Are WWE Ruining Asuka?! | WWE Smackdown Live Sept. 11 2018 Review

Are WWE Ruining Asuka?! | WWE Smackdown Live Sept. 11 2018 Review

New Day’s Hell in a Cell match revealed!
Becky Lynch is a master of disguise! And Samoa
Joe becomes WWE’s Dr. Seuss. I am Luke Owen,
vote in the poll above my head to let me know
what you thought of Smackdown Live where you
can chose from SmackDamn, SmackTastic, Smack
Bang in the Middle, Ellsworthy, and A Smack
in the Face. This is the 11th of September
2018 edition of Smackdown Live… in about
4 minutes.
After a nice 11 bell salute to the victims
of 9/11 – thankfully we didn’t get Stephanie
McMahon comparing it to the Vince McMahon
steroid trial this time – Jeff Hardy opened
the show to cut a promo on Randy Orton ahead
of their Hell in a Cell match this Sunday.
He said that while Randy is a demon, Jeff
is a daredevil.
This led to a Summerslam rematch between Hardy
and United States Champion Shinsuke Nakamura.
Although it went through two commercial breaks,
there wasn’t much of note in the match – and
Orton crotched Hardy on the ropes for a DQ
finish. Randy then hit Hardy with a chair,
only for Jeff to fight back and hit the Twist
of Fate and Swanton Bomb. Nakamura was just
clicked out of existence. This was a good
go home angle for their match this weekend,
but it does seem odd that WWE clearly had
no plans for Nakamura as US Champion – seeing
as though he doesn’t have a match this Sunday
or a feud since he won the belt. Why wasn’t
this a 3-way feud over the title?
We then got a promo by AJ Styles recorded
earlier in the day in an empty arena. He said
that Samoa Joe also has a family at home,
but because AJ has integrity he would never
mess with them. While I have liked certain
elements of this feud – like the intensity
we saw last week and at Summerslam – this
didn’t feel like a go home promo for a WWE
Championship match. Maybe if this had been
done in front of the live crowd it would have
been different, as the audience didn’t pop
for anything AJ said on screen. Because WWE
have already announced two more rematches
for Supershow Down and Smackdown 1000, it
feels like they’re trying to artificially
stretch out this feud using backstage promos
rather than in-ring interactions.
Charlotte Flair then defeated Sonya Deville
in an average match, but while taking a selfie
with a fan she was attacked by Becky Lynch
in a disguise. This was awesome and totally
surprising – and the crowd popped huge for
Becky’s reveal. This feud is far and away
the best thing on Smackdown Live at the moment.
What wasn’t quite so awesome was Samoa Joe
submitting an entry to WrestleRamble’s poetry
corner – where he channeled his inner Shane
McMahon reading a fairytale about The Big
Show in the lead up to Backlash 2001 – by
reading a children’s story called Night,
Night AJ. I have mixed feelings on this. On
one hand it was quite creepy and effective,
but on the other it didn’t make the WWE
Championship match feel like a big deal. When
Shane read his story about Big Show, he wasn’t
supposed to be taken seriously and he did
it to make fun of the Giant. This is supposed
to be for the brand’s top title. If you’d
have done the pull apart brawl here, and the
poem and AJ’s promo last week it would have
been different. This was a good segment, just
not a good go home segment.
What was a good go home segment however was
Rusev Day defeating The Bar to become the
number one contenders to the Smackdown Live
Tag Team Championships. The key to the match
and why this story has been so great was in
the finish – with Aiden English pulling a
Johnny Gargano and sacrificing himself to
save Rusev, which allowed the Bulgarian Brute
to get the win over Sheamus. Rusev Day will
now face New Day at Hell in a Cell… day.
Carmella came out with R-Truth again this
week – so she’s officially a Jinder’d
babyface now – where he took on Andrade “Cien”
Almas in a short match. Mella tried to stop
Vega from causing a distraction, but this
allowed Almas to roll up Truth and grab a
handful of tights to get the win. I smell
a mixed tag team match on the Hell in a Cell
pre-show, playa.
But perhaps the saddest part of Smackdown
Live this week was a segment backstage with
Naomi and Asuka. After being the undefeated
NXT Women’s Champion, the Royal Rumble winner
and WrestleMania attraction, Asuka is now
doing lame comedy skits with Naomi around
how neither of them can understand each other’s
accents. This was so lame. Asuka was the biggest
open goal Smackdown had – especially because
she was on a different roster to Ronda Rousey
– but post-Mania has been a bad time for the
Empress. And remarkably, this segment might
be the lowest point.
And in the main event, Maryse took on BRIIIIIE
MOOOOODE. Siri, show me a match I have no
desire to see. This ended up being more of
an angle to promote Hell in a Cell – and it
did that rather well. Maryse kept bailing
out of the ring, and eventually Brie through
her back in. She locked in the Yes Lock, but
Miz pulled her out for the DQ. Miz and Maryse
then attacked Bryan and Brie, who made a comeback
and sent the heels packing. This was a fun
angle to close the show.
Monday’s Raw was not a good go home show
for Hell in a Cell, and I don’t think Smackdown
was either. There was nothing horrible about
the show – apart from that Asuka segment – but
there wasn’t anything great either – apart
from Becky Lynch. It certainly wasn’t as
good as last week’s show, but it was still
better than Raw. This week’s episode of
Smackdown Live was Smack Bang in the Middle.
Watch El Fakidor Laurie Blake’s hilarious
make-up tutorial with Impact Wrestling’s
Su Yung by clicking the video on screen right
now. I’ve been Luke Owen and that was wrestling.

