BIG WWE Star BACKSTAGE At Raw! Bray Wyatt & Woken Matt Hardy TEAMING?! | WrestleTalk News Mar. 2018

BIG WWE Star BACKSTAGE At Raw! Bray Wyatt & Woken Matt Hardy TEAMING?! | WrestleTalk News Mar. 2018

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News
– I’m Oli Davis.
Woken Wyatt & Hardy?
Ever since Bray Wyatt was DELETED in the Lake
of Reincarnation at the end of last week’s
Ultimate Deletion match, there has been much
speculation on how the Eater of Feuds will
The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported
there were “rumblings” of the Wyatt character
being repackaged following Ultimate Deletion,
and now the happenings at WWE’s live events
might have given a clue…
After Matt teased Bray’s “persona is about
to change” at last Saturday’s house show,
the two faced off the following night at the
Raw live event in Buffalo, New York.
But instead of fighting, the two hugged it
out – prompting an excellent pun run reaction
on Reddit:
-So he went into the Lake of Reincarnation
and came out as Brayley.
-Follow the Huggers
-And ‘He’s got the whoooole world, in his
This fits in with one of the most popular
suggestions on yesterday’s WrestleTalk News
poll asking how Wyatt should return – coming
back as Woken Bray Wyatt in a tag team with
Matt Hardy.
Although I’m afraid the correct answer was
The Funkosaurus.
Sadly, we might have to wait a while for those
two to become a team, as that heartwarming
hug isn’t where the story ends.
According to live reports, Bray then tried
to turn that embrace into a Sister Abigail,
but Hardy countered with a Twist of Fate.
Of course, Woken Matt entered himself in the…what’s
that music?
LUKE: It’s time for a super fact!
OLI: What?
When did that become a thin-
LUKE: As pointed out by Gr8QuestionShelton
on Reddit, Bray Wyatt might be the first WWE
wrestler in history to defend the WWE Championship
at WrestleMania one year, but not even be
on the card the next, while still a member
of the active roster!
That sucks!
Cheers Luke.
Of course, with Matt Hardy entering himself
in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal
on last night’s Raw, maybe we’ll see the
debut of Woken Wyatt to help him win that
And he’s not the only potentially new member
of Matt’s Woken Universe…
Jeff Hardy Backstage At WWE Raw
PWInsider are reporting Jeff Hardy was backstage
at last night’s episode of Raw.
While he did appear on the previous week’s
show, that was as Brother Nero in the pre-taped
Ultimate Deletion shot at the Hardy Compound
ten days before.
This is a promising sign for Jeff’s WWE
return – which seemed in jeopardy following
a DWI arrest on Saturday 10th March.
He’s been out with a torn labrum and rotator
cuff since last September, but revealed on
Instagram two weeks ago that he’s completed
his physical rehab.
PWInsider note that he’s since spent all
last week training at the Performance Center,
where he “looked great in the ring”.
While it’s unlikely Jeff will return before
WrestleMania 34, WWE have already announced
he’ll be teaming with his brother Matt as
the Hardy Boyz in a match against the Bar
at the Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia
on Friday 27th April.
What happened to the former WCW and WWF Invasion
tag team Kronik?
Find out in Brian Zane’s new WrestleTalk
series remembering the Heroes of the Alliance
by clicking the video to the left.
And check out his Wrestling With Wregret videos
beneath that!
I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

100 thoughts on “BIG WWE Star BACKSTAGE At Raw! Bray Wyatt & Woken Matt Hardy TEAMING?! | WrestleTalk News Mar. 2018”

  1. still waiting to find out who the big wwe star backstage was. all I heard was Jeff Hardy was backstage. so when is wrestletalk gonna reveal who the big wwe star backstage at raw was?

  2. I would love to see Jeff team with Stroman to take the titles from The Bar and lead to a title/fued match with Matt and Bray.

  3. yes I know I misspelled it in my last comment but that's cuz I'm not typing it I'm speaking it and I didn't check it before I posted it was a brain fart

  4. just a little fact here if Luke was an employee of WWE he would have been fired if not reprimanded at least for calling WWE Superstars wrestlers employees of WWE are not allowed to refer to employees as wrestlers they're not really supposed to use the term wrestling unless it absolutely has to be said they're actually had given a notice when they become employees that tells them that wrestlers are supposed to be referred to as Superstars and another fact they're not supposed to call Championship opportunities title shots they're supposed to be only referred to as title opportunities it's fucking archaic the way they are with their stupid rules and I'm basically verbally raping the sport they're supposed to be showing

  5. Honestly Luke. Go bald. No joke. Bald with beard looks sick. And your hair is screwing u man. I honestly think it could look awesome

  6. The woken gimmick sucks, you wanna put the final bullet in Wyatt’s career, do the stupid assed woken shit to him, Christ.

  7. Bray succeeds in teams, he struggles in singles. When he had his family they looked as strong as The Shield (even had a good feud if I recall), and having Orton team with his family elevated Bray. When all of that left, he was going nowhere.

    Having Bray team with Matt and Jeff, he can get back on track. MAKE THIS HAPPEN!! =3

  8. Are people really JUST now figuring this out? I've been saying that Bray's character will become "Broken" ever since the Woken Universe debuted in WWE. Sorry, but it a given to me and let me know I'm not going crazy and saw this angle a mile away. CHEERS 🍻


  10. Internet Dinosaur

    You know what would be awesome? Bo Dallas replacing Bray.
    After all, he was an amazing wrestler back in NXT.

  11. I thought greatest royal rumble was next year in punjab india…man was i wrong. I was actually looking forward to fans chanting for reigns and the modern day maharaja!😔

  12. ahhh yes Im gonna send vanguard 1 and put that obsolete friend of your Luke under surveillance and if he said such blasfemy against my broken universe I shall DELETE him yeessssss

  13. MAYBE….Woken matt hardy, brother Nero and bray will become the first wwe 6 man tag team champions and DELETE!!! Then they could bring those factions from NXT up and there is plenty of potential apponents. I don’t think we need a SmackDown and a raw 6 man tag champs just one or the other and maybe a women’s tag belt on the other

  14. Christian Hollister

    WWE shot themselves in the foot with Bray which goes back at least 3-4 years ago. Bringing him back, even at house shows right now is more proof that they don't have any idea what to do with this guy. Which is a shame really.

  15. Does that mean that the Bar is retaining the Raw Tag Team Championship at WM34 since they are booked against hardyz for the titles at the rumble thing?

  16. If these guys have any sense… Bray should come back at Mania as Braun's tag team partner.

    The storyline should be an "amnesia" thing where Bray Wyatt was deleted and now he's sort of like a wrestling idiot. And Braun uses/controls him as revenge for Bray keeping him down in the past.

    Would also leave the window open for Bray to "get his memory back" later, and return to the "Eater of Worlds" thing when they're ready to reboot the Wyatt family.

  17. If that is true? Bray must go back to the indies . His character has done nothing in a long time. It really bugs me . I think his character is awesome.

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