Austin Aries SHOOTS On WWE! Fans Turn On CM Punk! | WrestleTalk News Aug. 2018

Austin Aries SHOOTS On WWE! Fans Turn On CM Punk! | WrestleTalk News Aug. 2018

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Headline: Colt Cabana Not A Fan Of WWE Name
Colt Cabana has wrestled for pretty much promotion
across the world, and changed what it means
to be an independent wrestler.
He’s won all sorts of titles including the
British Heavyweight Championship, ICW’s
tag team titles, Juggalo Championship Wrestling’s
Heavyweight belt, Ring of Honor’s tag belts
– oof, less said about that one, eh? – and
even the NWA World’s title.
He’s wrested for ROH, NOAH, Impact, Rev
Pro, Wrestling Society X, PWG and many, many
But it’s easy to forget that Cabana also
had a small stint in WWE.
Cabana spent more of his tenure in their old
developmental system OVW, but appeared a few
times on Smackdown, losing all of his matches.Smackdown’s
treatment of developmental call-ups isn’t
a new trend, I see.
However what’s most notable about Cabana’s
WWE run was that he didn’t use that name
– as this was during a time when WWE creative
thought Michael McGillicutty, Skip Sheffield,
Lucky Cannon, Husky Harris, Derrick Bateman,
and Eli Cottonwood were good wrestler names.
As such, Cabana debuted on Smackdown as Scotty
Because he’s Jewish, you see.
And Cabana has now taken a shot at this rather
silly name on the 10 year anniversary of his
Smackdown debut tweeting, “Apparently Jewy
“The Jew” Jewerstein was trademarked.”
Headline: Fans Turn On CM Punk
Cabana made headlines last Friday when it
was revealed that he was suing his former
best friend CM Punk for over $1 million in
damages, following their lawsuit against Dr.
Chris Amann that spawned from a tell-all interview
on The Art of Wrestling.
We did a full news story which details the
time-line, but if you missed it here’s the
briefest rundown.
Punk left WWE, did the podcast, said some
stuff about Amann, podcast was a hit, Amann
was upset, asked for it to be taken down,
Punk told Cabana not to, and allegedly signed
a contract to cover his legal fees, Amann
sued, Punk asked for Colt to pay half, Cabana
said Punk had signed a contract, Punk and
Cabana win the trial, and Cabana sues Punk
for breach of contract and fraud.
I think that just about covers it?
CM Punk has been one of the most interesting
names in wrestling over the last few years.
Upon leaving WWE he was heralded a hero; the
man who stuck it to Vince McMahon and WWE’s
But he’s always been polarising.
Just the mention of his name on a message
board or a YouTube comment sparks conversation
with lots of differing points of views.
But if there’s one thing that’s clear,
it’s that the name CM Punk has been used
by live WWE crowds as a way to show their
displeasure at what they’re seeing in the
While this happened all over the United States
and the rest of the world, it was at its peak
in Chicago – CM Punk’s hometown.
So popular was Punk among Chicago wrestling
fans that just the announcement of him appearing
at Starrcast in a few weeks became one of
the biggest wrestling news items of the year,
with many speculating his return to the wrestling
ring will be announced for All In II next
But as Bob Dylan occe eloquently croaked,
“the times they are a’changin’”.
UK-based promotion Progress is currently making
its way across the United States, and did
a show in Chicago over the weekend.
The reports are that the crowd were hot all
night, but there was a moment reported by
one Reddit user with promoter Jim Smallman
and the mention of a certain Chicago-based
“Jim mentioned Chicago as the home of CM
The WHOLE crowd booed and started a ‘Colt
Cabana’ chant.”
Well, this will certainly makes his Starrcast
appearance in Chicago interesting.
Just wait until Cabana releases his Colt of
Personality t-shirt.
Headline: Austin Aries Shoots On WWE
Someone who has also made waves since leaving
WWE is Austin Aries.
A Double left the company last year following
creative differences, and since earned him
the moniker of the Belt Collector, winning
titles in Impact and more.
Aries’ run in WWE wasn’t filled with lots
of memorable moments because it was so short
and he was kept on the injury shelf for a
while, but WWE Network’s Twitter certainly
remembers, recently posting a moment he had
at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II, where after
defeating No Way Jose he was laid out by the
returning Hideo Itami.
Although he wasn’t tagged in the video,
Aries re-posted the tweet adding, “Ahh yes,
my reward after giving @WWENoWayJose the best
feud and match of his @WWE career.
My first meaningful win in @WWENXT and any
equity I’d earned is immediately discredited.
And what’s either guy done since?
Great success?!”
I dunno.
No Way Jose had that sort-of feud with Mojo
This didn’t go unnoticed by Jose, who replied
to Aries with a sad face emoji and an image
of him disappearing finger click style.
Aries wasn’t done yet though, re-posting
Jose’s tweet adding, “Well, this reply
instantly got you more over with some wrestling
fans than anything you’ve done in @WWE recently.
I don’t even work there and I’m still
getting you over!
That’s how good I am at what I do!
Anytime you’re free, love to dance again…”
With not one, but two dancing guy emojis!
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I’ve been Luke Owen and that was wrestling.