100 thoughts on “Are WWE Ruining Asuka?! | WWE Smackdown Live Sept. 11 2018 Review”

  1. Japanese means anime, woman struggle with emotions, Indian people are ignorant and Canadians are jealous of Americans. WWE needs new writers

  2. yes the goal was to make her irrelevant on main roster ..she will be relevant if they have a show in japan soon if not we never gonna see her in the championship picture

  3. She's already been ruined. The creative team probably have only watched 1 or 2 episodes of NXT and worked off that for her main roster career. I had no problem of Asuka losing her streak to Charlotte, but what preceded that EASILY ruined her. Losing to Carmella twice, working only dark matches for a month, and when she finally arrived back on TV, they put her in a comedy skit with Naomi that only kids would laugh at. Jeez WWE! Get your shit together!

    But hey, this hasn't the FIRST time Vince McMahon has buried an Asian foreigner. Remember Kaientai? Both talented wrestlers but were made lame comedy acts. Kenzo Suzuki? Also turned into a comedy act. Yoshi Tatsu? Stereotypical Japanese gimmick. Jimmy Wang Yang? A comedy cowboy (which I was a big Wang Yang mark back then tbh.), Akira Tozawa? Lost in the shuffle. Hideo Itami? Also lost in the shuffle. Nakamura? While not buried, he's just a shell of his former self. It seems like Vince has a thing against making Asians big stars.

  4. Why or how is she ruined? Aw cause the iwc has no problem with someone being undefeated cause that’s who the iwc likes and the ones who the iwc don’t like shouldn’t win and lose way more🤔 hypocritical fans are part of the reason we get these shit shows y’all tell me what Fortune 500 company listens to their employees and customers I’ll wait. How many of y’all will tell ur boss u don’t like how he or she run their company and u don’t like ur job better yet how many of y’all will turn down a promotion and u don’t deserve it🤔 she’s still a great wrestler they all are but until creative gets better and fans quit thinking they own shit nothing will change


  6. I don’t think the lack of crowd reaction was AJ’s fault Luke. I think they were giving the audience at home just the promo audio without the crowd audio bleeding over it.

  7. I wish I could SLAP Luke in the face cause that’s what Smackdown was. Luke your reviews for smackdown are bad. Just go home Luke…. Oli and El Fakidor got this.

