Chris Jericho has been with the WWE for many
years now and the veteran is tougher than
you may think, you dig? Jericho was involved
in a backstage brawl with no other than Bill
Goldberg. Yes, the same guy who had an undefeated
streak of 173 wins back in WCW! Speaking of
WCW, it was at this time when Jericho and
Goldberg were involved in a backstage fight.
It all started when Goldberg, who was the
top star of WCW at the time, did not like
the idea of doing a program with Jericho.
Jericho then asked him politely to come out
in the hallway to have a private chat, however,
Goldberg did not seem to fond of the idea.
Goldberg then grabbed Jericho by the throat
in a furious rage which immediately caused
Jericho to wrestle Goldberg to the ground
before applying a front face lock. Goldberg
could do nothing as Jericho choked him out
on the floor, in front of everybody. I guess
he should have watched it. Watch what you
may ask? It.
Sin Cara, no not Místico, the one who forced
his match to stop for breaking his finger
tut tut, but Hunico, the one who currently
portrays the character Sin Cara. He has actually
got involved in multiple backstage fights,
most recently involving Simon Gotch of the
Vaudevillians. During the Smackdown Live draft
show, Sin Cara “flipped out” and threw
an unopened soda can right into Gotch’s
face which caused him to get a black eye.
In another instance, Sin Cara had a problem
with Drew McIntyre not shaking hands with
other wrestlers and only just the bigger top
tier guys. The last but more impressive altercation
involved pinning down Sheamus in the trainer’s
area. Sin Cara who was laying on a bed at
the time, was approached by Sheamus who told
Sin Cara to get off the bed as he claimed
he was more important than him. Sin Cara did
not take this comment lightly and got up to
confront Sheamus. Sheamus then threw the first
punch but Sin Cara had anticipated the punch
and had his legs swept before getting punched
straight after.
It’s no surprise seeing Brock Lesnar in
this list as he is a legitimate tough guy
in real life. I mean just look at his face.
If you saw him in a dark alley at night, you
would literally have no hope of making it
out alive. There are two incidents that Lesnar
has been involved in which showcases his dominance.
The first being with Mr Perfect. Lesnar and
Mr Perfect were having a conversation about
amateur wrestling on a plane when things started
to become heated. Mr Perfect, who was drunk
at the time, challenged Lesnar, insisting
he was better at amateur wrestling. Brock
however, did not take this too kindly and
started driving Mr Perfect towards the plane
door. This eventually costed Mr Perfect his
job. The second incident actually involved
Ryback. The two big guys had an argument which
caused Brock to throw Ryback to the floor
before landing three punches to his face.
Ryback suffered a laceration above his left
eyebrow which required stitches.
The Undertaker is often regarded as the leader
of the locker room and that is for a good
reason. The highly respected veteran is actually
trained in MMA and is a black belt in Brazilian
jiu jitsu. In Kurt Angle’s biography, he
actually recalls a story involving himself
and The Undertaker during a plane ride to
Europe. Angle and McMahon were playing a game
where they would take the other man down by
surprise. Vince who had already at the time
scored a takedown on Angle then came under
attack from Angle who wanted to get evens.
A sleeping Undertaker then awoke from all
the commotion to witness his boss being tackled
to the ground by Angle. This immediately caused
The Undertaker to jump on Kurt Angle and apply
a choke hold which was seconds away from putting
him to sleep. Just a quick warning to you
all, if you do happen to see a sleeping Undertaker,
just leave him the f*ck alone.
Haku is often regarded as the toughest professional
wrestler and for a good reason. He was known
for biting someone’s nose off, popping a
fellow wrestler’s eyeball out of his socket
and generally knocking people out. Everyone
in the locker room feared him and even wwe.com
states that: “Haku has the reputation of being,
perhaps, the toughest man to step in the ring.
Just the mention of his name would send a
chill up the spine of his foes, and some of
his friends, too.” Also, during a shoot interview
Jake “The Snake” Roberts said: “If I
had a gun and was sitting inside a tank with
one shell left and Meng is 300 yards away,
he’s mine, right? Well the first thing I’m
going to do is jump out of the tank and shoot
myself because I don’t want to wound that
son of a bitch and have him pissed off at
me.” His most famous incident was at Baltimore
Airport, when five guys came up to Haku claiming
wrestling was fake. Haku knocked out three
men by slapping them and applied the ‘Tonga
Death Grip’ and bit off the nose of the
man who instigated the whole thing. WWE was
sued for $2.5 million for this incident.


  1. Current "I would kick the s$#t out of you in real life" wwe superstars:
    Mark Henry
    The Rock
    Big Show
    Samoa Joe
    Prove me wrong if ypu don't agree

  2. The person playing sin cara is not the first.
    The original quit. The guy playing it now is a Fucking gangster in real life

  3. Мустафа иракский

    Booker T is tough too he beat Batista
    also Ken Shamrock is a former UFC champion
    Kurt Angle , Baron Corbin , Lashley , Khali , Big Show , Kane and more

  4. how the hell is brock only number three the guys a former ufc champion none of the others even stepped foot in the ufc

  5. Forget Mayweather McGregor. If I could see one fight it'd be Taker at age 25 vs. Lesnar at age 25 in the Octagon with ample time to prepare for each other. That's be insane. My money would be on Taker, by a millimeter. Or maybe it'd be like that famous MMA fight where the two guys knocked each other out at the same time…

  6. When you said sin cara I was worried for a sec as he cancelled s match when e broke his finger. When I was playing football I broke my thumb and continued playing. I was in goal btw

  7. Adrian Vidales-Guzman

    Do one when underdogs unleashed like when kofi Kingston unleashed his anger on Randy Orton or when sin Cara unleashed his anger on baron Corbin

  8. the unbreakable wolves

    Just because Chris Jericho choked out Goldberg doesn't mean he's stronger or better. this is for the ppl who think that

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