100 thoughts on “Austin Aries SHOOTS On WWE! Fans Turn On CM Punk! | WrestleTalk News Aug. 2018”

  1. LUKE: We're very sad to hear about the passing of Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, who passed away today at the age of 63. Our thoughts go out to Neidhart's family and friends.

  2. CM Punk doesn't deserve the support of wrestling fans. He turned his back on the business, embarrassed professional wrestling by getting humiliated twice in UFC and now he's screwed over Colt Cabana. I'm no fan of Colt's but he's an indy wrestler and $1m is a lot of money to him. He deserves to be compensated.

  3. Colt Cabana chants! That guy is so cool when I ordered a T-shirt and forgot to put down what size ,he personally emailed me to ask. That's called love for your fans.

  4. I think Aries is a good performer, but his ego/attitude makes him unlikable. Idk how many titles a company wants to throw on you (just to give the middle finger to WWE with the idea of see we can make them a star, much like they do with every ex-WWE talent) his attitude makes me not like him. The same can be said about Punk. Good performer, but a dick of a person. Just like I read somewhere else that Dave Meltzer is saying that Colt suing Punk is WWE's fault. No it isn't their fault. Colt is an adult and he made this decision on his own.

  5. Punk's fanbase is trash. They chant CM Punk in WWE events, and for what? I don't even kbow why people liked this guy in the first place. His SES gimmick was boring, he doesn't like his fans, & he gets pissed over everything. People like riding this guy's d*ck cause he stuck it to Cena & McMahon sure that's cool but the guy is a real a**hole. He got pissed that Owens wore a shirt in the ring yet the douche wore cargo-like shorts in the ring. He cut off his friendship with Hornswoggle just cause he asked for somebody's phone number. He stopped being friends with anyone associated with WWE as well. It only took Colt Cabana suing him to open everybody's eyes and show what an a-hole Punk can be. And if Punk cared about any of his WWE fans he would put on his big boy pants, act professional for once in his life, and return to that ring. But TBH both the fans and Punk are selfish. He can't returned cause the company "mistreated" him & he doesn't wanna return even though the fans love(d) him.

  6. C.M. PUNK was to counter sue amman after winning the court case. Naturally Cabana needs to be reimbursed from the needless bleeding of punk of which Cabana was collateral damage.

  7. Colt feels that Scotty Goldman was a silly name? FYI – Colt Cabana is equally silly! Sounds like a gunslinger or horse wrangler from an old Spaghetti Western.

  8. CM Punk has revealed himself to be nothing more than an insecure tool who really thinks he's better than one of the biggest wrestling companies in the world and everyone who works for it despite the fact he was NEVER truly the best in the world. His treatment of Cabana has finally made it clear he's a selfish little bitch who will never own up to his mistakes.

    Fuck him and anybody who still supports him bunch of scumbags as far as I'm concerned

  9. Colt is better then punk ever could be … people just haven't got to see it … If colt had the shots cm punk has … he be on the rocks level

  10. People need to let go of CM punk already. He's NOT coming back period. He said over and over he's done with wresling. Let the guy live his life. His personal business is NOT our business.

  11. Alphakennyjuan Mikehawk

    In my opinion, a lot of the people who are sober, who never drink, never smoke, who have never used any type of drug are just as uneven and unhinged and crack heads roaming the street, life is about moderation fam

  12. Rest in peace Jim Neidhart. as for CM punk…i dont miss him. He simply reminds me of Brock Lesnar wants to be paid more than everybody else trash talks anyone who doesn't give him everything he wants and all around just sounds like a big jacka**. He disrespects his fans and yet they love him… odd. I just don't find CM Punk to be a all around good guy he's kind of a dick just like Brock Lesnar. I want to see braun stroman as WWE champion.

