Bray Wyatt SHOCK Gimmick REVEALED! Dean Ambrose To AEW LEAKED?! | WrestleTalk News May 2019

Bray Wyatt SHOCK Gimmick REVEALED! Dean Ambrose To AEW LEAKED?! | WrestleTalk News May 2019

Braun Strowman is pulled from the Money in
the Bank match! Bray Wyatt finally unveils
his terrifying final form. And the Midcard
of Evil grows stronger every week.
And has Dean Ambrose’s AEW debut been leaked?!
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the 13th May 2019 edition of Monday Night
MizTV opened the not-so-live show from the
UK to hype his Money in the Bank match with
Shane McMahon this Sunday – where, sadly,
the stipulation is just a steel cage, and
not a ladder match with MizDad suspended over
the ring.
And then we got our first of this week’s
Wild Cards, Roman Reigns!
There was a nice character moment here when
Miz started to go back into his old fame-hungry
ways, telling Roman they should star in a
buddy movie together, when Reigns said he’s
only here to talk to the new Miz, prompting
Miz to cut a great promo on Shane, which led
to the OmniShane himself to come out. Is he
a Wild Card too, or just a McMahon, I’m
already confused.
It was all just a dastardly distraction for
Shane’s Midcard of Evil Bobby Lashley and
Elias (who I’m also guessing is a Wild Card)
to attack Reigns and Miz, and before you know
Holla, holla – we got ourselves a tag match,
Shane caused the DQ just when Miz was about
to make the hot tag, after which the babyfaces
stood tall following a brawl.
Mojojojo Rawley debuted his new Taser Face
gimmick next on the actual show rather than
a throwaway clip on YouTube like last week,
where he quickly beat Apollo Crews. Who is
a SmackDown guy. What a Wild Card!
And then we got our fourth with Charlotte
turning up for the dual contract signing with
Becky Lynch and Lacey Evans. It was good to
see Becky being really over with the London
crowd, but I thought Charlotte’s promo was
awkwardly scripted – just full of clumpy buzzphrases
like ‘Baddest Woman on the Planet’ and
‘you call yourself Becky Two Belts’. Nobody
talks like that!
Thankfully this went the way all wrestling
contract signings go, with Becky being put
through the table by Charlotte and Evans,
who then posed with the belts they’re fighting
for this Sunday. Nothing spectacular, but
a solid segment to build their Money in the
Bank matches.
The same can’t be said for Baron Corbin
vs Ricochet where it doesn’t matter how
much of an incredible high-flyer you are,
even Ricochet can’t escape the pull of Baron
Corbin’s Midcard Vortex! Within just a few
months, WWE have flattened out one of the
most exciting wrestlers in the world to a
high-level enhancement talent to tall people
– a position formerly held by Finn Balor.
In a lame attempt to get some of Ricochet’s
heat back, Baron then stupidly tried to climb
a ladder to unhook the Money in the Bank briefcase
six days before the match started, and Ricochet
pushed him off.
To actually achieve that PPV-hyping visual
atop the ladder, Baron should’ve taken a
page from Alexa Bliss’ book, and ruined
someone’s character to get her there
Bliss was originally scheduled to take on
her fellow women’s Money in the Bank participants
Naomi, Natalya and Dana Brooke in a Fatal
Four Way here, but she’d lost her wrestling
gear on the airline.
Enter the now suddenly sane Nikki Cross – the
once ‘Come Play With Me’ Nikki Cross,
the creepy demonic smiling Nikki Cross – who
just walks into shot like another wooden soap
opera actress just happy for the chance to
compete. She’ll take Alexa’s place in
the four-way tonight because, boy howdy, isn’t
wrestling in the WWE just swell!
It’s an awful betrayal of a character that
hasn’t even had a chance to establish herself
on the main roster yet, but what’s even
more frustrating is that she was back to being
insane Nikki for the match – further confusing
what her character is supposed to be.
The four way itself was actually pretty fun,
with the literal high point being Dana’s
crossbody off a ladder. Nikki ended up winning
by pinning Natalya – meaning the only person
not in the pay-per-view match this weekend
The post-match angle returned Cross to her
sane-again persona, holding the ladder so
Bliss could pose at the top with the briefcase
– implying they’re just going to do the
same Alexa manipulates a friend storyline
we’ve already seen with Mickie James and
Nia Jax.
Rey Mysterio took on Cesaro in a really good
TV match next. Cesaro might still very much
have Sheamus’ entrance music, but he’s
still an excellent singles wrestler.
Rey rightly won, as he’s fighting for Joe’s
US title this weekend, but it proves Cesaro
could be a really solid upper midcarder if
WWE only pushed him consistently.
The Revival said they’re going to put a
stop to The Usos humiliating them. Good luck
with that, your contracts expire in 2020.
And then after four weeks of excellent Firefly
Fun House segments, Bray Wyatt finally unveiled
what he’s been working on. After starting
off in the usual unsettling way – with Rambling
Rabbit crudely taped back up after being eaten
last week – Bray went full dark, as the cutesy
Firefly Fun House set morphed into a hellish,
creepy room with Wyatt’s new form standing
in the middle – a demonic Beetlejuice with
a Mercy the Buzzard-inspired mask, a look
that’s simultaneously terrifying and awesome.
With his new look finally revealed, hopefully
