BIG New Japan News! WWE Wrestler RELEASED! | WrestleTalk News May 2018

BIG New Japan News! WWE Wrestler RELEASED! | WrestleTalk News May 2018

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Biggest professional wrestling news like…
Chaos Is Coming
…four time IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika
Okada trolling people on the Internet.
Okada is the current leader of New Japan faction
Chaos, once run by Shinsuke Nakamura.
But Chaos is a popular name and other companies
using it could cause confusion online.
Thankfully, as its leader, Okada is there
to clear any false advertising up.
After rebutting WWE’s ‘Chaos is coming’
tweet about Sanity back in April, Okada has
now replied to DC Comics’ “Chaos is coming”
tweet with “Actually we’re in Japan right
One of New Japan’s biggest shows of the
year, Dominion, is taking place this Saturday,
where along with Chris Jericho taking on Tetsuya
Naito, Okada will be reprising his modern
classic feud with Kenny Omega in their fourth
meeting in a 2-out-of-3 falls match, almost
exactly a year after their 60 minute time
limit draw in 2017.
To promote the event, Okada revealed to Sports
Illustrated that his three top wrestlers in
the world – aside from himself, naturally
– are his Dominion opponent Omega, Naito and
his fellow Chaos member Will Ospreay.
Best Of The Super Juniors Final Revealed!
But the current IWGP Junior Heavyweight champion
will not be in the Best of the Super Juniors
final, as despite tying in the rankings, Taiji
Ishimori’s previous victory over Ospreay
meant he’d advance to the last match of
the tournament instead.
Ishimori will face off against Hiromu Takahashi
to decide the 25th Best of the Super Juniors
winner today, with the winner presumably going
onto challenge Ospreay for his Junior Heavyweight
title at Dominion this Saturday.
But Ospreay might not be in that division
much longer…
Will Ospreay Wants To Become Heavyweight
When answering fan questions on Twitter, Ospreay
“I do want to be a Heavyweight.
As much as I love the Jr Heavyweight Division
because it’s inspired me as a wrestler but
my dream is to one day walk out centre stage
in the main event of the Tokyo Dome.
To do that I gotta be a Heavyweight, and im
not afraid of hard work.”
WWE Release NXT Wrestler
Also ready for a new stage in her career is
NXT wrestler Zeda, who Squared Circle Sirens
are reporting has been released by WWE.
Zeda signed with the promotion early last
year, and competed in the Mae Young Classic
tournament, losing to eventual finalist Shayna
Baszler in the first round.
Zeda – who’s real name is Julia Ho – pretty
much confirmed the news on her Instagram,
writing “Now time for a new chapter.”
It’s been speculated that WWE are holding
off on their usual post-WrestleMania Spring
cleaning of talent until this week, because
wrestlers’ 90 day no-compete clause would
rule them out of appearing at September 1st’s
All In show.
Now it’s time to save Luke!
Watch the return of Real Luke and the Fake
Luke showdown by clicking the video onscreen

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  1. WWE is holding off releasing people who are shitty draws so they don’t appear on a show that is already sold out, right, makes sense lol.

  2. Just because the E is releasing people don't mean they necessarily going to all in remember some of them are no name recruits and nobody likes bandwagon hoppers u gotta prove yourself out there

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    You're great Oli! Hope you're present in front row in arena on my Raw debut, when I sometime in future impossibly become a wwe superstar.

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