contest again!

  17. DINOSOWER! method

    Yeah Corey was doing a work. Because everyone said that about Shane vs Kurt and that was one of Kurt's best matches the spots were great and all Shane's ideas obviously. And plus look at all the crazy shit they can do watch AJ Styles in TNA and then watch Shane's matches I think it will be Awwwwwesome!

  18. I don't blame Brock Lesnar one bit for Not wanting to step into the ring with Shane Mcmahon. I just wish poor A.J had that kind of veto power

  19. I have a theory the reason Smack Down is doing better than Raw is because Shane and Daniel Bryan stay out middle of the show.
    They let the Wrestler's go against each other not " the Authority 2.0 or 3.8 WTF ever it is this time.

    It's just my opinion but what do y'all think.

  20. If you were alright with Undertaker vs Shane McMahon, then why aren't you alright with Shane Mcmahon vs Undertaker.

  21. Anyone else laugh when Smackdown ran over too long and got cut off the split second after Shane said "AJ doesn't have an opponent? He does now" lol

  22. Daniel Bryan should intervene & tell Shane "No, I've got this"……. Styles/Bryan would be GOLD, Bryan could pull it off.

  23. It should have been better where would be a triple threat match between Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton and AJ Styles at Wrestlemania.

  24. i find it absolutely hysterical that miz would first run his mouth and then run away after he sees John Cena, I mean I get that The Miz is an "A-List Celebrity" and all and that he does all he can to protect his "moneymaker", but here's one thing we know abot wrestlers, in order to make the fans happy, there needs to be some pain involved so what that means for miz is that he can't avoid getting hurt forever

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