AEW WANT AJ STYLES?! New WWE Tournament Announced! | WrestleTalk News Jan. 2019

AEW WANT AJ STYLES?! New WWE Tournament Announced! | WrestleTalk News Jan. 2019

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk MECHA
NEWS, I am Luke Owen. Happy Friday everyone!
And we’ve got a packed news episode for
you today – with rumours of AJ Styles possibly
being offered an All Elite Wrestling deal,
details on the new NXT UK Performance Centre,
and surprise stars returning to Impact Wrestling.
But first.
If you thought WWE’s promises of a new era
featuring fresh new faces, match ups you’ve
not seen before, and the returns of Kevin
Owens and Sami Zayn were empty, hollow and
pandering – well it truly is a new era of
WWE – as they have announced
a cookbook. Thankfully this isn’t a book
on how WWE can cook and eat their fans – as
far as we know – and instead a fun book of
puns: including NWOatmeal, D Generation Eggs,
and Ba-Quiche-Ta.
Perhaps it can be a prize in the company’s
newest tournament, which they announced yesterday
via Earlier in the week it was revealed
that WWE had trademarked the name Worlds Collide
for a show – which promoted many to speculate
it would be a Network Special that featured
talent from all of the independent promotions
WWE are currently working with such as Progress,
ICW, wXw, EVOLVE, etc. Others thought it might
be an NXT vs. WWE showcase – something a lot
of fans have been asking for. What it is instead
is a two-day tournament featuring 5 stars
from NXT, 5 from NXT UK and 5 from 205 Live
– competing against each other to win a title
shot on their brand. The tournament will take
place at Axxess over Royal Rumble weekend,
which will be filmed for the Network and shown
at a later date. Not sure why you wouldn’t
show this live… what can you do?
Representing NXT is Adam Cole bay-bay, Velveteen
Dream, Dominik Dijaovic, WrestleTalk super
fan Keith Lee and on his way to WWE Otis Dozovic.
From NXT UK we have Mark Andrews, Tyler Bate,
Travis Banks, Jordan Devlin and Liverpool’s
number one Zack Gibson, while 205 Live will
be represented by Cedric Alexander, Tony Nese,
Drew Gulak, TJP and Humberto Carrillo – more
on him in a bit. The tournament will begin
with a 15-man battle royal, which will determine
the first round matches, with the winner getting
a bye into the second round.
Travis Banks welcomed the news by tweeting:
“Proud to represent the @NXTUK brand and
I’ll also be flying the flag for #NewZealand”
while Jordan Devlin was also thrilled by announcing:
“Very proud to be the sole representative
of #NXTIreland in 2 weeks at @WWE Royal Rumble
#Axxess in Phoenix.”
But someone who wasn’t quite so clued into
what was going on was former Cruiserweight
Champion TJP. When a fan tweeted him to ask
him about the tournament he replied, “I
don’t think I’m in this thing”. However
when it was pointed out that he was a part
of the show he replied: “Oh! I guess I should
put my controller down long enough to read
stuff. Ok then, let’s do this….ima make
this one a slow jam.” Maybe he thought it
was the comic book event where characters
from Sega and Capcom teamed up… or maybe
that was just me.
And it looks like Worlds Collide could already
be 2019’s Mixed Match Challenge, because
just two hours after announcing the names
for the tournament, WWE removed someone from
Those paying attention will have noticed that
Humberto Carrillo was named as a 205 Live
wrestler – when he isn’t a part of that
brand. Carrillo was announced as one of NXT’s
latest signees back in October – and has since
formed a tag team with Raul Mendoza on NXT
TV – recently losing to Danny Burch and Oney
Lorcan. However it seems as though Carrillo
isn’t set to stay in NXT for very long though
going by this Worlds Collide slip up – and
it may have revealed who will answer Buddy
Murphy’s open challenge for his Cruiserweight
Championship next week – with some sites reporting
this will be Carrillo’s official 205 Live
call-up and debut.
With Carrillo now out of the tournament…
for now at the very least, lists that
a new wrestler will be named to fill his spot
in the tournament at a later date.
With Impact Wrestling moving to Pursuit tonight
– which will also be streamed on their Twitch
channel – we don’t have an Impact Wrestling
Slam of the Week. So instead we showed you
a quick preview of tonight’s opening – which
featured clips from last Sunday’s Homecoming
PPV – including Killer Kross powerbombing
Taya Valkyrie off the stage.
And if you didn’t get a chance to catch
Homecoming, Impact Wrestling have announced
that UK fans will be able to watch the show
for free this weekend on Fight Network UK
– which means you will be able to check out
the awesome tag team match between LAX and
the Lucha Bros, and the great bout between
Sami Callihan and Willie Mack.
And we’re about to head into Spoiler Room
Brawl territory here regarding the latest
Impact Wrestling spoilers – so be sure to
go ahead to the timestamp that my editor has
kindly put on screen for you so you can avoid
them. Thanks, Simon! We’re heading into
the Spoiler Room Brawl in 3….2…1…
After overcoming a technical snafu which saw
a production truck blow the power and turn
all the lights off, Impact Wrestling taped
their next set of TV episodes from The Asylum
in Nashville – which saw the Impact Wrestling
returns of Crazzy Steve, Crimson, Bram and
former WCW Heavyweight Champion Scott Steiner
– who did a segment with the Desi Hit Squad.