that means we’ll see him in the actual ring
on next Monday’s post-Money in the Bank
WWE took a different tact to promoting AJ
Styles vs Seth Rollins, having backstage interviews
with them instead of any go-home angles. This
allowed them to play archive footage of Seth
and AJ wrestling 15 years ago – where Rollins
said he looked up to Styles back then, but
come Sunday, it’ll be the other way round.
And the main event went to a last-minute switch
of the men’s Money in the Bank participants.
Sami Zayn convinced the OmniShane to book
him vs Braun Strowman in a Falls Count Anywhere
match – because the OmniShane can book matches
on Raw, I guess – with Braun’s Money in
the Bank spot on the line.
It was a smart move as Zayn had a plan – the
gravitational pull of the Midcard of Evil.
Both Corbin and Drew McIntyre attacked Braun
at various points, eventually teaming up to
give Sami the win, and taking out their most
fearsome competitor this Sunday.
It makes the line-up much more exciting, as
Zayn built his career on ladder matches, but
it’s just the latest kayfabe misfire for
Strowman – not something he needs while trying
to rebuild after his terrible 2018. And not
even putting Sami through the announcers table
to close the show will help that.
Bray’s reveal, Sami in Money in the Bank,
and a really good Cesaro vs Rey Mysterio match
– I rather enjoyed this episode. But maybe
that’s because my standards have been set
so low in recent weeks. Therefore I award
this Raw a cautious AvRAWge.
Now over to Luke with the news!
Great review as always, Oli. Yowie Wowie.
Over the weekend it was reported that a potential
name for WWE’s third show in Saudi Arabia
would be Sands of Time, but sadly there will
be no Prince of Persia debut in WWE, as the
company announced yesterday the show will
officially be titled Su-su-super Showdown.
Where have I heard that name before? Oh no,
that one had a hyphen. Totally new and original
Perhaps the bigger news however is that the
first matches for the show haven been revealed
– as Triple H will take on Randy Orton, and
we’ll get the first-ever meeting between
The Undertaker and Goldberg. Which is actually
somewhat of a dream match… 20 years ago.
Probably not so much, now. There will also
be a giant 50-man Battle Royal, which sounds
like a total clusterfu–
As with the previous two Saudi Arabia shows
and because of the country’s archaic laws
against women, the female wrestlers of WWE
will not be part of Super Showdown, and there
are still questions in the air over Sasha
Banks and her future with the company.
Sasha Banks hasn’t been seen on WWE TV since
she lost her Women’s Tag Team Championships
to The IIconics at WrestleMania in April.
Her tag partner Bayley was drafted in the
somehow-still-ongoing Superstar Shake-Up WHEN
WILL YOU END and there have been several reports
about Banks being unhappy with her position
in the company.
It’s also been reported that Banks tried
to quit the company over WrestleMania weekend,
and is now happy to sit out the rest of her
contract – however there is every chance WWE
could artificially extend that the same way
they did to Rey Mysterio and PAC when they
tried to leave, and are currently doing to
Luke Harper and Dash Wilder of The Revival.
And now a new report from Tom Colohue from
PWTorch – the same site that broke the news
that Dean Ambrose would be leaving WWE when
his contract expired last month – says that
WWE are “willing to promise a lot of things
to see [Banks] return.” However he does
add in his tweet, “Whether they are also
willing to fulfill those promises remains
to be seen.”
Speaking of Dean Ambrose, and the former WWE
star rebranded himself back to Jon Moxley
recently via a video on Twitter – leading
to a lot of speculation that he is set to
join All Elite Wrestling when they head to
Las Vegas next week for Double or Nothing.
And in a rather interesting interview with
Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show on YouTube, the
former Jack Swagger and current day Jake Hager
revealed that he’s had conversations with
All Elite Wrestling about joining the promotion,
but says that nothing will happen until the
summer as he wants to focus on his MMA training.
However in all of this, he seemed to accidentally
spoil that Jon Moxley will debut at All Elite
Wrestling’s Double or Nothing next Saturday…
sort of. Here’s what he said:
“I don’t want to step in Jon Moxley’s shadow.
That’s going to be a great debut for him.
I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that’s
where we see him at.”
Now the second half of that quote, where Hager
says he’s got his fingers crossed that’s
where Moxley will end up would suggest this
is just fantasy booking warfare on his part.
However, the first part of the quote where
he said Double or Nothing will be a great
debut for Moxley – along with admitting he’s
had conversations with All Elite Wrestling
about coming in himself – could suggest that
Mox is on his way to AEW, and will debut for
the company next Saturday at their first official
Thank you for watching, and a special thank
you to our Pledge Hammers on Patreon, some
of which you can see scrolling their way into
my stomach. It’s Game of Thrones week over
on ScreenStalker, and you can watch Laurie
Blake talk about what we can expect from the
final ever episode. I’ve been Luke Owen
and that was wrestling.

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