  8. The Becky thing should've closed the show, NOT a Bella. And I can't believe that two DIVAS main events Smackdown. They really have regressed the Women's Revolution completely

  9. the women's locker room is gonna get sick of that hack harlot flair she leaves comes back wins the title she leaves comes back and screws Becky Lynch wins the title why because she's flairs kid or McMahon is goin balls deep one or the other and they made a wrestler of asukas caliber lose her streak to her asuka deserved better imho

  10. I dont think it is Alexa Bliss that is their main squeeze, at the very beginning it was their baby Charlotte that they really want to build up.

  11. mmm, Maryse and Brie. i don't know hwat your talkin aboot, that's a couple of damn fine milfs! to be fair, Brie does suicide dives and i don't recall Maryse ever taking a bump. pretty much a tag match worthy of only Mixed Match Challenge.

  12. I don't know about anyone else but that promo that Samoa Joe did. It's probably one of the best promos I've seen in a while. The partial of live action animation was unique and cool to see.

  13. I'm sick of WWE's double standards when it comes to opposite genders attacking eachother, if men cant punch women then women shouldn't be allowed to punch men.

  14. Smackdown Live had more awesome storyline than RAW. Aj Style and Samoe Joe, The Miz and Daniel Bryan, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch.

  15. For those who don't understand why Asuka isn't facing a champion…she will…at a big PPV…for now it's early ..few ppvs before Survivor Series ..I'd rather save Asuka for big ppvs

  16. WWE creative is on crack.. Beck Lynch and Charlotte storyline again? . asuka got built up for nothing..only to job at WrestleMania now reduced to saving Naomi..who she's superior too.. talent wise..but relegated to being a sideshow on midcard

  17. Im really pissed off how they book asuka, i want to voodoo all the wwe creative let them die or hire an assassin to kill them all -,-" !!!!!!!
    How hard to book someone as a monster??!!! How?? Seriously, what a fucking joke!!!

  18. Yes wwe is ruining asuka n i haven't even watch this videos yet. She should be champ right now not Charlotte. I think wwe is building toward a feud wit her n asuka but they are not using her right and Naomi too.

  19. They really made Brie Bella MAIN EVENT vs Maryse….. wow… What more is there to say. I'm very tempted to stop watching Smackdown after HIAC.

  20. Exactly! It SHOULD'VE been a trio or atleast let Jeff gets his rematch and THEN only Then do the storyline with Randy and Jeff…SMH 🤦🏾 wth are they doing

  21. WWE also, doesn't have any plans for Intercontinental Championship at Hell in a Cell either. So no US Championship match or Intercontinental Championship at an upcoming ppv. Lame. Also, I've got a bad feeling that Dolph and Drew are just transitional tag team champs, and the shield might be holding every men's belt on Raw, after Sunday. #NoDiversity!

  22. Also Asuka should quit or leave WWE ASAP. She is clearly wasting her time being in WWE, and should go wrestle elsewhere, and also not have her contract frozen like Neville did. Brie and Maryse haven't wrestled in a while and get to main event an episode of Smackdown, but yet WWE creative still doesn't have anything noteworthy for Asuka or even a match on tv for her in months!

  23. And now Nikki Bella is going to main event the woman’s only PPV you just have to shake your head and wonder how Vince is still in charge.

  24. Well, if you look at the timeline enough, the answer may tell you yes. But remember, this was someone whose identity, most say, was the streak. I'd imagine you have to take a few bumps and forks in the road awhile before getting that push again. Imo, perhaps this reemergence of Asuka will lead to something either unforeseen or, as WWE viewing experience has showed, unwanted.

  25. Yes, they are! you finally noticed it??????????????? NEPOTISMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!

  26. The minute they decided she should lose to Flair was when she was ruined. Wwe loves their nepotism & cronism. Got a name from a wrestling family? you're in in whatever capacity you wish to be in for the rest of your life. It's all about getting these amazingly talented ppl so they can push the weaker ones. Wwe=Darwin in reverse!

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