  13. @wrestletalk since when is "one Reddit user" a legitimate source? You are legit just spreading hearsay off of a Reddit comment/post where anyone can just say anything. Shame on you being such a sheeple that can easily misinform 597k subscribers. Good on you though making money off of misinformation and hearsay. Cool.

  14. While your content is good, the delivery of all the presenters is hard to listen to. Just feels like you guys are constantly shouting and trying overly hard….a little subtlety wouldn't go amiss.

  15. For some weird fucking reason, a lot of fucking retards like to hate CM Punk for no reason! This society has become so fucking disgusting! 丐

  16. I used to stick by Punk with everything. But turning your back on a guy like Colt, after Colt has been right beside him this whole time, is inexcusable.

  17. The fans didn't turn on Punk. They grew up. Realized he's not worth their support, and doesn't care about anyone but himself, and never did.

    Also…he can't back up half his claims, if the lawsuit and the UFC have proven anything. His word is not his bond, and he's not as tough as he wants everyone to think he is.

    He is the textbook definition of a narcissist. Blame everyone else for your failures, take no responsibility, care about nothing that doesn't benefit you, and insist you can do no wrong, even when you're proven so.

  18. I'm going to all in and starrcast, I'm 100% sure his meet and greet isn't at starrcast. It's at the pro wrestling tees retail store.

  19. Back in the old territory days wrestlers were encouraged to stand up for the business. Some promoters even encouraged the occasional bar fight or what have you, considered it good marketing. But the quickest way for a wrestler, back then, for a wrestler to get fired from and black balled from a promotion was for a wrestler to get his ass kicked outside of the wrestling ring by a "civilian". CM Punk getting his ass kicked not once but twice in the UFC on PPV by two different guys made pro wrestling look weak. I don't follow MMA and they ain't mere "civilians" but when one of the biggest names in pro wrestling who claims to be "the best in the world" gets his ass kicked by guys that have no where near his stature in the MMA world he just made all of pro wrestling look stupid. CM Punk was never "the best in the world" not even close to it. All he was was the anti John Cena fan's John Cena with his so called "pipe bombs". The only way wrestling gains back any credibility here is for pro wrestlers to start kicking MMA fighter's asses in legit fights, much easier said than done. Especially since Pro Wrestling is lacking legit bad asses these days like Haku and Dick Murdock and Bruiser Brody and Harley Race and Butch Reed just to name a few.

  20. Finally ppl starting to realize what a shit punk is. I absolutely hate when fans chant his name when things aren't going the way they want.

  21. BECUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ I'VE BEEN SAYING FOR THE PAST FEW YEARS THE PUSSY IS NOT FROM CHICAGO !!!! I think everyone must've read my YouTube comments and finally caught on to the Truth.

  22. To you Luke and Oli—–C.M.——–[PUNK]—-Is nothing but a dam PUNK!!! HIS NAME IS SUPPOSE TO BE CHICK MAGNET PUNK…………………..ME THINKS NOT!! Again all he has become is a "PUNK" PERIOD!!!!

  23. First off RIP Jim the Anvil Neidhart

    So, does this mean every time they wrestle in Chicago, the fans are actually going to watch the match this time?

  24. XTheVideoGamerGirlX

    Well fans are certainly fickle aren't they. First they're chanting "CM PUNK!" "CM PUNK!" at wrestling shows, then turn their backs on him when they feel he's done something wrong or fucked the wrong guy.

    Listen, Punk never cared about us wrestling fans, he cared about the amount of times that people were getting fucked over with Cena or Orton or Triple H etc being put into the title picture, but when he left WWE, people were like "Oh good for you man, kick em when they're down!". I mean to be honest, would you want to be placed in a match with Triple H at Wrestlemania when one of your buddies being Daniel Bryan not getting the push he fucking deserves? No, I certainly wouldn't!

    Like Harvey "Two Face" Dent says – "You Either Die A Hero, Or You Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become The Villain" and I guess Punk is the heel!

  25. So a reddit user is a credible source? Based on Punks meet and greet in Chicago that sold out in 50 seconds, I would say you shouldnt believe everything you read on the internet. Especially with no video proof of it.

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