Crazzy Steve had a tryout with WWE back in
June last year but wasn’t signed and it
will be his first appearance with the Impact
Wrestling since April 2017. This will be Bram
and Crimson’s first appearance with the
company since November 2017, and Steiner’s
first since May last year where he lost the
tag team titles he held with Eli Drake to
DJZ and Andrew Everett.
Last year Triple H and Johnny Saint officially
announced the launch of NXT UK, which holds
their first TakeOver event tomorrow night
in Blackpool – featuring Pete Dunne defending
his NXT UK Championship against Joe Coffey,
Moustache Mountain taking on Grizzled Young
Veterans in the finals of the NXT UK Tag Team
title tournament, Toni Storm looking to capture
the NXT UK Women’s Championship from Rhea
Ripley and more. Oli, El Fakidor and myself
have made our predictions for the show which
will tie into the WrestleLeague standings
[have the current standings in a screen like
the end of the Homecoming review], and you
can hear myself and Oli give our thoughts
and predictions on the show in the WrestleRamble
podcast intro which is released tomorrow morning.
But it’s not just their first ever TakeOver
event that has got the brand in the news,
as British Strong Style appeared on ITV’s
Good Morning Britain this morning to announce
the opening of
the NXT UK Performance Centre. Our own Andy
Datson was down at the Performance Centre
today with other members of the press where
he saw several members of the NXT UK roster
training, Finn Balor, Charlotte Flair and
Pete Dunne share their thoughts, and this
video of Triple H’s comments on
the Centre’s opening:
Andy also sent across these images and told
us. “It’s nowhere near the same size as
the centre in Florida, but then there are
far fewer stars being trained here.”
But even with NXT UK holding their first TakeOver
event tomorrow night, the name on the tongue
of every wrestling fan around the world at
the moment is All Elite Wrestling.
AEW was announced on New Year’s Day at the
end of an episode of Being The Elite, and
the group held a rally in Jacksonville this
past Tuesday where they revealed they had
singed Hangman Page, Joey Janela and Penelope
Ford, Britt Baker, SoCal Uncensored, Pac,
and Chris Jericho. The group also announced
their next two shows – the first taking place
in May in Las Vegas called Double or Nothing,
with the unnamed second show taking place
in Jacksonville at some point in 2019. Dave
Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer Radio
that not only are there more names to be announced,
but there should also be an announcement of
a TV deal coming soon – saying AEW had a couple
of offers already on the table for them.
This report has now been backed up by AEW
signee Chris Jericho, who appeared on SiriusXM’s
Busted Open Radio to say, “I wouldn’t
have gone to All Elite if there wasn’t a
strong TV deal on the table being worked on,
and there’s a couple that I know of that
are on the table and both of them are like
wow. When it’s announced, if it’s one
of those two, you’ll be ‘welp that’s
what they need’.”
Since the word of AEW’s launch late last
year there have been a list of names from
WWE that have been rumoured to be considering
a jump to the fledgling promotion. Names like
Gallows and Anderson, Revival, Zack Ryder
and Dolph Ziggler have all been thrown around,
but one of the biggest names in WWE could
also be on that list.
On a recent edition of Wrestling Observer
Radio, someone emailed in and asked if there
were any WWE contracts coming up soon that
could move across to All Elite Wrestling.
And while he didn’t confirm that an offer
had been made, the one name Dave Meltzer mentioned
was AJ Styles.
It’s been known for some time now that AJ’s
WWE contract is up very soon – having debuted
for the company in the 2016 Royal Rumble.
Meltzer speculates that of all the guys in
the wrestling world at the moment, there is
no one with more leverage with negotiating
a deal than AJ Styles saying, “AJ Styles’
contract is up pretty soon, and [The Young
Bucks are] good friends with AJ. I will say
this: AJ has a lot of leverage right now.
He’s a key guy. All Elite would offer him
a great deal for sure and an easier schedule
for sure.”
This stems from interviews that Chris Jericho
has given since his signing with AEW saying
it was the best deal he’s ever had in his
entire career – allowing him to still work
with New Japan Pro Wrestling and do a follow
up to his Rock N Wrestling Rager At Sea this
year. It also ties into Tony Khan and Cody’s
comments about giving their wrestlers a lighter
and less taxing road schedule so they can
spend more time with their families. Meltzer
continued, “AJ at his age – he’s 41 – if
he wants an easier schedule and have more
hometime he’s going to get it from Vince [McMahon]
or AEW. If he doesn’t get it from Vince, he
is going to get it from AEW. There is no one
in a better position right now than AJ Styles
– apart from Kenny Omega, maybe.”
Meltzer has very much been on the inside of
All Elite Wrestling since its rumours and
announcement, so it shouldn’t go unnoticed
that of all the names he could have mentioned
or not mentioned, it was AJ Styles’ that
he brought up.
What are the politics of WWE’s relationships
with the likes of wXw, Progress, Evolve and
others? Click the link right now to check
out James Dixon’s brilliant
article. I’ve been Luke Owen and that was

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