BIG TNA Backstage Releases & Changes! WWE Wants TNA Champion! | WrestleTalk News Dec. 2017

BIG TNA Backstage Releases & Changes! WWE Wants TNA Champion! | WrestleTalk News Dec. 2017

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News
– I am Luke Owen.
Backstage TNA Releases & Changes
TNA/Impact Wrestling/Global Force Owl Men/Whatever
They’re Called This Week haven’t had the
best 2017. Or 2016. Or 2015. But hopefully,
after another year of false starts, the company
is putting their owls in a row for a good
2018 – with some very significant backstage
PWInsider is reporting that both John ‘Big’
Gaburick and Dutch Mantel are expected to
officially leave Impact Wrestling on the 1st
January, 2018. Gaburick has been with TNA
since 2013, and has overseeing production
since Jeff Jarrett was let go in October.
Before that, he was a longtime employee of
WWE, working there since the 90s as its Vice
President of Television Production. He’s
been a reported source of tension backstage,
supposedly being behind the failed tape library
sale to WWE last year.
Mantel, meanwhile, is the former Zeb Colter
in WWE, and had been working for Impact in
Creative since Jeff joined TNA earlier this
year. But Dutch “lost his position of power
when Jarrett exited the company” and might
have “already been let go”.
These reported releases come at the same time
as a statement from Impact noting a reshuffle
at the top of their management structure,
revealing Don Callis and Scott D’Amore have
joined the company as Executive Vice Presidents,
who will report to Impact President Ed Nordholm,
and form “a 3-member Executive Committee
with overall responsibility for developing
the creative direction for the Company and
managing the execution of the Company’s
business plan.”
PWInsider adds that “There is an expectation
that there will be additional talents exiting
over the next month or so, including some
top of the card names.” James Storm and
Ethan Carter III are thought to be amongst
these, as their contracts are the most expensive,
and they expire early next year.
Another name said to be leaving the company
is more problematic, though – as they’re
currently one of the promotion’s champions.
Be careful, as we’re about to enter the
Spoiler Room Brawl for Impact Wrestling in
WWE Want Laurel Van Ness
Wrestling Observer Radio have revealed Laurel
Van Ness planned to leave TNA early last month,
but she didn’t let management know until
after she’d won the Knockouts Championship
at their 8th November TV taping – a win which
will air on this Thursday’s episode of Impact.
One reason behind Laurel wanting to leave
TNA might be the rumors that WWE is interested
in signing her. She previously appeared for
WWE in 2014 as Megan Miller – the physical
therapist who claimed to be having an affair
with Daniel Bryan, which was all part of the
awful feud between Stephanie McMahon and Brie
Bella. Ness also came fourth in the 2015 season
of WWE’s Tough Enough show, and she’s
currently dating Smackdown wrestler Zack Ryder.
The Wrestling Observer claim Impact will not
let Ness go until she’s been written out
of their storylines, while Creative Team member
Sonjay Dutt has told Sportskeeda “She’s
with the Knockouts Champion… She’s with
the company.”
Watch my review of this week’s Smackdown!
And what huge match has been scrapped from
WrestleMania 34? Click the videos to the left
to find out.
I’ve been Luke Owen, and that was wrestling.

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  1. With WWE doing a slightly flipped version of Matt Hardy's broken character from TNA now called woken Matt Hardy, If EC3 returns to WWE instead of hearing "trouble trouble trouble trouble" for his theme music your gonna hear instead "problem problem problem problem" with him hopefully still being his TNA character minus being Dixie Carter's nephew of course lol

  2. Okay, Don Callis and Scott D'Amore running TNA could be the best thing to happen to the company, well, ever. TNA may already be too deep in the hole to come back, but if any two guys can turn it around it's Callis and D'Amore! This is awesome news indeed! Bummer to see Dutch go though.

  3. Well the new tna management seems to be off to a hell of a start, letting go of top talent, I swear they have learned nothing from letting aj go.

  4. I would hate to see James Storm leave TNA. he is an original with the company.
    I would hate to see EC3 (Ethan Carter III) leave TNA. he is so much better there
    than when he was in the WWE as Derrick Bateman. please TNA, resign both
    James Storm and EC3!!

  5. Thank you for covering something other than WWE!!! Luke, quit tucking your damn ears into your hat! Who cares if they spring out, grow seven feet tall or whatever. F anyone who makes fun of it

  6. If everybody decides to leave Impact Wrestling, then I can tell that the company will go down and 2018 will be the year TNA dies.

  7. Finally! Laurel should've been signed her. They signed the Tough Enough competitors with no experience, save for Patrick Clark, but they didn't sign her. She should've gotten signed before Sonya & Mandy

  8. Something interesting y’all may want to look into. There has been a man/woman (I can’t tell) sitting in the first row at every televised wwe show since takeover: war games. They have long brown hair and a long face. Just something to look into

  9. TNA should sell their tv tapings library to WWE .
    It would give them fame as well . And it would give styles , Joe , roode a bigger push .
    If wwe gets right to the TNA name then impact will also become a household name .

  10. So Luke when you'll gonna Talk about Paige porn I just saw. Cum face I just saw it and I must say it was fuckin awesome…. Xvideo or xnxx

  11. WWE should hire Dutch Mantel back and let him manage one of the cruiserweights that can't cut a promo. It would do wonders for someone

  12. Luke,
    Here's $20,plz buy some razor blades&ghost dat goat beard mate!Get yurself a proper hat&give yur grand daddy's WWII hat back to him!!
    Love you guys….

  13. I swear most of the “stories” are just made up and gossip. But wrestletalk will jump on anything. For example that kid saying AJ is going to retire after wrestlemania

  14. Hardly new news, Storm was announced to be leaving before BFG, there was rumour that EC3 was off too. Be sad to see Dutch leaving, felt like he was one of the good guy but I've got faith in D'amore and cheddle, and I've not said that about impact management in a long time! LVN wouldn't be a huge loss to the KO division IMO, her current character isn't really champion material anyway.

  15. Nikos Vardalachakis

    Bring back John Morrison aka Jonny Impact on TNA/GFW.I would like to see John Morrison on SmackDown in the mid card.
    Another wrestler i want is James Storm to come on SmackDown.
    Last superstar from TNA/GFW i want to see on NXT to replace Drew McIntyre is EC3 as top face.

  16. I'm the first person to say this and i seriousl have a question – who is the masked man in the fashion files episodes? Guys, remember me if this is mentioned anywhere.

  17. Here is my thing with Laurel it’s crazy she would win a title and then quit just for the accolade and not stuck around for a lil now that’s disrespectful and I do hope WWE does not sign her.

  18. Shew even I can see that TNA needs a big shake up and I feel that TNA needs to bring back Tara but as GM of TNA or any position to control the company I feel that she is very passionate and have tons of experience about wrestling and bringing Talent to the Roster and have so many ideas to make it watchable again I hope they can reach out to her TNA just needs to start doing things that WWE refuse to do but I will say this TNA isn't dead they just need former wwe employees that was once a Wrestler who can make the company management better…

  19. YEEEEEEEES! I had a PREMONEESION that the Anthem Owl-men will fall

    Wrestling that is Impactful shall be rendered OBSOLETE!


  20. I think that we should buy tna get who they can from there send them to nxt train them for 6 months debut them then for the next 6 months build them then the next year make nxt its on brand do another draft spread the talent semi equally but leave room free agent on nxt and only use new talent for house shows until ready for more

  21. LVN was denied her release and is under contract until July 2018. She's not going anywhere. They'll bury her for 7 months and then good luck ya dumb bitch!

  22. TNA and ROH need to combine, I know this is dumb but with Cody Rhodes Kenny omega young bucks, Bobby lashly. You get cm punk to sign jack swagger, then you get a. 7-9 time slot. On national TV maybe go to Syfy. Even feed the beast. Bring in the bug guy. As many talents as possible and I'm sure Matt n Jeff didn't sign for long. Enough talent there to be on tv

  23. Chelsea Green Impact release been apparently denied. She has confirmed she will be at the January Tapings next month. Also ITS IMPACT WRESTLING NOT TNA!!! Stop calling Impact tna Wrestletalk

  24. Gosh I wish Vince would just buy, Impact wrestling already, and get it over with it. It's annoying that Vince didn't buy it sooner. somebody should put this company out of its misery, and Impact wrestling is clearly underpaying talent, and surely can't be making a profit. Plus Impact offered to pay people to be in the crowd at Bound for Glory this year.

  25. TNA haters are off the hook. These wwe sheeple doesnt know what wrestling is. Wwe has been copied TNA storylines since 2004.

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